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Chapter 14: The Epilogue:

"I'm going to grab the potato salad, I'll be right back," JJ told the waiting group, outside in the backyard of her brand new home.

JJ rushed inside as fast as she could. The couple of eight months were all set in their new lives together. They had decided to splurge on a slightly bigger house, a much needed advancement, she thought. And now they were throwing a housewarming/Fourth of July party.

The doorbell rang signalling yet another guest. She rushed to open it.

"Derek, hey, glad you could make it," she greeted happily.

"Wouldn't miss it," he said, giving her cheek a quick peck. "How are you? How are you feeling?"

JJ put her hand to her enlarged belly. "Fine on both accounts. I just can't believe I'm having a baby already."

Morgan laughed. "It happens…"

"Speaking of babies… how's Emily?" JJ questioned.

"Pissed off as hell," Morgan quipped. "She really wanted to be here."

"Aww… she does realize she's close to nine months alone," JJ replied.

Morgan nodded. "Well, she doesn't get why she has to be put on bed rest."

"Yeah, it's hard," JJ agreed. "I'll go see her tomorrow, try to cheer her up a bit."

"I don't know, Penelope tried that already. Nearly got her head bit off." Morgan winced at the memory.

JJ shrugged. "Maybe she resents non-pregnant people. I can sympathise with her."


"Anyways, the party's in the back. Feel free to go join in," JJ encouraged.

"All right, I'll see you later."

JJ quickly entered her spacious kitchen, opening the fridge. She found what she was looking for and turned back around to leave. She was a little startled to see Hotch standing there in the doorway, watching her.

"Hey," she laughed, "You surprised me."

"Sorry," he quickly amended, approaching her. "I just like watching you sometimes. You're beautiful, you know."

JJ winced. "Hotch you do realize that I'm fat and bloated."

He shook his head. "No, you're pregnant. And you look sexy as hell."

She blushed furiously. Pushing a strand of her blonde hair back, she said shyly. "You, only say that because I'm your wife."

Hotch took the potato salad from her hands, putting it down on the counter. He pulled her close with his free hands and dipped his head close to hers. Their lips touched and the electric current that was there in their first kiss was there now, going strong.

They pulled apart, with JJ breathing out, "Wow."

Hotch chuckled. "I say it, because it's the truth."

JJ took that to heart as she also took his hand. "Come on, Mr. Hotchner, we've got some guests waiting.

The End.

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