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This is Alternate Universe crossover story

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Summary: An ancient race has emerged from the void to challenge the mortal world. Is 'Will of Fire' strong enough repel the darkness, or will it only light fuse of destruction? Pairing NaruHina.

Warning: Extreme Blood and Gore. Appearance of Dark Hinata. Another warning Vampire Sakura ahead. Female Sasuke bashing ahead.

Naruto: Terror of the Einst

Epilogue: Brand New World

As everyone stared at Tsukikage of the Heaven and Entei of Hell as they both glowed brightly before reverted back to there one eye form as there chest opens. As shinobis and soldiers watch. As both entity hands toward the chest area. As walking out of the Tsukikage cockpit areas were both Naruto and Hinata as of them both were wearing there regular clothes as they jumped on the hand. As coming out of the Entei cockpit area were both Yukina and Arashi as they to were wearing there regular outfits as well as they both got on the hands. So both Tsukikage and Entei hands bought them down to ground level.

"Wait you guys were in those mecha?"Nyu asked as she see them walking toward the group.

"Yep we were."Arashi replied.

"So is the leader of Einst Kira Kurenji finally dead?"asked Shino as he know if Hinata is with Naruto that either mean Naruto succeed in beating Kurenji or something far worse have happen.

"Yep he now space dust."Hinata replied.

"Well I glad to know that cough!"Gilgamesh said as he and Master Chief were walking toward the big group.

"Gilgamesh-koi you are alive."Asuka shouted in clear joy as she jumped her husband causing Gilgamesh to groan in pain.

"Ow my inside are still healing I was right close to the blast you know that."Gilgamesh groaned in pain as he let his wife hug him.

"Hey kid."E shouted as he walk up to them with his brother Killer Bee right beside him.

"I told you my name is Naruto not kid."Naruto snapped back.

"Well anyway I will give my thanks for saving my life back there on that weird organic moon."E said as he actually respected the little guy guts for taking on the Einst without fear.

"Yep thank you for saving my Bro, he the only family I got left."Killer Bee said as he was truly happy to be reunited with his brother but was a little sad that his girlfriend Nii Yugito wasn't here with them.

"Well I think we all should go back to the Kurogane as all of us are very injured from either the battle we were in or when that clean nuke went off."Gaara said as every one started walking toward the Kurogane which landed as Entei and Tsukikage followed right behind the huge group including the remaining vehicles. Well a little two-tail cat quickly latch herself on to Hinata clothes without her knowing as they all got on the Kurogane well Tsukikage and Entei went into the hanger area.

Four hour later...

"So what you think we should do now."Tsunade asked as the Kurogane was flying to a unknown location as she was alone on the bridge of the Kurogane with Mei the Mizukage.

"Well I believe we should give everyone a vacation as I definitely know I need one."Mei said as the Mizukage was on the bridge of the Kurogane manning Kiyone station as the shinobis and soldiers kidnap Kiyone to deal out her punishment for the clean nuke that was use while they were still nearby.

"But my people need to rebuild Konoha and you need to rebuild your villages as well."Tsunade said as she know they have to rebuild there respective villages.

"No I don't think it will be even possible for my village or the Raikage village."Mei said as she look at Tsunade with serious expression on her face.

"What you mean about that?"asked Tsunade as she know Mei and E people flee from there countries because the Einst were attacking said countries but she didn't know the full extent of damages done to there villages.

"Well I going to quit beating around the bushes and say that there no chances of rebuilding my village as I have very little people left to make a village. I only have a few Kiri-nin and civilian and they greatly enjoy your village hospitality so I asked them if they what to stay in Konoha and they all agree on it."Mei replied as she was greatly fond of Konoha climate and general warmth that surround that village.

"Wait you asking to join my village!" Tsunade said in shock.

"Yes I am asking that so will you accept my offer."Mei asked

"Sure but you still going to keep your title as Mizukage because those are your people." Tsunade replied back in a playful tone of voice.

"Sure that will be a good arrangement."Mei said as they both heard the door to the bridge open.

"Wait I what my people to join your village to Lady Tsunade."E said as he walk in.

"Sure I can see why as there only you, your brother and Team Samui left."Tsunade said

"Yes and also Nii Yugito as well."E corrected as this shock Tsunade.

"Who?"Tsunade asked as she know she counted every Kumo-nin that came into Konoha.

