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Chapter 3: Kyoto Craziness…!

Sasuke leaned against the glass of his window. He looked at the landscape that he was passing at great speeds. Sasuke hadn't really gotten used to riding trains. They moved to fast in his opinion and would make you skip your surroundings, without even being able to observe them closely.

Ignoring that fact and getting back to the trip: it sucked. So far they had an attack of frogs that caused the whole train to erupt in panic. Then to make matters worse his class made his ears go depth with their screams. 'And she is also a disturbance.' Sasuke glanced down at his arm. A pink head of hair was using his shoulder as a pillow. Sakura mumbled, "Oh… Sasuke-kun… no… not here." Sasuke blushed, what the hell is she dreaming about? Sasuke took a deep breath to relax himself.

Anyway the girl had used the distress to cling to her teammate. Now he was stuck with her until they arrived at Kyoto. In Sasuke's opinion the moment that they made it to Kyoto couldn't happen fast enough. She can be so emotional at times.

Sasuke looked back out the window of the train and a recurring thought appeared. Itachi. Sasuke clenched his fist. That man continued to plague his thoughts.

How can I… no we get stronger? Without Kakashi we have no sensei. This is an S-rank mission and all Konoe-san has for protection is three fresh genin.

Sasuke sighed. Why most their situation sound so hopeless. The dobe would probably just smile at the thought of a high-rank mission that relied upon him to save the day. Sasuke did envy the idiot for his simple-mind.

Sasuke looked at the seat behind him through his seat's crack. The idiot was sleeping peaceful next to Negi. Sasuke almost punched the boy when he leaned on his side and began to drool.

Sasuke went back to gazing at the window. God how can he so carefree. This is life or death, damn it! And according to Negi's 'rat' we might have a traitor.

Sasuke shot a glance across the walkway to that sword-girl he fought. Negi's pet said she controlled a shikigami and tried to steal the letter of peace Konoeman wrote.

The Uchiha felt his kunai hidden in his sleeve. Yes they had to be wary of such dangerous foes. Konoeman stretched the importance of trying to reestablish ties with the opposing side. He went on to say almost all of Japan depended on this trip.

Only time will tell was the answer Sasuke could fine, but on the other hand they couldn't wait on their asses for something to happen. Sasuke swore he would be on his toes. That meant his team would have to follow his example or they would feel the Uchiha's wrath.

The intercom buzzed to life. A voice said, "We have arrived in Kyoto. Please prepare for arrival."

A new chapter that will change fate forever has begun…

---------------------------------------- Kyoto Shrine, Early Morning

A tall woman with black hair, glasses, and wore a loose kimono watched the sun rise from a temple. The woman blew out a flickering torch nearby. Even with the sun out the temple had a shadow obscuring all light around it.

The women said, "It's time to obtain our first objective." Three child-sized silhouettes appeared. The women went on, "Now prepare for battle!"

The first shadow yelled, "Don't underestimate nee-san! I can beat anyone!"

The second shadow stated, "I can't wait to fight another swordsman of shimei-ryuu."

The third shadow simply nodded, "Yes, Chigusa-san."

Chigusa took one last look at her team before asking, "Do they fit your requirements, my Lord?"

A sleek, dark voice said, "Yesssss. They will do fine. Kukukukuku." Some of the shadows trembled out of fear. The voice radiated pure fear within itself.

------------------------------------------- Kyoto Train Station

Negi announced, "Let's begin our tour of Kyoto!" Negi and his assistants walked out of the train. They were almost trampled to death as their students rushed out toward the city.

Naruto groaned, "Is it always like this?" Negi said somberly, "Yes most of the time."

Asuna picked up the three boys by the collars. She dropped them on their buts and said, "Get your asses in gear! You have a class to worry about." The boys agreed and ran after the class.

Konoka giggled, "Asuna is so thoughtful." Asuna huffed and walked away. "Asuna wait up!"

Asuna grumbled, "I just hope this trip goes well and there aren't any disasters." Asuna stared at the retreating backs of her new teachers. What are they?

-------------------------------------------- Northern Fire Country Border, Entering Iron Country

SWOOSH! The sounds of the wind at night were a peaceful haven. The forest at this time could be a beautiful place to rest. However the noise of wind covered up the hidden sounds of several shadows moving through the trees. They all wore gray armor with white masks and had black cloaks over all of that. Their masks were all decorated with red lines that resembled an animal. These almost invisible men were the best of the best. The ANBU Black Ops.

The ANBU are known for their skill in stealth, assassinations, and protection. If these men were after somebody, they would not stop until the job was done.

Six men were in the group. The one in front of the other four held up his hand. The others nodded and scattered.

After the forest trees became faint in number the group saw a clearing of green plains. One of the ANBU began to dash through the new landscape. Once he began running a huge mist appeared.

The leader said, "Snake return."

The member known as Snake jumped back to the forest area where his team resided. Snake and the others looked at their leader. The leader explained, "According to Hatake's report the mist is a defense mechanism to protect the path. The only way through is a certain item that clears the mist."

Another ANBU said, "Sir we don't have any object of that sort." The leader nodded, "Yes, but Hatake discovered another method. It involves the average distributing of chakra to disrupt the mist. Then with some precise seals we can open the pathway. Hatake said he made the seals and left them here with another team."

The leader led the men into the mist. "Activate your chakra now." The men's only response was silence and making a handseal. Soon a blue aura surrounded the entire group. The aura didn't remain calm for long as it started to move violently when more chakra was added. The mist left and the sun returned, bathing the group in sunlight.

Even with the defeat of the mist the group remained still. With the mist cleared the gate to the other world came into view. To the group's shock it was a giant mountain. The mountain was so enormous that the summit couldn't be seen and was hidden by the clouds in the sky.

The leader said, "We will travel up to the summit. Hatake informed us that the transportation system is at the top."

The group was ever silent. Then at once they all jumped in the air. With their precise chakra control they landed on the side of the mountain and began to run up the landscape.

The trek had lasted them half an hour. Not much time since they were the best of the best after all. They had taken more time since the change of landscape had slowed them down. The change was the snow that had now covered the higher parts of the gargantuan mountains.

The leader had the group walking up a path that ascended to the heavens, almost. The group was beginning to show signs of fatigue from the run and now the violent blizzard that whipped through the air.

One ninja that was guarding their rear collapsed on the ground.

Snake said, "Leader, the newbie passed out."

Leader turned around. He looked at the body of his fallen comrade. He said, "Find some shelter for us. We rest until the boy awakens."

One member yelled, "Leader I found a cave we rest in for now!"

The Leader told Snake, "Grab the pitiful child and let's go." Snake nodded.

------------------------------------ Iron Country Mountains

The fire crackled in the dark cave. The Leader took another stick and poked the fire once more. The embers in the fire grew brighter as if they were pleased by the attention. The team remained silent and enjoyed the warmth that the snow deprived them of.

The five ANBU members sit on the snow around the fire. However the sixth ninja was laid down on the ground. He was unconscious

The ninja known as Snake removed his…er…her mask. She had a face with piercing eyes and a ponytail with purple-spiky hair. The Leader asked, "Something wrong Anko-san?"

Anko answered, "Leader, I find this whole situation pretty damn strange. I mean what about you Yuugao, Tenzo, hell even Hayate?"

The other three also took off their disguises. One was a man with brown hair. Another notable feature was his striking eyes that were used to give off fear in certain cases. The other was a female that had a long mane of light purple hair. The final member also had brown hair, but a very sickly expression.

Tenzo voiced his opinion, "Yes I agree. I think the team would've done a better job of showing us the correct path or even just put up check-points."

Yuugao nodded in agreement. Hayate's cough was his mutual agreement. The Leader responded, "Be on guard then. We mobilize once the boy awakens."

Anko gazed at the boy again, "I still can't believe ROOT gave us a boy of this age." The Leader noticed the boy beginning to stir.

