Zio Bell

Li-Rei and Zio

Cover: Half is mamodos living their everyday life in the mamodo world. The other half is Humans living their everyday life...

Some of the mamodos were let back in the human world to live with those they care about like Wonrei.

However 100 mamodos left for the human world for unknown reasons, some left to form a rebellion against those who have.

"This isn't good," Zatch said.

"Sir," A guard said running toward them.

"What?" Zatch asked.

"We received word that your son Zio had joined the battle," the guard said.

"Oh, no what ever you do, do not tell…" Zatch said.

"Zatch Bell," Tia shouted.

"Tia," Zatch answered.

"How is it under your watch 100 mamodos left for the human world, and how could you let Zio go there as well," Tia asked.

"I didn't think he would have gone," Zatch said.

"Zatch you better and I mean better, find away to bring our son back," Tia said.

"Tia, Zio as strong as both of us, he'll be fine," Zatch said, "His power is Lightning and shields. All he need is a partner. Guard looks in the private Library and find out what color spellbook Zio had."

"Yes sir," The guard said leaving.

Zatch took of his crown and headed out.

"Zatch where are you going?" Tia asked.

"Where else you spy on mamodos in the battle?" Zatch asked.

"Then why you asked the guard to look up the spellbook?" Tia asked.

"Because you're not coming and you would probably want to know," Zatch said leaving.

In the human world, a boy, age 14, with while hair, lavender eyes, wearing a white shirt and red vest with black pants walked home from school.

This boy was Li-Rei, son of Li-en and Wonrei.

Before he was born his parents moved to Momochi city, where he lived now, and started a Dojo to teach Kong Fu to those willing to learn.

Li-Rei also knows Kong Fu and is still learning.

Li-Rei has a baby sister Li-Xiao who was only 2 months old, had black hair like Li-en, and also had lavender eyes.

Li-Rei was one of 2 hybrids in his grade.

The other was Barry, son of Brago and Sherry.

Both were in the same homeroom class Mr. Kiyo Takamine.

Li-Rei walked home until he heard someone shout, 'Gikor'.

Li-Rei headed toward that way and found a boy with spiky blue hair wearing baggy clothes with some man.

Another boy with blond hair with, what Li-Rei guessed pink tips on his hair, wearing a red sweatshirt and indigo pants and shoes, along with a blue bag carrying a red-orange book, on ground.

"Ready to return to the mamodo world prince Zio?" the boy asked.

"Mamodo?" Li-Rei thought.

"No," Zio said getting up, "I'm just getting started."

'Gikor' the man shouted as ice shards shot out of the boy's mouth at Zio.

'Go Rerudo' Li-Rei activated his power and a glass like shield appeared and stopped the attack.

"Why are you picking on this boy?" Li-Rei asked.

"We're mamodos here for a battle," the mamodo said.

"In that case," Li-Rei said turning to the boy mamodo name Zio and asked, "Can I see your spellbook?"

"How did you know…?" Zio asked.

Zio looked up and revealed he had the same eyes as Zatch but its Tia's eye color.

"My dad was a former contestant for the last battle for king," Li-Rei said.

Zio gave Li-Rei the red-orange spellbook.

Li-Rei touch the spellbook and it started glowing.

In the mamodo world Zatch reached the fountain.

"Yo Zatch," Danny shouted, "Your son just met his human partner, and he's a hybrid."

Zatch started running toward the fountain and found out whom.

"Li-Rei," Zatch said.

"You know him?" Danny asked.

"Not entirely but I been keeping an eye on all mamodos that lived in the human world and I know Wonrei and Li-en had one son 14 years ago, and had one daughter 2 months ago," Zatch said, "I send word of graduations to them through the spellbook."

"Oh," Danny said.

"So Zio's spellbook is red-orange," Zatch thought, "Why am I not surprise."

Li-Rei opened the spellbook to the first page.

"The first spell Zaise," Li-Rei read.

"You can read it," Zio said as he got up, "Then put all your feelings into it."

"Got it," Li-Rei responded.

'Gikor' the partner shouted as ice shards fired at them.

'Zaise' Li-Rei shouted.

Zio's eyes went blank as his mouth forced open and orange lightning fired from Zio's mouth.

The attacks collided and cause an explosion.

Zio's eyes returned to normal.

"Orange lightning," Danny said slight impressed, "Zaise sounds like your Zaker, Zatch."

"Zio has other powers two," Zatch said, "After all he is Tia's and my son."

"Don't think because you found your partner mean you can beat me?" The mamodo asked.

'Gikor' partner shouted as Ice shards now fired from the ground.

'Regaruk' Li-Rei activated his powers grabbed Zio and dodge it.

'Zaise' Li-Rei shouted as Zio aimed and fired Zaise at them.

"Did it work?" Li-Rei thought.

'Gikor' the partner shouted.

"Nope," Li-Rei answered, 'Zaise'.

Orange lightning fired from Zio's mouth and hit the ice shards causing another explosion.

'Freezo' the partner shouted as Li-Rei's feet froze to the ground.

'Gikor' the partner shouted as ice shards fired at them.

'Shieldome' Li-Rei shouted.

Zio stuck his hand out and an orange dome with a charge appeared.

The ice shards bounce off the dome.

"That look like one of Tia's spell," Danny responded.

"Seioshi, then yeah," Zatch said.

"And it appeared from his hand," Danny said.

"Any spells he got from me most likely come from the mouth, any spells from Tia most likely to come from the hands," Zatch said.

"Well I'm not surprise that he already have his second spell considering how fast his old man got his second spell," Danny said.

"A shield from the hands," Li-Rei said scratching his head.

He tried to move but realized he was still frozen to the ground.

'Go Regaruk' Li-Rei activated his powers and broke the ice with his legs.

