Ginny barged through Hermione's front door without bothering to knock, Harry not far behind her. Today Hermione had come back from Australia. She had travelled there to restore her parent's memories and bring them back to England. They raced through the house searching for their friend. Ginny looked into the kitchen and found Hermione eating breakfast and reading the Daily Prophet.

'Hermione!', she squealed. Harry skidded to a halt beside her. Hermione looked up and grinned at them.

'Hey guys! I missed y-……What?', she asked hesitantly. Ginny and Harry were staring at her with horror struck expressions. They exchanged a fearful glance.

'Hermione? Umm...What is that?', Harry asked quietly, pointing at her hand. He was referring to her piece of toast. Hermione quickly checked it, a bewildered look on her face.

'Toast?', she said slowly. Ginny shook her head.

'No, what is that on the toast?', Harry asked forcefully, he was trying not to look at it.

'Oh! Is that what you two are on about?', Hermione laughed as Ginny and Harry's expressions became more and more serious.

'It's just a spread. I found it in Australia. I know it doesn't look that great but it tastes amazing, and it's very addictive', she said brightly whilst gazing fondly at her piece of toast.

Harry and Ginny were quickly becoming alarmed. They had heard of this strange Australian product that brainwashed people into thinking that it was good. It was the Lord Voldemort of spreads. Black, thick, and made from yeast. Highly addictive though visibly repelling.

Ginny slowly approached the table and picked up the jar next to Hermione's plate. It was small, seemingly innocent, with a yellow label and lid. She turned it around to read the name and saw what confirm her worst nightmares: Vegemite.

A/N: This is so random. I was just thinking about Vegemite, and how people who aren't Australian are like OMG how can you eat it! It looks disgusting etc. Now I am really craving a Vegemite sandwich…..yes as you probably guessed I am Australian, and addicted to Vegemite.

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