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Brooke could not stop smiling. No matter how hard she tried to calm down, she just couldn't. Her face was really starting to hurt. She was sure she looked like a crazy person, but she couldn't help it and she didn't care.

Sam was back! She had her daughter back.

Brooke had been dreaming about this day from the moment Sam had left a month ago, but she never thought it would actually come true. She didn't even want to think about how this was possible, she just wanted to thank whoever was responsible for suddenly making her life whole again.

She quickly grabbed the first shirt and pair of jeans she could find, and threw them on. She did her hair and make up in record time before making her way back into the kitchen, moving so fast because she was afraid that Sam would be gone if she took too long or something.

But she wasn't. She was greeted with the same smiling face when she entered the room, and her own smile doubled in size, if that was even possible.

"You're still here," she couldn't help but comment. It wasn't a question though, she just felt the need to state it to remind herself that this wasn't a dream. Sam laughed and nodded her head, kicking out the stool that was across from her on the other side of the table.

"I'm here," the younger girl confirmed, happy to see that her foster mother was so happy to have her back. She had almost forgotten just how hyper and bouncy Brooke could be when she was happy. She shook her head, just now realizing why Haley called her Tigger sometimes.

"And you're not going anywhere, if I have anything to say about it!"

It was Sam's turn to beam, those words filling her with more joy than she ever thought possible. Just five minutes with Brooke made her happier than she'd been in the past month. She didn't even know why she left in the first place. Okay, she did know why, and she might even think that it had been for the best, since she might have never fully been able to appreciate what she had here if she never lost it, but it still seemed silly to her now. As most things did in hindsight.

Brooke grabbed the cordless phone off its base, figuring she'd be getting lots of 'just checking in' calls from her friends that day, before sitting down across from the younger brunette. "So, what did you make me?"

"Same as the last time," Sam answered, picking up her fork and watching Brooke eyeing the food in front of her. "You seemed to like it, and well, it's all I know how to make."

"Well, it looks delicious." Without another word, both girls dug in, enjoying the food, but most of all, each other's company. Just like she thought, Sam's cooking really was great. She even made a mental note to ask Haley to teach Sam how to cook other things, because she would probably be great at it if she tried. As the stray thought left her mind, another one entered. "Oh, crap!"

"What?" Sam immediately asked, cringing and looked imploringly at Brooke's plate. "I left a shell in there, didn't I? I'm so bad at those."

"No, I was supposed to be having breakfast at Haley's right now." Normally she'd feel bad about bailing on her friend, especially when it had been such a nice offer to begin with, but Brooke just found it pretty impossible to feel bad about anything right now. "I guess I could just call her. I'm sure she'd be thrilled to hear that you're back."

Sam smirked at her words, waiting until she was finished chewing to break the news to Brooke, who was already reaching for the phone. She felt bad for bursting her bubble, seeing how excited she was about getting to share her good news. "Yeah, she already knows."

"What?" Brooke stopped dialing and narrowed her eyes at her daughter. "How does Haley already know you're back home?"

Getting back to her eating, and motioning for Brooke to do the same, Sam told her what happened. "She's pretty much the reason I'm here." Brooke arched her eyebrows in question, but didn't say anything as she continued to eat. "You know how she does those weekly assignments? Well, on Monday she told us that we had to write about our mothers, in honor of Mother's Day. She said it was because she didn't have time to think of anything that weekend, and she thought it made sense, but she was totally just doing it for me."

Brooke immediately felt a tug at her heart, knowing Haley had been responsible for Sam sitting there with her. Not only had her friend given her, her daughter in the first place, but she had gotten her back for her, too. Man, did she owe Haley a huge present on her next birthday.

"So that's why you came back?"

"I wasn't happy there from the start," Sam admitted, putting her fork down and giving Brooke and the conversation her full attention. "Haley's assignment just made me admit it. Rebecca was nice, she was. Easily better than the foster parents I've lived with before, and the house was really nice, too." For some reason, she found it hard to hold Brooke's gaze as she talked about her stay with her birth mother. She almost felt like anything even remotely positive she said about the woman or her time spent with her was betraying Brooke. "But it just wasn't my home, you know?" When she looked back up and was met with nothing but a comforting smile, she finished shyly. "And well, she wasn't my mom."