The boy was awake and was greeted to the Leader saying, "It's about time for you to have woken up, Sai."

Sai got into a kneeling position. He lowered his head. Sai spoke in a monotone voice, "Forgive me Leader-sama."

------------------------------------ Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto

The girls' eyes widened at the size of the shrine. Makie screamed, "Yuekichi! Yuekichi! Explain it please!"

Yue sighed at her classmate's maturity. The other girls gave her puppy dog eyes and whimpered, "Pleeeaaassseee!"

Yue stopped sipping her tomato juice-box. Yue took a big breath before she started her rant. Yue began, "Well this shrine is famous for its legends of love and promises of good futures. Tourists make this an absolute must on their visit…."

The group walked around the building to one of the shrine's attraction: The Kiyomizu Stage. Yue said, "This the famous stage used to honor Buddha with plays. As you can see it's very high and this is where the phrase 'I'm going to jump off the Kiyomizu Stage' comes from."

The girls looked over at the 'stage' edge to see it would lead to a fall off a cliff. All the girls gulped in fear. Yue tried to ease their fears by saying, "It has a surprisingly high survival rate of 85%."

Yuuna cried, "She's a freak!" Haruna dismissed that thought, "No Yue is just really into Buddha stuff and statues. You know?"

Yue didn't stop after that and went on, "There are some other attractions on fortune-telling for relationships. It's very popular with women."

Ayaka did a 180 and asked, "Where are these 'attractions'?" Many of the girls' thoughts were, man she's quick.

Makie piped up, "I want to go too!" Haruna tapped Nodoka on the shoulder. Nodoka nodded and raised her hand. She said, "May…May I go too?"

The twins Fuuka and Fumika went over to Negi. Innocently they wondered, "Negi-sensei do you want to play with us?" Before the welsh-boy could answer the twins grabbed the boy and lead him off toward the other sites.

Ayaka, who was always quick on the ball when it came to Negi yelled, "Hey Fuuka! Fumika! No flirting… I mean playing with Negi-sensei!"

Sakura blushed as she thought of getting paired with Sasuke. Haruna sniffed her nose. Her eyes flashed at her discovery. Aha looks like a new competitor has stepped into the ring!

Haruna teleported next to the pink-haired girl. Haruna said, "So Sakura who do you want to end up with it? Is it Negi-sensei?"

Sakura jumped back in shock. She blushed, "NO! I mean… uh… he's cute and all but I like someone else." Sakura gazed at the stone of the Shrine. Then her gazed drifted to Sasuke leaning against the building and looking out towards the sky. Sakura blushed even more until her hair was a lighter shade then her face. He's so cool. Haruna noticed Sakura's wondering eyes.

Haruna put her arm around the younger girl. Haruna whispered, "Sakura you should try to act now before anyone else gets proactive on a certain sensei. I mean you have some history with him. Use that because some of these older girls have got some assets that you don't have yet."

Sakura felt smoke coming out of her ears and stammered, "I…I…I g-guess I c-could give it a t-try." Sakura walked off after Ayaka and Yue.

Haruna moved her glasses with her fingers. An evil glint flashed in her eyes. Oh yes her new roommate was going to provide her a great source of entertainment.

---------------------------------------- Kiyomizu Temple Rock, Kyoto

Yue slurped down another mouthful of her delicious tomato juice. Ayaka asked, "Now Yue-san what is them myth here?" Ayaka pointed to a rock that had a crowd of people watching it.

Yue explained, "The legend is that if you close your eyes and walk over there to that rock. Then you will have good luck in finding your true love."

Ayaka had hearts in her eyes. She declared, "Now competitors step forward to face this challenge!"

Makie and Nodoka stepped next to Ayaka. Ayaka looked around and said, "Anyone else?"

Sakura began to twitch nervously. Should I go? No… I mean it's a stupid contest. Just because it brings you good luck doesn't mean I can get Sasuke. On the other hand…

Sakura looked over at Sasuke. Sasuke met her gaze and turned his head away as if there was something more pressing in that direction. Sakura sighed in depression. I could use all the luck I can!

Haruna made the other girl's decision and shoved her forward.

Sakura didn't expect the action and stumbled forward, next to the three love-struck girls.

Some of the girls that didn't participate gasped or raised their eyebrows in amusement.

Sakura blushed. I should really just give up. I will only make a fool of myself.

Haruna saw the girl's predicament and whispered, "Sakura… hey Sakura over here!" Sakura looked over at the manga artist. Haruna gave her a nod and thumbs up. Sakura blushed once more. Haruna… no she's right I can do this.

Sakura got in a more battle-ready pose by a straightening up.

Sasuke looked at his undercover teammate with confusion. His only thought was what has her so determined. Was it him? The idea gave him a little pink to the face but nothing more.

Yue announced, "Now everyone close your eyes. Someone will spin you around. Once they're done spinning you, you will try to get to the rock. Everyone understand? Let's start!"

Nodoka hobbled over in the opposite of the rock. Makie wander in circles out of bewilderment. Sakura was still standing at attention. Ayaka however was an entirely different story.

Ayaka yelled, "Ayaka Love Technique: Mind Eye!" Ayaka envisioned the rock ahead of her through her shut eyes. Ayaka screamed, "Target locked on! Time to finish this contest and make Negi-sensei mine!"

Ayaka began to sprint forward at the rock.

Makie opened one eye and saw Ayaka almost there. She ran after the girl screaming, "Lincho! That's no fair you opened your eyes, that's cheating!"

Ayaka laughed at the insinuation, "Hah hah! I'm only using the power of love to end up with a certain sensei that name begins with N!"

Negi blushed at the comment. Naruto patted his back. He said, "Looks like she really wants to get serious with you. Hah hah!"

Negi stammered out, "Na-Naruto-san…"

Sasuke stared at Sakura's unmoving back. Sakura just listened to what was happening with Ayaka and her other rivals. I can do this I have to get better. I can't lose to you Ino, or any of these other girls!

Sakura turned her body toward the rock. She steadily began to walk forward. Remember all that training. You can do this easily. SHANNARO! YOU'RE A NINJA GODDAMNIT!

Sakura bent her legs charging chakra to her feet. NOW! Sakura's body felt nothing but air as she gracefully leapt into the air.

All the girls gawked at her skills.

Sakura landed on the rock with one foot. She declared, "I win." Yue screamed, "POINT!!"

Naruto roared, "HELL YEAH SAKURA-CHAN!"

Sakura smiled and looked at the Uchiha one last time. He 'hmphed' and walked away toward Negi and Naruto.

Ah well it felt nice to win. Ayaka and Makie had tears in there eyes. Nodoka also had a tear in one eye. Nodoka told Sakura, "Good… luck with Negi-sensei."

Sakura blushed and squealed, "WAIT! I don't like Negi-sensei I like someone else! You can have the kid!"

----------------------------------------- Kiyomizu Temple Fountain, Kyoto

The class made their way to a fountain that had three streams pouring into it. Yue said, "These streams give you good luck in separate things. From left to right: Marriage, Good Health, Good Career and Future."

As expected all the girls flocked to the left one proclaiming they wanted to someone's bride.

However a small group of girls didn't want to try it. Sakura yawned, "I'm fine with the luck I earned from the rock."

Negi yelled, "What happened?!" Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and the others looked at the girls who were drinking from the water.

They were all passed out on the ground.

Asuna went up to the water. She put her finger in and licked it. Asuna said, "Yuck! This isn't water!" Negi looked atop the fountain. He saw a barrel with the label sake on it. Negi yelled, "Its alcohol!"

If fate wasn't cruel enough two teachers from Mahora were walking by. The sober girls such as Yue took it upon themselves to wake up the drunken ones like Ayaka. Yue began slapping the girl and saying, "The trip will be cancelled if they find you like this!"

