Second Chances: Double the Trouble

A series of crimes involving an old friend cause Chief Ron Johnson to call in Rick and A.J. for help, only for the Simon brothers to become targets themselves. Can the Simons and their friend Steve Austin help stop the criminals before it's too late?

Based on the 3rd season episode "Double Play", written by Michael Piller.

(This is a work of fiction. No money is being made on it, and the characters are owned by Universal Studios and are only being borrowed for a little while. .)

A/N: For any new readers, "Second Chances" is my "what if?" for Rick and A.J. Simon...What if they didn't end the partnership or A.J. didn't marry Janet or Liz.... What if Rick had a long-lost sweetheart who needed protection from a crazed stalker? And.....what if Rick and his girl fell in love, adopted her niece and nephew, and made a home first in San Diego, then in Arizona? These "what if''s" are the basis for my continuing "Simon & Simon" as if they never went off the air. This series also includes crossovers from Six Million Dollar Man/Bionic Woman and Dark feel free to read my other stories for the whys and wherefores of these three worlds meeting

"I fowd one, Mama!"

"You sure did, sweet pea…come show Grandma!" Ramona Simon laughed, taking her youngest daughter by the hand. Immediately following them, the littlest Simon's shadow and favorite playmate Jack panted after them, tail wagging a mile a minute.

"What did our Chelsea find?" Laurie came down the steps of the back porch to greet them, then sat down in the shady patio.

"She found her first Easter egg, all by herself, Mom." Ramona beamed, then got teary as Chelsea turned to her and placed the dyed treat in her hand, saying, "I fowd it for you, Mama! Happy Easter!"

"Thank you, baby…that is so nice to give to Mama." Laurie wiped her own eyes as her daughter-in-law sat down on a picnic bench, then scooped the little girl into her lap.

"And Jack helped!" Chelsea added, giggling as the terrier jumped up next to her, licking her face.

"Yes he did, Jack's a good boy." Laurie smiled, dropping a kiss on her granddaughter. "I think he deserves a treat." Taking a cookie from the festive plate already decorating the table, she gestured for the little dog to get down, then sit up and offer a paw.

"There we go, good Jacky!" At once Jack took the cookie from her and greedily ate it, then yipped a "thank you" to Chelsea and Ramona's enjoyment."

"He liked the cooky, Gwandma!" Chelsea squealed, then squirmed off her mother's lap to race to her Grandpa Rick.

"I fowd an egg!" she cried happily as he picked her up. Laughing, Rick tossed her in the air. "That's my girl, now you're a real hunter!"

"Yes she is, Dad…now let me have the hunter go wash her hands for dinner.." Ramona smiled, as he handed Chelsea off to her. Just then the rest of her children descended upon the patio, and Jack ran around barking as Andy, Lala, and Davie all dumped their Easter spoils on one of the tables.

"Calm down, Jacky…you've seen candy before!" Andy grinned, plopping down on a bench. Next to him, his sister Lala shook her head and flicked a marshmallow egg into his pile.

"He forgets….here, I don't like you for some more jelly beans?"

"Sure…just don't let any drop…they're too hard to pry out of Jacky's teeth." He answered, then beamed when Laurie tousled his hair and said, "That's right, thanks for remembering, son. You don't want your Grandma to haul out a toothbrush, do you?"

The teenagers burst into laughter as Robbie Simon came out of the house. "What's so funny, guys?" he asked, then joined in the merriment as Lala gasped, "Grandma brushes Jacky's teeth, Dad….can you imagine!"

"No, Mom…you don't?" Robbie chuckled as his father nodded, then sat down next to her and kissed her cheek.

"Yes she does, never seen any dog with cleaner teeth-and worse breath!"

The explosion of laughter that followed all but drowned out the car horn from the front of the house. Only Laurie heard the second "beep", and followed Jack out to the side gate, where she spied their friend Ron Johnson waiting patiently for entry.

"Oh, sorry, Ron,….just a moment." She called, then frowned when she caught the look of worry on his face.

Just then Rick joined her, and as she pushed the auxiliary gate button, asked, "What is it, darlin'?"

"I don't know, love…when I saw Ron's face….I'm cold…..something's going to happen…"

Instantly wrapping her in his embrace, Rick told her, "I'm not going to let anything happen, sweetheart…did you have a vision?"

"No, love…..just a bad feeling…." She replied.

Barely were the words out of her mouth, when Ron came around the house and straight to the side gate. "Thank God you guys are home" he said, stopping only for Rick to swing it open. Behind him came his wife Abby, carrying a loaded cooler and his son, Joey, toting Easter candy.

"Stop and breathe a minute, Ron…." She exclaimed, setting it down and embracing her friends. "Of course they'd be home."

"Sorry…hi, honey." Ron quickly hugged Laurie then shook Rick's hand. "It's just…well, something disturbing just came over the radio, and …"

"And you need to talk, pal…sure..let's take it inside." Rick finished, nodding towards the others.

"In the meantime, I'll help my buddy set dinner up." Abby concluded with a no-nonsense air. Laurie immediately smiled and linked arms with her.

"That's the Easter spirit….".