Mahou Sensei Negima and Ninja Sensei Naruto

Introduction: The Mission

The Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen, groaned as more and more of his dreaded enemy stormed through his office: the dreaded paperwork. He took another whiff of his pipe. As he went through the millionth mission request he stopped to examine one particular paper. The Hokage read it aloud, "An S-rank mission… required protection… long duration… and it's in… JAPAN!" The Hokage's pipe fell out of his mouth.

The ninja world and the modern world hadn't been in contact for quite sometime. Thanks to the First Hokage, Hashirama Senju, many ninja were lead away from the violent world and went into hiding, forming Konoha. Creating what they called hidden-villages. Then the villages wanted to help others, so they lent their services to others for a reasonable fee. They wanted to abstain from the outside world's violent ways. However some ninja were curious enough to venture out there. Yet no one could ever return or make contact with the Elemental Continent.

The Hokage reexamined the letter. The mission was called in by a man named Konoeman Konoe. He was a principal of an all girls' school in Japan. The objective was to protect his granddaughter from enemy combatants. One of his enemies was the Kansai Magic Region. 'Wait Magic?' thought the aging man. He pondered the thought. It wasn't unheard of in this land. It was a different style of ninjutsu with its own drawbacks similar to the basic handseal method. It stated that everyone in his world had this skill over magic or ki.

The principal had security over the girl in the form of his staff. However the teacher of the target was a 10-year old, albeit extremely gifted, boy. The Hokage's eyebrow arched at the statement in the letter. For transportation the man said he was sending his personal friend Takamichi Takahata to pick up the ninja. Now the last question was who to send. 'The ANBU are the obvious choice but…' mused Sarutobi. Once more the mission wanted kids for the job. Something about the boy…Nagi or was it Negi… to have friends to connect with. 'In light of that part I need a highly trained ninja to go on this trip with the kids.' The Sannin were his first thought. They were gone so that left him Kakashi Hatake, one of the last wielders of the Sharingan.

He decided to send Hatake first then get Jiraiya to follow suit. He would most definitely send squads to check on Hatake's progress, but who were his kids for the task? He sighed and said, "Looks like I've got no choice. They're the only ones who can go with Kakashi." Sarutobi turned to his side and said, "Yuugao give this to Kakashi Hatake." He handed her the scroll with his version of the task. She nodded then vanished.


Kakashi looked at his team. They were all sprawled along their training ground. All members were breathing heavily even Naruto. Kakashi had stepped up training by a good amount thanks to the scare in the Wave Country. 'They need to get stronger for the Chuunin Exam' thought the cycloptic-nin. Kakashi said, "Well it looks like you guys won't be getting any sleep until you can destroy my shadow clone." Sakura groaned. Sasuke looked away. Naruto's stomach grumbled. Kakashi sighed, "Now if you guys go at this rate you'll never get better. No Hokage, Uchiha clan, or love from one's crush." In an instant their flames were a lit once more.

Naruto yelled, "You're going down Kakashi-sensei!" Sakura was in inner-Sakura mode screaming, "SHANNARO!" Sasuke's sharingan blazed to life. Naruto said, "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Ten Naruto's popped into existence. Naruto pointed his finger forward and announced, "Let's do this for RAMEN!" With that his platoon charged. Kakashi sweat-dropped 'is that all he thinks about?' Sasuke jumped into the air, hovering over his dobe of a teammate. He said his own jutsu, "Housenka no Jutsu!" Several mid-sized fire balls shot at Kakashi. Kakashi easily dodged them all. The distraction allowed Naruto's clones to surround him.

Kakashi ducked under a fist and gave a kick to the clone. Three more clones ran forward. Kakashi punched one and jumped over the next one. He proceeded to punch that one into oblivion too. The last one threw a lone kunai. Kakashi caught it and returned it to the user's body. After the loud pop all the rest of the Narutos rushed toward their sensei. Kakashi launched a hail of shurikens that destroyed them. Out of the smoke residue of the clones ran Sakura at a fast pace. Sakura yelled, "Eat this Sensei!" She threw one of her most powerful punches ever at him. Kakashi easily caught it. However the fist made him skid back slighty from its force.