One teacher asked, "Do you smell wine?" Negi, who was sweating bullets popped up and explained, "Oh its non-alcoholic!"

Naruto helped out by saying, "Oh yeah they got really tired and decided to have a nap out here." Anyone who knew the boy would have seen that terrible lie he just constructed, but these teachers didn't and let it be. The teachers just passed by instead of questioning any further.

Negi breathed out in relief at the success of the lies. But the thought of who sabotaged his class lingered in his mind. Was it the Kansai… or… Setsuna?

Negi didn't have much time to think about it. His new job was to drag half of his class back to the hotel. This trip was beginning to get a little crazy.

-------------------------------------- School Hotel, Kyoto

Naruto stole one last glance at the girls that were asleep from alcohol. After making sure they were all comfortable Naruto slid the door shut.

He put his arms behind his head as he strolled down the hallway. Why did this have to happen?

Naruto sighed as he recalled the back-breaking labor it took to carry all the girls. They definitely were given suspicious looks the whole trip back. Naruto and the others were sick of explaining themselves to random bystanders.

Naruto closed his eyes in thought. Could it really be that girl Setsuna? She wasn't present at any of the 'accidents'. Damn! I promised Kakashi-sensei I would protect Konoka-nee-chan.

Naruto kept walking unaware of the other person's presence. That was until he crashed, face first into that someone's chest. Naruto opened his eyes. He saw a pair of rather… well developed… assets next to his face.

The first that Naruto blurted out was, "Soft…." When Naruto where he was he jumped back and screamed, "AAAAHHHH! I'm so sorry!" Naruto started to bow for forgiveness.

The boy was blushing with an unearthly red. He felt a hand on his shoulder. The boy looked up to see the person's face. A familiar pair of squinted eyes greeted him along with, "De gozaru?"

Naruto yelled, "KAEDE!! PLEASE, PLEASE FORGIVE ME! I'M NOT A PERVERT!" He began to bow again and again to show his sorrow.

Kaede helped the boy to his feet. Kaede calmly stated, "Sensei it's okay. Accidents happen." Naruto grabbed the girl's hand. He was crying in joy, "Arigato, Kaede-sempai. I knew you would understand…umph!" He was cut off before he could finish as Kaede blocked his mouth with her finger. Kaede bent over and began to close the distance between the two ninjas' faces.

Naruto's heart sped up as she came closer to his face every second. Is this it… my first kiss with a girl?!

Kaede stopped with only an inch or two from her sensei's mouth. Naruto only thought was, what… why did she stop?

Kaede whispered, "Naruto gather your team and bring them to the hot springs. Hurry we may not have much time."

After her statement she was at the other end of the hallway in a flash.

Naruto was stilling blushing faintly. He slapped his face with both hands. He yelled, "Yosh! I can't let myself get distracted by girls!" With that he was off.

------------------------------------------------------- Negi's Hotel Room

Negi, Asuna, Sasuke, and Sakura all sat in a circle in Negi's room. Negi had out his student handbook. He was currently looking over Setsuna's profile. His faithful companion, Chamo, was sitting on his shoulder and examining it as well.

Negi read aloud, "Sakurazaki Setsuna: age 15, excellent grades, prodigy of the kendo club. Other than that there isn't anything abnormal about her."

There was a long silence as the group began thinking about today's events. The silence was broken by Chamo as he announced, "Aha! Right there! It says she was born in and from Kyoto! That proves it! Setsuna is an assassin sent by the Kansai!"

Asuna held her hand to her chin and muttered, "I don't know. I mean she could've attacked Konoka at anytime."

Sakura was deep in thought and blurted out, "This doesn't make sense since Konoeman-san said she was one of the class's protectors."

Sasuke released a heavy sigh that reeked with annoyance. Chamo pulsed with anger. He yelled at the Uchiha, "You got a problem with our talk teme-pretty boy!"

Sasuke turned his eyes to glare at the animal. Chamo gulped and hid behind Negi's head. Sakura asked, "What do you think Sasuke-kun?"

Sasuke explained, "She's obviously not our enemy. Like the baka girl was saying Setsuna's skill could easily allow her to finish off Konoka-san." Asuna fumed, "Who are you calling a baka?!"

Sasuke ignored her and went on, "Plus I fought her and my eyes don't lie. They showed me that the way Setsuna fights is a certain style."

Negi inquired, "What kind of style?" Sasuke closed his eyes in contemplation. After a second passed his eyes shot open and he said, "The style of a person that fights with her life to protect something precious."

Asuna wondered aloud, "What could that be?" Sasuke got up from his seat and replied, "You'll have to find out for yourself"

The room filled with awkward silence as each person was engrossed in their own thoughts.

Then as it seemed the group would remain this way forever Naruto busted through the door with a loud crash.

The group looked at him with shock. Asuna and Sakura yelled, "NARUTO WHAT THE HELL?!"

Naruto said, "Sasuke, Sakura we have to go." Sasuke got up and left the room. Sakura was still confused and asked, "What?"

Naruto told her, "Just follow me!"

------------------------------------------ Hotel Hot Springs

Team 7 stood at the edge of a steamy hot spring with numerous boulders in the water. The group was wearing their normal uniforms. To Naruto's bad luck Kaede was nowhere to be seen.

Sakura yelled, "Why we at a hot spring?! You pervert, you just want me to get naked don't you?!" Sakura proceeded to thrash her blond teammate until he was no more.

Sasuke held up his hand and said, "Sakura stop it." She followed his command, but looked around in wonder.

Kaede appeared behind the genin. She praised the Uchiha, "Good job Sasuke-sensei you were able to sense me. That's not an easy feat."

Sasuke shrugged, "Any decent ninja could faintly sense you."

Naruto and Sakura instantly shrunk away from the conversation in shame at their skills.

Naruto regained his pride first and stuck his finger out at his rival. He proclaimed, "Well… well I can kick your ass any day of the week teme!"

Sasuke didn't even need to respond to the bad comeback. Naruto naturally got flustered and steamed with anger.

Kaede interrupted the 'friends' and said, "Now the reason I called you here is very important. Principal-san informed me that you have no sensei and that you are only genin. Is this true?"

Team 7 remained silent and hung their heads in shame. Sakura mumbled, "Yes…yes its true."

Kaede smiled, trying to relief their sorrow. The ninja girl went on to the said, "I have many skills that I can teach to you, to make all of you stronger." Sakura beamed, "Really?!" Kaede merely nodded.

"Hmph!" Sasuke said. Kaede raised an eyebrow and asked, "Something wrong, de gozaru?" Sasuke replied indifferently, "Why should we follow you. I mean how can you tell that we're not stronger then you?"

Sakura raised a hand in protest. She said, "Sasuke she's a…!"

Kaede cut her off. Kaede walked over to the edge of land where the hot spring began. She held her hand out and motioned Sasuke to come at her.

Sakura sweat-dropped at the challenge. Why does our team always get into fights?

--------------------------------------- Hotel Hot Springs: Kaede Nagase vs. Sasuke Uchiha

Kaede said, "If you're so confident…" Kaede got into a battle stance, "…then come at me. Nagase Kaede! Chunin of the Kouga Clan!"

Sasuke paused for a second. Chunin… huh? I guess I'll find out.

In a flash Sasuke released several shuriken from his jacket sleeves. The projectiles flew through the air at the girl. Kaede quickly pulled out a kunai. The student nimbly deflected the shuriken away from her body.

Sasuke used the throwing stars as a distraction and was right next to Kaede in a second. Sasuke sent a punch at the girl. Kaede ducked under it. Sasuke was prepared and lifted his leg to attack her. Kaede easily caught the leg with one hand.

Sasuke's face contorted with frustration at his capture. Damn she got me!

His opponent smirked. She used one foot to kick Sasuke's leg off balance. Then Kaede hurled the boy for all he was worth over her shoulder. Sasuke went flying into the onsen.

