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would mean a good day and today was, as today I was having a half-day and then I was going to deliver the great news to my unsuspected friends.

Before long, I would be back to my old self. There was a thin layer of ice on the road, I would have to take my car, it was too unsafe to take my bike, as it would look very suspicious if showed up on my bike, not taking extra 'care' with the ice like everyone else.

I arrived at school turning heads with my car. People seemed to think I had everything; well I did, well almost. I did not know how to feel love anymore. That counted right? Are well I could not care less. I got out of my car, messaging a reminder to Jade so she would not be late... much.

What happen next, happen too fast for me to see the future... until it was too late... I looked up to see Danny's Van dodging Rowans car reversing, but he could not stop when he pulled away and was coming straight at me, tires locked as he tried to put on the brakes against the ice.

I went to jump over my car, I was about to expose my, secrete but suddenly a force threw me to the ground and stopped the van with his body.

When I looked up, there was Robert, again saving me as he shot his ice-cold hands to protect me from the van hitting me. It rebounded of his body and once more, the van was heading towards me this time I was going to go under it, but once more Robert stopped the van; again, he pulled me against my car while he pushed it away with his hands, steadying it.

I was so glad that my car was strong enough to take that amount of strength, as most would have buckled under the pressure. It did not stop there this time the van glass was going to break over my face.

Without warning he moved me further into my car door letting the glass miss both of our faces, but unfortunately that required him to be only centimetres away from my face. I stared at him wide eyed, while he stared at me with mixed emotions of anger and concern.

He had just saved me a lot of explaining and I could not speak.

"Anya, are you okay?" he asked, concern clear in his voice.

"I'm fine." I responded.

He still had not moved and he had just inhaled my scent. I was shocked he did not move. I tried to move but he held me in place, well rather, I did not fight his strength.

"Don't move." He responded to my actions, "I think you hit your head."

"Um... No because I don't feel any pain." I replied.

It was true; it would take more than his strength for me to feel pain. He slowly moved back allowing himself to breath. I also fixed my position up. I was now sitting comfortably on the floor. It was nice and cold.

I would have stayed like this if I did not have to listen to the string of screams of.

"Anya, Anya. Hold on Anya."

"Danny, just hold on, we're coming."

I was trying to concentrate without causing suspicion of Robert, who now was trying to fix up the mess he had created for himself. I heard his family's thoughts loud and clear.

What an idiot! Is he trying to ruin everything we have created? Sabrina thought.

There will be a mess to clean up, I hope he fix's it, as if rules are broken, the people responsible should fix it. Harvey thought.

Oh no, what has he done? Hector thought.

They got into their car and drove to the hospital; he was going to get in trouble for a mess I should have stopped. Oh no, what had I done?

"Hey you kid okay?" An EMT talked to us.

He knew Robert, which was one thing that was good.

"I fine." He replied.

The EMT looked at me.

"I'm perfect." I replied gracefully getting out of my sitting position. "Nothing is wrong with me."

"We are still going to have to make sure of that." The EMT replied.

"Well then, I'll meet you there because I don't need a stretcher." I turn to my car.

Blair was on the other side holding my keys in her hand.

"Well save the EMT one headache and let me drive." She said in a smooth voice.

"But off course." I replied.

Neither said no more as it was a losing battle.

We arrived at the hospital only to find that Michel was waiting for us. I quickly moved though the doors that lead to the room that the EMT told me to enter leaving Michel alone. Thankfully, Blair walked over and explained to him what happen because I would not.

I sat on the bed waiting for a doctor to show up. Eventually a nurse took me for a head scan to be safe. My x-rays were fine, but she sent me back to the room anyway. The only problem was the fact that Danny refused to stop his string of apologises and promises. It was a nightmare. Thankfully, Robert came in.

"I am so sorry." Danny began.

"There is nothing to worry about." Robert said. "So what's happening?" he turned to me.

"I'm bored, I'm supposed to be enjoying lunch and I'm stuck in a hospital when there is nothing wrong with me. What do you think?" I answered sarcastically.

He stared at me.

"I'm fine; I just wish I could be doing something else now." I replied honestly, I gave him a half-smile.

Thankfully, a doctor came in. it was Dr. Hamilton. He had blond hair, amber eyes and a lean yet strong figure.

"So, Miss Smith, how are we?" He asked.