"Well Nii Yugito is a Jinchuriki just like my brother but she have the Two-Tail Bakeneko well by brother have the Hachi and she just arrive here on the Kurogane by some how latching on to that Hyuga girls cloths well in a her chibi two tail form."E explained as he was kind of embarrassed at how Nii revealed herself which result in a lot of men down in the hanger area to have a bloody nose because she decide not to wear cloths except for that Naruto fellow who just look away when that happen.

"What ever did happen to the other Jinchuriki and the Tsuchikage anyway. I mean there only Naruto,Gaara,Fuu,Nii and your brother Killer Bee so what happen to the rest and where is that old man Tsuchikage anyway."Mei asked as she know Naruto is a Jinchuriki by the whisker marks on his face but she also wondering were that old man Tsuchikage is at anyway. As she look E face and took notice a disturb expression on his face.

"Well remember when I told you about Naruto saving me from taking a permanent acid trip right."E said as both Tsunade and Mei nodded there head as they remember.

"Well let just say they weren't so lucky as I am."E said as both Tsunade and Mei had a expression of shock on there face.

Meanwhile on the Moon Surface...

Inside the Shirogane bridge the few remaining members of the Akatsuki were manning different station. As Zetsu was working on the controls of the ship as he was moving the ship forward into space. And Same was checking the radar. As Madara was inside the regeneration chamber at the moments as the members on the bridge were preparing for something.

"Setting coordinates."Sasori said from his station.

"Slipstream Engine at maximum power."Kisame said as he had his Samehada next to him as he was manning the Slipstream Engine controls. Well his sister sword was next to his as something was moving underneath both of them bandage weapons.

"He sis did you remember to feed Isonade."Kisame asked his sister who was still working on the radar.

"Yes I did feed Isonade some human flesh that Zetsu-kun got for me."Same replied as Kisame was still confuse why his sister was dating that Bipolar Venus Fly Trap Cannibal which his only answer he got out of her was something he really don't what to remember again as he lost his lunch just thinking about. As Madara enter the Bridge area.

"So Madara-sama did it work."Same asked

"It sure did, it work just like the specs said it should and even more."Madara said as his voice was now full of power.

"So what you what to do now that you fully regenerated."Kisame asked

"We still going through with my new plan since the Einst ruin my Moon Eye Plan by feeding Jinchuriki of the three,four,five and six tailed beasts which there chakra and energy was absorbed into that massive moon Einst and is now completely wipe out along with any hope of my plan coming to fruition. But I did found a way to get what I want from the moon with out the use of those Bijuu chakra. So we leaving this Galaxy to start our new plans else were."Madara said as suddenly a 8ft tall women walk on the bridge as she was dress completely in bandages from head to toe as she had a EE-Cup size breast which were cover by her bandages. As she only the area not cover by bandages were left eye and her mouth. As her only visible eye had pattern of some commas and tomoe similar to the Sharingan but also had some rings in there as well and that single eye was glowing and there was a sense of great evil around her as she wrapped her arms around Madara as she smiled revealing rows of razor sharp teeth.

"Thank you Madara-kun for releasing me from that prison and all you have to do was offer the eyes of descendant of the man that imprison me."the women said

"Wait are you saying that you are the..."Same was going to say but she was cut off by the women.

"Oh yes I am but you may call me Juu(Ten), but I still severely weaken from fighting that Sage of the Six Path and that Einst Goddess and Oturan. I wonder have that Einst Goddess and her Lover Oturan reborn yet."Juu said as she started laughing as behind her shadow revealing a form of a some kind of beast with ten-tails waving in the background. As the Shirogane activate it Slipstream engine as a portal open in space as the Shirogane enter it before the portal close up.

Meanwhile back on the Kurogane...

"Well okay then well that situation is taken care of what happen to those people but where are we going to have a vacation at."Tsunade asked Mei who had a smirk on her face.

"At the beach."Mei replied as Tsunade had a shock expression on her face as she know if a certain perverted get wind of this.

"Yoko I know you are there come on out."Tsunade shouted as the little floating sphere with the security A.I inside of it came out of the little air vent.

"Yes Lady Tsunade what you what me to do."asked Yoko

"I what you to keep Jiraiya busy so he doesn't try use our vacation as some new idea for his books."Tsunade said.

"How am I going to do that?"Yoko asked confuse by that request.

"You have a built in teleporter in you right."Tsunade asked

"That is correct I even have a Matter Reconstruction Beam to repair sort of damage and a lot of other option as well."Yoko replied still confuse.

"Well I what you to take Jiraiya to Konoha and start reconstruction also increase the village size as well when you at. But the most important thing of is make sure to keep Jiraiya distracted by any mean possible."Tsunade said as she finally figure out a way to enjoy a vacation and get the village repair in one fell swoop.

