Hi, guys! This is just a little drabble I came up with about half an hour ago.
It doesn't have any poetic rhythm that I am aware of, I just thought it, then wrote it down, it's more like a letter than a poem.
I just love Bella/Esme, it's so cute and I had to write it.

Disclaimer: If Twilight was mine, Esme would be real and I'd have her adopt me so fast! But its not so wah! :'(

Material things never last long

Over time they age and fall apart
Words and love can only last forever
Etched upon the heart.

You make my life so much better
All the bumps in life you flatten with ease
Your smile brings me warmth,
Your hugs bring me a feeling of peace in the world
Just being there everyday brings me happiness
One of which cannot compare with any other

You put up with all I throw at you
You're always there to talk
You're always there to put a smile on my face
You always know just what to do
Just what to say
You pick me up when I'm low
And keep me up

You always stand by me
You never judge
I know you'll never go away
Whenever I'm in need, I know you'll always be there
You're one I can trust
And always depend
No matter how rough it gets

You'll never know how much I'm grateful for you
You're my best friend and yet, you're so much more
You're my mother and I love you
Nothing could ever be truer,
Than the love and up most respect that I have for you;
I love you.

Esme looked up from the card she had just finished reading, the non-existent tears were prickling in her eyes. She looked at her newest daughter; her bright brown orbs were staring at her. She bit her lip, her expression worried.

Esme gave Bella a shockingly bright smile, her face lit up entirely at the gift she had received. This was the first time this day had being properly experienced by the vampire; and she couldn't be happier, it radiated off her, capturing everyone in the vicinity.

"It's beautiful honey! C'mere!"

Bella crossed the room excitedly and launched herself into Esme's open arms, squeezing her so that Esme knew once again how much she loved her.
Bella's chocolate hair and Esme's caramel blended in the embrace.
The rest of the family read the card still clasped in Esme's hand as Bella whispered to her mother.

"Happy Mothers Day!"

They stayed embraced for what seemed forever. As they broke apart, everyone was smiling, except Alice.
Esme looked at her questioningly, "What's wrong Alice?"
In reply, she pouted with a hurt expression across her petite face.

"Bella, I thought I was your best friend!"

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Happy Mothers Day!