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Fabian staggered into the emergency room, his boss leaning heavily on him.

"Gudek, how are you faring?"

"I have a bullet in my ass, Fab, what do you think?"

A surgeon walked over to them, "Agent DiNozzo?"

Tony gritted his teeth. "That's me."

"Jestem twoja chirurg, Lekarz Lisa Kwiatkowski, Agent DiNo-"

Tony thought about it quickly, - I'm your surgeon, Doctor Lisa Kwiatkowski- as he looked at her up and down.

"Proszę, zaproszenie mnie Tony." Tony smiled, charmingly.


Lisa was preparing Tony for surgery, answering any questions he had about procedure.

"So, are you plunging a knife into my butt?"

"Yes, you could put it that way Ton-ee."

"And is anyone else sticking a knife into my butt?"

Tony was really beginning to try her patience. "Any questions that don't include ass, butt or bottom."

"Will you go out with me?" As Tony smiled his face creased, yet he still looked like a ten year old boy. Lisa smiled back, resigned, she liked this man. He was sweet in his own slightly odd way.

"I might be married," she jibed.

"But you're not."

"I've got an evening off on Saturday. Do you know the Wiewiorka?"

"Yeah." Everyone within a twenty mile proximity knew the Squirrel, it was the best restaurant in town.

"Pick me up here at seven-thirty."


Tony dug into his steak. So far his evening had been good... fantastic. Lisa was smart, and beautiful. But something was ringing bells in his subconscious.

Lisa looked at him with concern. "Ton-ee, that must be the first time you've stopped eating all night! Is the wołowa not right?"

"No, no. The steak's fine, delicious." He looked at her with sudden horror. Surgeon, doctor. Dark hair, falling just below her shoulders. Funny, beautiful. And almost identical to Jeanne. "Sorry J-Lisa. I'm sorry. I've gotta go." He called a waiter and put 300 Polish złoty into his hand. "That should cover anything you want, Lisa. And keep the change, Chłopiec."

With that Tony sprung to his feet and rushed out of the restaurant.

Lisa stared after him. She needed to get to the bottom of this. Something had bothered him. When he'd looked at her, a memory seemed to have flashed past his eyes. She needed to speak to Fabian.


Lisa waited outside Fabian's house. She had been waiting for ten minutes when he arrived.

Fabian Sawiki stepped out of his car, he had been expecting her. After Tony had blurted out, although he had called it admitting, his problem with Lisa, and Jeanne, anyone else might have teased Tony but Fabian allowed him to finish without input before making a quiet comment.

"Gudek, I think that it was a long time ago, and that if Lisa reminds you of Jeanne, that is fine. Because you like her. And she likes you. And it does not matter if she reminds you of Miss Benoit or Miss David, or Miss Todd or any woman you have admired before because she is not them."

He greeted her in English. "Doctor. Can I assist you?"

Lisa had thought about how to phrase this. Unfortunately, she now had to translate it into English. It came out slightly blunter than she had meant.

"I want to know about, Ton-ee."

Fabian sighed and invited her into his house.


A year and a half later....

Rome, Italy

"Do you Lisa Kwiatkowski; take Anthony DiNozzo to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

Lisa smiled. "I do."

"And do you Anthony DiNozzo; take Lisa Kwiatkowski to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

Tony grinned inanely, as he saw Abby clap her hands together in anticipation, and her own husband, Simon grab her hands, pressing them firmly together, before winking at Tony.

"I do."

Fabian smiled broadly as he began. "Then I prono-"

Tony put up his hand. "Fabian, now is not the moment to smile. Couldn't you smile tomorrow, or any other time where the tenth of September will be remembered as my, and my wife's, wedding day, not the day Fabian Sawiki finally grins."

Fabian wiped the smile off his face, turning into a, slightly more cheerful than usual, stone mask. "Better, Anthony?"

Lisa groaned, "Get on with it, gentlemen."

"I now pronounce you husband and wife."

Simon released Abby's hands.


"Tony, I think I should take your name," Lisa shoveled a spoonful of muesli into her mouth.

"I thought you didn't want to."

"I didn't until your friends started calling me, Kwi-ang-oink-see."

"Are you sure?"

Lisa looked at her husband.

"Okay, you're sure."

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