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Chapter 1: Dirty Vulcan Mind-Meld


April 2005

Okay, Too Much Information alert: I wasn't much of a screamer during sex.

In fact, I was very quiet. The most you might get out of me were some moans, whimpers, a shout out to our Lord and an occasional 'Edward.'

Of course, if anyone had a reason to scream out, it would be me.

My boyfriend Edward was amazing! He had smoldering green eyes, beautiful copper brown hair that was in a permanent state of mussed-upedness, a lean muscular body, limber fingers, graceful moves, a tongue like velvet and fangs that just sent you to another place.

Wait, I did mention that he was a vampire, right?

Actually, he wasn't my boyfriend anymore. He was my fiancé, and I was a mere mortal.

So back to the screaming. Even in Karate I was silent: I never made the big powerful grunt like I was supposed to when I did a good punch or kick. I was a very reserved person, practically a Star Trek Vulcan from all outside appearances. I was just private. I didn't want my neighbors knowing my business.

But that didn't mean that I was silent in my head. No, I definitely was making some noise in there.

Which worked out just fine for Edward because once my energy level got above an eight on the Bella Swan-energy scale, he could hear everything I was thinking.

Let me backtrack for a second to catch you up. Hmmm, how to do this concisely?

I met Edward Cullen outside of my Karate class about a year and a half ago. He stalked me. I figured out he was a vampire relatively quickly. We fell in love. That's the short version of the story.

I was a virgin when we met and when he first bit me to save my life. The bite marked me as his which in theory would keep other vampires away. After that, we slept together. He was my first, On occasion he would bite me during sex. Because of the original bite and because of his bond to me, all bites for him were like the first time – with the essence of pure virgin blood. Super yummy to a vampire.

A love bite of this sort for a human was like a drug. There were not enough words in the world to describe the feeling of pure pleasure throughout your entire body for hours. Add an extremely talented and sexually exciting vampire making love to you and you had the directions to Nirvana.

Edward was a special vampire. He was a civilized one, which meant that he did not attack and eat humans for nourishment. Like most civilized vampires, he survived off of blood from blood banks and/or he hunted animals for food. Before he bit me, he hadn't tasted live human blood for about 70 years. He lived among humans, studying, teaching, helping them through charity work. When I met him, he was working on his 9th advanced degree – a PhD in Biology.

He'd had companions with whom he had lived over the years who he considered family: they were, for all intents and purposes, his father, mother and siblings. He had superpowers: he could read auras/energy levels. He could manipulate energy, levitating objects or unbuttoning the blouse of his all-too-willing girlfriend with his mind. And he could read minds. All minds… except for mine. My mind was silent most of the time until my energy level escalated above an eight. Then it was open to him.

And then there's me. A 26-year-old recent graduate from the University of Chicago's Business School with a love of movies, ice skating, puzzles, my iPod, and Karate. Not much to my story.

Except that about three months ago, I was attacked by an old friend of Edward's and in the process was impaled by the same stake that had been used on both Edward by his "friend" James, and in turn Edward used on him. In his last desperate act, James impaled us both. Wooden stakes only incapacitate a vampire temporarily. They can cause a human to bleed out and almost die.

But Edward saved me by cutting himself open and letting me drink some of his blood. Now I knew that if Edward drained me to the point just before my heart stopped beating and then let me drink his blood, I would turn into a vampire. However, until this happened I didn't know that vampire blood ingested without the first part of the process, actually healed. Of course, it kind of made sense... their blood made them stronger, faster and immortal. I guess we ordinary humans never figured this out because what we generally knew of vampires was that they bit and killed. What reason would a vampire have to save a human?

Anyway, drank his blood: instantly healed! And then I somehow inherited one of his powers. I could read his mind.

Once my energy level escalated to a happy place for me… a three or higher… I could hear everything he thought. And the boy had quite the dirty mind! I say "boy" because physically, my fiancé was 17 years old – and smokin' hot for someone who had been on this earth for 104 years.

So my horny fiancé thought about sex ALL the time… and once I could hear him, it started having an influence on me.

I had his images in my head, and his words – good God – his dirty words! Which only served to make me… erotically charged. Sorry, Edward could be labeled as horny. I was a still somewhat a lady: I was "erotically charged" much like ladies "glisten", they don't "sweat".

When I could hear his mind, I heard words I'd never ever thought of saying associated with sex before I heard them coming from him. You can bet that he tried his best to get me and keep me above an eight as often as possible… just so that he could hear me say the f-word when I was having an orgasm or if I wanted him to, well, you know. Sorry, still a lady here. I only ever said the f-word out loud if I was really pissed off.

Speaking of which, my anger really turned him on. When I was angry, my energy level shot up like a rocket and usually he would just jump me. He used to be able to surprise me, but ever since my new mind reading talent… busted! I was ready for him! So… when he got like that, I had to be ready for him. Because I may have been able to head off his thoughts, but I couldn't head off his body ghosting to me out of nowhere or his Jedi talents undressing me from across the room.

It was quite the shock to hear Edward's inner monologue at first. He had such beautiful sweet things coming out of his mouth – Bella, sweetness, I love you – that were nothing like what he was thinking at the same time: Fuck me! Belllla, you feel so good! You're mine. It was like two Edwards were coming at me at once.

Imagine that just for a moment. Not one stunning and extremely talented vampire but two… one on the outside of your body and one on the inside.