"Any means?"Yoko asked in a very disturbing.

"Yes any mean necessary."Tsunade said

"Okay then I get right to it."Yoko said as she float out of the bridge as she started sending certain files to a certain individual that she knows will keep Jiraiya busy.

Several Hours later at the Beach near the Land of Sea...

As everyone was at the beach enjoying themselves. As the Kurogane and Hiryu were floating in the water. As everyone were wearing swimsuit, two-pieces bikinis and swimming trunks. Kakashi, Shizune, Alexia,Lucy and Katina were playing volley ball against Friggs,Kami,Aphrodite,Benten and Tsukihitomi as Kakashi team were losing badly as Friggs was dominating the game. As the girls on each team were wearing various two-pieces bikini design that improved there asset. As Shizune wearing a yellow bikini design spike the ball as she send it over the net. As sending Kami wearing a white two pieces bikini design as it was barely covering her asset as she send the ball right back hitting the ground on the other side earning her team another point.

Tenten was wearing a two piece bikini with a dragon design as she was busy building a sand castle as Neji in white swimming trunks was staring at her with bleeding nose. As Lee and Gai were having a swimming contest as both were wearing green swimming trunks. As Tsuki was wearing a green two pieces bikini as she was busy watching the two race with Valsione out of her armor and wearing a red swimsuit.

Meanwhile Nyu wearing a pink two pieces bikini as she was trying to impress Shino who was watching a little Horseshoe Crab that was crawling on the beach sand. As the reason Shino was not looking at Nyu in her bikini as he didn't what to suffer from a bleeding nose.

"Hey Buggy-kun how do I look."Nyu said as she try to get Shino to look at her.

"You are absolutely stunning."Shino replied without turning his head as he really didn't what to have a nose bleed in front of Nyu as he think it will be rude.

"Come on Buggy-kun just turn your head around please you kind of hurting my feeling that you not looking at me am I offending you or something."Nyu playfully said as Shino decide just a little look won't hurt as he turn his head around proceed to pass out in fountain of nose blood as he fell on the ground right next to the Horseshoe Crab.

"Weakling."though the little crab as it continued on it journey to the ocean.

Meanwhile Reiko wearing a red two piece bikini with black crow design on it as she was busy smashing some watermelon with Kiba who was wearing a black swimming trunks with Akamaru playing in the sand.

"Am I doing this right?"Reiko asked as she slice another watermelon in half.

"Yes Reiko-chan you are doing excellent."Kiba said as he smash a watermelon with baseball bat that he had.

Sakura and Arukas were sun bathing as both of them were wearing pink swimsuit. As Sasuke now as boy now as Sakura had her funny with Sasuke decide to turn him back into a guy with the threat of that if he misbehavior he will be change back to a girl. As he was bring them glasses of lemonade.

"Thank you Sasuke-kun."both of the girls said as they took the lemonade and drink it down.

Meanwhile Yukina wearing a blue-green swimsuit with moth design on it as Arashi was helping her swim in the Arashi. When suddenly a fin broke the surface before approaching behind Yukina as it was great white shark. As the shark was almost upon Yukina she turn around quickly delivered a brutal left hook on the shark nose causing it to flee away from her.

"Hey Arashi-koi I punched a shark."Yukina said

"That you really did Yukina-hime."Arashi said with a smile as he soon gave Yukina a french kiss which she gladly return.

As Tsunade,Naga and Mei were relaxing on the beach with in the two pieces bikinis which sadly for Tsunade was barely being contain as she got one a tad bit small for her breast. As close by where Ayame,Tsunami,Niji squad wearing there bikini with Suigetsu as Ayame,Tsunami and Niji Squad all gave Suigetsu a kiss which was leaving a gibber wreck.

Well Alchimie was spending time with her family as Inari was with her as well. As Excellion,Alchimie and Inari were busy covering Kyosuke in sand. Further away from the family plus guest were Medius Locus playing with a small boy name Ranmaru who under the care of Doc had a good clean bill of health. As Ranmaru enjoy having a new friend in this weird girl who see to just spend most of her time just looking around confuse. As Ranmaru rolled a ball to the girl who rolled it right back to him. Meanwhile far away Gaara wearing a red swimming trunk and Matsuri wearing a dark purple two piece bikini. As Matsuri was laying on her stomach with bikini top off as Gaara was rubbing sun-tan lotion on her back.

