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Chapter 20: The Two Bellas


I'd heard it said that you should 'marry up.' Marry someone 'better' than oneself. When I was human, it was quite common for young women to do this… to seek a spouse with a better social status, standing and wealth. For me, this definitely applied to Bella… but not for any of these reasons. I was marrying up alright.

Bella was superior to me in every way and I never ceased to be amazed that she loved me. She was smart and funny. Kind and serious. Honest and direct. And so incredibly beautiful. I knew this about her before she was turned.

And then there was after…


Turning Bella was one of the scariest things I ever had to do. I know that I looked calm to her but I was a basket case inside. This was another reason why my family had come along that weekend to Forks. With the exception of Jacob's fortuitous interference, Alice had orchestrated many of the details necessary to get us to that point… their involvement in Italy, including having Jasper be the one to provide blood to her, the building of the Forks studio and house, and the family's proximity that night to be on hand to assist if I went too far. As it turns out, I didn't need their assistance once she had given me permission in her house… but never having turned a human before, particularly one who meant so much to me, I was still nervous.

In those first few months, I learned so much more about her than I had known before. Now, I had always cockily thought of myself as one of the smartest members of my family, second only to Carlisle. I had above average intelligence before my conversion and I'd used my time for the past 85 years to learn and better myself. This was, of course, made possible by my vampire brain. During the transformation, our brain capacity expands which improves our ability to multi-task, to multi-process. And so, with my eight advanced degrees, knowledge of several different languages and my world travels, I'd become a true renaissance man. Quite the catch by any standards… 1918 or today.

Bella brought me to my knees in awe. Just over 75 years younger and I was bowing to this young thing. Bella was a genius. Her mind was superior to mine at the start. She was more intelligent at her point of conversion than I had been. She didn't have the benefit of the years and expanded brain capacity, but I knew it was only a matter of time. Just time. And we had all the time in the world now.

And my Bella was even more amazing as a vampire than as a human. To my disappointment, I was not able to hear her once she was turned. Her mind remained shielded unless her energy - no longer human energy, but rather vampire energy - was up. Everything about her as a vampire was, as expected, magnified from her human traits. She could process through things quickly before, but now! She was laser sharp and lighting fast. And her control! Jesus! She was able to walk amongst humans within two weeks of her conversion and barely be tempted.

We moved back to Chicago after that first month where we celebrated the 27th anniversary of her birth – which she insisted on calling '26 the second.' She was adamant about not being ten years older than her husband and being accused of robbing the cradle. I reminded her that I had three quarters of a century on her and that she looked just as young as I did… but she just gave me the stink eye and warned me to keep in line, or else.

"Or else what?" I teased, ghosting to her and wrapping myself around her.

"Mentioning 27 comes to an end, or Edward's hand becomes his best friend," she whispered in my ear, taking my hand and putting it on my crotch.

Yes, maam, I agreed, moving my hands to caress her body instead. As far as I was concerned, there were no numbers after 26.

Bella returned back to BCG and immediately started on a new local project while I returned back to the lab and back to working again on my PhD. She rapidly realized how easy her 'human' life was now that her brain was working faster than ever. She was able to complete so much of her work so fast that she had ample time in the evenings and nights to spend with her horny yet doting – never-mentioning-the-number-27-again – fiancé.

I quickly got the renovations restarted on the back of the house based on some rework that Esme and I discussed when we were in Denali. We modified it all to build a mini-studio for Bella… oh, hell, for us. If I saw her going in there in her little shorts and sports bra, I was right behind her; that outfit was a very close second to the blue bikini as far as I was concerned. Combine that with her "Pissed Off" playlist and the punching bag and I was a goner.

I'd follow her into the studio and taunt her and make up my poems: "Edward watches Bella box, Bella plays with Edward's cock..." Hmmm, box, cock... close enough... "Edward!" she'd hiss. Heh heh heh...

And watching her box, I'd basically lust after her, which was only made worse – or better, depending on your perspective – by her new Jasper emotion-absorbing ability. Once she was all riled up, the gloves came off… along with the clothing. Every single item. No matter where we lived for the rest of our existence, I decided that a studio would be mandatory.

Bella's emotions as a vampire were sooo much more exciting than when she was human! Angry human Bella had always turned me on. Angry vampire Bella, with her Jasper power?

Three words: HO. LY. SHIT.