Here, let me help you off of the floor.

So our new Vulcan mind-meld was actually perfect for Edward's plan to make me less inhibited. We could have sex in all these places and with our dirty inner dialogue going on between us it would be quiet on the outside and a porn movie on the inside, which left every place imaginable open in his mind. But, hey, I wasn't an exhibitionist. And I quickly had to put a stop to this strange Green Eggs and Ham-like list that kept running through his head. "No Edward… I will not do it in a stall, I will not do it in the mall."

At first, this new hearing power of mine was awesome. Then it became distracting!

"Edward, how do you deal with this?" I asked. "How do you shut it off?"

"Bella, welcome to my world." He chuckled. "I hear everyone. You only hear me."

"Yeah, but you're constantly thinking about sex..."

"Point of clarification," he said, getting up from his chair to crawl on the bed and hover over me. "I think about sex all the time with you only. I've waited 85 years to find my woman, Bella. I think I've earned the right to think naughty thoughts about my desirable fiancée."

"… and now all I can think about is sex thanks to you!" I finished.

He grinned at me. "I know, awesome isn't it?" He began kissing my neck. Thank God I was only at a four right now… but I could hear him and those thoughts were shooting me up a few notches quickly. A little more and it would be all she wrote for any sleep.

He started unbuttoning my pajama top and caressing me. And then the velvet tongue came out to play. And the thoughts... We will do it in the bed, I want you to give me head...

"Aaagh!" I yelled, pushing him away. "Stop that! All your thoughts are infecting mine!"

His hands started groping me. "Sorry babycakes, no can do."

Edward knew that I hated all derivatives of the word baby as a term of endearment. My eyes narrowed. "Oh, man, you're trying to piss me off now, huh?"

He pulled back to look at me, wiggling his eyebrows with a shit-eating grin on his face. "Ya think?"

"Edward, you've had me up until at least 3 a.m. for the past several weeks. Seriously, we're at it all of the time now... almost non-stop; I'm tired like the wolf!"

He paused. "What?"

"What, do you think the wolf is only hungry?"

He smirked and moved back toward my neck. "What does it matter how late you're up?" he murmured, his lips moving down my neck and across my shoulder. "You just graduated and you have months off before you need to start at your job. I want to enjoy all the time with you that I can get before you're off to work. Especially if you end up traveling like a madwoman. I can't believe that you're going back to BCG."

"They made me an offer I couldn't refuse… you know that."

"What is this, The Godfather? I told you that it didn't matter where you landed your job… you didn't have to take the one in Chicago. I would have gone wherever you wanted."

"Okay, we've been through this. A) The other offers were in San Francisco or Boston. Like I wanted to be near either Tanya or Jacob! B) Chicago is centrally located enough to make U.S. travel easier. C) The money was the best with BCG. And as a returning Associate, they're paying off my student loans. That's huge!"

"Bella, you're going to be my wife. Money is not a problem here."

"I just went to B'school to become independent and then I'm going to turn around and let my trophy husband support me?"

"The salaries at the other jobs were not minimum wage. You have a warped view."

"And D)," I said, ignoring him, "the office head promised that my first few projects will be in Chicago. I'll get to see you just as often."

He sat up. "I'd like it to be more often."

I frowned. "More often? We see each other every night." Then I heard where he was going with this. "Oh!"

He held my hand. "Right. I think you should give up your apartment now and move in here sooner rather than later."

"Edward, are you sure…"

"Well, we've started on the renovations to the back area of the house. I'm hoping that the redesign will completely remove any traces of James from this place for you."

"It's not that."

"Then what?"

I was hesitant and spoke carefully. "Well, you've always insisted that it would be safer for me at my apartment based on the invitation rule." Vampires could not harm a person on their property or in their home once the person invited them in. "You had to tear James apart before dealing with me a few months ago because you were afraid you'd hurt me here. If I move in here, what happens?"

"I'd put your name on the deed too, Bella. This way it is your home as well. The same rules would apply."

"Really?" That didn't seem right to me. It was his original family home. This seemed a fuzzy area in the vampire code of conduct.

"Really. Please consider it."

And then he kissed me softly. It was amazing to me that he still had the capacity to be gentle despite his constant horniness. He continued unbuttoning my pajama top until I was exposed to him. And then he pulled me up to straddle him.

Sometimes, like that night that he asked me to move in with him, there was only one Edward making love to me as the inner voice matched the sweet outer voice. That one could touch my soul and make me cry as I hit the height of my orgasm.

"Vampires don't cry, huh?" I had asked him a few weeks before, feeling like a moron for tearing up. I had become more emotional on occasion now that we could hear each other.

"Our vampire bodies don't work the way the human bodies work. The only time you might ever see a vampire shed a tear is if it is one in a bonded pair; the loss of one's soulmate will affect the vampire to their very core. But our tear isn't like a human tear: we shed only what we have in us… our blood."

I kissed him softly. "Then I guess I'll never see you cry since you won't lose me."

"I don't ever want to lose you, my beautiful Bella."

That night, he wiped the tears from my eyes putting the last few on his fingers into his mouth. "Mmmm, even your tears taste good Bella." His lips started to move down my body, his tongue tasting every part of me. Damn, everything on you and in you tastes good…

And then the two Edwards came out to play again.

Nope, I'm not getting any sleep tonight.

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