A/N: Err…….. supposed to be something like Riza writing her feelings in a journal. God, I hate this one. -_- I wanted to finish this whole drabble collection a while ago, but I wound up getting really sick. So now that I'm feeling better, I'll try to finish this!

20. Different

We're all people, deep down.

We may be military officers, may be soldiers, but we're people. Different, but the same.

The colonel and I have worked so hard for this reason. It's up to us, and only us to open the eyes of the world and expose the Fuehrer for who he really is. Yet somehow, we've become fugitives, hated by the unknowing people who blindly support the Fuehrer. Even if we were to expose his deception, the blame would still fall on us.

A hero in a time of war becomes a criminal in a time of peace.

I fear that this is where the colonel and I are headed. Though I told him I'd follow him to hell, sometimes I feel as though we're already there. I am not to complain though. I chose this life for myself, and I know that we're different. More different then we've ever been before.

But we, we are the world.

Methinks that the themes I chose aren't very easy for me to write for. ^^;