The New Beginning.

I WAS TIRED OF DRIVING AT 100-MILES PER HOUR. LETTING THE ROAD FLY beneath my tires it was boring.

I had only been driving like this for the past thirty minutes and I was already bored. While I only had, another thirty minutes left of driving. I had already wanted to be at Waldport to begin my new role.

I was wearing something that my father had not seen me in recently; a tight black skirt and a hot pink sleeveless top with a black leather jacket and my new black knee high boots.

Of course, I was kidding myself, my dad, Michel. Had not seen me for about four years there was no way he would even guess what I was wearing, let alone driving.

I was riding my Suzuki Boulevard C109R, my new departing gift from my friends, a black motorbike; it shined in the sun, well the little sun that was provided since it was so cloudy.

I was glad Michel had some time to adjust to me as my stuff had been sent down three days earlier; my M3 hot pink convertible and all my winter clothing had been flown down to Michel's place before I arrived.

I was positive it would have made his mouth drop wide open. I could have been nicer about the whole thing…

NEVERTHELESS, I was in a bad mood, a really bad mood, you know those you-should-run-and-hide-for-your's-life bad moods.

I did NOT want to drive with Michel in his police car, no way, how tacky would that look I mean come on!

Also the little thought of spending an hour in the car with him made me feel awkward, he was not known for the best conversation ice breakers (How he ever picked up my mother, I would never know).

Once again I was kidding myself, I was not angry with Michel or my hair brainless, erratic mother, Ashley, I was angry with the gods.

They had forced me to move to Waldport to find out about the new vampires, it was my job to find out who they were, what they did and if they had any other powers the gods should know about.

It sounded so stupid for me to even get into this mess but since I was the Goddess of Beauty, who was a Perfecto this meant I was able to use the five elements of life without difficulty, earth, air, fire, water and of course life itself.

It was a blessing and a curse. I meant it's all good and great in battles BUT I mean having cool power and all like that always came with the big old BUT! Damn it!

It also meant I always got the more difficult jobs from the other gods, but I had something that the other gods did not have, I had the Phoenix, a curse so deadly that my parents placed on me since I was two months old, well my real god parents that was.

Michel and Ashley had no idea what I really was. Or the fact that I was just over three thousand years old, merely being reborn after my job was done in that identity (no big deal).

My real parents were the Goddess of Life and the God of Death, a mother who could kill people and a father who could bring people back from the dead and humans complained that there lives were complicated. Huh. What a joke.


I hated my curse, as every month when a full moon rose I would turn into a Demon of the Phoenix, a leader of the underworld where I would kill all those in my path.

As she was so strong and powerful that I lost control over my human form and turn into my spirit form and all things I touched, I would turn to flames as the Phoenix relied on anger and lust to remain powerful while I used happiness and love to control my powers.

(Great combo for me, yeah)

I was about ten minutes from Waldport when I pulled over to put my helmet on, as Michel would have freaked if he saw me show up with no helmet, being the chief of police at Waldport.

I started to go at the speed limit as I did not want to cause attention to myself but that was unlikely as everyone who I drove past started to stare. It was even worse when I got in town as I could hear all there thoughts, one of my many gifts.

Wonder what model it is? A boy thought.

Wow, who the hell is that? Thought another.

Great everyone was noticing me, it was not like I did not like the attention it just that there eyes were burning through my back and I hated it, I would have rather people come up to me and just say it, not that was possible as I was driving past them.

I finally made it to Michel's he was waiting out front.

His face mirrors his thoughts Oh my goodness what happen to my quiet daughter.

He tired to compose himself but he was not having much luck or maybe I was good at reading people in general and my gift was a bonus. I hide my smile as I hoped off the bike and pulled my helmet off and flick my hair around so it was not in my face.


He stared at me still shocked.

"Um, dad, are you okay?" I knew he wasn't but I had to play human so I had to ask.

"Hi… Anastasia"

He struggled to say my name out loud. He gave an awkward one-armed hug as I strolled up to the steps.

"It's good to see you Anya. How's Ashley?"

"Mum's, great dad. It's good to see you too."

As if mum would not be great, she had left Michel for a better life and claimed she had found it.

I was the only one who knew her tiny regret for not leaving me there to be raised in a quiet town so I would not have made myself another human identity, Angel.

That was right, I was singing the shops one day when my producer found me and made me into a star.

I kept my identity a secret only my parents knew, oh and every single demon and goddess ever created, along with the people who knew my secret, so some humans, elves, witches and wizards, there was no shortage.

Thankfully Michel's phone rang, it was work they had a case they wanted him to look at; so he left saying he would not be home for dinner.

I walked to my room to unpack, as Michel had no idea what to do with my stuff. What a surprise.

I got out my cosmetics; they were different from others as my moisturiser shielded my skin from the sun, so it would not sparkle in the sun, now I would have got a kick out of that (and it would be a joy to explain).

My make-up made my skin not look like I was wearing make-up.

I had to do a lot to be human, luckily I was down to only needing one hour of sleep, I could not wait until I was eighteen as I would no longer need to sleep at all as it was the age, that I decided I would not age from that point on (GO ME! GO ME!) , well I could if I did not keep my beauty remedies up but other than that, I would be fine.

I decided that I would fake sleep tonight cause as tonight would be my quietest night and tomorrow my work would begin (Oh joy).

After dinner and nice hot shower I was ready I fell into bed thinking about all the challenges I would face.