"I'm fine." I responded. "Just really bored" I added that in for Robert sake.

"Well everything is in order, so I think you can go home." He said as he checked my head.

His cold touch was relaxing.

"Thank you!" I replied.

I slid off my bed gracefully. Suddenly Michel came in. I could not make a word he was saying.

Unfortunately, Robert and his father walked off. After calming Michel down, I convinced him to go sign paperwork after all I doubt he wanted to hear me try to calm down mum on the phone as he foolishly told her.

As soon as he left I quickly walked to where Roberts Family was having a conversation in a tiny corridor. Their voices were low.

"What was I suppose to do?" I heard him hiss under his breath. "Let her die?"

"This is not about her, this is about us!" his sister Sabrina hissed back.

I stood back and waited for them to notice me. Dr. Hamilton noticed first.

"Let's take this to my office." He said is a hushed voice.

"Oh, don't worry about me I was just hoping to talk to Robert for a minute." I said.

He walked over to me, he was still angry.

"What do you want?" He asked coldly.

"Hey," I snapped. "I was just going to say thank you!" I began defensively. "So thank you, you may not realise it but you saved me a lot of explaining. Oh and one more thing, I can keep a secret you know."

Before he could respond, I quickly pecked his cheek. I quickly turned and walked off.

"Shhes, you go to say thank you and people are cold to you, some people." I murmured under my breath for their sakes.

I walked off leaving them to sort out their own family problems.

"See you later Michel." I called as I exited the hospital, catching the keys Blair threw at me.

Leaving all the problems behind as I hit the gas pedal before Michel could chase after me and demand I go home. Yeah right!

I reached Newport within ten minutes. I grateful to all my friends here and that I did not have to wait for them. I could just get to the point.

"Where have you been?" Jade demanded the moment I hoped out of the car.

"There was an accident." I replied.

"What kind of accident?" Jessica asked concern in her voice.

"Are you okay?" Carly asked concern also in her voice.

"Tell us everything!" Erin demanded.

"Well first of all, I am fine, but there was a car accident and I was going to have to use my power to stop it, then suddenly a force threw me to the ground and stopped the van their body. When I looked up, there was Robert, again saving me as he shot his ice-cold hands to protect me from the van hitting me. It rebounded of his body and once more, the van was heading towards me this time I was going to go under it, but once more Robert stopped the van; again he pulled me against my car while he pushed it away with his hands, steadying it."

I blurted out fast unable to stop myself then stared again.

"It did not stop there this time the van glass was going to break over my face. Without warning he moved me further into my car door letting the glass miss both of our faces, but unfortunately that required him to be only centimetres away from my face. I was safe but now Roberts families secret is in danger. I can't let his family move because I made a mistake! I should have stopped it but he did!"

I am done oh man!

I had so many mixed emotions that I began to shed tears.

Jade was the first to comfort me with her hug. After ten minutes, I had pulled myself together.

"So last night you were really happy about this afternoon, what did you want to talk to us about?" She tried to make me smile with her favourite cute smile.

I gave her a sly smile.

"Well… you see last night… I did a task for the Goddess of Time and well she signed some documents. And…"

"Get to the point already!" Jade exclaimed unable to hide her excitement jumping up and down.

My smile was now wide with excitement.

"You're moving to Waldport!" I exclaimed.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" We all screamed together jumping up and down together.

"We all going to live in Waldport! YES!" They screamed together as we hugged each other.

"And also, your families will move to and the boys are coming to!" I added it now, as we were screaming anyway.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" We screamed again.

"Let's go shopping!" yelled Jade.

We all burst in laughter heading to the shopping centre. The time pasted quickly as we shopped for them to have suitable clothing for Waldport.

I arrived at home pretending to be tired.

"Night, Michel." I called up the stairs.

Once in my room I turned on my Laptop and opened word, I had a letter to write.

To The Hamilton's,

I am writing this letter to address my sincerest apologies. I know you may regret what you did, but you saved my life a whole lot of trouble. More then you will ever know. I am also very grateful to you as you risked your secrete to protect me.

I only hope that one day you will be able to forgive me. I know that keeping a, secrete is hard and I wish I could do more, but I cannot.

You may not know it, but I do know what it is like to keep a, secrete, so I will not tell anyone ever. To keep a secret is hard work, you must dot every 'I' and every 't' crossed; it is a lot of work for one person.

