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Needless to say this is the first chapter and I'm quite satisfied with the way it turned out to be. I tried to get a different angle for this story and will aim at bringing a mostly new story without using too much from my other Naruto story. This story will be an attempt to bring an original content but using events from cannon to guide the story along.

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Chapter One: Enter! Uzumaki Naruko

Uzumaki Naruko was running through Konoha as if the Kyuubi itself was on her tail. She weaved through the crowd that was shopping in the market district even this early in the morning. Some of the people she dodged by a hair glared at her for scaring them but she ignored all of them. After all she was used to being glared at after all these years. She jumped over a food cart earning some very colorful language directed at her by the owner but she was long gone.

Uzumaki Naruko was running but not because she was in danger for her life or because she was being chased. No, it was because she was almost late for class. You see, Naruko was a last year student at the Shinobi Academy of Konoha. Yep, she was a ninja in training and this was the start of her last week as an Academy student. At the end of the week she would graduate and finally become a full-pledged ninja. She could hardly wait to do missions and learn Ninjutsu other than those three Academy level Ninjutsu she already knew about and mastered. Well, mastered was a big word. Maybe she should say she could perform them to an adequate level. Especially the Bunshin no Jutsu was a major pain in her lower back side. She just couldn't do it without concentrating for almost half a minute which was barely within the acceptable limit for the academy teachers.

She saw the Academy come in to view and sighed as she saw other students still outside meaning she wasn't late today. Thank the Rokudou Sennin for small miracles as this meant that she wouldn't have to deal with Iruka-sensei and his boring speeches. She ignored the kids of her class and went straight to her assigned classroom. When she opened the door she saw that Iruka was already there grading some papers from yesterday's pop quiz.

"Hello Naruko, glad to see you're on time for once." Iruka said smiling. She wasn't the best student around but she wasn't the worst either. She had a lot of potential but her attitude in class and towards her fellow classmates was holding her back. He looked her over and saw that she was were her usual outfit of a black pants and red t-shirt and wore her hair in a long ponytail. She had had that particular style for years now.

"Good morning Sensei." Naruko said and sat down in her usual spot in the back of the classroom.

"Are you ready for the graduation exam?" Iruka said trying to make some conversation. He knew all too well that she wouldn't have much trouble passing but he still wanted to ask her anyway.

"I think so." Naruko shrugged. "I've got the grades, the psychical part is no problem and as long as you and Mizuki-sensei don't ask the Bunshin No Jutsu as Ninjutsu test I should have no problems."

Iruka nodded his agreement; of all the students here Naruko was the one with the most stamina and chakra. Even the boys couldn't compete with her on that part. When it came to target practice she was at the top of the class as well and Taijutsu didn't give her any problems either though she had once told him that she found the style that was being taught at the academy both uncomfortable and restrictive.

One by one the other students entered the classroom and Naruko kept to herself like always. She didn't have any friends in her class and while they didn't hate her or mistreated her they also didn't try to get to know her or become friends with her. The boys in the class were intimidated by her as she had made it perfectly clear that she didn't want to approached by any of them at the beginning of her career. The girls however thought she was weird because she didn't like Uchiha Sasuke, the heartthrob of the school. The boy was an orphan just like her as his family had been murdered a few years back and so he became the instant focus of all the girls who loved a dramatic love story. Of course the love part was invented by themselves as Sasuke was as cold as a piece of ice in the winter.

Naruko listened at what Iruka was telling while Mizuki passed out the results of yesterday's test. She disliked the man; he had this weird vibe around him and Naruko was always on guard when he was around. She looked at her score and smirked as she had done pretty well, A-. Not bad for an unexpected quiz that she hadn't really studied for. That would put Sakura's panties in a knot she figured. Sakura was like her archenemy at school. The pink-haired girl was one of the leaders of the Uchiha Sasuke's fan club and Naruko couldn't help but pity the girl.

'Look at her, trying to impress the Uchiha with a stupid test she aced.' Naruko thought looking at Sakura. 'And of course Yamanaka has to have her say as well.'