Sasuke luckily was able to land on a stray rock sticking out of the water. Now I'm at a disadvantage, because all I can do is fight on the rocks.

Kaede yelled, "Now let me show you what I'm going to teach you." Kaede put her hands up to make the ram seal.

Sasuke cursed, "What jutsu is she doing now? I have to know, Sharingan!" His red eyes appeared once more and he began to watch his enemy. To his surprise she was building up chakra in her feet.

Kaede told the genin, "Now watch." Kaede took a step out onto the water. To everyone's surprise she was standing on the water like it was land. Kaede opened one eye for once and asked Sasuke, "You finally ready to learn, de gozaru?"

Sasuke reluctantly agreed.

--------------------------------------- Hotel Hot Springs, Late Afternoon

Kaede looked at the sun almost setting in the distance. Kaede asked her three students, "You all ready to call it a day?"

Kaede was happy with her students' progress. A splash was heard with a loud, "KUSO!!"

Kaede sighed. Well most of her students. Sakura had already mastered it to a certain degree. Sasuke could stay afloat for a few seconds. And Naruto… well Naruto was soaked from head to toe and burning from the hot water. What had really made her happy was their will to keep going. Even though Sakura had got it down she wanted to improve her stamina and kept going. Sasuke and Naruto had never stopped for a second to get the technique down.

Sakura wiped the sweat from her brow. She responded, "Yes Kaede-senpai."

Sakura grabbed a towel and walk out of the onsen. Kaede turned around right before she exited and questioned the boys, "What about you two?"

Sasuke was silent. Naruto huffed, "I'm not leaving… hah…until I… hah… do this right."

Kaede understood and left. The boy may not have any talent at first. However his ability to grow and adapt at a fast rate is astounding. Along with his determination the boy could maybe be a splendid ninja.

Naruto waited until the women left. When he was sure the boy began to undress to his boxers. The Jinchuuriki laid out his suit on the ground.

Sasuke unknowingly followed Naruto's lead. The two boys were both in their underwear. Naruto looked at the water then the Uchiha. He told his rival, "Sasuke! I'm going to beat you and master this technique before you do!"

Sasuke dismissed the claim, "There's no way you're just a dobe."

Lighting flashed between the two boys. One thing was clear: Neither one of them wanted to lose.

------------------------------ School Hotel, Nighttime

Darkness descended on upon the city. The only light out was the stars and the lights of the city in Kyoto.

Negi groaned as Shizuna-sensei had managed to lead him to the onsen for the faculty bath. However the hot steam really relaxed the boy's tense muscles. It felt good to not have to worry about anything even if it was for a moment.

The boy-mage leaned onto a nearby rock. His eyes suddenly felt heavy. Negi felt sleep's sweet embrace.

"Aniki! Wake up!" yelled Chamo.

Negi's eyes cracked open. Chamo kept poking Negi. "Wake up we could have some enemies nearby."

Negi's response was his eyes fully opening and a wand in his hand.

Negi whispered, "Who is it?" Chamo pointed to the entrance of the bath. Negi peeked from behind the rock to see who it was.

Negi squealed, "Eep!" The boy went back to hiding behind the rock. The cause of this was the naked body of Setsuna Sakurazaki.

The boy took a moment to breath. Then he went back to see if it really was her. His face lit up when he saw it was true.

The girl stood there elegantly with no clothes on and pure white skin.

Negi mumbled, "She's the perfect Japanese woman. She's small, pretty, and soft."

Negi then saw Chamo blushing and talking to himself. Negi reprimanded his pet, "Chamo-kun you shouldn't look!" Chamo replied, "Hehe… you can look away any time you want." Negi refused to stop, "But… Chamo-kun!"

The pair didn't seem to noticed Setsuna glance at their spot. Her eyes narrowed at the noise coming from the other side of the rock. She frowned and revealed her trusty nodaichi that was submerged and hidden by the water.

Setsuna cried, "Ougi: Zangaken!" A slash of ki was released from the girl's sword. The power of it was enough to slice the boulder, which Negi was hiding behind, in two.

Negi yelled, "Aaaahhhh!!"

---------------------------------- Hotel Hot Springs, Nighttime

Naruto finally was able to stand for at least a minute. Sasuke was ahead, because he could stand for only a few minutes instead of just one.

Sasuke was sliding his clothing back on, excluding his suit jacket. Naruto on the other hand was still trying to beat the Uchiha.

Naruto asked, "Sasuke where are you going? Finally admitting defeat?" Sasuke denied the claim, "No dobe. I've mastered the ability to a acceptable degree. So I win. Besides have you forgotten the mission? We have to protect Konoka. Sakura probably needs help."

Naruto shouted, "Yeah… whatever… shut up!" Sasuke smirked and made his exit.

Naruto focused his chakra once more. He calmly stepped onto the water. Done exactly like Kaede he remained standing on top.

His concentration was broken by a loud scream. Naruto looked around to see where it came from. It sounded like someone from the bath next door. Wait…! Maybe it's Konoka! I have to move it!

------------------------------------- Hotel Mixed Bath, Nighttime

Negi yelled, "Ras Tel Ma Scir Magister…! Frans Exclamatio!" His wand pointed at Setsuna. A gust of wind that carried sakura petals was sent at the swordswoman. It blasted away the girl's weapon on contact.

Chamo smirked at his bro's skill. Nice one Aniki, disarm her main attack weapon!

Setsuna didn't stop going toward Negi. She grabbed the boy and slammed him into the boulder. One hand was on his chest and kept him immobilized. The other hand was on a sensitive place…

Setsuna told the child teacher, "Who are you? Answer me or I'll crush your balls!"

When there was no answer she realized something was wrong. She looked at the spy closer to see the body of her sensei. Setsuna shrieked, "Ah! Sensei… I'm uh… so… sorry I didn't know!" The girl backed up and released the boy. She gazed at the hand that touched her sensei and she blushed heavily.

Naruto dropped down from the sky and landed next to the two. Negi and the girl gasped in surprise at his entrance. Negi pointed at the boy, "Na-Naruto-k-kun you're standing on water." True to his word Naruto was crouching down on top of the water.

Naruto waved it off and examined the two. Both were naked and then he saw Setsuna. He lost his breath, then had the common reaction of being shot back by a sudden nose-bleed.

The girl noticed this and grabbed her towel to cover herself. Negi tended to his unconscious friend. Negi tried waking the boy, "Naruto-kun, Naruto-kun wake up please!"

Chamo accusingly said, "What're you doing here, assassin for the Kansai association?" Setsuna cried in surprise, "Eh?!"

"Eeeeeeiiiiieeeee!" The group stopped their actions when the other yell was heard except it was familiar to all of them. They simultaneously said, "Konoka!"

Setsuna sheathed her sword. She answered, "I assure you I Sakurazaki Setsuna is your ally."

----------------------------------------- School Hotel: Shikigami Attack

Konoka, Asuna, and Sakura were all huddled in the corner. These beasts were attacking them in the worst way: by stripping them. Horrible little monkeys from hell were embarrassing the three girls and Sasuke. The girls were down to there undergarments. Things weren't looking good.

Sasuke cursed for the 50th time as the monkeys evaded another kunai slash. Damn these things. If this keeps up Konoka's going to get captured.

When it seemed pretty hopeless someone called out, "Ojou-sama!" Konoka looked up to see Setsuna running at them with Naruto and Negi.

Setsuna shouted, "What are you doing to Ojou-sama?" Naruto and Negi yelled, "Konoka!"

The shikigami monkeys saw the three newcomers and 'eeped' out of fear. The monkeys nodded to each other with their plan in mind. They stop playing with the other four and focused only on Konoka. Konoka cried as she felt all the monkeys grab her. Konoka squealed, "Help me Se-chan!" The monkeys didn't look twice and sprinted out of the hotel.