Meanwhile in another part of the beach. Both Latooni and Ryusei wearing fairy size version Naruto and Hinata wedding outfit. While Doc and Hyuga Jun were wearing a wedding outfit as well. As Ryusei convince Latooni to go through with getting married instead of doing the traditional fairy custom of making a promise and staying together because of said promise. Well Jun told her feeling to Doc and asked him to be her husband which he gladly accepted as it look like something good finally happen to Doc life. Latooni was not complaining as she enjoyed the wedding as several Iwa nin and You-nin were attending the wedding with Cupid do the vows.

"You may now kiss the bride." Cupid said as both Latooni and Ryusei gave each other a deep passion filled kiss. While Doc and Jun did the same as well.

Meanwhile Samui is dragging Omoi to forest area to have some private fun. As meanwhile in different area Hyuga Momo was dragging her boyfriend Deidara to different area of the forest to have some extra fun time. Yami well she is dragging Zabuza off somewhere to do who know what to him but she know he going to like it what she have plan for him. Well Temari wearing a white two piece bikini was dragging a tie up Shikamaru to the Kurogane so she can have so very private fun with him

Meanwhile on another part of the beach very far away from the other both Naruto and Hinata were sitting on the sand together holding hands as they watch the sunset with Tsukikage crouch right behind them. As Hinata was wearing a white one piece swimsuit. As Naruto was wearing orange swimming trunks.

"So Hinata-hime I really am glad I with you."Naruto said as he turn his head around and look at his beloved wife.

"Same here Naruto-koi and I glad you that you rescue me from the Einst."Hinata said.

"Yep You are my little Goddess Hinata-hime."Naruto said with smile on his face.

"Thank you Naruto-koi but what you think tomorrow going to bring us."Hinata asked with smile on her face. As she lean closer to Naruto putting her head on his shoulder.

"Tomorrow going to bring a brand new world I know it Hinata-hime."Naruto said as he turn his head around and gave Hinata passionate french kiss which she gladly return as well as they kiss under the setting sun. As tomorrow will be brand new world for them.

Meanwhile in Konoha...

Jiraiya was working on repairing the village. As he was confuse why only he had to do it. And he was suspicion about why Tsunade was so reluctant on not telling him why he had to do it and why he had to work with that sadistic computerize bitch of a A.I Yoko. Who was quickly repairing the village by firing a beam of light at the wreckage which some how started rebuilding themselves at a accelerated pace. Which oddly enough he was confuse why he was there as Yoko seem able to fix the village by night fall all by herself as they already did sixty percent of the village already and adding several new district to house the new group of shinobi that will be living there.

"Yoko why am I working with you anyway?"Jiraiya asked as he need to know why Tsunade send him here.

"Not telling you and also we going to have company in two minute."Yoko said as she floated away as she know the person that she send some special picture of Jiraiya with a certain sister of said person have arrive.

"Jiraiya why did I received these picture and videos of you having hardcore sex with Tsunade and my innocent little sister Naga."was the voice of Orochimaru. As Jiraiya suddenly turn around with a panic expression on his face.

"What are you talking about."Jiraiya lied

"I know you always lusted after Tsunade so I had no problem with that."Orochimaru said as he was holding a his sword Kusanagi.

"But I can't believe you also what after my sweet innocent little sister. You do remember what I was going to do to you if you touch my sister in anyway right!"Orochimaru said in a very menacing tone of voice. As he grip his sword in his hand.

"I think I should start running!!!"Jiraiya screamed as he run like a bat out of hell with Orochimaru right behind waving his sword around.

"You better run Jiraiya because once I catch you I going to cut off your dick and pour salt on it, shove down your throat, send you to a dimension full of gay tentacle incubus then feed you to a pack of ravenous Konoha Flying Leeches. So stay still and take your punishment like a men."Screamed Orochimaru in pure protective big brother fury as he will not let some pervert continue defiling his sweet innocent little sister.

"AAAAAHHHHHH YOKO SAVE ME."Jiraiya screamed as he ran past Yoko who was humming a cheerful tone.

"Ah Neo Konohagakure will be built in no time. Oh New Hidden Leaf Village I like that name it give a whole new meaning of turning over a new leaf."Yoko said as she continue fixing the village as she was seventy percent done with it. As she know it going to be a brand new world after today.