Haruno Sakura and Yamanaka Ino were two die-hard fans of Sasuke and were bitter rivals of each other. At first they had been friends but once Sakura announced that she 'loved' Sasuke they had become each other's rivals.

'Love?' Naruko thought. 'What does a 10 year old girl know about loving a boy? She was probably still playing with dolls at that age.'

While Naruko was thinking about all of this Iruka continued his lecture on the importance of being able to recognize edible plants and fruits in the wild. Naruko's attention waivered and she fell asleep only to wake up when the bell rang letting her know it was time for lunch. With a smile on her face she jumped out the window unto the schoolyard and quickly left, heading for her favorite eating stall in whole Konoha.

"Hey, Ayame-neechan." Naruko greeted the girl behind the counter when she reached Ichiraku Ramen.

"Naruko-chan, is it lunchtime already?" Ayame said smiling.

"You bet. I'll take four Miso-ramen." Naruko ordered.

"Coming right up." Ayame said before getting to work. She was already used to the Naruko's eating habits as the girl came here every single day at lunch. She had literally seen the girl grow up from this small girl who could barely look over the counter to the young women she was today.

While Ayame was preparing her ramen Naruko engaged in a conversation asking were the old man was. The old man was Ayame's father and the owner of the food stall. Ayame laughed and said her father had tried to pick up a heavy box and had hurt his back the day before. Naruko laughed as Ayame imitated how her father had reacted after hurting himself.

After eating her four servings of ramen Naruko stayed a bit longer before returning to the Academy for her afternoon classes. She preferred the afternoon classes as they involved target practice, stealth training, Ninjutsu and Taijutsu practice. Also the classes only lasted until four so they passed quickly.

At four Naruko raced out of the Academy and ran straight to her favorite training field where she, unlike the other girls, still practiced for several more hours. The others might be satisfied with being weak and stupid fangirls but she sure as hell wasn't. There was another reason why she liked coming here to train as it was the only place where she could meet her big sister.

Uzuki Yuugao looked as Naruko came running into the clearing like she always did after she finishes her day at the academy. Yuugao was Naruko's personal guard and was about the only friend Naruko had except for Ayame. Even if Naruko only knew her as Neko-chan because of her station as ANBU.

Naruko had known about Yuugao for about three years now though Yuugao had been guarding her for almost double that time. Each afternoon they would meet up in the clearing and Yuugao would stay with her while Naruko did her training. They talked about everything from training to girl's stuff and Naruko had quickly become more than an assignment to Yuugao. Neko-chan, as Naruko affectionately called her, was Naruko's role-model; she was strong, sexy, had lots of talent and on top of that she was an ANBU. Naruko had two dreams in her life; one was to become just like Neko-chan and the other was to become the greatest Hokage in the history of Konoha.

Yuugao looked on as the young girl diligently went through her exercises and smiled at how dedicated the girl was. She knew Naruko looked up to her and she had wanted to help her out but she wasn't allowed to teach her anything, which had disappointed Naruko at first but that didn't mean she couldn't give her any advice or tips so that's what Yuugao did.

"Naru-chan, try to keep your balance when throwing that punch." Yuugao said.

"Okay." Came the reply before the girl went thought the entire kata once more.

Three hours later Naruko stopped her training for the day and returned home to her apartment. Her place wasn't all that much but thanks to Yuugao's help she had managed to fix it up a bit and give it a somewhat homey feeling. Saying goodbye to Yuugao for the night Naruko quickly ate some dinner and read a book before going to bed exhausted.

The rest of the week went very fast for Naruko and before she realized it she was getting ready to take the exam the next day. She had trained for only one hour so she wouldn't be tired or oversleep the next morning. She had a good feeling about the exam and she was sure she could pass it without too much trouble. When she went to bed she dreamed about going on missions and becoming the strongest kunoichi Konoha had ever seen.

While Naruko was sleeping Yuugao was heading towards the Hokage tower as she had been summoned by the Sandaime Hokage. She wasn't nervous or anything as she had been having these meetings every week with the man regarding Naruko but she did wonder why he wanted to see her a day earlier than normal as they usually met on Friday evening. She didn't worry about and would know soon anyway. After passing the reception she knocked and after hearing that it was okay to come in she opened the door.

