The Ultimate Showdown

"Dr Einstein?" Herbert said, peeking his head into the professor's lab. "The device…it's malfunctioning…"

Einstein looked up from his papers in shock. "What…what kind of…malfunction?"

Without warning, a bolt of blue lightning struck Herbert in the back, his scream cut off as he was erased from existence. "Mein Gott…"

The lab was full of such bolts, assistants and Allied soldiers running for their lives as beams and bolts arched from the Chronosphere, sending tools and men flying through the air or erasing them. Einstein felt his jaw fall, as a soldier who tried to cut the power was struck in the back by a bolt of lightning, his outline only seen for a second before he was utterly undone. Men without arms or legs, their appendages cleanly severed, ran or crawled through the area, screaming for help that couldn't get to them.

As Mustang and Havoc moved through the facility, they nervously watched for any trace of the homunculi, gloves and gun ready for whatever surprise attack that would come. Meanwhile, Riza and Al carefully approached the door, unaware of the deadly secrets behind it. Fuery and Breda waited nearby, while Falman recovered from his wounds.

"Hey Havoc," Mustang said, freezing in his tracks. "You feel something…off?"

"Nah, not nearby, anyway. Then again, I'm trying to kill something that can't be killed, so-"

"So what?" Mustang said, looking over at Havoc. Only there was one thing missing.


"Lieutenant!" Mustang screamed, his eyes searching the beige walls and ceiling for any trace of his subordinate. The only thing he could sense was the faint smell of ozone in the air.

As Breda and Fuery quickly cleaned up the surveillance equipment from the apartment, they tried to make sense out of the battle they had just seen.

"Jeez," Breda said, packing away a radio. "Colonel looked like he meant business, didn't he?"

"I know," Fuery said, gathering up the wires in the room. "Makes me almost feel sorry for the enemy, you kno-"

"Yeah, I get what you mean-" Breda answered, then flew backwards after seeing no one there. "Fuery! Fuery where'd you go!"

The last thing he remembered seeing was a flash of blue lightning.

As Nick "Havoc" Parker moved through the town, he felt the Nod nuke coming closer and closer, each passing second bringing him closer to his demise. "C'mon, Six, let's move!" he bellowed, desperate to get to the extraction point as fast as humanly possible.

"Hey…can't we take it…a little easier?" Sydney panted, bending over to try and catch her breath. "I mean…we're not all…commandos…here!"

"Sorry, miss," Gunner said, walking ahead of her. "But it's essential that we get you to the extraction point as soon as possibl-" The rest of the sentence was cut off by a blast of blue lightning.

"Gunner!" Hotwire screached, before she was zapped away by another blast.

"Team! Spread out and watch for Nod!" Havoc screamed, grabbing Sydney and throwing her behind a burnt-out Nod truck. "Deadeye! What do ya see!"

"Nothing, captain!" MacInnis yelled back, moving his weapon in a large arc. "It's like that lightning just appeared outta nowhere!" A split-second later, Patch disappeared in another bolt. "Patch!" the Scotsman cried, just before another bolt landed on him.

"No!" Parker cried, running to the spot, just before a final bolt stole him from existence.

Sydney just sat down, afraid to do anything, fearing her life and that of her fathers, slowly curling herself up into a ball. "No…" she whispered. "This isn't happening…It can't be…"

"Don't move," said a voice behind her, as a Nod Stealth trooper materialized behind her, his laser rifle at the back of her neck.