Not that I would be able to tell you if, I did or did not have a, secret

Therefore, I am sorry and thank you.

Yours truly,


I really should not have put the last part, but it was too late to take it back, and they deserved some truth. It took me all night to write the one small paragraph so I was grateful when the clock said four am.

I went to sleep and for the first time I think I was dreaming, as Robert was running but not going anywhere, I did not understand what it meant. It had to be a dream.

I arrived at school early as we had a year biology excursion. Unfortunately, I saw Blake heading in my direction as he saw I was using my bike and he wanted to talk to me about the accident. I knew Robert would be listening so I played my part.

"You're alive!" Blake yelled.

"Blake nothing happen. So get over it." I walked off leaving him shocked, yet his ego not bruised.

I saw Blair and took my chance. Robert, his sister Crystal and his brother Harvey followed from a distance.

"Hey Blair, you would not believe the dress I found yesterday at Newport. It would look so good on you!" I yelled as I ran to meet her. Ok so it was not a full lie.

"I don't know. She began.

"Now listen hear, you're the first person not to bring up yesterday, now let me reward you." I whispered in her ear.

"Well okay, I will try it on. But... when?"

"I was thinking tonight, so tomorrow we can dress up, go to a fancy restaurant, and then go dancing."

"But we're not twenty one!" she exclaimed.

"Not all dancing places serve alcohol. I have a friend Amy, she and I hung out at all these places all the time. Trust me." I was going to win her over.

"Well okay we can try." She admitted in defeat.

"Hey guys get on the bus!" Mr Sand interrupted.

"Now let's go on this field trip!" I said sarcastically, pretending to be enthusiastic.

We both burst out laughing as we sat on the bus. It was my chance to launch into all the details.

"The dress looks like this." I took of my jacket to explain better. "It is a V-neck; well it's a halter neck. It goes to here." I said as I placed my hand midway between my thigh and knee.

I went through all the details, of the dress. Blair asked me a question I had not expected.

"Are you going to the dance?" Was I? No, it was better not to go.

"Nah, I got better things to do that day. Plus I have other arrangements."

"Like what?" She demanded. "Well what are you going to do then?"

Dam! She is good... hmmm... I got it!

"First some shopping, then I'll go to dinner, then I'll go out dancing with complete strangers all night long. After all I'm not spending all night doing partner dancing and how can you dance to music with a beat if you are in a floor length dress?" I explained.

"Yeah, you will have more fun that way, being you." She suddenly scowled.

"What's wrong? I asked concerned about her mood swing.

"My hair won't do as I ask!" she complained.

"Leave that up to me, I always carry hair supplies in my hand bag." I replied.

Before long, I had her hair in low ponytail and using my hair clip to clip it to her head. I fixed up my own hair by putting it into a bun and using chopsticks, I created an 'x' in my bun.

"There, all done." I replied with a sigh.

"Thanks." She smiled at me warmly.

"You're welcome" I smiled. We were now at the place for a field trip. "Ready?"

"Let's go have fun!" she muttered sarcastically.

"Loads" I smiled before we burst into laughter.

Everyone stared at us as we walked by in our own 'private' conversation. Well it was… to most ears.

I welcomed the idea of going back to school, as I did not like the idea of staying here longer than necessary; it was just a green house.

When we arrived back, to our surprise we found everyone in the car park staring at something.

"Let's go check it out!" I urged Blair as I pulled her with me.

"Hey!" she said as I pulled her, she gave up the idea of stopping me quickly and let me pull her.

I suddenly came to abrupt stop. Everyone was around a M3 blue convertible, an exact replica of mine. It took me a minute to figure out who were in the seats.

"Oh, my God, I know those girls, they are my friends from Phoenix," I took a deep breath.

"Jess, Carly, Jade and Erin! What are you doing here?" I almost yelled it as I walked over to Jessica's Car. "Oh my God, you have to meet them!" I said to Blair dragging her with me again.

"Hey!" Jade yelled back as she hoped out of the front seat.

The others got out of the car with her. They waited for me as they leaned on the car. Jade wore black peep toe heels, a black chiffon dress that went to her knees and a white parker on her arm. Her hair was evenly parted with two plaits on either side. Her red bead necklace made her stand out.