Sakura smiled in response. She said, "Got you sensei." She stopped struggling and bear-hugged him. Sasuke and Naruto sprinted toward their sensei. Both had a fist reared back. Then they reached him. The result was a good sickly cracking sound before disappearing. Kakashi winced at the sight. He began to clap. He said, "Good job you guys can go get some rest." Naruto put his fist in the air. He celebrated with shouts of 'dattebayo!' and 'I'm so awesome'. Sasuke clenched his fist. He was catching up to his brother. Sakura smiled and asked, "So Sasuke do you want to go get something to celebrate?" Sasuke responded, "Sorry some other time." Naruto popped up and replied, "Sakura I'll go with you." Sakura punched Naruto to the ground and asked, "Are you sure?" Sasuke's answer was him walking away. Naruto recovered quickly and stated, "Oh forget him Sakura. We can get some food together anyway." Sakura screamed in frustration, "Shut up Naruto!" Naruto was reacquainted with his new friend the dirt. Sakura ran off after Sasuke. Naruto dusted himself and followed suit.

Kakashi waited for them to leave. Once they left he asked, "What's the mission this time, Yuugao?" The purple-haired ANBU dropped to the ground in front of Kakashi. She gave him a scroll. She said, "It's an S-rank mission. That's all I know, my apologies Kakashi-sempai." Again she vanished. Kakashi opened the scroll and read its contents. His eyes widened and said, "This is crazy." He then jumped away to catch up to his team.


Team 7 walked through the streets to find a place to eat. They weren't admitting that they were together as they fought all the time. Naruto said, "Let's do this Sasuke-teme. I'm going to beat you right now, right here." Naruto stopped walking and put his fists up. Sasuke stopped too and faced Naruto. Sasuke glared at the blond, "I can't waste my time on someone of your caliber, dobe." Lighting flashed out between the two. Sakura sighed. As much as she likes Sasuke their fights got too annoying.

Then Sakura's prayer was answered when Kakashi appeared between the two and slapped their heads simultaneously. They both glared at their sensei. Kakashi ignored their looks and said, "We have a mission." He voice made the two instantly forget the fight. When Kakashi was serious he was serious. Kakashi said, "It's a big one. We are going to be away for a long time. So pack your things for a long trip, settle anything you haven't finished with anyone, and say goodbye to your loved ones." He jumped away before he could get harassed by his blond and pink students. They knew they weren't going to get anything out of him. They said goodbye and went their separate ways. As Kakashi jumped away from his team, he couldn't help but feel a little guilty that he was stripping away his students' freedom to be kids. He so remembered that that's what being a shinobi is all about.


Sakura packed away the last of her things. She glanced over her room to see if she forgot anything. She saw her table that had pictures of years past on it, one of them being her and Ino. Sakura bit her lip. Kakashi sensei's ominous warning floated through her head. '…settle anything you haven't finished with anyone…' Sakura took a deep breath and jumped out of her bedroom.

Sakura hopped from house to house. She finally stopped at a certain flower store. Sakura rang the bell. She heard a yell, "Be right there!" Then a blonde kunoichi appeared at the desk. She was panting quite hard from something. The girl looked up too see Sakura. Her brow instantly furrowed and her eyes narrowed as well. She said, "What do you want, forehead? Giving up on Sasuke-kun finally? You realize who the best is now?" Sakura didn't respond. Ino was shocked at this. She inquired, "Are you alright forehead?" Sakura said solemnly, "Ino I want to be friends again." Ino was taken aback and uttered, "Why?" Sakura's face held a wry smile, "Well it looks like we are going on a serious mission. Our sensei says we won't be back for a long time and that we should tie up loose ends. Ino I miss how close we were." Ino suddenly got a downcast look. Ino replied, "No." Sakura's temper flared up as she yelled, "Why not?!" Ino answered, "Sakura, You and I are rivals, not friends. We have to compete to make each other better and to help encourage us to succeed. If we become friends we will lose all of that." Sakura saw Ino had tears in her eyes.