The tugging at Brooke's heart from before stopped, as it practically burst right out of her chest with love. "God, sweetheart, you are too far away from me right now." Jumping up from her seat, Brooke moved around the table to bring Sam to her feet, only to crush her in their second huge bear hug of the morning.

Normally Sam would be mortified at this display of affection from her mother, but she'd be lying if she said she didn't need this hug just as much as Brooke did. Without a second thought, she wrapped her arms tightly around the taller girl's waist and relaxed in her arms. If she had any doubt that coming back was the right choice, and she didn't, how comfortable and safe she felt in Brooke's arms would have erased it all.

"You have no idea how much I love you, kiddo," Brooke told her, kissing her on the top of the head and squeezing her even tighter. "No idea."

"I love you, too," Sam mumbled against her shoulder. Her whole life, Sam had only ever said those words twice, and both times she had said them to Brooke. With one last squeeze, Brooke figured it was time to let the girl breathe, and she pulled back, only to drag her over to the couch in the living room. "But breakfast …"

"I'm too excited to eat." Without giving her more time to protest, Brooke pushed Sam down on the couch and sat down beside her, immediately pulling her into a sideways hug. Sam just laughed and went with it. She'd never met anyone else who loved to hug as much as Brooke did, but she was kind of used to it now. And not that she'd ever admit it, but she had also kind of missed it.

They just sat in silence for a few minutes, both girls knowing they didn't have to say anything. Sam took the opportunity to look around the room, noting that nothing had really changed. Though she had noticed before that the pictures of Angie and the others from high school that were on the fridge had pretty much all been replaced with pictures of her and Brooke, her and Haley, her and Jamie, and even the one Mia took at Peyton's baby shower.

Before she could look around anymore, she finally felt Brooke's eyes on her. She turned towards her and was met with the most loving look she could ever remember receiving. She suddenly felt shy in front of the woman, not sure why Brooke was looking at her like that. "What?"

Without warning, Brooke felt her eyes start to water and her throat start to close up. All she could do was shake her head and smile at Sam, letting her know it was nothing bad. She swept the bangs off of Sam's forehead and placed a long kiss on it, closing her eyes to keep the tears a bay.

Sam was really starting to worry about Brooke. She figured she'd be happy to have her back, but she had no idea she'd get this emotional about it. As loved as she felt because of it, she also felt even more guilty for abandoning her like she had.

"Brooke," she whispered, pulling away from her foster mother. She started to tear up herself when she met her gaze. "I'm so sorry that I left. I know that you weren't mad, and that you said you understood, and that Haley told me that it was the right thing, and I know it probably was, but I'm just so sorry that it happened the way it did. If I made you think that I was choosing her over you, because I promise that I wasn't."

"Oh, baby, I know," Brooke assured her. She reached for Sam's hands and held them between her own. "You don't have to apologize for anything, sweetheart. You did what you had to do, what anyone would have done. What I would have done. Please don't feel bad about that, okay? I just really missed you is all."

"I missed you, too." It would probably take a while before Sam would stop feeling bad about what happened, but she could tell that Brooke meant and believed what she was saying, and that was enough for her, for now. "So, um, do you want your gift now?"

"Gift?" Brooke repeated, taken aback. "I thought you were the gift!"

"A gift you'll want to return in a few weeks, when the new found novelty has worn off and I go back to annoying you," Sam joked, moving out of Brooke's arms to stand up and get her bag.

"Samantha Walker annoy me? Never!"

"Yeah, yeah," she laughed. She pulled out her notebook and flipped to the page she was looking for. She had the typed out version with her too, but it was marked up from Haley, and she figured her hand written one might mean more for some reason. She stood in front of Brooke and nervously shuffled her feet. "Um, I thought you might want to read what I wrote."


