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This is Alternate Universe crossover story

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Summary: An ancient race has awaken from its slumber and it's up to Naruto, Hinata, and their friends to stop it's plans of destruction; or have everything precious to them decimated.

Warning: Graphic violence, this story is not for the weak of heart or stomach.

Naruto: Terror of the Einst

Chapter 1: Nightmares and Problems

It's October 11, at midnight in the village of Konohagakure. Everyone but one person is peacefully sleeping. Twelve year old Hyuga Hinata, heiress of the Hyuga clan is experiencing a strange dream…

'Where am I?' Hinata though groggily as she turned her body to a sight that shocked her to her very core. Konohagakure, was ablaze a large smoke cloud drifting up into the atmosphere. "What happened to the village!" she screamed as she ran through the destroyed gates of the former village. She witnessed the sheer carnage of the sights before her. The bodies of countless shinobi and civilians lay dead and motionless either on the floor or a nearby wall. All had large metal spikes going through their body like some grotesque artwork.

She passed by the Ninja academy to see what state it was in; hundreds of academy students lay dead. Some had their body parts scattered around the clearing as if a wild animal had gotten to them. Others were pierced by what appeared to be yellow bone-like spears. When she saw the body of her old sensei Iruka with a bone spear piercing his heart she ran from the academy shielding her eyes as she ran.

"What kind of monster could have done this?" she cried as her expression was one of pure terror. She continued to run through Konoha as she spotted more dead shinobi. She came across the bodies of the Ino-Shika-Cho trio, their bodies were completely crushed. She ran from the bodies of team 10 as continued running through Konohagakure. She came upon another group of bodies, she wanted to just keep running but something forced her to look. She stared at the bodies that lay askew before her, she recognized one of them. "K-K-Kurenai-Sensei!" she cried as she saw the state of her Sensei's body. A huge gaping wound had a weird vine like substance growing out of the wound. The more she looked around the more she noticed the vines covering various places in Konoha.

Hinata took off running to the Hyuga Compound. As she passed more bodies she took notice of different color crystals among the vines. She reached the complex to see blood bathing the walls of the complex, as she got closer to the gate she could see more of the crimson-life-giving substance leak from underneath. She heard a loud slithering noise across the ground. 'Where's that noise coming from?' she thought. A chill running up her spine as she activated her Byakugan. "Byakugan1" she cried out as her pale lavender eyes bulged from her family's Kekkei Genkai.

'Where is it?' she wondered as she continued to scan with her Doujutsu.


'It's getting louder, where is it!' she thought beginning to panic. She deactivated her Byakugan and missed the fact that the vines surrounding the area had disappeared. As she turned to leave she felt an indescribable amount of pain throughout her whole body. Her mouth formed a silent scream as everything went black.

Hinata awoke in her bed, a thick sheet of sweat covering her whole body, "It was just a nightmare…a terrible nightmare." She said now wide awake with wide eyes. "What did it mean anyways?" she muttered as she pushed her self out of bed to begin her day. A day she may finally be able to confess to a certain favorite blonde haired shinobi.

At the infamous training ground 7 Uzumaki Naruto and his sensei Hatake Kakashi have a conversation.

"Kakashi-Sensei, what are we going to do today?" asked the blonde haired boy wearing the orange jumpsuit.

"We will be having a meeting with Lady Tsunade about our team placement." Replied as he continued to read his perverted manga and walked away.

"Why do we need to change teams?" Naruto asked as he caught up to his sensei, both failing to notice they've made a wrong turn.

"Because, Naruto, with Sasuke gone and Sakura training with Lady Tsunade we are a couple members short of a full team. And with missing teammates we can't take on any missions." Replied Kakashi as they once again failed to pay attention to their surroundings and passed a sign that said: Diclonius clan Compound.

Naruto's face lit up as he nodded. "Now I get it. We have to be put on another team in order to take missions, right?" Naruto asked as he and Kakashi walked past a pair of pink haired women with horns growing out of the side of their head. They both stopped to look at the two women.

"Naruto, just go on ahead…I'll catch up with you later." Kakashi said as he became nervous when he spotted more of the women appear, blocking the path. "What does the Diclonius clan want with us?" he asked in attempt to appear calm.

"You know what we want Kakashi-baka." Said one of the Diclonius clan members that had blood red eyes.

Author's Note

Sorry for the Cliffhanger no Jutsu, but this is my first story. I like to take it slowly at first so as to not feel rushed. If any of you can guess what the Einst means and what anime series the Diclonius are from then you get a cookie. Please review and give your comments. The dream will be explained next chapter. Also, Einst is a German word.