Slash's Decision

Cover: Li-Rei in school looking through the red-orange spell book

Slash was carrying Kiichiro through the field as Kiichiro on his back.

Even Slash had heard about the older generation being attack.

He didn't care much about the older generation getting involved as long as he fights Chainz and earn his position as heir before it happened.

However some of the 100 participants forcing the older generation to fight were what got his attention.

"If someone is attacking the older generation, then something about this battle isn't right," Slash thought.

Meanwhile a lizard mamodo who attack Yoppopo was watching the young fighter deciding to fight him.

In another town Chainz and Ishimaru were laying low trying to find out more about the attack on the older generation of mamodos.

A breeze blew pass Chainz giving him a weird feeling.

"What?" Ishimaru asked.

"It's nothing," Chainz said.

"Hey Chainz, something been on my mind," Ishimaru said.

"What?" Chainz asked.

"Well, these mamodos going after the older generation, you think Slash might have something to do with it?" Ishimaru asked.

"Slash maybe out to get me, but he wouldn't do something that ridiculous," Chainz said, "He's after the position as head of our clan, just as I am."

"Right," Ishimaru said.

Scorn and Kurohi were nearby where Slash.

"Two mamodos came through here," Scorn said, "One of them seems to be a lizard type."

"Maybe it's those mamodos we heard about," Kurohi said, "The ones that been attacking the older generation."

"If so, be ready for anything," Scorn said.

Slash was heading his way when he stopped.

He knew he was being fallowed and decided to do something about it.

"Slash, what is it?" Kiichiro asked.

"We got some trouble," Slash said and put Kiichiro down, "Go hide where it's safe."

"Right," Kiichiro said running off.

As soon as Kiichiro was hidden Slash turned to his right.

"I know you're there, show yourself!" Slash shouted.

The lizard mamodo and his partner came out.

"You're as good as they say," it said.

"What do you want?" Slash asked.

"My name is Snipe, we're not here to fight, we're here to offer you an opportunity," Snipe said, "We want you to join us in our quest, and in return we'll help you defeat your brother and ensure your position as head of your clan."

"I don't need help beating Chainz, and I surely don't need help becoming head of my clan," Slash said.

"That maybe so, but to beat Chainz you'll might have to defeat his friends, including Prince Zio Bell," Snipe said.

Slash figured something out from what he was told.

"You're the ones they been talking about, the ones attacking the older generation," Slash said.

"One of them actually," Snipe said, "Someone has to make sure they don't mess with the purpose of this battle."

"Sorry, but I have no intentions to join a pathetic group of mamodos that fights the older generation just because some of them are fighting this battle," Slash said, "I don't know what your plan is, but I rather fight my battles without the aid of another mamodo."

"Very well," Snipe said, "Kai do it!"

Snipe's partner opened their spellbook.

'Seruzen' Kai shouted.

Snipe opened his mouth and fired liquid at Slash.

'Garoshield' Kiichiro shouted.

Slash summons a spike wall infront of the liquid.

The liquid hit the wall and some of it started dissolving.

"What?" Slash responded.

"My best spells involves acid that dissolves even the hardest metal," Snipe said, "Your spells stands no chance against me."

"Oh yeah!" Slash responded.

'Gigano Hokeigo' Kiichiro shouted.

Gigano Hokeigo fired from Slash's hand with a chain attaching them.

'Riaruk' Kai shouted.

Snipe dodge Gigano Hokeigo and disappeared.

"He disappeared," Kiichiro responded watching from her hiding spot.

Slash closed his eyes and tried to sense Snipe's movement.

He heard the sound of something moving toward his feet.

"Kiichiro from bellow!" Slash shouted.

'Gazurogaruga' Kiichiro shouted.

Slash hit the ground and summoned Gazurogaruga.

"Very good, were able to sense my movement," Snipe said reappearing holding the lance, "But I told you, your iron spells won't work on me."

'Digon Seruzen' Kai shouted.

Snipe fired Digon Seruzen from his mouth.

It destroyed Gazurogaruga as it came at Slash.

"NO!" Kiichiro shouted, 'Garoshield'.

Slash summoned Garoshield.

Digon Seruzen dissolved the shield and hit Slash.

Chainz suddenly had a cold chill down his spine as Ishimaru was on the phone with Li-Rei.

"Something isn't right," Chainz thought.

Scorn and Kurohi arrived to see Digon Seruzen dissolved to nothing.

"A battle is going on," Kurohi said, "Should we enter this?"

"No, not yet," Scorn said.

Slash appeared slightly injured from the spells as he collapsed on one leg.

"You should give up, you have no hope of winning," Snipe said.

"Slash!" Kiichiro said heading to her partner.

"Kiichiro, stay back!" Slash said.

"But," Kiichiro responded.

"So that's your human partner, pathetic," Snipe said, "I guess I'll have to take you both down!"

"I won't let you hurt her," Slash said guarding Kiichiro.

The cerulean blue spell book started glowing brightly.

"The spell book," Kiichiro said and search through the pages.

She found a new spell.

"Please be enough to save to save Slash," Kiichiro cried, 'Egdris Gazuron'!

Slash summoned 2 giant axe blades from the ground that cross each other and form an X shape drill.

Slash fired Egris Gazuron at Snipe full speed.

"That new spell won't be enough," Snipe said.

'Gigano Seron' the partner shouted.

Snipe fired a bubble of acid from his mouth.

Egdris Gazuron pop the balloon causing it to spread out on it.

However the spinning drill of the spell splash the acid off it causing little damage.

Egdris Gazuron hit Snipe head on.

Slash burned Snipe's spell book after it was over.

"That was close," Slash said.

"You could say that," someone said.

Slash turned to Scorn and Kurohi.

"Who are you, are you here to fight?" Slash responded.

"My name is Scorn and that depends," Scorn said.

"Depends?" Slash asked.

"On which side you're on in this battle," Scorn said.

"I'm on no one's side, I fight for my own cause," Slash said.

"Good, but fair warning, this battle is about to turn where choosing sides might ended up an option," Scorn said.

"Basically today's battle, is just one of many that will come," Kurohi explained.

"Then whose side are you on?" Slash asked.

"I'm on my own, I don't need anyone to fight my battles," Scorn said, "Kurohi is all I need."

"Fine by me," Slash said.

"See you another time, and grow stronger incase we do have to fight," Scorn said, "I want to fight the best."

Slash nodded as Scorn and Kurohi left.

"Slash, sorry for disobeying you," Kiichiro said.

"It's okay, what's important that you're safe," Slash said.

A/N: I know Li-Rei and Zio aren't in this chapter, but they will in the next chapter.