Author Note

This is the end of the story and I hope you all enjoy this final fluff filled chapter. As the Konoha Heroes got there well deserve vacation at the beach. Kiyone got punish by Sheila for the Clean Nuke incident. I hope you all like the NaruHina fluff at the end. Also how you like the comedy part involving Orochimaru and Jiraiya. And it look like Sasuke is now a boy again expect under threat of being turn back into a girl. Also can any of you guess who is the bandage women Juu is and why her shadows resemble a beast with ten-tails. Also I hope you all like the beach party scene. Now on to the Hinata Hour.

Kage Bijuu Present: The Hinata Hour

See You in the Sequel!

"Hello this is Hyuga Hinata coming with you the last episode of the Hinata Hour."Hinata said as she appeared on stage holding her lavender mic.

"But don't worry we will be coming back in the Sequel."Yukina said as she appear on stage holding a blue-green mic in her hand.

"And I can see in the future it going to be big."Shion said as she appeared on stage holding a white mic.

"We also hope we see you all again in the sequel."Hinata said.

"So Hinata do you know the name of the sequel."Shion asked.

"The name of the sequel that the author is planning on making is called NaruHina:End of Galaxy."Hinata said

"Any spoiler on the sequel."Shion asked

"No."Hinata deadpanned as Shion had a sad expression on her face.

"But let give out a special reward to DragonBeast99 for being the first to review this story and to continue reviewing as he will get a special Omake dedicated to him of his own wishes. Also thank you Kaos and Magnus for helping out with the various scenes in the story."Hinata said

"Now let get started with the Hinata Hour Omake File also we apologize to anyone that like Pokemon or Ash Ketchum and Pikachu."Hinata said as a HD TV screen came down and started playing.

Hinata Hour Omake File

Rainbow of Death?

In the weird combo world of Pokemon and Pokegirls. Pokegirl Tamer that caught Uroboros was heading toward the nearby town called Sweet Town which was famous for mostly appearance of the Sugar Kitten line of Pokegirls that appeared around there. As the Tamer went in to town toward the Pokelab. As he then enter the lab as he he took notice the professors was not there. So he was about to leave when he stopped.

Standing in the doorway of the lab was a women with dark gray skin,white hair, firm, a soft, round ass, trim hips that aren't too wide or too small, DD-cup breasts and enchanting flowing white eyes. As she was wearing a white robe that seem to flowing like water as she move toward him.

"Jenova!!"scream the Pokegirl Tamer as he try to run but she quickly appeared before him and grabbed him by the shirt.

"I going to need some taming and you are it."Jenova said as she vanish with the Tamer as the only thing left behind was pokeball the Uroboros was in as it hit the ground releasing the new Pokegirl as she quickly leave the lab and into the forest.

Meanwhile Ash Ketchum and Pikachu were running for there live through the forest toward Sweet Town. As something massive was moving through the forest after them. As Ash know it not a Pokemon as that monster already devoured both Dawn and Brock. It also devoured all of Ash Pokemon except for Pikachu. As they continue running for there live when suddenly a massive long chameleon like tongue came out of no where and completely engulf Pikachu before pulling back into the woods. As suddenly there was scream of Pikachu in pain before being silence as there was a wet smack. As Ash continue running in fear as he was now in town but suddenly a Rainbow was heading into toward the town. Which oddly enough it was nighttime so rainbow were not suppose to appear at all. But as soon as this odd rainbow touchdown nearby a gas station. It cause the gas station to erupt into a inferno as soon the rainbow start traverse across the town burning everything to ash as soon Ash was running away again but the chameleon like tongue appeared out of the forest instead of wrapping around him it release a chilling mist from the tip of the tongue as it froze Ash to death. As the rainbow of death continue destroying the town until everything was in ashes.

As the rainbow subside as it went back to the source as coming out of the forest was a building size chameleon-monitor lizard like monster as it had a single horn on it snout. As along it back was rows of spines with on the middle of the back were six glowing spines as the rainbow subside into these spines. As the monster then stomped on Ash frozen body. As the monster stand on it hind-legs and release a massive roar.


Meanwhile on another side of the forest Uroboros continue on it way as it walks deeper into the forest. As the Pokegirl was planning on having more of it own kind around.

I hope you all like this final chapter. And I hope you all like Omake Files. Sorry for any of you that like Ash and Pikachu I apologize. Also I don't own Jenova and that is not Final Fantasy Seven Jenova either that Jenova belong to the Pokegirl series. Also can any of you guess the monster that destroyed Sweet Town. It a monster from the Gamara Movie Series. I hope you like this Omake DragonBeast99 I made this for you. I hope you all get the chance to read my sequel when it comes out. Which might be soon when it comes out.