Setsuna roared, "I will never let you have OJOU-SAMA!" After she proclaimed her battle-cry Setsuna rushed forward into the horde of monkeys.

Sasuke activated his sharingan as he saw the fierce battle goddess go off to finish the pests. Only one thing was on his mind. I have to see her techniques!

Setsuna pried Konoka lose from the shikigami. Setsuna howled, "Ougi…" Her ki flared to life like a wild fire. The girl pulled her sword back for a strike. "…Hyakuretsuouka Zan!" In an instance a maelstrom of sakura blossoms appeared. They swirled around Setsuna and Konoka like a whirlwind. As beautiful as they appeared their true purpose became clear as the pack of monkeys was soon sliced up. The petals were nothing but a million slashes that surrounded the pair of girls.

The other people watching Setsuna's actions were in awe at the beauty…

----------------------------------------- School Hotel

The girls were fully clothed and bowing to Setsuna as thanks. Setsuna who was always a lowly servant, was no way in hell prepared for this. That was the reason she was stuttering uncontrollably and was the color of a tomato.

Konoka couldn't help herself to hug her old best friend. Konoka said, "Se-chan I missed you so much!" Setsuna smiled at the embrace, but she soon realized her position. My vow to defend her from a far, I can't get close to her. Setsuna lowered her head. She bit her lip in distress. Konoka asked, "Se-chan are you okay?" Setsuna broke the embrace. She explained, "I have to go now. Please excuse me Ojou-sama."

Konoka saw as her friend left the water droplets from her eyes. Konoka said in anguish, "Se-chan… why? I miss you." Konoka felt salty tears in her eyes.

Asuna put her hands on Konoka's shoulders. She asked, "What's wrong Konoka?" Team 7 and Negi gathered around the girl in concern.

Konoka choked out, "Me and Setsuna have been friends for awhile but something happened…"

----------------------------------------- Flashback: Konoka's Home

A small girl with flowing brown hair hid behind her mother out of shyness. Another girl of same age and height had black hair. The black-haired girl was also coy and hid behind another woman's leg.

The two girls were in a giant shrine that belonged to the Konoe clan. The two girls went forward to meet each other. One girl said, "I'm Konoka what to be friends?" The other girl nodded and slowly got out, "I'm…um… Setsuna. Yes, I would like to be friends very much!"

This is where I met Setsuna. I didn't have many friends my age so we always together. Setsuna took it upon herself to defend me as her 'Ojou-sama' since she was also learning kendo at my house.

Setsuna held a tiny wooden katana and stood in front of Konoka. She was protecting the girl from a wild dog.

But one day we played to close to a stream. I fell in and didn't know how to swim. I was going to drown, so Setsuna tried to save me even though she couldn't swim either.

Konoka and Setsuna both were struggling in the water. Eventually two adults arrived and pulled the two out. Setsuna was in tears. She told Konoka, "Ojou-sama I swear I will get stronger to defend you!"

Then she moved away a little later. I didn't see her for awhile and I was sad. Then I saw her again in the first year of junior high. I was overrun with joy. However why I went to talk her she was silent and ran away. She hasn't spoken to me once.

------------------------------------------- Present: Hotel

Konoka was crying, "I guess… hick… Se-chan… hick… really hates me." Asuna held her even tighter. The baka ranger said, "Konoka you can be such an air-head sometimes." Konoka looked up in shock and confusion.

Sakura also held Konoka. Sakura commented, "Setsuna rally wants to protect. Didn't you see her save you?" Konoka mumbled, "Sakura-chan… Asuna…"

Naruto smiled at her. He tried to comfort her, "Setsuna told me and Negi that she was our ally and that she wanted to save you. She ran back to help you faster then me or Negi."

Negi also helped, "Konoka-san, what we're saying is true. Sasuke-kun even said that when he saw Setsuna that she fought to protect something. That 'thing' is you, Konoka-san."

Konoka looked at Sasuke. He blushed a little and suddenly thought the wall was more interesting. Konoka wailed, "I love you guys so much! Thank you, Thank you!"

Asuna got a handkerchief to clean her friend's face of tears. Sakura and her helped Konoka up. Asuna told the three other boys, "We're taking Konoka to bed and we'll protect her there. You guys and Setsuna can watch out for trouble."

The boys were taken aback by Asuna's sudden leadership. Naruto said, "Well you heard the girl. Let's protect Konoka-nee-chan!"

Negi said, "Yes! Together we can do it!" Sasuke mumbled, "Yeah… I guess."

------------------------------------------- Asuna's Room

Asuna slid the door open to her room. Asuna greeted her roommates, "Hey guys..." She soon found out that Haruna, Yue, and Nodoka were all asleep. "…uh…you're already asleep."

Sakura was letting Konoka lean on her. The pinkie brought her friends in and laid Konoka down onto her futon. Asuna asked, "Is she alright?"

Sakura tucked Konoka in and replied, "Yeah she's just tired from the busy day. Also, her emotional breakdown with Setsuna was a little too much for her." Asuna smiled at her long-time best friend and softly stated, "I'm glad that you're alright, Konoka."

Asuna then remembered what she wanted to do. Setsuna!

Asuna exclaimed, "Sakura I have to do something quickly. Please watch over Konoka." With that Asuna rushed out of the room.

Sakura was confused by Asuna's recent actions, but understood that she had to protect her new friend.

-------------------------------------------- Hotel Lobby

Naruto, Sasuke, and Negi were walking through the hallway to the front entrance. All were in their robes from the hotel. Naruto asked, "So Negi I've wanted to know for awhile… um… what kind of powers you have as a mage?" Negi chuckled and answered, "Well I specialize in wind magic, such as flying and more. My lighting element is growing as well. My best skill is to use projectiles of magic called 'magic arrows'. It's not much though since I'm only a beginner." Negi rubbed his head sheepishly in embarrassment.

Naruto looked at the boys with eyes of wonderment. He asked, "You…CAN…FLY?!" Sasuke groaned. Leave it to Naruto to skip over the important parts.

Negi said, "Uh… yes I can." Naruto had stars in his eyes. He declared, "I've always wanted to fly!"

As the boys kept walking they encountered Kaede. Kaede looked at the two ninja boys. After gazing at them for a few minutes, she crossed her arms over her chest triumphantly. Kaede walked away and said, "I'm glad you two advance so fast. It makes me proud as a sensei."

Naruto and Sasuke grinned (Sasuke had a very small grin).

Poor Negi was just confused but knew it had something to do with ninjas so it didn't involve him.

The group then happened upon another person: Setsuna.

Negi cried, "Setsuna-san!" The girl was on a step-ladder placing a small paper on the ceiling. Negi's cry caught her attention. She responded, "Sensei want are you doing here?"

Negi answered, "We're scouting the hotel to see if the enemy will make another move." Setsuna nodded and pulled out another piece of paper. Naruto noticed the object and asked, "What are you doing with that?"

Setsuna was taken aback. She said slowly, "Um… well these are magic seals that are going to make a barrier for the hotel." Chamo jumped out from Negi's robe. The ermine shouted, "Yo, Ane-san, is that like eastern magic?" Setsuna replied, "Yes. It's referred to as onmyou or ying yang magic. These items are used in paper charms to do spells. I use it to compliment my sword skills." Chamo exclaimed, "So… you're like a magic knight!"

Setsuna sighed at the statement.

Sasuke interjected, "Getting back to the mission, we need to split up. I think Setsuna should remain in the building with the others. Naruto, Negi, and I can patrol the hotel since we can move around easily."

Naruto whined, "Why do you get to be the leader?" Sasuke snapped back, "Because I'm not an idiot who failed the academy!" Naruto bumped heads with his rival. Naruto asked, "You have something you want to say?!"

Negi jumped in between the two. Negi screamed, "Remember we still have to protect Konoka-san! Stop this needless fighting!"