Sakura processed Ino's comment and knew Ino was correct. Sakura also got tears in her eyes. Sakura said, "Fine Ino-pig. I'll see you later." Ino responded, "Bye Forehead." As Sakura turned around to leave she felt 2 arms encircle her. Ino whispered, "Be careful." Then Ino broke it as soon as it began. Ino got her bold look back, "Don't think you can have Sasuke all to yourself, because you'll be with him. I promise we'll meet in that other world and compete with one another." Ino held out her pinkie. Sakura's eyes widened. Sakura nodded and held out her own pinkie. The two fingers encircle one another forming their bond of trust and friendship. Sakura thought happily 'I'm ready for anything on that mission now!'


Iruka Umino wondered why his surrogate little brother pulled him out of the Academy while he was grading tests. Naruto predictably took him to Ichiraku Ramen. Unpredictably Naruto had only had one bowl of ramen instead of his usual fourteen. Iruka asked, "Is something wrong, Naruto?" Naruto's eyes remained on his second bowl. Naruto finally answered, "I have to go on a mission Iruka-sensei." Iruka smiled, "Oh, is that all? You had me worried there." Naruto looked Iruka straight in the eyes for the first time at the restaurant. Naruto stated, "Kakashi-sensei said we'll be gone for awhile. He met it to be a long time." Iruka gasped the missions that required that amount of time were only of A-rank and S-rank category.

Naruto felt a tear roll down his cheek. Naruto cried out, "I'm gonna miss you sensei. I'm gonna miss you, old man Teuchi, old man Hokage, Ayame, and especially ramen." Naruto jumped into Iruka's chest and cried on his Chuunin vest. It was a common thing for genin to do, since it's one of their first times to leave home. Iruka patted Naruto's head. He told Naruto, "It's okay Naruto. Stop crying please." Naruto got his head out of Iruka's vest and dried his tears. Iruka said, "Naruto I know you're scared. I was to on some of my first missions, but we will always be with you. You will always have a part of us and we will always have a part of you. We will never forget each other. We will always protect one and other. That Naruto is our… will of fire." He pointed to Naruto's headband. Naruto smiled, "Iruka-sensei may be a nerd, but he can actually say cool things once and awhile." Iruka got a tick-mark and slapped Naruto over the head. Iruka yelled, "You idiot!"


Sasuke locked the door to his apartment. It was the morning and the mission was starting in an hour. Sasuke had one more thing to do before he left. He arrived at the bloodied Uchiha compound. He entered one house in particular. It was the Uchiha Armory. It held many of the Uchiha's special weapons. Itachi too some of them when the clan was killed though leaving only a few things left. It varied from swords to lances to bows etc. Sasuke finally found what he was looking for. Sasuke pulled out a sealing scroll that could hold weapons. Sasuke unfurled it. He pulled out some choice picks to take with him just in case.

His eyes were especially drawn to a black-sheathed chokuto-sword. He knew he had to seal this weapon. Once he finished he left his clan's former home. When he was leaving the compound and about to walk out the front door he turned around. Sasuke bent over and said, "I will avenge you." He sent one last prayer for them as he left. Sasuke would always pray when he was younger. Over time he realized how futile it was and ceased to do it anymore. This time was an exception because he might never see this place anymore. Even if he couldn't he would still fight for his ambition. Sasuke said aloud, "To kill you, Itachi Uchiha!"


Kakashi was on time for once. He waited for a few minutes before team 7 all showed up. Kakashi asked seriously, "Are you all ready? There's no turning back after this." They all remained calm, quiet, and serious, even Naruto. The response was a nod of their heads. Kakashi said, "Now we go." With that team 7 left Konoha unsure if they would ever return.


Team 7 was out of breath as they neared a misty clearing. They were all deathly silent except for the breathing; until it was broken by a person walking. They turned to see a middle-aged man in a white suit with white hair. He was smoking a cigarette and held a calm aura. He said, "I'm Mr. Takahata. It's nice to meet you all." They didn't talk, but were focused on Takahata and his strange attire. He sighed and instructed; "Now we are going to the other side-the outside world. Be careful not to lose yourself." The man walked back into the mist and couldn't be felt at all. Team 7 took a deep gulp and made a leap of faith onto the other side.