A double duel was being held. Shadows criss-crossed the ground, the King No-Light and Prince Black of the Dark Isle black squirrels dodged in and out of the shadows. Their opponents were the King Oak and Queen Daisy of Mistmantle, the peaceful home to otters, hedgehogs, moles, and the royal families own kind, red squirrels. At the edge of the crowd, the heir to the Mistmantle throne, fought to hold his sister back. She hated it when their parents were in duels. She finally stopped struggling, and stood close to her brother.

A squirrel near the princess leaned over to whisper in her ear. "Excuse me, your highness, but you need to get out of here, quick! The black squirrels are going to kill everyone at the end of the duel, and that is almost over. You must save yourselves!"

The princess looked at him and noticed for the first time that he was a Dark Isle squirrel. He grabbed her paw and started leading her back towards the beach, where swans were lined up and ready to go.

Her brother quickly went from Mistmantle animal to Mistmantle animal, telling them to get back to the swans on his call.

As the princess and the squirrel reached the beach, she thanked him and gave him her lucky green feather. He took it and tied it to a loose piece of twine that was around his neck.

They smiled at each other. A cry went out, and all the Mistmantle creatures surged towards the beach and their swans. The princess hopped onto her swan, and saw her brother leaping onto his.

When she finally caught his gaze, he shook his head. Their parents had been killed.

"No," she whispered, tears streaming down her face, "No!

"I'm sorry," the black squirrel said from behind here. When she turned around, he was running back to the trees, and his own kind.

"Don't leave!" she called to him, but it was already to late. The swans were taking them home.

But the princess would forever remember the smile on that squirrel's face.