She was a Vulcan one moment but with Jasper's blood - and my, uh, encouragement - she was a volcano. So I'd plan ways to piss her off, when she was at work and away from being able to read my thoughts, and I'd spring them on her when she wasn't ready. Which only served to piss her off more. Hallelujah!

And then there was happy Bella. For some reason, Happy Bella liked to go down on me… go figure! Oh yes... I took her to "Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind" and "The Second City" shows.


Lucky for me, her scent and taste never changed... still so powerfully tempting, she would forever smell and taste virginal to me. Her blood, when I bit down on her during sex, was still soooo good… so that lovely little vein in my favorite place? Oh yeah, I visited that spot a lot, but now there was a difference because Bella bit me too. Think of it as the vampire equivalent of 69: phen-fuckin-omenal!

Now none of these developments or realizations were really that big of a surprise to me. When you become a vampire, your likes, dislikes, habits, etc. all become fixed. We're like living statues… never changing. So my Bella… was just more Bella. But what was amazing to me was to find out that while human Bella said that she didn't need or want a wedding - in the traditional sense - in our first discussion the night I proposed in January, she was just being kind. Vampire Bella REALLY didn't want a wedding… a little development that caused a small rift between her and Alice for a little while.

As soon as we returned from our meadow on that last day in Denali, Alice – already knowing that I'd put the ring back on Bella's hand – accosted her about the wedding plans the minute we walked back into the house. Bella was polite, indicating they would discuss it after we settled back in Chicago, but she quickly ran to our room, changed into her sports bra and shorts, and went back to the studio, frustrated at having to go through this again with Alice.

Yes. You know damn well that I followed her. Well, she needed some way to work out her frustration… I mean, other than punching that bag, no? Just trying to help her out...

And Alice didn't let up. She insisted that Bella needed a real wedding because the first time one gets married it should be special. But Bella argued that Alice was just trying to fulfill her need to plan a party and that this was about Alice, not Bella. Human Bella might have fallen for Alice's rationale; vampire Bella would hear nothing of it and was immune to Alice's charms and pouts, much to Alice's chagrin. So Alice tried to recruit me in to help her out.

"Edward," she said, chatting with me one day on the Batphone when Bella was at work, "I know that you want a wedding. You're the kind of guy who wants to watch his fiancée walk down the aisle… the one who wants to have the first dance with her in front of family and friends! Why aren't you helping your cause?"

I shook my head. "Alice, I put that girl through enough misery. She does not want the big fancy shindig that you want to plan. Honestly, she'd be happy just going to City Hall, and I vowed that I would try to make her happy for the rest of our existence. Can't you just let it be?"

"Don't you DARE take her to City Hall, Edward Cullen! You have as much say in this as she does. Help me out!"

"I'm not going against her wishes."

"I'll make it worth your while…" she said, in her Alice-is-up-to-something, sing-song voice.

I paused, looking at her suspiciously. "What do you mean?" I asked slowly.

She grinned at me, knowing she had hooked me. "Edward, I know EXACTLY what you like, and if you play along with this, we'll all get our way… even Bella…" And then she began to lay out her plan.

Alice was an evil genius. I grinned back. Hell yes, I was going to help.

So later that week, Bella returned from work and saw that she had a package from Alice. Sitting in the study at her desk, she opened it up. I heard her reaction instantly.

"Holy shit!" she shouted. I ghosted to her side immediately.

"What's wrong, Love?"

She was holding a wedding invitation in her hand. Our wedding invitation. For a November wedding in Forks at our home.

Her eyes were big… and darkening by the second. "I don't BELIEVE this," she muttered. She jumped to the Batphone to call Alice. I stood behind her watching the screen.

Alice's face appeared right away. "Hi Bella!" she said cheerily.

"Alice! What the hell is this?" she asked, holding up the invitation.

"Oh, you got it! Great! Those are your invitations! We're six weeks out from the wedding; I needed to get those out to the guests. I wanted to make sure you had your copy so that you could frame it."

"I haven't agreed to a wedding, Alice! I said I'd consider it!"

"Yes, and I foresaw that you were going to get married in November. So I just spared you the worrying and processing. It's all good!" Alice said with a big grin on her face. "You ought to be getting replies any day now."

"What? How many people did you invite?"

"Just 250."

"250? I don't even LIKE 250 people, let alone KNOW 250 people!"