Naruto and Sasuke separated. Both huffed and walked outside through opposite exits.

Negi sweat-dropped and cried, "How can we protect Konoka-san like this?!" Negi held his head in frustration.

Chamo soothed the boy, "Relax Aniki! These guys always fight so I think they understood how serious this is!" Setsuna added, "I agree. Those two were trying to calm their nerves. I saw both of their hands were shaking before they started to fight. In all honesty they're like brothers."

Negi looked at Setsuna in awe if her deduction. She can read people that easily? She really is a talented warrior!

Before the pair could separate someone yelled, "Wait up…!"

----------------------------------- Outside Hotel

Three shadows stared at the target's hotel in the darkness. A feminine voice started the conversation, "Now we need to distract some of the ninja brats." A male voice calmly inquired, "How do we do that? Even if they're genin they should be able to see through any attack we have." The woman voice stated, "Use these. I already prepared them for use. Just imagine what you intend to do with the objects. If you do that they should work."

The two other shadows were handed some object that was able to be seen in the night.

----------------------------------- Hotel Lobby

Setsuna and Negi turned around to see Asuna. Asuna stopped in front of the group. She took a moment to regain her breath. Asuna then began, "Setsuna before we go off to protect Konoka, I have a request. Before you respond I want you to think about it. Please consider protecting Konoka in person no from the shadows. It's really hurting her and if you… if you really care about her then you would be her friend!"

Asuna bowed to the other girl. She explained, "Don't tell me. Tell Konoka when you accept the idea. Sorry for being rude I have to go!"

Setsuna was frozen on the spot at the new information. Have I really… just been hurting Ojou-sama this much?

Negi smoothly said, "Don't worry Setsuna I believe you will find the answer to help Konoka-san! Now I also have to go, so Ja ne!"

Negi ran out the door. However he crashed into a laundry cart along with the woman pushing it. Negi apologized and helped her to get her things together. When he finished he left the hotel.

The woman threw one last glance at the boy. She put on a pair of glasses and a familiar demon-monkey appeared on her shoulder. The woman cackled, "So he's the western mage, how cute."

------------------------------------- Asuna's Room

Sakura opened the blinds of the window. She spotted a familiar shadow jumping around outside. Sakura looked closer to see Kaede. What is she doing at there? Could she be a spy? Her eyes widened in shock as she saw the girl head toward Sasuke's location. I have to be sure so no one can sneak up on us!

Asuna got back to her room. Sakura opened the door. The Haruno told her friend, "I have to go ask a question to a person. Can you please take of her?" Asuna smiled, "Leave it to me Sakura-san!"

Sakura returned the smile with her own grin. The girl ran out through the hallway.

-------------------------------------- Outside Hotel, Stone Walkway

Naruto hopped down from the roof of the building. He stood on a stone walkway scanning for any people. The boy heard footsteps. He readied a kunai in his hotel robes.

The person came into view. He was shocked to see Sakura coming toward him. Naruto called out, "Hey Sakura-chan! What are you doing out here? I thought you were with Konoka-nee-chan."

Sakura kept walking toward the blond. He was a little annoyed he got no response. He grunted, "Sakura-chan what's wrong w…?" He was interrupted when Sakura came about an inch to his lips.

The boy blushed and took a step back. He stuttered, "Wh-wh-a-at are y-you d-doing?" Sakura smirked. She said seductively, "I came by to give you something."

The girl put a finger on her lips. Naruto thought, kawaii!

He regained his composure and inquired, "What did you want to give me?" She flashed him a predatory grin.

--------------------------------- Hotel Roof

Sasuke walk along the roof of the hotel. He couldn't sense anyone… wait!

He turned around to see his new sensei, Kaede. The Chunin asked, "How's the mission coming along?" Sasuke relaxed and said, "Okay, so far. What do you want? You've couldn't have wanted to talk with me."

Kaede smiled, "Sharp as a tack Uchiha. No wonder you survived that massacre." Sasuke tensed at the comment, "Now the reason I'm here is that I wanted to show you some powerful techniques."

Sasuke said, "Really…"

--------------------------------- Outside Hotel

Chamo asked, "Aniki use your pactio card that you made with Ane-san! You can teleport her next to you or communicate with her through telepathy!"

Negi muttered, "Oh yes that's right." Negi put the card to his forehead. Asuna-san! Asuna-san!

--------------------------------- Asuna's Room

Asuna stopped as she heard Negi's voice from someplace. Negi?

Asuna-san I'm talking too you through the pactio card we made.

The orange-haired girl blushed at how they made their contact.

How's Konoka-san?

Asuna looked at the bathroom door. She's fine just going to the bathroom.

Okay that's good. I guess I'm just a little paranoid.

---------------------------------- Hotel Lobby

Sakura went into the lobby and tried to see if anyone was there. But her efforts were to no avail. She sighed in defeat. The girl couldn't find anyone.

Sakura felt a hand on her shoulder. Sakura jumped out of shock. The ninja could stop from having a panic attack when she saw Kaede. Sakura backed up from her sensei. The younger girl shook her head. Calm down! Kaede-senpai wouldn't have trained us just to take us all down. I have to trust her!

Sakura whimpered, "I can't find anyone Kaede-senpai!" Kaede chuckled, "It's okay Sakura-san. I'm looking for Naruto and Sasuke. I couldn't locate them."

Sakura's face then became one of confusion. Sakura asked, "Kaede-senpai didn't you just go outside and look for Sasuke on the roof." Kaede shook in her head in denial, "I haven't been outside since I trained you guys. Isn't everyone inside?" Sakura blurted out, "I saw you outside looking around for something earlier. I believe you found Sasuke and went to talk to him on the roof." Kaede frowned, "That's strange. You can ask Ku Fei, I've been in my room the whole time. Unless… someone else…"

Then realization hit them like a ton of bricks. Sakura screamed, "We need to help Sasuke!" Kaede nodded in agreement. Both girls rushed toward the Uchiha's location.

------------------------------------ Outside Hotel: Naruto and Sakura, Intimate Moment

Naruto was in heaven. A paradise that seemed impossible to reach was so close to the boy. Sakura Haruno was about to kiss him, not that bastard.

Sakura leaned closer to his face. The distance between them was so small but appeared to take forever to cross. Naruto however stopped his movement at the thought of Sasuke. Wait! This shouldn't be happening. She loves Sasuke… or does she?

The boy began to doubt his thoughts when the girl leaned in even more for a kiss. Naruto whispered, "Stop." Sakura opened her eyes. She questioned, "Why?" Naruto said in a depressing tone, "Don't you love Sasuke-teme? I mean every time I try to get close you beat me up. This isn't like you Sakura, just out of the blue and being so bold. So please stop now!"

The girl froze at the argument. She looked at the ground. Naruto couldn't read her expression. He put his hands on her shoulders. He asked, "Are you alright?" His answer was silence. The boy started to worry. He asked once more, "Sakura are you…ack!" Blood erupted from his mouth. It showered the girl and tinted her hair into a darker pink.

Naruto stumbled back and fell on the ground. He clutched the wound on his stomach. It was too deep but was caused by a sharp object. Naruto howled in pain as he removed the object. The Uzumaki felt the object in his hand. It was a senbon-needle. Naruto looked up with a wounded expression at Sakura.

She smiled darkly. Sakura laughed, "Hahahaha! You were so easy to take down! You're no fun I guess Chigusa-sama was wrong." Naruto questioned, "Who are you?" The girl stopped laughing and replied, "Yeah I'm not a weak leaf ninja like that girl. I resonate with the lovely melody of the sound…" The girl practically swooned at the last statement. After that she was enveloped in a cloud of smoke.