"Ah good to see you Neko." The Hokage said smiling. "Come on in."

"Thank you Hokage-sama." Yuugao respectfully said before standing in front of the Hokage's desk.

"At ease, Neko." Sandaime smiled. He had a soft spot for the woman and she was one of the best ANBU in recent years so she had earned his respect. "Neko, how long have you been Naruko's personal guard?"

"Almost six years, Hokage-sama." She answered knowing all too well that the 'God of Shinobi' knew the answer to that question without having to ask her.

"Six years? I thank you for your hard work, Neko." Sandaime said stuffing his pipe with tobacco.

"It's been a privilege sir." Yuugao said truly meaning it. She knew just how much the Hokage cared for the young Uzumaki and knew that he would only put someone he truly trusted to keep his adopted granddaughter safe.

"Take off your mask please, Yuugao." Sandaime said putting his hands under his chin and resting his head on them. Yuugao nodded and remove her ANBU mask revealing a young, beautiful woman around her mid twenties. "Yuugao, I'm in need of your help." Sandaime sighed.

"I assume this help isn't as an ANBU, Hokage-sama?" Yuugao asked curiously.

"No, it isn't. As you know, tomorrow the current class of Academy students will graduate and this of course means Naruko as well." Sandaime said with a twinkle in his eye. Yuugao smiled as he always had that twinkle when he spoke of her. "Unfortunately this also gives me some trouble. I can't place Naruko with just any teacher as you know."

Yuugao nodded and remembered the incident three years ago when Naruko was only ten years old. Naruko had slipped out after Yuugao's shift was over to get some groceries and had gotten cornered by a drunken merchant with a sick love for young underage girls. The man had caught her by surprise and knocked her out with bottle before dragging her to a dark alley to have his way with her. As Naruko had only just started at the Academy she was unable to get free and fight to man. Luckily, Yuugao had noticed that Naruko had left her home thanks to a tracking seal that had been placed on her. Yuugao had arrived just in time to stop the man from psychically harming Naruko but in the end the damage was done. Naruko had been so scared that she had grown very distrusting of men and boys that she refused to get close to any other man than the Sandaime and the old man at Ichiraku's. It wasn't that she hated men but rather that she was careful about them. She was friendly and respectful to her male teachers and people she met on the street but she would never let a man touch her again or completely trust one unless she knew for sure that he had no ulterior motives. That's why she had told all the boys of her class to leave her alone or else.

"There is only one female Jounin sensei available and that's Kurenai." Sandaime explained. "While she would be a great teacher for Naruko, she has been asked to teach three other students. The other Jounin sensei are Hatake Kakashi and Sarutobi Asuma." Here Yuugao winced as she knew that Naruko would never accept to be taught by either of those two. Kakashi because he was a pervert that kept reading that smut book of his and Asuma because of his smoking. "I see you understand why this is most troublesome."

"I understand but what does that have to do with me?" Yuugao asked.

"I want you to become Naruko's Jounin sensei." Sandaime said dropping the bomb. "I know you like being in ANBU but I have nobody else I can count on."

"I accept." Yuugao said without hesitation shocking the Sandaime.

"While I'm glad that you accept, I would have thought that it would take you a bit longer to make that decision." He remarked.

"Hokage-same, for the past six years I have considered Naruko-chan as my little sister." Yuugao smiled. "For years I have wanted to help her but I was bound by my orders not to. Now I finally have the chance to be a true older sister to her so I don't need any time to decide."

"There's another reason why I asked you this." Sandaime admitted. "On the night of the incident Naruko was devastated, asking me why nobody loved her or why she was always alone. I made her a promise that on the day she graduated from the Academy I would tell her truth about why some people dislike her so much and about her parents."

"You know who her parents are?" Yuugao asked surprised.

"Yes, I do but I have kept that knowledge a secret because if revealed it could mean even more trouble for her." Sandaime nodded. "Nevertheless, I intend to keep my promise but I fear she'll need some emotional support."

