Chapter 5 -- Fortune Telling

Sanako decided she had seen enough of the water, and backtracked to her farm. She went right from Mana's shop, so she could avoid the mansion.

There was a store and Sanako walked in, finding herself in the midst of a workshop.

There was a forge to her right, and woman with a sword in her hand on the left. The smile the lady had on as she sharpened her sword made Sanako nervous.

"Hello there," the woman said, setting down her sword. "Can I help you?"


"I haven't seen you around here before. You must be Sanako. Roy ran by here while he was playing earlier and told me about you. Nice to meet you."

"You, too…" Sanako replied.

"I'm Tanya, by the way, Roy's mom. And this is the place where you get all your weapon needs met." She looked over and noticed Sanako's Claymore. "Oh, let me see that."

Sanako took her sword out of its cover and handed it to her. As Tanya examined it, Sanako stood there awkwardly.

Suddenly Tanya started laughing. Sanako looked up at her, wondering what she was going to say.

"Looks like you've got a pretty nice one here," she said, swinging the sword. "I'm sure you could get an even better sword, though!"

Sanako flinched away from her swinging and, when Tanya put it back it in its cover, she put it back on her back. Just then a big man in a robe and a tall, important looking hat, as well as a scar on his eye walked in.

"Tanya!! So good to see you! I was just in the neighborhood, and…" the man looked over and noticed Sanako. "Oh, and who might you be?"

"This is Sanako. I'm sure Cammy told you about her," Tanya said.

"She did, actually. Nice to meet you, Sanako! I'm Gordon, the town's friendly priest at your service! I'm in the little church over by Mayor Byron's place," he said in a loud, booming voice. "I'm also Cammy and Dorothy's father. But, from what I hear, you've already met them."

Sanako nodded and Gordon laughed.

"Well…it was nice to meet both of you, but I must get back to my farm, I'll see you later," Sanako said, slipping by Gordon.

"Come back when you want to upgrade your weapon!" she heard Tanya call out.

She turned and nodded, then left.

She thought back and all that was left was the Mayor's office, which, in her rush to get past the mansion, she noticed she had missed.

She decided the quickest way was to go by the mansion, so she summoned up all her courage, and fast walked past it, looking the other direction just in case Rosalind was standing by a window.

She reached the Mayor's office, and let herself in. There was a stout man with glasses and a very official look to him. He was mumbling something about his son, who had wandered off.

"Um…Mayor?" Sanako said unsurely. Ray hadn't mentioned anything about him, other than where his house was.

Sanako worried it was because he wasn't as nice as he looked.

He looked up surprised, obviously have been caught up in his own thoughts, and smiled. "Hello young lady. I am Mayor Byron. What can I do for you?"

"I'm Sanako. I just moved into Mana's farmhouse, and I was just going around and meeting everyone…" Sanako said.

"Oh, splendid! Ray came around earlier and mentioned you might stop by. Such a kind boy, that Ray. Anyway, welcome to Alvarna! I hope you love this town as much as everyone here does," he said happily. "If you need to build anything, such as a barn for holding animals, just talk to me and we'll be all squared away."

"A barn? You mean, I can have animals?"

"Well of course! Animals are great companions! Just be careful if you want to go out and get one. There are plenty of monsters around where the animals are."

Sanako nodded, having already dealt with a walking apple. What could be weirder than that?

"Well, I won't waste any more of your time," Sanako said politely.

Mayor Byron smiled. "Have a good day, Sanako."

"You, too."

With that, Sanako walked out and checked her watch.

It was eleven forty five.

She decided to head south from the fountain and see where it went before she went to get lunch.

She walked down and found herself by a dock. The waves crashed against the poles that held up the dock, sparkling in the morning sun.

She walked down a set of stairs, and noticed a girl wearing a very elaborate purple outfit, with a matching hat.

"Oh, hello there," the girl said in a slightly alluring voice. "Tell your fortune?"

Before Sanako could answer, the girl grabbed her hand and said an incantation that Sanako couldn't understand.

"Okay! I see that you're a new traveller here…and you are staying in Mana's farmhouse…"

Sanako raised an eyebrow. Of course she would know that.

"And…I see two boys, who I see you having a bright future with, should you choose either of them. From this town, in fact…"

This was a little more specific, but of course they'd be from this town. Where else would they be from?

"Can you tell me the names?" Sanako asked.

The girl gave her a big smile. "That secret stays with me."

Sanako took her hand back. "Okay, how about your name, then?"

"Oh, I'm Alicia. Nice to meet you Sanako," she said.

Sanako didn't look surprised that she knew her name. Everyone else seemed to know. "You, too. So, you're a fortune-teller?"

"The one and only in this town. I can give accurate readings on locations of people, the weather, and love. Just let me know when you need a reading. For a price, of course."

Sanako nodded. "I'll keep that in mind."

Alicia smiled. "Good."

Sanako decided she'd seen everything around the dock, so she headed back to the fountain where she saw a bulletin board she hadn't notice before.

With a closer look, she noticed there was a list of requests from people in the town.

Sanako read through the first few requests: there was one from Mayor Byron that said he needed help finding Barrett, one from Dorothy that said she had lost her amethyst broach and one from Rosalind that said she needed a test subject.

Re-checking her watch she saw that it was already twelve. She didn't have time because she had to meet Ray for lunch, so she made a mental note to check back later and help everyone out. She would also have to ask Ray what the bulletin board was for.

She smiled and headed for the hospital to have lunch with Ray, and, for some reason, she felt slightly nervous about it.