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"We need to show those bitches who's boss around here! I'm so fucking sick of them!" Daffney seethed in the locker room after losing a match to Velvet Sky, not without the help of Angelina Love and Madison Rayne.

Taylor Wilde nodded her head in agreement. "I know, I know. We need a third. Kong... I just don't trust her. Not yet at least. Blue! She'll team up with us! No problem!" Daffney's sinister eyes twinkled at the suggestion before she looked around the locker room quickly.

"Speaking of Blue, where is she? She's been MIA for a while." Taylor glanced over her shoulder and behind her at Daffney's words, seeing that Blue was indeed nowhere in sight, though her things were still on the bench.

"Oh, she's probably in the bathroom. I'll go see if she's game." Taylor spun around and skipped off towards the restrooms.

Pushing the door open a crack, she stopped when she heard light sobbing and pacing feet. She was about to go in, but paused once she heard Blue's unmistakable voice. "My fault? It's my fucking fault?! What about you jackass?"

Taylor's eyes rolled. She could only be talking to one person that way; her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Lance Hoyt. Taylor was so glad that gorilla had been released recently, but unfortunately, the situation had only seemed to stress her friend out more. "Yes I'm sure! There's a fucking red plus sign! I'm not fucking blind!"

A lump formed in Taylor's throat. There was only one thing she could possibly be talking about, right? No other scenario would make sense.

"Of course it's yours! Who else's would it be?!" Taylor cringed at the outburst.

Blue was pregnant.

Gulping, the petite blonde shut the door, walking away quickly. She didn't want to be hearing this! But now everything made sense. Traci hadn't been booking Blue in matches lately and the two women had been having a few recent hushed conversations.

Vision clouded by the distraction her thoughts on this new realization caused her to nearly bump into someone. "Oh, god!" she gasped, putting her hand over her heart once she saw it was only Daffney.

"Hey, did you find her?" Taylor took a deep breath at Daffney's question, wondering if she should really say anything to anyone about what she just overheard. I mean, maybe it's something else...?

No way.

Daffney could be trusted anyway. "I think Blue's pregnant."

The dark Knockouts eyes grew wide and her black painted lips formed an 'o' shape. The puzzle pieces all seemed to fit though. She too had realized that Blue hadn't been physically involved in the Impact Zone as of late. And Daffney had also caught her throwing up twice in the past few weeks. She had just thought nothing of it though when Blue brushed it off as a stomach bug. "I overheard her on the phone. She was crying too I think."

Daffney's face contorted once she realized the cause of all this. "It's Hoyt's, isn't it?" She too held a distaste for the way the tall man continuously caused the girl she considered a friend such grief.

"Who else's would it be?" Taylor whispered back. "You can't say anything though. This is just between us until she brings it up." Daffney nodded in confirmation.

Unfortunately for the two TNA Knockouts, nothing that is uttered in these locker rooms is ever a secret for long.

Alex Shelley lingered behind a corner, having been returning from the vending machine when he heard the two female wrestlers whispering amongst each other. One line echoed through his mind though.

'I think Blue's pregnant'

He lurked for a moment longer, not in order to hear the explanation from the former Knockouts champ as to how she knew this information, but because he was frozen stiff.

Once he regained his mobile abilities, he shook his head clear of the panic that was ensuing in there.

There was definitely someone else who needed this information relayed to them, and Alex knew he was going to have to be the one to do it.