"Say no more Hokage-sama, I'll be there." Yuugao said determined

"Very well; Uzuki Yuugao, your ANBU status is hereby terminated effective immediately." Sandaime said with authority. "As of this moment you are given the rank of Elite Jounin and Jounin sensei of Uzumaki Naruko."

"Thank you Hokage-sama, I will not let you down." Yuugao said happy.

"I have the utmost confidence in you Yuugao." Sandaime smiled at her. "Teach her well."

Yuugao nodded and asked if there was anything else she could do for the Hokage but he dismissed saying he had taken enough of her free time and that he would see her the next day with Naruko. Yuugao wished the man a good night before hurrying home. When she opened the door she immediately knew her roommate was waiting for her and she wasn't happy. She knew how her roommate could be at times so she wasn't really worried.

"Where have you been?" a voice said from inside the bedroom. "Do you know how long I've been waiting for you?"

Yuugao looked at the door and smiled as her roommate and lover came out of the room wearing only the skimpiest thong possible. Yuugao looked on in fascination at what her lover was wearing or rather what she wasn't wearing. Oh yes, it promised to be an eventful night for Uzuki Yuugao.

"Like what you see?" the woman said before grabbing Yuugao in a hug and kissing her. Yuugao moaned in the kiss as she felt the woman's body pressed against hers to her pleasure. Yuugao snaked her arms around her and rested them on the perfectly shaped ass of her lover. When they broke the kiss Yuugao smiled and lead her to living room.

"Anko-chan, I've got wonderful news." Yuugao said.

"Oh, let me guess." Anko said in her typical playful manner. Yuugao nodded and Anko started guessing what the news could be. Ten minutes and a lot of weird and bizarre guesses later Anko pouted and gave up saying she didn't have any more ideas.

"Sandaime-sama asked me to become Naru-chan's Jounin sensei." Yuugao said happily hugging Anko close to her.

"You said yes right? Please tell me you said yes." Anko wanted to know. She too loved the blonde girl to bits as she had been charged with guarding her when she was little but she doubted Naruko remembered her.

"Of course I said yes." Yuugao said rolling her eyes. "Starting tomorrow I'm officially the Jounin sensei of Uzumaki Naruko."

"That's great; so will you ask her to move in with us?" Anko asked excited. The two of them had wanted to ask her for years but they never could as they weren't allowed to compromise Yuugao's identity as an ANBU.

"If we do, we'll have to tell her about us." Yuugao said thinking. "Are you okay with that?"

"Are you kidding? Of course I'm okay with that." Anko said before kissing Yuugao again and lead her to the bedroom.

Today was the day that Uzumaki Naruko would start her true career as a kunoichi of Konoha. She had no doubt that she would pass the exam and become a Genin. Making her way to the Academy she didn't notice the stares or the glares and just focused on becoming a Genin. She was pretty early today so nobody was there but that didn't bother her one bit and she went straight to the classroom knowing that while no students had arrived yet Iruka would be there already. After greeting her sensei a good morning and a bit of small talk they fell in a comfortable silence and waited for the rest of the class to arrive.

First was a written test involving history, anatomy, general knowledge and what not. It was all pretty straightforward. Naruko actually thought it was a bit silly; if you didn't know who the Hokage were and what one of their signature jutsu were after all these years, well you pretty much deserved to fail. Same went with knowing the human body and do's and don'ts of being a shinobi. Naruko was pretty sure she aced the exam so she felt very good about it.

Second came the psychical exams; unfortunately it was in alphabetical order so she had to watch most of the class go before her and she shook her head at some of the student's attempts. Some of them barely completed the obstacle course (one of her favorite exercises), barely hit the center of the target with Kunai and Shuriken and Taijutsu was a laugh. She watched as Haruno Sakura started breathing heavily barely two minutes into the spar and even then she had done nothing more than block and a few attacks here and there. 'Most of the Uchiha fan girls are pathetic like that' Naruko thought.

Finally it was her turn to spar with Mizuki-sensei and she readied herself for the match. Standing in front of the man she got into the typical Academic Taijutsu style and waited for the sign. All that was needed to pass was to survive five minutes or manage to hit Mizuki. She had every intention to land a hit on the teacher that she disliked so much. When Iruka gave the sign Naruko pressed forward and threw a punch which Mizuki easily blocked but he was still surprised at the force the punch had. Naruko didn't let up however and tried again by using a one-two combination with her left and right following closely. Again Mizuki blocked both punches but his hands were hurting from the sheer impact.