"Very good," the man said, 'Gikor'.

Ice shards fired at them.

'Shieldome' Li-Rei shouted as the dome appeared and stopped the attack.

'Zaise' Li-Rei shouted as Zaise fired from Zio's mouth and hit the mamodo and burned the book.

"Oh no, oh no, oh no," the mamodo said as he started to disappear.

The moment the book was gone the mamodo was gone.

"We won," Zio shouted.

"Hey kids I think you better come with me," Li-Rei said.

"My name is not kid, its Zio," Zio said.

"My name is Li-Rei, and I think my parents might want to meet you," Li-Rei said as they walked home.

At the mamodo world the crowd thin out as the battle was over including a disappointed Reycom.

Zatch returned to the castle very proud.

"Well?" Tia asked.

"Zio fought Reycom's son, found his partner, gain a 2nd spell, and burn his first book all in one day," Zatch said.

"What?" Tia shouted.

"Ah, there's more," Zatch said, "His second spell is one of yours, Seioshi, except it has a charge. And his human partner is Li-en's and Wonrei's son, Li-Rei."

"You're joking," Tia said.

"Nope," Zatch said.

"Li-Rei, his partner," Tia said, "I wander how surprise Li-en and Wonrei would be?"

At the human world Zio looked at the book shelf on the lavender spellbook.

Most of Zio's wounds had healed but there were still some cuts and bruises.

"Zio you can come in now," Li-Rei shouted.

Zio entered to see Li-en and Wonrei in there.

"Mom, Dad, this is Zio Bell I told you about," Li-Rei said, "Zio this is my parents."

"Nice to meet you," Zio said.

"Zio are your parents Zatch Bell and Tia?" Wonrei asked.

"Yes sir," Zio said, "You know them?"

"They helped us in quiet a few situations in the past," Li-en said.

"Zio why are there mamodo children fighting a battle?" Wonrei asked.

"Not all of them, but they're after some power someone promise the winner. Some however, like me, is trying to stop them even if it's true," Zio said.

"Do your parents know you're here?" Li-en asked.

Zio shook his head in shame, "They should know now, but I acted on my own to stop them. My dad would let me go, but not my mom."

"It's ok," Li-en said.

"Li-Rei, you're Zio's partner, your choice to help him," Wonrei said told his 14 year old son.

"I want to help Zio," Li-Rei said, "I want to help stop those mamodos get that power."

Li-en and Wonrei smiled at their son's reaction.

"We have 2 guestrooms, one for my father when he visits the other incase a guest comes and need a place to stay," Li-en said, "Zio, you can have that room if you want, and it's across from Li-Rei's room."

"Thank you," Zio said.

There was crying through a monitor in the kitchen.

"What's that?" Zio asked.

"Baby monitor, Li-Xiao is awake," Li-en said going to go check on the 2 month old.

Wonrei went to get Zio's new room ready.

"Want to meet her?" Li-Rei asked.

"Yeah," Zio said.

Li-Rei took Zio up to the nursery.

Li-en was feeding the two month old.

"Zio wants to see Li-Xiao mom," Li-Rei said.

"Sure but be quiet," Li-en told Zio.

Zio entered and saw the baby.

"She looks a lot like you," Zio said.

Li-Xiao finished her bottle.

"You want to hold her?" Li-en asked.

"Sure," Zio said.

Zio sat down and Li-en showed him how to hold Li-Xiao. After awhile Li-en put the two month old back in her crib.

Zio checked out his room and enjoyed it.

"My dad had to share room with his partner, this is so cool I get my own room," Zio shouted.

"That's great, however you're not far from the nursery so you could wined up waking Li-Xiao," Li-Rei said.

"Ok," Zio said quieting down.

"This battle will be interesting with those two," Wonrei said.

"Yeah but we raised Li-Rei to protect himself and others from danger, and we can trust Zatch and Tia to raised Zio right," Wonrei said.

The lavender spellbook glowed catching their attention.

Li-en opened the spellbook and found a message.

"To all mamodos living in the human world. Warning set that 100 mamodo children have been confirmed to left the mamodo world in a set battle for a power. Warning to those who has children who recently became partners, or to those not willing to battle. If you willing to participate, there are some who are stopping those after the prize, so confirm which side they're on. Present king of the mamodo world, Zatch Bell," the message read.

At the Belmont house, Sherry received word about it.

She looked at Barry who recently became partnered up with a mamodo name Ace Bell who was on the same side as Zio.

"This battle is interesting," Sherry thought.

A/N: No this has nothing to do with Zatch Bell Returns. I just had the idea for the story.

I didn't show when Shieldome appeared but I will for the rest

Li-Xiao does have mamodo powers but since she's two months old, so she is to young to learn how to tap into her powers

Li-Rei does have most of Wonrei's spells for his powers, and Barry would be the same.

Li-Rei learn how to tap into his other powers through learning Kong Fu, and he knows Rau Dibauren

The other mamodos living in the human world might enter the battle eventually.

I already have spells set for Zio and Ace.

All of Zio's spells will be either activate from Zio's hands or mouth.

Ace's power will show up when he gets to battle.

Some of both Ace and Zio's spells will come from 'Battle Against the Darkness', some with the same power, or same power as the ones in it but different name, or same name but different power.

The readers are free to suguest any ideas for mamodos for this story.


Zaise: Orange lightning fired from Zio's mouth like Zatch's Zaker.

Shieldome: Orange barrier that protects everyone at all ends like Tia's Seioshi, but with an electric charge, formed from Zio's hands.

Next Spell to show up:

Saiker: Zio swiped his hands and formed a boomerang shape attack with an electric charge that explodes on contact.

No more spells will be mention until this one appears.