"Ah, no one knows everyone at their wedding, but I worked the list out with Edward. I'll be over sometime in the next few weeks for your dress fitting; you're going to love it. I'll talk to you soon, Bella!" she said, blowing a kiss before she hung up.

Bella sat there stunned for a moment. And then she let loose. "FUCK!" she shouted, and the bulbs in all the light fixtures exploded. It was now dark in the house…but with our vampire eyes, we could see clearly.

I had a smirk on my face watching how masterfully Alice had played her end,.. and Bella turned around to look at me and saw it on my lips before I had a chance to erase it from my face.

"Oh, do you have something to say, Cullen?" she shouted. "Did I hear Alice right that you helped with the guest list?"

"Well, I might have helped," I said quietly, backing away from her as I made my way around the desk toward the center of the room.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" she yelled, following me. "I thought you said that you were behind me on this! What the fuck?"

Uh, did I mention that Bella was not afraid of the fuck word anymore? She had no problem using it when needed.

God, Bella's swearing was such a turn on! I lost my head for a moment as her anger swirled around me, heating the cold blood in my veins… and lost my concentration.

She cocked her head. "Wait, what was that?"

I feigned innocence. "What was what?"

Alice chose that moment to text me.

Bella heard the beep for the text message and grabbed my phone.

So far, so good. Remember, New Year's Eve. Have fun!

She held the phone up to me. "What does this mean, Edward?" She stepped in closer.

Bella was listening intently, trying to peer into my mind. Her eyes started wandering around the room with her thinking look. And then she took my phone and threw it to the floor.

"Fuck, Edward! Are you two in cahoots to piss me off AND make me have a damned wedding? You asshole!" she said, shoving me. Now, with her vampire strength, a shove actually worked. I landed on the couch. Oh yeah, baby, bring it on.

Suddenly she crouched low in an attack position and growled at me. Bella fucking growled at me! Wearing a sexy Armani suit. And then she spoke. "Did I just hear you call me baby?" She shook her head, her eyes darkening. "Oh, you're just going for it all tonight, aren't y-."

I thought I would lose it on the growl. I ghosted and pounced on her before she could finish the statement. Hot damn Bella, growling... now there's a new turn-on! I landed on top of her on the floor of the study and pressed my body into her so that she could feel me.

"Yes," I said slowly, my mouth moving up from neck to her ear as my fingers began unbuttoning her blouse, "I'm going for it ALL tonight." I whispered in her ear. With her blouse unbuttoned, I caressed her thighs and reached under her skirt. Fuck me, you've got the garters on under that suit. I growled right back at her in her ear as my hands and lips worked her body.

Um, yeah, that growling is a turn-on, isn't it? "Ungh. Oh," she moaned, arching her back, her body pressing closer to mine. She licked her lips and closed her eyes. "Going for it all… oh God… tonight doesn't mean – yeah, there, yeah – that you'll get your way… holy moly... on the we–" My mouth found hers and ended the conversation for the time being.

Several hours later, she snuggled in the crook of my arm as we lay on the island in the kitchen. What can I say? We mixed it up a bit... I held her left hand in my right and ran my thumb up and down her lines in her palm. She was lost in her thoughts.

"Bella, Love, tell me what you're thinking."

"Why were you helping Alice? Besides trying to get me angry, I sense something else going on here." She looked at me. "You really want a wedding, don't you?"

"I do," I admitted.

"But why when I'm tied to you in every way already? When you first proposed, you said that marriage was meaningless in the vampire world and that the bond was what mattered. We're connected through blood and through our bond. I told you: I'm not that girl… the one who needs the big wedding and hundreds of guests and a fancy affair. You have me already, body and soul."

I kissed her left hand before speaking. "Bella, I know you're not that girl. In some ways you were very old fashioned for a human and in other ways, like this, you weren't and aren't. But… I was that boy. I was born at the turn of last century, my love. I never imagined a wedding because I didn't have a girlfriend before I was turned, but I always expected that I would have a girl eventually and that I would have a wedding. Now that I've found you, I want to call out our love for one another in front of our friends and family."

She was silent. I continued. "But if it is that offensive to you, I won't force it on you. I only want you to be happy."

"Of course the thought of a wedding isn't offensive, Edward. I just didn't know it was that important to you." She looked into my eyes with confusion, torn between her wants and her desire to make me happy as well.

"Maybe we can compromise, sweetness. I'll give you the wedding you never dreamed of and you give me mine."