'What the hell? How does she manage to hit so hard?' Mizuki thought furiously. 'She hits harder than most boys.'

Naruko let out punch after punch, occasionally adding a kick or two in the mix but so far she hadn't managed to land a clean hit. Time was running out and while she would have passed anyway she really wanted to hit Mizuki. Deciding to use a feint she motioned to make another one-two combination to the face hoping that Mizuki would fall for it. She threw out her right which he blocked and he automatically raised his other hand to block the following left but instead of aiming at his face Naruko went for the body. Focusing her weight into the punch like Neko-chan had told her she dealt a devastating blow to Mizuki's body right where his liver was. Mizuki took the full brunt of the punch and was forced to take a few steps back before his knees buckled and fell on the ground breathing heavily and in a lot of pain.

Iruka and the rest of the students looked on in shock as the only other student that had managed to hit Mizuki was Sasuke but that was expected as Sasuke was considered a genius. Even then Sasuke's hit didn't make Mizuki fall to his knees like that. Iruka declared Naruko the winner and congratulated her on her success. Iruka then called up Yamanaka Ino who had to spar against him since Mizuki was still recovering. Naruko went back to the classroom with a huge smile on her face.

'That's for four years of glaring and belittling me.' Naruko smirked.

The last portion of the exams was the Ninjutsu testing and again Naruko had to wait her turn. One by one, students went to take the exam and she saw a lot of happy faces meaning they all passed the exam. Naruko did kind of wonder how some of them managed to pass but in the end she didn't really care. Then it was finally her turn.

"Okay Naruko, please show me the three Academy Jutsu." Iruka said smiling. Mizuki had gone home saying he needed a check up from a medic Nin to see if that punch had done any lasting damage.

Naruko nodded and performed the 'Henge no Jutsu' first transforming herself into a perfect replica of the Hokage complete with pipe and hat. Iruka nodded at her excellent performance and scribbled something on his notepad. Next came the 'Kawarimi no Jutsu' and Naruko easily switched place with a chair at the other end of the classroom earning another nod and smile from Iruka before turning to the last Ninjutsu. As she had more trouble with this one she concentrated for about half a minute before three clones appeared. Iruka frowned a bit at the time needed to execute the jutsu but in the end he smiled as she had performed it perfectly.

"Well done, Naruko." Iruka said beaming. "I'm very impressed with your performance today and I happily award you your headband. Congratulations."

"Thanks Iruka-sensei." Naruko said happily. "Thank you for teaching me, I'm sort of going to miss this place."

"You're always welcome to drop by Naruko-chan." Iruka smiled at her. "And if you ever need anything don't hesitate to ask okay?"

"I'll hold you to that Iruka-sensei." Naruko nodded before storming out the room.

'You're really something else Uzumaki Naruko.' Iruka thought before calling in Yamanaka Ino.

Five minutes later Ino returned to the classroom also wearing her headband and Iruka dismissed them all telling them to come back the next day so they could be sorted into teams. The students raced out of the room outside where parents were waiting for their children. Naruko watched as parents hugged and congratulated their kids and she felt a bit jealous that she didn't have anyone there to hug her. That was until she heard a voice directly behind her.

"Congratulations on passing Naruko-chan." The Sandaime said smiling.

"Ji-chan, you came." Naruko said smiling and went for a hug from the only man she would allow close to her.

"Of course, I promised you I'd be here didn't I?" Sandaime said hugging the girl.

"And you never break your promises right?" Naruko added laughing.

"That's right, so are you ready?" Sandaime asked her. Naruko knew that today she would learn some things about her past just like he had promised three years ago and she had been waiting for this day ever since.

"You bet. Let's go." Naruko said puling on the Sandaime's sleeves.