The smoke disappeared. It left a girl with long black hair that was in a pony-tail. She had a headband with a musical note on it. Her outfit consisted of a combat uniform that had black and gray camouflage on it. She began to move her neck around to loosen it up. The girl announced, "Ugh! That seal really makes my body stiff. Sayonara ninja-baka. Time to capture that girl before any will notice you're gone."

A kunai pierced the air. The sound-nin turned around. She blocked the knife with another one of her senbon needles. She yelled, "How are you still able to fight?!"

Her cry was at the standing form of Naruto. The boy was holding his wounded stomach. He struggled to get out, "I… cough… won't let you… cough… have KONOKA-NEE-CHAN!"

Naruto summoned ten clones. They rushed the girl. The sound-nin flicked both of her wrists and a barrage of needles dispersed his clones. The girl said, "You're pretty good. What's you're name?" Naruto shouted, "I'm Naruto Uzumaki damn it, and don't you forget it!" The girl smirked, "I'm Kin Tsuchi. Prepare to be sent to the other side." Naruto got his hands in the familiar cross-seal. Naruto howled, "Like hell you will!"

Naruto said, "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Another group of Narutos was created. Taking after the previous ones they ran at Kin. Kin jumped into the air and unleashed a rain of metal at the boys. Naruto watched in despair as his clones were replaced by needles in the ground. Damn this is a tie I need to do something, but what? Taijutsu is useless since I can't get close. Ninjutsu like my clones won't work either. The only thing I have left is to try tactics. Only… I'm a dumbass.

Kin gloated, "It's over. You're in my Genjutsu." Naruto only could furrow his brow in bewilderment. Kin explained, "Look at the needles." Naruto followed her direction. His eyes widened in shock. The needles had bells attached to them. Along with the bells there was wire attached to them, that went back to Kin.

Kin performed another 'evil' smile. She said, "The bells emit a sound that slowly distorts your brain and body. First you lose control of you body to a certain extent." Naruto found it harder to move every moment. Kin went on, "Second stage: You brain-waves begin to get disrupted and cause illusions." Kin became a large amount of Kins. The horde of girls said, "Give up." Naruto fell on one knee. He responded, "Go to hell." Kin scowled in anger. The girls threw a handful of needles that impaled themselves in his body.

Kin stood over his body. She said, "This is the end."

Naruto closed his eyes. No what about being Hokage, Team 7, Konoka…

"No, this is not the end." A voice called out. Naruto looked up to see who said that. "Over here." The voice said. Kin felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned her head to see the newcomer. Kin was surprised to see a tall girl wearing a pink-classic ninja outfit. Naruto smiled and said, "Kaede-senpai!"

Kin felt her body freeze from the power the woman known as Kaede radiated.

Kaede told Naruto, "Naruto, you say that you want to learn how to use ki. Well watch this!" Kaede pulled an arm back. Kaede opened her fist. Naruto looked in amazement as he saw energy gather in Kaede's palm.

Kaede said, "Emit the energy like chakra. Next use your chakra to control it and compress into your arm. Thrust your arm forward to release it. This is called a basic 'ki beam'. However it can be one of the most fearsome techniques used in ki styles."

The ki began to form a giant sphere of power. When it was fully formed Kaede compressed the energy into her arm. Kaede followed her own step-by-step process and thrusted her arm out. The result was a powerful blast of pure energy that was sent right into the motionless Kin.

Kin cried in pain, "AHHHH!" The blast sent her careening away.

Kaede made a clone that restrained the girl so she couldn't attack again. Kaede then directed her copy to take the girl back to the hotel.

The real Kaede picked the boy up and gave him a piggy-back ride. Naruto mumbled, "Let me down. I'm fine. Besides I heal really fast." Kaede chided him, "That may be so, but she got a pretty serious hit on you. Let me get someone to seal the wound then I'll let you go."

Kaede hopped up to the roof to reunite with the others. Naruto whispered, "Kaede-senpai…" Kaede said, "Yes?" Naruto struggled to answer, "I'm… I'm sorry." Kaede asked, "For what?" Naruto blurted, "For being weak! I promise I'll get stronger and you won't have to save me anymore!"

Kaede groaned, "Naruto-san it's alright. You're just beginning your journey. Eventually you'll become stronger. How strong, I don't know? But it's going to be interesting to watch." Naruto smiled, "Kaede-senpai….. arigato."

---------------------------------------- Hotel Roof: Sasuke Uchiha vs. Kaede Imposter

Sasuke looked at Kaede. He noticed there was something different right away. First was she carried herself in a less dignified way, but in more of a slouching manner. Second she appeared to be weighed down by something on her right arm. Finally…

The avenger questioned, "How did you know about my clan?" Kaede raised an eyebrow, "Well… the principal informed me of your situation since he knows all of your personal information."

Now is what Sasuke's turn to raise an eyebrow. Sasuke informed 'Kaede', "Our sensei was pre-occupied and couldn't give our info to Konoeman. I wonder how you know of me?"

Kaede's backed away from the boy in alarm. Sasuke pulled out a kunai and sent it at Kaede's chest. The girl brought up both arms to shield herself. The kunai went into Kaede's left arm.

Kaede removed the blade from her skin. She asked, "What are you doing? I'm on your side." Sasuke smirked as he fell into a taijutsu stance, "Che, you're not Kaede. First your knowledge of me wasn't given to Nagase. Second Kaede would've easily blocked that attack. Who are you and what village are you from."

Kaede smiled, "Fine if that's what you want Sasuke-kun. I have to admit though you're very smart. If you desire to know my village so badly well…" She became a cloud of smoke.

A blur erupted out of it. It approached Sasuke at high speeds. Sasuke jumped back in time to dodge a fast right hook.

Sasuke smirked, "Is that all you've…" Sasuke wobbled slightly. He could barely see out of his right eye.

The blur was able to be seen now that it stopped moving. It freaked Sasuke out to see such a 'different' looking person. It was a boy in mummy-like bandages covering his skin, except for his left eye. He also had a combat uniform with gray and black camouflage. The boy had a large tan pelt covering his back. Another notable feature was a big gray cast on his right arm.

The boy said in excitement, "…my village is sound! I'm Dosu Kinuta! I will defeat you Sasuke Uchiha!" Sasuke yelled, "What the hell technique was that?" Dosu explained, "This metal-case around my arm amplifies sound waves. If it comes near your eardrum and even you brain you'll be paralyzed for a bit. Too much could burst and injure your ear."

Sasuke activated his kekkai genkai: the Sharingan. The red-eyed boy declared, "Well its way too early for an Uchiha to lose to the likes of you."

----------------------------------- Outside Hotel, Sakura

Sakura looked around for her love-interest. He couldn't be seen in the surrounding area. Sakura really wanted to help the boy. However what could she do?

Sakura leaped onto the roof. This is hopeless even if we meet up what good can I do. If Sasuke can't beat our enemies then what hope do I have?

"Sakura-san? Sakura-san what are you doing?" Sakura looked over to see Kaede or two Kaedes. They both had people on their backs who were out cold. Sakura looked with surprise at her senpai who had an unconscious Naruto on her back.

Sakura trembled at her teammate who had numerous blood spots on his white robe. She murmured, "What happened to Naruto?" Kaede said, "He got ambushed and was too injured to fight back. I saved him in time. This girl did it." Sakura asked, "How did he get attacked." Kaede looked away from the girl. She said, "She was disguised as you, Sakura, and barely stabbed his heart."

Sakura felt tears in her eyes as she saw her teammate in a near-death state. Kaede told Sakura, "We don't have time for this. We need to get Sasuke and heal Naruto up."

Sakura nodded in agreement after drying her tears.

--------------------------------------- Hotel Roof: Sasuke Uchiha vs. Dosu Kinuta

Sasuke released another fireball from his mouth. Sasuke cried, "Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu!"

Dosu pushed a great deal of chakra into his sound amplifier. Dosu yelled, "Ninpo: Oto Tanpa!" Dosu brought his arm across his body. His amplifier discharged a burst of wind. The burst collided with the fireball and dispersed the flames.