"About you," she clarified, stepping back towards the couch to sit back down. "Haley's assignment. Everyone else was giving it to their moms for Mother's Day, and I figured if all the cool kids were doing it …"

"You're gonna let me read that?" Sam's notebook had been totally off limits before, and the only thing Brooke had ever been allowed to read of her's had been her contest winning essay, and that had been hard enough for Sam. While she enjoyed writing, and she didn't care about other people reading her work, she was always shy about people close to her reading it. The only stuff she would show Haley was the stuff she had to write for school. She had let Julian read some of her fictional stuff, but that was it. Anything in the book she was holding was extremely personal to her.

"This page, yeah," she said, handing over the worn out book. Brooke took a hold of it, but Sam didn't let go quite yet. "Just don't get used to it. Oh, and you cannot, in any way, hold what it says over my head in the future to embarrass or blackmail me, got it?"

"Like I would ever do that," Brooke replied with a smirk, but nodded in agreement. Even though Sam knew she was more than likely lying, like any true mother would do, she let go of the book. Knowing how hard that was for her, Brooke reached forward and brushed her thumb across Sam's cheek quickly to let her know it would be okay. When she could that Sam was okay with it, she turned her full attention to the words in front of her.

Brooke Davis is a good person, a cool designer and a kickass mom. I said that exact thing to her once, when I was trying to convince her not to give up the guy she loved for me. What I learned that night was that Brooke Davis was also a very stubborn person, because she didn't listen to me. Instead, she chose to give up the guy and stay in this crappy town so I could have a stable home.

Growing up, I never lived in the same foster home for more than a few months because nobody could stand me for that long. I always heard stories about kids like me hitting the jackpot with foster parents, but by a certain age, I stopped believing they were true, and if they were, it would never happen to me. Then I met Brooke. We met at one of the lower points in my life, but she somehow gave me a chance anyway. She asked me to move in with her and I thought she was just some crazy lady getting in over her head. I tried all of my usual tricks to see how far I could push her, but no matter what I did, she wouldn't give up on me. Eventually I realized that she was the real deal, and I had finally hit my jackpot, and if I didn't smarten up, I was going to blow it. So I did, I smartened up and tried to be the kid that she deserved to have. I followed her rules, I worked hard in school, and I opened up to her.

Brooke Davis is the first person that has never let me down, not once. She helped me and she cared for me and she disciplined me and she literally risked her life for me. And I took her for granted. I left her to live with the woman who gave me away, thinking that she was my real mother, but she wasn't. If she was, I would have been able to write this paper on her, but I don't think there's much eloquence in the word 'nice'. A mother isn't 'nice.' A mother is loving and proud; she's brave, she's giving, she's selfless and caring. She's patient and thoughtful and nurturing and an endless list of other positive adjectives. If that's not Brooke Davis in a nutshell, I don't know what is.

Most kids have known their mothers for their whole lives, but in a way, I have too. I like to think of my life as Samantha Walker as a bad prelude to my real life; my life as Samantha Davis, daughter of Brooke Penelope Davis. My happy ending and my happy beginning.

Sam watched Brooke read her paper, and found it to be totally awkward and just wished that Brooke would say something. Brooke's eyes finally made it to the end of the page, and she held her breath.

"Sammy…" That was a new one, Sam thought, almost smiling at the nickname. A few people had called her that before, Julian for example, but it was a first for Brooke. She figured that was a good thing. "I don't know what to say."

"It was a really cheesy, I know, but you know Haley, she just eats that stuff right up," Sam rushed to explain. While it was true, she might have padded it with some extra cheese to get some much needed bonus points with her young teacher, it didn't make the sentiment behind the words any less true. "But, I mean, actual quality of the writing aside, I meant what I said."

"Come here, you." Brooke really couldn't find anything else to say, so she just settled for hugging her again. She had never been more touched in her entire life, and there were just no words she could think of to convey that to Sam. That was so going on the fridge. "So you still want to be a Davis?"

"If you'll have me." Nothing would make her happier than to have Brooke adopt her, but she'd never dream of bringing it up or asking Brooke about it, not after how she reacted last time. Ending the hug, Sam pulled away and looked Brooke right in the eyes so she'd know how sincere she was. "I've never wanted anything more in my life."