Sarutobi nodded and followed her; while they walked to his office they talked about the exams and how she had done. Needless to say the Sandaime was very proud of her and promised her a reward for performing so well. Naruko blushed at being praised by the strongest shinobi in the village but eagerly accepted. She really loved her Ji-chan; when he was with her nobody dared to glare at her or call her names. Until now she still didn't know why some villagers did this but today she would find out.

Arriving at the tower they went straight for the Hokage's office and Sarutobi told his secretary that he wasn't to be disturbed for the rest of the day, no matter what. When they entered the room Naruko smiled as she saw her 'big sister' standing there.

"Neko-chan, I did it. I passed the exam." Naruko told her.

"Congratulations Naru-chan; I knew you could do it." Yuugao said smiling though she was still wearing her mask. She and the Sandaime had decided that she would remove her mask so that Naruko was absolutely sure it was her and not some imposter. 'Though it would be hard to fake my beautiful long hair' Yuugao mused.

"All right let's get to business shall we?" Sandaime said getting both Yuugao's and Naruko's attention. "First of all, Neko you can remove your mask."

Yuugao nodded and watched as Naruko moved closer to finally see the face of her 'big sister'. Slowly, as to tease Naruko, Yuugao removed the mask and revealed her face sporting a beautiful smile at Naruko who was staring at her. Naruko on her side was mesmerized by Yuugao's face and couldn't stop staring until Sandaime cleared his throat to get her attention.

"Naruko, this is Uzuki Yuugao." Sarutobi said. "She has been watching and guarding you for almost six years now and yesterday she accepted to retire to become a Jounin sensei."

"So I won't see you again?" Naruko said sadly.

"You didn't let me finish Naruko-chan." Sandaime said quickly. He didn't want her to get sad already as he was sure there would be tears in his explanations that were to come. "Yuugao here will be your Jounin sensei. She's one of the strongest kunoichi in Konoha so you're very lucky to have her as a sensei."

"Really? You mean it?" Naruko asked happily. When Yuugao nodded Naruko jumped out of her chair and hugged her new sensei tightly. "Thank you so much Yuugao-sensei."

"You're very welcome Naruko-chan." Yuugao said returning the hug. "We'll talk later but for now Hokage-sama has more news for you."

"Indeed, first of all I want you to know that whatever is said here today is an S-Class secret." Sarutobi warned both of them. "Naruko, I promised you three years ago that I would tell you who your parents were and why people dislike you. Let me start with who your parents were; your mother's name was Uzumaki Kushina and she was a former kunoichi from the Whirlpool Country." Sarutobi paused to let Naruko breath a little. "She was a beautiful woman with long, fiery red hair and a tomboyish behavior. You look at lot like her except for the blond hair." Sarutobi smiled.

"So what happened to her?" Naruko asked softly.

"We'll come to that later." The Sandaime said. "Let's move on to your father. Your father's name was Namikaze Minato but you know him as Yondaime Hokage." Here both Yuugao and Naruko were shocked and had their jaw almost hit the ground.

"T-the Y-Yondaime is my dad?" Naruko asked just to be sure she didn't misunderstand.

"Yes, you are the daughter of Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minato." Sandaime said nodding. "The reason why you have your mom's name is that it would be too dangerous for you if everyone know your heritage. I'm sure you can imagine how Iwa would react as well as Minato's enemies inside the village." Both Yuugao and Naruko didn't need much more explanation to see the Sandaime was right about that. Naruko's life would have been in danger everyday of her life if that knowledge became public. The Sandaime then got up and walked to the portrait of the Yondaime and beckoned Naruko to come as well.

"Your father has left you a few things but only you can access them." Sandaime explained. "Just put a little blood on the nametag here." Naruko did as instructed and the three of them heard a loud 'click' before Sandaime pushed the portrait to the side revealing a niche inside the wall where three scrolls were laying. Sarutobi took them and handed them to Naruko who held them like they were the greatest treasure in the world. She looked at the scrolls and saw that they were marked with a number from one to three. She put the scrolls on the desk and opened the scroll marked with the number one. Tears formed in her eyes when she saw that it was a letter from her parents to her.