"There you are; we were beginning to wonder if this was your school!" Erin exclaimed.

Erin's short hair had a red headband in it. She wore a red strapless top, with a black three-quarter jacket and three-quarter denim jeans. Her red flats making a bold statement.

"Don't worry, it is." I laughed. Only Erin would think that.

"Anyway it would not matter as this is our new school too." Jessica looked at Erin.

She was hopping Erin got her implied meaning. Play human. Jessica wore a flowing green skirt with white leggings; she wore an aqua long sleeved blouse and her black 6-inch heels making her legs look longer. Her dark green parker hung over the car door she leaned on. Her hair was in a messy bun.

"You came!" I exclaimed.

So soon I thought, since we could hear each other's thoughts.

"What did you think that we would leave you here to fend for yourself? Friends stick together!" Carly responded.

As if we could not get here, fast enough.

She wore light blue jeans, with a blue top and a denim jacket; she wore her favourite black boots. The heels she preferred normally involved thick heels, for more support. She had her hair pulled into a ponytail. Once again, Jade was the first one to notice me outfit.

"And you tell us to try and blend in?" She whispered in my ear as we hugged.

"To every rule there is an exception." I whispered back.

She was right though. I was in a short pink skirt with, white legging, a light pink singlet, with my white parker and my white knee high boots. After, we had finished hugging each other. Jade noticed we had company.

"Who is this?" She asked pointing to Blair.

"This is Blair, Blair this is Jessica, Jade, Carly and Erin." As I said each of their names, I pointed to them.

"So this is Waldport, huh." Jade said. Her eyebrows rising as she looked around.

"Yeah, pretty much." Blair responded. She was not afraid that was a good thing, I think…

"Hey. Where are the guys?" I asked to them.

On cue, a car sped around the corner and parked in front of us.

"You called." Jason said.

He was Erin's boyfriend, they fit perfectly as they did so many crazy things in their past lives, and they actually had got better and thought through more things. He had a lot of muscle, as he worked out often. He had thick black hair messy and his green eye filled with excitement. He wore a grey sweater that hugged his chest and a pair of jeans.

Next to him sat Mark, Carly's boyfriend. He had a lean figure, brown hair and grey eyes.

He wore a blue short-sleeved shirt with a pair of jeans.

Behind him in the back seat sat Luke, Jessica's boyfriend, he had some muscle with curly blond hair and green/blue eyes, he wore a long sleeved top that outlined his muscle, with a pair of jeans.

On the other side sat Ryan, he had red/brownish hair, his eyes were blue, he had muscle but never showed it, which explained why on top of his short sleeved top was a black leather jacket, he also wore a pair of jeans. He smiled at me. He was used to the sarcasm.

"Well, well, well if it isn't the three musketeers and prince charming at my service." I answered.

"Now which one of us is the prince? Jason asked.

"Who do you think?" I asked with a laugh. Ryan took my hand and gave it a kiss. I could hear all the human boys fuming over such a simple gesture.

"You look beautiful." He said.

"Thank you." I replied. Ryan and I had never dated, but everyone thought it.

We had been under cover many times pretending to be lovers. We had only ever kissed once and that kiss put him in a comer for three months. The only thing we had done together and not denied was that we had been dance partners in Paris for fourteen years in another lifetime. Like my friends and I they were Gods. Except that, we girls were more powerful.

"So how's Diane?" I asked wrapping my arm around him.

"She left, you were right; she does not like long distance relationships." He replied with a sigh.

"Don't worry you'll find someone, I know It." I winked at him. He smiled back.

"Where would I be without you?" he asked.

"Who knows? But I don't think it would be pretty." I laughed again.

"Hey, hey, how are you?" Asked Jason as he picked me up and lifted me into the air.

"Hey, put me down! This instant!" I demanded.

Everyone laughed including Blair. She was quick to adjust.

"Okay, wish granted." Without another word, he dropped me into the snow.

I let out a quick scream as I fell.

"You are so dead." I replied.

He pinned me down in the snow.

"Oh really?" He asked.

"Just because I can't hurt you much, does not mean I can't tell your girlfriend what you did in Mexico last summer." I answered with a sly smile.

"You wouldn't?" He asked.

"Would I?"

"What happen last summer in Mexico?" Erin demanded.

