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"Start explaining."

Mikan opened her mouth to say something when Natsume cut her off. "We have a relationship that's been going on for a week now. We didn't tell you cuase we were worried. Not even Hotaru and Ruka knows."

Mikan's mouth hung open. He face blank as she stared at Natsume, thein their mother, then back at Natsume. "We have a what!?" She demanded.

"Sheesh you don't have to shout. I'm right here next to you." He complained.

"Shut up pervert!"

"Shut up polka dots!"
"polka dots? Pervert? What the hell is going on here!?" Kaoru demanded.

"Now Kaoru. Please. Calm down." Yuka comforted Kaoru.

"I saw her polka dotted panties accidentally and she thought I was peaking literally." Natsume explained, with his cool calm voice.

"You were peaking literally you big oof!" Mikan retorted.

"It's not my fault you are much of a clutz!" Natsume shot back.

"I am not!"

"yes you are! And your also a little girl!"

"Oh yeah! You're a mr. he-thinks-he's-so-cool!"






"Ugh! I hate you!"

"Do you really?" Mikan froze at Natsume's question. Natsume smirked and neared his face to Mikan's. "Admit it. Your in love with me." Mikan felt the heat in her face and looked away. "I knew it."

"You know nothing." Mikan pushed Natsume's face away, while, carefully, not looking at him.

"Harumph!" Mikan and Natsume looked to the direction of the throat clearing and saw their mother's blushing. "We have no objection to your relationship. But please lessen the affection when around us." Yuka said with her face as red as a tomato.

"Now all we have to do is deal with your father's and tell them about your relationship." Kaoru rubbed her temples and dismissed Mikan and Natsume. On their way out they heard their mother's giggling and murmuring something about 'it should be on spring so that the cherry blossom's are in full bloom. The trees will look perfect with Mikan's wedding dress…" They didn't here anything after that cause they already closed the door.

When they were in the hallway Natsume grabbed Mikan and pinned her to the wall and said, "You like me. I know. Just admit it." He demanded. Mikan looked away, hesitant. Natsume was right. She liked-no. She loved him. Although hating the fact that she loves him, she can't hate him at all. She nodded her head shyly as a yes and looked him straight in the eyes. "I knew it." He said. But before Mikan could say anything, Natsume's lips crashed on hers. And before she knew it she was kissing him back with her hands on his neck and his on her waist…

They went back to the pool area hand-in-hand. They were laughing as if a joke has been told. Hotaru was the first one to notice the sweetness and grabbed Ruka away from the crowd of girls and dragged him to were Mikan and Natsume was standing. "What are we missing here?" Hotaru demanded, then pointed at Mikan and Natsume, then at their holding hands.

"Isn't it obvious Hotaru?" Mikan said, happily.

"It is obvious you idiot. I mean, when did you two decide to actually realize each others feelings?"

"I dunno…" mikan said. The Hotaru wacked her in the head. "Ow! What was that for Hotaru!?"

"That's for not telling me sooner."


"What does that witch want now?" Natsume murmured, enough for Mikan to hear. She tightened her grip on Natsume's hand and stared at him with concerned eyes saying, 'don't make a scene'.

"Natsume-kun. You know. I was wondering. Since you can sing and I can. Why can't the two of us do a duet…You know to wow the people…"

"I don't do duets with a slut."

"But natsume-" Luna stopped when she saw Mikan holding Natsume's hand. "Why are you holding 'My Natsume's' hand?"

"Your Natsume's hand?" Mikan cocked her eyebrow and shook Natsume's hand loose. "Since when was he your Natsume?"

"He was always mine looser." Luna insulted then flipped her hair. "You two weren't obviously together. How much did you pay him to pretend he was your boy friend? We already know your rich, but you can't possibly reach my level of richness."

Mikan opened her mouth to say something, but they heard a smack and in that second she saw Luna on the floor. "Dare insult my girl friend again and you'll receive more than that." Natsume said irritated.

"Nastume-kun? Mikan-chan? What's going on here?"

They heard gasps around the pool area. Mikan looked to were the voice came from and saw her mom and Natsume's mom heading their way.

"Ohmigosh. It's Yuka Sakura and Kaoru Hyuuga. I can't believe they're here." They heard whispers and murmurs around them.

"Nothing Mom." Mikan said and another wave of murmurs were heard.

"Your mom's Yuka Sakura. The Yuka Sakura." Luna helped herself up and was open mouthed to see her no. 1 idol in designing couture dresses was the mom of her decided sworn enemy.

"Since I can't hide it anymore. Yes. She's my mom."

"What happened to her?"

"Oh she faints all the time. Don't mind her."

"So why exactly did the two of you budge into the fight and made Luna faint?" Natsume asked.

'You'll know the reason in 3-2-"

"So how's everybody?"

"Dad?" Mikan exclaimed. "Mr. Hyuuga!" She added. "What are you doing here?"

"We heard news the heir of the hyuuga corp was having a relationship with the heiress of sakura corp." Natsume's father said.

"Guess there won't be a problem telling them. Ei Hyuuga." Yukiharaa said and elbowed mr. hyuuga.

"Nope no problem at all."

"What. telling us?" natsume asked curious.

"Since your mom's are excited, let them tell you"

Natsume and Mikan looked at their moms and saw the eagerness in their faces. "You two are engaged!" They both chorused.

"Mikan and Natsume stood there with their mouth hung open. "Hotaru be the maid-of-honor." Mikan said excitedly.

"Ruka." Nmatsume started.

"I know. Best man."

"If I'll be the maid-of-honor will I have a special table next to the buffet table?" Hotaru said plainly.

"Pig." Mikan stated. Then they all laughed.

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