To our little princess;

We're writing this scroll knowing that this would be the only thing we would be able to leave you. This is without a doubt the most painful thing we had ever had to do. On this very moment Kyuubi is attacking the outer limits of the village and as Hokage (yes your dad is the awesome Yondaime you heard so much about) I have to fight it and protect the ones I love. I also know that this will be my last fight; Kyuubi cannot be defeated like any other enemy. Kyuubi is a demon and so many times stronger than a shinobi, even a shinobi as strong (and awesome) as me. Knowing this I started searching for another way to defeat it and I believe I have found it.

But this solution comes with a great cost, a cost of a human life. If it would have only been my life it would have gladly given it but unfortunately this is not the case. While I will die fighting the Kyuubi it's your life I have to sacrifice and for that I'm so very sorry. I'm going to seal the demon inside your body making you a prison for him. You will the one who will save our village every day of your life. You will stop him from destroying everything and everyone we love. You will be a hero amongst hero's but by doing this I know that I'm sentencing you to a very hard life and for that I apologize once more. Know that I have the utmost confidence in you; I know that you will be able to do what I am not. Defeating Kyuubi and protecting our village and loved ones.

The reason nobody told you about us is that I had a large number of enemies inside and outside of Konoha. I was responsible for the death of a large number of Iwa shinobi during the war and they have always been very hostile towards me after the war. If they knew I had a child they would have send assassins to kill you and I couldn't let that happen to my little princess.

You may have noticed that your mum hasn't written anything and there's a reason for that. I'm very sorry to say that your mother is very sick at the moment (which is not your fault so don't even think such a thing!), your mother has gotten very sick at the end of her pregnancy and the Medic Nin fears that she won't be able the bear the strain of giving birth to you. But know that she loves more than life itself. She's looking forward to holding you in her arms and she has a big smile on her face knowing you're almost ready to meet the world. She already talks about you and the things she will teach you when you were older. Your mum is an amazing woman, Naru-chan. Kushina is a bit of a tomboy, always hanging around with the guys but she's everything I could ever wish for in a partner and lover. I'm sure you'll look just like her thus making you the most beautiful girl on the planet (yes I just said that because it's true.)

As for me, I have never been more proud than the moment your mum said she was pregnant with a baby girl. I knew right there and then that you would be the greatest kunoichi Konoha or the elemental countries have ever seen. I have loved you since the moment your mom and I knew she was pregnant and I loved you more and more each passing day. I'm so proud to be your daddy and I love you very much. Never forget that.

Inside the other scrolls are several of my original jutsu that I have made and that made me the man I am today. This is my legacy for you Naruko. The Namikaze clan is not a big or famous clan like the Uchiha or the Hyuuga so we're not rich and we don't own a large estate but we were always happy with what we had and more importantly we had love. Make sure you find someone to love, princess because love will enable you to become truly strong.

Well, I guess this is it. There were so many things your mother and I wanted to teach you, we wanted to see you grow up happily and find love. So as your parents we give you a mission. The mission is to get as strong as you can, find love and be happy. This is our mission to you.

With all our love,

Mom and Dad.

When Naruko had finished reading she had tears running down her cheeks and even Yuugao and the Sandaime had teary eyes. Naruko couldn't hold it anymore and just cried while Yuugao jumped out of her seat and engulfed her in a hug. Naruko grabbed on to her as a lifeline and cried her heart out.

"It's okay Naru-chan, just let it all out." Yuugao said while rubbing her back. Yuugao could only imagine how Naruko must be feeling and decided right here and there that there was no way she would let Naruko live by herself any longer. The girl was in need of a family and by the Rokudou Sennin she and Anko would give her one.

It took Naruko about half an hour to calm down enough so that the Sandaime could tell her about what happened with the Kyuubi. Just like her parents had done in their letter he especially reminded that she wasn't the Kyuubi in any shape of form. She was just the jailor and the one that protect Konoha from the Kyuubi's wrath.

"Why did the Kyuubi attack?" Naruko asked suddenly.

"I fear that is something we might never truly know, Naru-chan." The Sandaime said sadly. "I have been asking myself that very same question for years but all I have is wild speculation or hearsay. Maybe one day you'll find out."

