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L is for Lonely

When Alec is out of TC on a mission, Max makes a point of stretching out and taking up their entire bed. She tells herself that she likes having the extra wiggle room at night. In reality, she spends the entire time breathing in his scent and hoping that he'll make it back okay.

Whenever he has to be gone for more than a few days, he makes a point of leaving flowers in the kitchen. He never gives them to her because he's not the kind of guy who brings flowers and she's not the kind of woman who expects them, but the flowers are always there when he's not. Seeing them keeps him on her mind, a fact that she is absolutely sure has occurred to him. It's very Alec to guarantee that she's thinking about him when he's gone. The flowers make her smile, but they also make her vaguely sad. They were always gone by the time she woke up with him safely in their bed.

And then, one day when Max woke up after her customary two hours of sleep, the flowers were dead. The recognition hit her hard; she stumbled back a few steps and dropped into his ragged recliner. Petals had drooped and protested in the past, but they had never faltered. He had been gone seven days; he should have been back in five. She had been concerned, but had clung to the something he had once said to her.

"I'm always alright."

But he had lied; he wasn't coming back. She wanted to throw up.

Max rushed towards command to check the status of his mission, but ten steps out the door, she nearly collided with Mole. The shotgun toting lizard's face was hard, but his eyes were distant and sadder than she had ever seen him.


Mole stepped towards her; she took two steps back.

"No," she hissed, frantically looking around for someone who had better news.

"I'm sorry," Mole said.

The towering lizard knelt down in the TC gravel and held Max as she shook. Alec had been one of his closest friends, but he pushed his despair back into his chest and let her mourn first.

It wasn't until three days after the memorial service when a devastated Joshua choked back his sobs to tell her she smelled different that Max realized she was pregnant.

Single parenthood was an entirely different kind of lonely; Max missed Alec every day. But Rachel, a beautiful, healthy little girl with her father's eyes and mischievous streak, served as a daily reminder that even though Alec was gone, he had left Max with the most precious, constant blossom of all, his little girl.


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