"Oh?" she asked, and then she started to smile as she heard my thoughts. "OH! I can deal with that."

And that was how it was that Isabella Marie Swan came to marry me, Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, not once, but twice over the next three months. Our compromise was simple. Bella agreed to allow the wedding of my dreams – a simple, classically elegant wedding – held in front of our close friends and family on New Year's Eve 2005 in our house in Forks, but first I had to agree to marry her in her way. Just the two of us in Las Vegas. In the Bellagio chapel on November 6th at 4 in the afternoon, with only our villa butler and Marcus from VIP services looking on as our witnesses. Bella looked stunning in a simple white dress that Alice created for her, and unbelievably happy as we joined hands to say our vows. Seeing her that happy was enough for me. Any other ceremonies we had would be just icing on the cake.

And then, on our wedding night, I learned yet another thing about my beautiful wife.

Fuck, I love that word – wife.

She'd been holding out on me for the past three months.

We left the Bellagio chapel and made our way through the casino, the guests all stopping in their tracks to ogle at us and wish us well. We smiled and thanked them as we made our way back to our villa. Picking her up, I carried her across the threshold of the villa, unable to keep the smile off of my face. "Welcome to your villa, Mrs. Cullen," I said.

"Thank you, Mr. Cullen," she said, as I put her down. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me softly. My hands quickly got to work, fondling her everywhere. I was ready to strip down right there and have at it on the floor when she suddenly let go of me, backed away, and said, "I'll be right back," as she made her way to our bedroom. With her energy level hovering around a four, her mind was silent, but I planned to rectify that situation as soon as I was able to do so.

I stood outside in the living room, removing my shoes, tie and jacket, when suddenly I heard and saw her in my mind. Hi Edward, she said, winking as she stood in front of her dresser mirror in our bedroom… in the blue bikini.

I was at our bedroom door in a flash and about to reach for the handle when the door opened. She came out in the blue bikini… and stiletto heels! Jesus! She smiled at me and I realized that her energy level was still at a four. She wasn't at an eight yet and still I'd heard her! "Bella," I asked, stunned. "How…"

She winked at me again and walked past me toward the pool. Once again, I could do nothing but follow. I walked behind her like a man in a trance… and suddenly, I felt the buttons on my shirt coming undone one by one. Then my shirt slowly fell off of me. And then the zipper on my pants slowly came down.




A Jedi disrobing. By my blue bikini-wearing wife. Is there anything hotter? No wonder she loves this. This is incredible!

I stood there, now fully naked behind her, ready to ghost to her as I began one of my poems. We will do it in the pool... hmm, what's a good next line? And then I felt it: her hands were on my erection. But she was standing with her back to me by the glass doors about 15 feet away, looking out at the patio! What. The. Hell?

And then I felt her MOUTH on me. Holy Blow Job, Batman! How is she doing this? I could feel her mouth and hands working over my erection as if she were kneeling in front of me. I groaned. "Belllla…"

She looked back over her shoulder and grinned at me. And then, ghosting over, she shoved me backward to one of the loveseat chairs. Why the hell haven't I ever thought of this? What good is having this freakin' power if I can't be clever like this and use it to my advantage? This woman is brilliant!

Bella began kissing me softly on the lips while she still worked my erection with her mind. It felt like I had two Bellas on me at once. Christ, now I knew how confusing - yet erotic - the two Edwards could be. I moaned, barely able to make my mind work coherently. "Jesus, Bella," I said, groaning, "Fuck me…"

She broke all kisses at once – real and Jedi – and smirked. "Make up your mind, Edward. Jesus or me?"

That snapped me out of it. "You," I growled and I pulled the strings off of her bikini. She climbed on my lap, straddling my legs and took me inside of her in one swift movement. Her energy level was up, but still below her normal threshold… and then she smiled seductively as she began to move slowly. Giddy up, Mr. Cullen, I heard her say in my mind.

Wha?? She was willingly letting me hear her mind below her threshold: somehow she had figured out how to lift off her mental shield! But how? I felt her Jedi lips and tongue caressing the nape of my neck and making their way down my back. "Bella!" I managed to gasp. "How are you doing this?"

She cocked her head and raised an eyebrow at me wickedly. "I'm good, baby," she said, as she crushed her mouth on mine.



I'd say that was the understatement of the year.

My wife - oh God - is fucking awesome.

The End

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