Bonus Yuri Chapter (Rated T for mild to explicit tongue on tongue action and naked Ben car washing)

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"You missed a spot." Kevin said as he took a sip of his slave's smoothie.

Ben's lips grew thin but he stood back and looked over the shining green paint of the car. It was spotless.

"Where?" he asked, resting the back of his hand on his hip and letting the sponge drip soapy water down his bare leg.

Kevin cleared his throat and Ben turned his head to face him- he avoided turning his entire body because he didn't want the dark eyes of his 'master' to get a full view of his naked front side. Little did he know that Kevin could see everything from the reflection in the green paint.

The raven pointed to the drop of smoothie that was dripping off his chin. Ben grumbled and trotted over, lifting Kevin's chin with his fingers and running his tongue over the surface to collect the sweet strawberry flavor.

"You're a tyrant, you know that?" Ben said before Kevin smirked and pushed on the back of the smaller boy's neck, guiding into a kiss.

"Alright!" Ben yelped as Kevin slapped his behind and cheered, "back to work, lackey!"

The brunette turned bright red and zipped back over to the car, running the cloth over the already clean surface and trying to ignore the feeling of being watched.

"You should apologize to Gwen," he said as he bent down to pick up a dry cloth and buff the shinning surface. "She's already forgiven me, I bet that she-" Ben scrunched his face in frustration as Kevin launched a strawberry chunk from the end of his straw and onto the clean surface of the car.

"I already had a chat with her," Kevin said, his voice was grumpy, "everything is fine."


Gwen pounded the glass bottle on top of the tile and hissed, "Just who the hell does he think he is?!"

Julie looked away, concern playing on her expression as she took a sip of her drink and listened to Gwen's rant.

"I don't see what the big deal is," the red head lowered her voice and made herself sound stupid. It sounded nothing like Kevin but Julie knew that's who the voice was supposed to be. "I figured I could have you both." She instantly switched to her own outraged voice, "He figured he could have us both- and it wouldn't be a big deal. Not a big deal. Not a big deal, my ass!"

"And Ben's." Julie added and Gwen burst out laughing, giving her shoulder a playful and clumsy push. It was obvious that the Anodite was past the point of one too many and approaching the point of way too many.

"Good one!" she snorted and collapsed on the counter. After a few moments of silence she groaned. "Julie… your kitchen is spinning."

The dark haired girl smiled and brushed the red hair out of the other's face. Gwen was always full of surprises but the ability to hold her liquor had been one of the biggest the she had happened upon so far.

"I just don't get it," Gwen mumbled, her intoxicated face full of frustration. "I thought he liked me."

"I think he still does." Julie wasn't sure if that was true. Whatever happened while Gwen was off fighting the one Kevin kept calling 'sparkle boy' had changed how the two boys acted towards each other. She'd suspected it for awhile, but only recently had she found out the situation was more serious than it seemed. Gwen was livid when she found out they'd slept together. She blamed everything on Kevin, of course, and cursed him out for violating her cousin. But after her anger had faded Julie saw a sadness move into her green eyes.

Gwen was not used to rejection or failure; maybe that's why she was taking it so hard. The fact that she lost Kevin was not the real issue- it was the fact that she lost him- that she had failed.

"I'm pretty, right?" Gwen sat up, her eyes were bloodshot and her hair a drunken mess. But she was still Gwen Tennyson and she was still adorable.

"Yes, Gwen." Julie looked into her large doll-like eyes and smiled at the pout on her drunken face. "You're beautiful."

Maybe Julie had one too many also. She thought nothing of cupping Gwen's cheek in her hand and leaning forward to press her dark tan lips against the rosy pink of the Anodite's.

The green eyes widened, but Gwen did not pull away. She timidly brought her hand up to tangle into the sleek black hair, deepening the kiss. Julie moaned gently as she felt her friend's tongue play against her own a sensation that was strange but nice; her first real kiss.

The union continued for a few moments later, but soon enough it ended and the two girls sat in heavy silence.

"Feel better?" Julie asked after taking sip of her drink and smiling at the redhead.

It had been a good kiss; full, sweet, and unpretentious- but there was no magic to it. There was no feeling of deep personal connection that left them begging for more. It was what it was- a simple lip-lock to cheer up a hurting friend. And it worked. Gwen did feel better- either because a cute girl had called her beautiful or because a cute girl that her cousin used to like had kissed her. She didn't question why she felt better; she only smiled at the fact that she didn't feel as bad.

"Yeah," Gwen replied, sitting up a bit straighter. "Yeah, I do feel better. Thank you."

Julie gave her friend a warm smile and lifted her bottle to drain the last of her beverage. She gave a long sigh and set the empty glass container on the counter, patting her now sleeping friend on the head and replying, "You're very welcome."

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