This is my first fanfic and it has a lemon… several lemons! Maybe enough to make lemonade! But these lemons have a twist! This story has TWO ENDINGS! One ending involves an Uke Ben and the other... a very not Uke Ben!

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Also: This chapter has no sex. Sorry!

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A glowing pink wall zipped in front of Gwen's face, she let out a sigh of relief and watched with curiosity as the little black thing wiggled and gnawed at the energy wall. She peered at it closely before she backed away from it with a disgusted face. "Oh, gross!" she sneered, "it's eating my barrier!"

"Don't look so shocked, lovely Gwen!" A voice called from the darkness of the large abandoned warehouse that the three heroes had paraded into just three minutes earlier. The voice cooed once more as Mike Morningstar stepped out from said shadows, "after all, they did come from me."

"Great," Kevin said as he pressed his hand to the wall and absorbed the metal, letting the cold substance coat his entire body. "What's shaking, sparkle boy? Did you run out of glitter again?"

The villain sneered behind his mask and scattered more of his energy-eating monsters.

"Look out!" Ben shouted as he rolled to dodge the onslaught. Gwen sent out more of her walls which blocked the little creatures temporarily and made them scatter on the ground. Soon the little black orbs began rolling towards her feet; with a short grunt she brought another glowing pink wall on top of them, cringing a bit when they let out high-pitched squeals as they were crunched into the floor.

"Nnrgh!" Kevin stepped back as one of the black creatures attached to his shiny metallic forehead.

"No!" The cousins screamed in unison. Ben quickly pushed the dial on the omnitrix and spun through the holographic images. His hand hovered over Alien X, ready to push it in and risk spending an eternity in limbo if it meant he might be able to save his friend from becoming instant sparkle-boy snacks. Kevin's nose winkled as he plucked off the little black orb.

"The last thing I want is your balls on my face, Morningstar." He smirked and crushed the little creature between his fingers. "I guess it can't eat through metal."

Ben sighed and switched the dial over to Swampfire, "the poor thing was probably starving to death trying to suck on your skull." He laughed at his own joke while he raised his hand in preparation to slam down on the little device on his wrist.

"Ben, watch it!" Gwen shouted as the villain sent yet another wave of little black creatures. She tried to create a glowing pink barrier in front of the brunette's body, but failed to make it in time as one of the little creatures zoomed past and collided with Ben's neck. He slapped his hand to the surface and tried to scrape it off.

"Gah!" Ben cringed and slapped away at the little black ball that had become attached to his skin, "get it off!" His fingers clamped down on the little black thing and with difficulty he removed from his neck. He relaxed momentarily; glad to have the disgusting little thing off his neck, but soon he realized that it was attached to his fingers and so he flailed his arm wildly until the little orb lost its grip and fell to the floor with a shrill cry.

"You okay, Benji?" Kevin called as he smashed more of the black orbs with his hands. Gwen looked concerned as she put up yet another barrier to stop the newest onslaught.

"I'm fine!" Ben said as he pressed the dial of the omnitrix down and transformed his body into the large red and yellow Jetray. With a hiss he jumped into the air and zoomed around the hollow inside of the old building.

"Don't get hit again!" Gwen shouted, "Darkstar is still up there!"

The large bat-like creature circled around several times before calling down to his comrades below. "No, he's gone."

"You sure?" Kevin shouted as he brought his foot down to crush more of the little black things, "I don't want to get T-bagged by these things like you did."

"I'll try tracing him," Gwen said as she trapped one of the little creatures in an energy sphere. Her eyes began to glow the pink as she concentrated, meanwhile, Ben landed and returned to his normal, human body and began helping Kevin crush the black orbs.

"Where'd he go?" Ben asked, his voice weary and exhausted.

"I can't tell," his cousin confessed and with an angry look she smashed the little creature in with the glowing pink walls. "Those things don't carry any energy, it's impossible to trace him."

The stomping reduced and soon stopped altogether.

"I think that's all of them," Kevin looked around before dropping his guard and the metal coating around his body. "We'll have to find Darkstar-Sparkle-Pants some other time."

"Are we done?" Ben asked, obviously fatigued. "Let's go home then."

"Gee, Benji. Tuckering out so soon?" Kevin teased, "It's probably all those chili-fries you eat."

"Good one," Ben mumbled as he made his way towards the green and black striped car. He crawled into the back seat and promptly fell asleep.

"I'm a little worried," Gwen whispered to the tall black haired boy, "normally he'd be begging for a smoothie about now, not passing out in your car."

"We'll just have to keep an eye on him," Kevin shrugged as he opened the driver's side door and stepped in. "He's tougher than you give him credit for."

Gwen frowned as she fastened her seatbelt and they started back towards the city.

"Gweeeen…" Ben's voice whined from the back seat and his hand gently grasped the seat.

"What is it, Ben?" she asked, taking his hand and holding it in her own. When he didn't reply, Gwen gave Kevin a concerned look and he pressed his foot harder on the petal, accelerating the car far beyond the speed limit. "He's got a fever," she said softly, brushing the hair out of his face with her free hand while he held fast to her other. He cringed and squeezed her captive hand more tightly, bringing it to his mouth absentmindedly. She looked at him sadly, "It'll be okay Ben."

Ooh my! What is wrong with our dear Ben? Read on for sweet, sweet Bevin time!

Oh, and for those who might not understand the title... it's a play off of the name Renfield.

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