Out of the flames Sasuke dashed toward Dosu. Sasuke cocked a fist back. Dosu intercepted the blow by grabbing the boys face with his right hand. Dosu flicked the device on his right arm. The sound-waves emitted destroyed a piece of rock from the hotel building, instead of the Uchiha. Dosu cursed, Damn, Kawarimi no Jutsu!"

Sasuke came from behind the mummy. Dosu turned around too late. Sasuke raised his leg and kicked Dosu in the chin. Dosu was sent upwards. Sasuke threw three kunai at the airborne ninja.

Dosu blocked the kunai with his 'cast'. Sasuke finished another set of seals for a Goukakyuu. The lone heir blew a fireball bigger then before.

Dosu cursed once more. Build up enough chakra until it feels like its overflowing. A large amount of chakra filled the boy's trusty tool.

The sound-nin shouted, "Take this!" A large whirlwind came out from Dosu. The fireball met resistance against the wind-wall and was snuffed out before anymore damage was done.

Dosu finally landed on the roof. Sasuke unveiled another storm of kunai. Dosu jumped to the side to avoid the hailstorm. The kunai cut a trap-wire that was hidden before. Dosu said, "A trap?" Another batch of kunai came at the ninja. Dosu said, "Oto Tanpa." The gale wind scattered the projectiles. Dosu looked at Sasuke, but the boy was no longer there.

Sasuke said, "Behind you." Dosu followed the voice to see a fist bury itself deep into his gut. Sasuke twisted his fist, adding more damage, before pulling it out of his attacker.

Dosu felt all of the air leave his gut. He asked in a haggard voice, "…How…?" Sasuke brought his heel down on the boy's shoulder. Dosu instantly was out. Sasuke stood triumphantly over his assailant. The Uchiha heir explained, "Your jutsu has to charge when used in big shots like stopped my fireballs or kunai. So I waited until you would use another burst then attack before you could charge again; simple tactics."

Sasuke heard Sakura cry, "Sasuke-kun you beat him!" He saw Sakura and Kaede land next to him. He noticed the Chunin held his teammate and another sound ninja.

Sasuke said, "He wasn't so tough. I knew it was a fake unlike that loser there." Sakura explained, "Sasuke-kun I think Naruto can't hear you. He's out at the moment."

Naruto's ear twitched at Sasuke's comment. In a flash Naruto was off Kaede's back and in front of Sasuke. Naruto screamed, "You wanna fight TEME?!"

Sasuke smirked, "I figured that pitiful ninja couldn't do you in. You're not that stupid." Naruto grinned at his rival. Sakura exhaled at her teammates being safe.

Kaede said, "I'll leave her to you guys now. I'll scout for you two so that your injuries can heal." With that Kaede left leaving the sound ninja.

----------------------------------------- Asuna's Room

Asuna knocked on the bathroom door. She asked, "Konoka? Konoka are you alright in there? It's been almost half an hour." Asuna was puzzled at how long it could take to go to the bathroom. She looked down at her friend Yue scratching at the door. She had to pee really badly. Asuna felt bad for the girl.

Yue cried, "I can't hold it anymore! I'm coming in!" Asuna yelled, "Yue, wait!"

The girls opened the door to find Konoka wasn't there. The room was vacant with a window opened. Asuna yelled, "Oh no! This isn't good at all!"

Asuna shouted, "Negi! Konoka's been kidnapped!"

Setsuna heard the girl scream. Damn, we can't let the enemy escape!

------------------------------------------- Outside Hotel, Negi

Negi heard his partner scream. He pulled out his wand. The boy looked around for anyone suspicious.

Then out of nowhere a giant monkey landed in front of him with Konoka over its shoulder. Upon closer look it was a woman in a monkey suit. She said, "Oh, it's the cute little mage. Attack him!"

The little monkeys from before appeared. They latched onto the boy. Negi began chanting, "Ras Tel Ma…" The boy was cut off when the monkeys began to stretch his mouth and play with his body.

The woman dismissed the boy, "That's a shame I thought that western mages put up more of a fight." The lady hopped away with Konoka in hand. Negi screamed, "KONOKA-SANN!"

-------------------------------------------- Hotel Roof, Team 7

Sakura was wrapping Naruto's wounds with bandages. Sasuke stood next to the pair with a scowl on his face. Naruto blushed, "Thanks for the help Sakura-chan." Sakura smiled, "No problem Naruto." Naruto melted at the words of the girl. Sasuke smacked the boy on the head. Naruto howled, "What the hell teme?!" Sasuke reprimanded the boy, "We still have a job this is no time to think about Sakura!"

Setsuna appeared next to Team 7. Her face was serious and cold. She yelled, "Ojou-sama was abducted! We need to save her!"

The Team froze in shock. Setsuna told them, "Let's go we can't let them escape!" The leaf-nin followed her.

The group forgot the tied up Dosu and Kin. They both opened their eyes. Kin cut the string holding them in place. Dosu said, "Our plan went off without a hitch. We distract them, and then Chigusa takes the girl; flawless."

The two disappeared into the night.

---------------------------------------------- Iron Country Mountain Summit

The ANBU had finally arrived at the top. The blizzard was starting to lessen. The group knew once they made it to the top everything would clear up.

Anko yelled, "Leader I see sunlight. I think we made it." Anko was right, because the team saw the beams pouring into the storm. Anko declared, "Everything is going to be easy from here on out!"

The specially picked ANBU black ops team arrived at the portal, if you could call it that. At the very peak of the mountain where the gateway to another world was, instead the sight of a massacre was there.

Bodies of the previous team were scattered among the snow. The corpses were cut up and hardly recognizable. Anko asked in astonishment, "What the hell happened here." She got no answer.

The bodies surrounded a giant circle that contained numerous seals of intricate patterns. Only the patterns were messed up or damaged thanks to someone tampering with it.

The Leader looked down to examine a body. He saw something come out of it. He muttered, "How did he know? How did he know of all people?" Yuugao asked, "What is it Leader?"

The Leader didn't reply. He just showed the team his hand or better yet what lay in his hand. A small white snake…

------------------------------------------------ Kyoto Shrine

A figure sat in a chair. He asked with a small hiss, "Fate-kun how is the seal coming a long." A white-haired boy wearing a purple suit answered, "Exactly to plan."

The figure said, "Yesss it's all coming together." Fate agreed, "Yes only a few more days Orochimaru-sama…" The fire that danced in the shrine flickered brightly for a moment. In that moment Fate saw his yellow serpent eyes. But what Fate saw in that span of time was the gateway to fear and death. That was who this Orochimaru was.

Well long Chapter, but it's done. Can't wait until end of Kyoto and going forward. Lots of twists and turns and surprises. New guests, new moves, new enemies!

Stay tuned for more.

Jutsu Library:

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu- (Shadow Clone Technique) Creates solid copy of user, Jounin level for great chakra usage. (B-rank)

Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu- (Fire Release: Grand Fireball Technique) User blows a giant ball of fire at enemy. (C-rank)

Kawarimi no Jutsu- (Change of Body Stance Technique) User replaces body with object of surrounding area to take the attack. (E-rank)

Ki, Magic, or other Library:

Ki Beam or Ki Energy Blast: Charge arm with ki then release it all as blast. With enough ki it can even destroy mountains in one attack.

Ougi: Zangaken: (Secret Technique: Stone Cutting Sword) Ki is release from sword to slice enemy from a distance. It can cut even rocks or steel.

Ougi: Hyakuretsuouka Zan (Secret Technique: One Hundred Burning Cherry Blossom Slash) User emits great ki then in a single slash a hurricane of cherry blossoms appears that will slash anything touching it.

Frans Exclamatio- Magic attack that disarms opponent with a gust of wind that carries sakura blossoms.