"Well, like I said, you'll always be a Davis to me," Brooke reminded her with a wink, bringing her sleeved hand up to wipe some of the tears off Sam's cheeks. "But I think it's time we make it official, don't you?"

"Hell yeah!"

Brooke laughed and ruffled her daughter's hair. "I'll call my lawyer first thing tomorrow morning, then." She wasn't sure just how easy it was all going to be, but she knew she would stop at nothing to make Sam her daughter in the eyes of the law, so she wasn't too worried about it. She was about to continue when there was a knock at the door. "Why don't you bring your stuff into your room while I get that?"

Sam agreed without a word, and picked up her bags and moving towards her room, which she found was exactly as she had left it. Brooke waited until the teen was gone before she opened the door to find Haley standing on the other side with an anxious look on her face.

"So, how did things …" Haley didn't get a chance to finish her question before she was wrapped up in Brooke's arms and practically lifted off the ground. She was confused for a moment until she saw Sam poke her head around the corner to see who was at the door, and she realized that it was a hug of gratitude. They shared a smile and Sam decided to give them a minute alone. "Tigger, I can't breathe."

"I don't care," Brooke told her, holding her for a moment more before releasing her and placing her back on the ground. Brooke just looked at Haley, her eyes conveying everything that she wanted to say to her. "Hales … You have no idea how much … I just … Thank you. I don't even know where to start."

"It's okay, Brooke, I know," the shorter girl promised her, smiling warmly at her friend and rubbing her arm. "And you're welcome."

Brooke wanted to say so much more to her, but for the second time that morning, she was speechless, and she found that it was impossible to come up with the words for how grateful she was to Haley. She didn't think she could ever repay Haley for this, but God, she was going to try.

"Well, don't be rude, invite her in," Sam interrupted them, walking into the kitchen. "She might want some of my delicious cold pancakes!" The women laughed, and Brooke ushered Haley inside. The three of them spent the rest of the day just hanging out, catching up, and even watching a couple of movies. When it was getting late, Haley called Nathan and had him drive over to pick her up, so Jamie could see Sam, knowing he'd be ecstatic that she was back.

Once the Scotts had left, the Davis girls cleaned up the mess they had made and started getting ready for bed. After they got changed, they both ended up in Sam's room, lying under the covers and staring at the ceiling. Brooke said that she just wanted to spend Sam's first night back with her, but she knew it was because Brooke was still scared that she'd disappear somehow. But it didn't matter to Sam, she was more than happy to have their own little slumber party.

"Hey, Brooke?"


"I'm really glad I'm home."

Brooke tore her gaze from the ceiling and turned her head to look at the girl lying beside her. "Me too, honey."

"How am I gonna top this next Mother's Day?" Sam mused, lightening the moment.

"I'm sure you'll think of something."

"Maybe I'll find you another kid to adopt."

"Ahh, I think I'll have my hands full with you for awhile. I don't think I want anymore kids until I'm married."

"Speaking of marriage, when are you gonna crawl back to Julian and beg for forgiveness?"

"Okay, I think it's time for bed now."

"It's only, like, ten o'clock."

"It's been a long day," Brooke countered, turning over so her back was now facing Sam.

"Not really, we just sat around and talked."

"Well, I'm tired."

"Oh, come on, you know you totally blew it with Julian."

"I'm not talking about this right now."

"How come I don't have a daddy?"

"Goodnight, Samantha!"

"Jeez," Sam laughed, knowing that tone well. Deciding she better not push her luck on the first night, she relented, and remained quiet. She laid there for a few more minutes, just looking up and going over the day's events in her head, thinking Brooke was asleep.

"Hey," Brooke whispered, turning over slightly so she could make sure Sam had heard her and she wasn't asleep. The younger girl looked over. "I love you, kiddo."

"I love you, too, mom," Sam replied, trying it out. She closed her eyes and curled her lip a bit. "Yeah, no, that's gonna take some getting used to."

"Definitely." They shared a laugh and Brooke rolled over to place one last kiss on her daughter's temple. "Now go to sleep. And you better not snore."

"Samantha Davis does not snore!" Both girls simply smiled at the name, but kept quiet. Nothing else needed to be said.

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