"Please don't!" He begged.

"Help me up." I said holding out my hands.

He helped me up and gave me a helpless look. The others started laughing.

"I wouldn't laugh. After all I have plenty of stories that involve Mexico, Italy and France all involving last summer." I replied again with a sly smile.

"You wouldn't?" Jason, Mark and Luke chimed.

Ryan stilled laughed with the girls.

"I am so glad that I never dated any of her friends." Ryan said in a laugh.

"Come on you lot, I'll show you around." I said with a smile.

"But I wanna know what happen last summer in Mexico, Italy and France." Jessica, Erin and Carly chimed as they chased after us.

Jade, Ryan, Blair and I just laughed and kept walking while the others hurried behind. We were in our own world, but I could still tell that everyone in the whole school watched us.

My smile grew more pronounced the more people looked. Blair was on a high; she had never had this much fun in so long she was beginning to enjoyed the attention.

Blair and I lead the way. We walked past Robert and his family. Of course, Jason said something to ruin the mood.

"So that's the guy who saved you." He said in a voice to soft for human ears.

Wonder how well he'd do in a fight against me?

Suddenly a rush of emotions ran through me. I had no control over what I was about to say. I was so glad Blair could not hear me.

"If you ever touch him or his family I'll cut your throat while you sleep!" I threaten.

Everyone thought the same thing.

Jason, you are an idiot!

Thankfully, for everyone Ryan put his arm around me and whispered in my ear.

"Now, now, now, take a deep breath. You know Jason; he always has a smart remark, imagine what it felt like for me as I spent four hours listening to this."

"Yeah, that why I have a motorbike. So I can be alone!" I hissed.

"Hey, don't kill him here, imagine the mess, do it later, you know I don't mind, in fact if you do let me know so I can get front row seats." He whispered back. With that, he smiled. "You see much better."

"Thank you." I whispered he was right I was feeling better.

"The office"

We had arrived.

While everyone got his or her information, my phone rang.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hello?" asked the voice.

"Herve? What do you want?" I hissed in a low voice as I walked outside around the corner of the office.

"We have a problem."

"Go on." I knew this was bad.

"I can't find him."

"What, do you mean you can't find him?" I hissed.

"We can't find the vampire who is killing all the people by playing games." I could hear the defeat in his voice.

"Forget about Finn for now, we'll deal with him later, for now just go and get more venom. Okay?"


"Good, talk to you soon, bye."

"Bye." I took a deep breath in and slowly released it.

I was calm again as I would eventually catch the Vampire that was causing me a lot of time and mess. Then I would show him the true meaning of death. I slowly turned only to find Robert in front of me and quite close. SHIT!


"Robert." He stared at me.

He was waiting for something, but he somehow was keeping his thoughts sealed. Dam him! I decide now would be the better time to give him the letter.

"Here." I dropped the letter in his hand. "Have a good day." I walked back around the corner to find the others exiting.

"Ready?" Blair asked.

"Of course, this way." With that, I lead the way to English as we all had it together.

The day passed as a blur until we had biology. I was in deep conversation with the girls when Robert arrived. He sat down without speaking a word. I continued to talk until Mr Sand called for our attention. I turned around flicking my hair.

You sure like to torment him. Carly thought.

I rolled my eyes and sighed. Thankfully the lesson flowed by. Gym was easy; sir did not question what I did as I knew what we were learning.

I could barely wait to be out of school so Blair and I could go shopping. She too could not hold it in.

We drove to her house on my bike, then drove to my house and changed to my car. We arrived at Newport in no time. I lead the way to the shop to where she had to try on the dress.

The moment she put it on, it took my breath away, it looked better on her than it had on me. She had to have it and she did. We got changed in our outfits for dancing and dinner at my house. I wore a strapless knee length dress, with black stilettos.

While Blair borrowed, my black heels with black fake crystals on them. They looked great on her. I did her hair and make-up as well as my own. By six' o clock we were ready and we left. We ate dinner at the same French restaurant that I had eaten at with my other friends.

Then we walked over to the dance place. We walked past the guards, as they knew me. I dragged her to the dance floor and that where we stayed until ten. She looked exhausted but she made it home in one piece.

Once I dropped her off, I headed back to the dance floor until three the following morning. I went through the window to my room, after fixing myself up, I happily fell asleep.

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