"Well, you can count on me Ji-chan." Naruko said determined. "That stupid fox won't go anywhere as long as I have anything to say about it. I'll protect this village just like mum and dad did."

"I knew I could count on you Naru-chan." The Sandaime said while putting his hand on her shoulder. "I have no doubt that the 'will of fire' burns greatly with you and I'm sure that one day you'll become the greatest Hokage Konoha has ever had."

"Damn right, I will be the best." Naruko smirked but quickly apologized when Yuugao looked at her strictly for using such language.

The trio stayed inside the office for a bit longer just talking about every day stuff before the Sandaime dismissed them saying it was a beautiful day and that they shouldn't spend it with an old man in a stuffy office. Naruko gave the Sandaime one last hug and thanked him for keeping his promise before she joined Yuugao who was waiting at the end of the hallway. Naruko and Yuugao exited the Tower and Yuugao told Naruko to follow her to her place.

"Anko, I'm home and I brought someone." Yuugao yelled loudly from the hallway. Naruko, who had never been invited to someone else's home before waited nervously not knowing if it was okay to step inside.

"What are standing there for?" Yuugao asked her. "Come on in, no need to be shy." And she pulled Naruko inside. Naruko looked on in amazement at how tidy and neat the place was compared to her place and was almost afraid to sit down when Yuugao told her to take a seat. When Naruko heard someone opening the bathroom door she turned her head but before she could see who it was someone grabbed her and held her tight. Naruko was surprised and tried to get away, not wanting someone that she didn't know to touch her.

"Anko, calm down and let go of Naru-chan. You're scaring her." Yuugao ordered and whoever was holding Naruko quickly let go. Naruko took a few steps back and saw that it was a woman who had grabbed her and she immediately calmed down a bit. The woman was wearing a short miniskirt with a fishnet shirt and a trench coat that barely covered her body. Her face was one of mischief and passion and Naruko thought she was very beautiful to say the least.

"Naruko-chan, this is my roommate and lover."Yuugao said. "Her name is Mitarashi Anko and she's a Tokubetsu Jounin."

"L-lover?" Naruko squeaked. This was something she hadn't heard about. Sure, the academy had sex education and all that but they never mentioned that two women could be lovers.

"Yep, Yuugao-chan and I are together." Anko said before planting a quick kiss on Yuugao's lips making Naruko blush like crazy. "Don't worry though; we'll try not to make you uncomfortable."

"Do you think we're weird?" Yuugao asked the blonde girl.

"N-no, it's just that I never knew that two girls could be together." Naruko admitted. "Is that normal?"

Anko and Yuugao smiled and explained that it was possible that a girl preferred other girls over boys and that there were boys who liked boys instead of girls. It was just that society frowned a bit on those people that they mostly tried to hide it so they wouldn't get into trouble. They also explained that there was nothing wrong with a girl liking girls or a boy liking boys; it was just the way things were. Naruko seemed to accept this quite easily and said that she didn't have any problems with them being together.

"If you have questions about these kinds of things you can always come to Anko or me, okay?" Yuugao said sisterly. "There's nothing wrong with asking questions either."

Anko then told Naruko that she had watched her when she was little and that she was very happy to see her again. Naruko on her side tried to remember those times but nothing came up. Anko laughed telling her not to worry about it and that they would get to know each other all over again.

"Did you ask her yet?" Anko suddenly said to Yuugao who shook her head 'no'.

"Ask me what?" Naruko wanted to know.

"We want you to move in with us." Yuugao said. "We've seen where you live and we think it would be great if you lived here with us, as a family."

"A family? You want me to be part of your family?" Naruko said not really believing it but she really hoped the women meant it. She hated being alone all the time and living here would be great.

"Absolutely." Anko and Yuugao said together. "We have a spare bedroom ready for you and we could get all your stuff tomorrow."

Naruko didn't need to be asked twice and quickly agreed saying she would love to be a family with them. After that the three had dinner together and spend the evening telling stories and getting to know each other better. When Naruko finally went to bed, she had the biggest smile on her face. Today had been a good day with lot of surprises, a bit of drama and finding a family. Life had just done a one-eighty for the young blonde and she enjoyed every minute of it.

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