Get the tissues boys and girls, it's a choker

Chapter 19

Bella's POV

"Hey baby, how are you doing?" I was back in Henry's room. Felix was in our room cleaning up the mess he created and ordering new stuff. I rolled my eyes mentally as he wanted to get some more 'boyish' stuff in the living room.

"I'm better sort of, but I've still got a blocked nose." My little angel spoke to me as someone would if they were holding there nose. I remember the days I would have colds; it was horrible. Renee was the one who had to cook me stuff and Phil always looked at me with sympathy; as if to say 'sorry kid, but I can't cook myself'.

I remember Renee's funeral; she was buried in Forks next to Charlie. Phil didn't seem all that bothered. He had already reserved his grave next to them, to be close to her even in death.

"Don't worry, I'll get you some Vicks now and rub it on your chest." I kissed his forehead and went into Henry's bathroom to look for it. I was sure we had some in here. I jumped as I felt a pair of arms wrap around me, but I immediately calmed down when I recognized it was Felix.

"You're pretty out of it today." He kissed my neck at the side and I closed my eyes; leaning back into him and entwining our fingers together.

"I was just looking for some Vicks for Henry." I looked up, now opening my eyes, to see Felix smile sheepishly at me.

"Demetri used it all a while ago. He wanted to see what it would do in a (cough) "certain department."

"Oh my days, that's sick!" I covered my eyes with my hands Felix laughed at my disgust.

"I'll go out now and get some. Just stay with Henry and I'll be back shortly, I promise."

"Ok and thanks. Oh before I forget we're playing baseball tonight."

Felix gave me a wide smile, and I rolled my eyes at the reason. Felix and Demetri were so competitive. To be honest all of them were; even Aro.

"Great, does Demetri know?"

"Yes he knows." I sighed with a smile. I closed the glass cabinet and turned my attention to a full on excited Felix. "Felix, please don't egg him on this time and please don't make bets."

"What? We won last time didn't we?" He shrugged innocently.

"Yes you did, but, please, Demetri is still sore about it and I don't think Heidi will be very pleased about him loosing money."

"But they're both loaded, as we all are."

It was true I had to agree, but Demetri was usually tight with his money. I think he had more money than any of us.

"I know, but please don't." I sighed in a pleading manner as I gave him my best puppy eyes. He sighed and nodded. He wasn't happy, but when we got there I'm sure something else will happen to the two.


I walked down the halls in my striped dark blue and pink shirt and my dark blue skinny jeans with baby blue heels that had a blue bow with a crystal in the middle. My hair was straight and I wore an antique clock necklace. I walked towards the Cullen's room and knocked twice, even though I knew they were in there. I just thought it was the polite thing to do. Alice was the one to open the door with an excited smile, but I brushed it off. I entered with no smile and from the corner of my eyes I watched Alice's smile fade.

"I'm just here to tell you that some of my family is playing baseball tonight, and I know you love to play, so I'm inviting you to come. We leave at 10:00."

I left then, not wanting to hear thanks or we'll be there. Because I knew they would be there.


"You look cute." Felix commented while lying on the bed. I saw a lazy smile on his face as he looked at me. Since we knew Henry was going to be okay, because the Vicks and warm drinks, we agreed to go out with the family to play baseball. I wore my black pineapple crop pants with a black velour zip jacket.

"Whatever; get dressed." I passed him his usual stuff; some loose jeans and his favorite blue shirt.

We arrived at the field in less than five minutes, thanks to Felix's jeep. I saw from across the field Emmett admire it and earning a smack from Rosalie across the head because of it. Felix and I walked hand in hand towards the others. I already saw Aro and Marcus talking about what they were going to do about Victoria, but tonight was about us as a family. I saw Felix look at Demetri and both of them smirked at each other. I rolled my eyes, like I said I knew something would happen between the two. I looked over and saw Edward standing next to Jasper. He was currently talking to Jasper about something in their past because they were both smiling and talking about it.

"You're up Alec." Demetri got into place and grabbed the ball. He started to toss it up and down with his hand.

"Bring it Demetri!" Alec readied his bat and I closed my eyes and started the thunder.

"Make it louder B!" Jane shouted over to me. I smirked and made the thunder louder "Thanks!"

I opened my eyes and saw the Cullen's look at me in shock. I heard the ball come in contact with Alec's bat and Alec began to run.

Edward's POV

We were all shocked at Bella's power; no wonder Aro wanted to keep her. We all watched as it was Bella's turn to bat. She walked up confidentially towards her position, kissing her husband as she walked away. Demetri threw the ball and Bella whacked it far out. Jane and Aro raced to get it, but Bella was faster and got to the last post before any one of us could blink.

"Carlisle." Aro shouted to my father to tell him it was his turn. I didn't break my gaze from Bella, until Felix's thoughts spoke to me.

Stop looking at her Cullen, right bloody now!

I sighed and looked away.

Bella's POV

I had just finished my home run and now it was Carlisle's turn. I saw Edward look at me, but I didn't look at him. Felix came to my side and hugged me close to him. I leaned into him; putting my head on his chest and I wrapped my arms around his torso to keep him close to me.

"I'm sorry, but I think that's enough for us tonight." Aro, Heidi, Marcus, Cauis and Carlisle's family began to walk away; leaving me, Felix, Demetri and Alec, and Jane.

"Ok, let's just get Felix and then Cullen up to play and that's it." Demetri said.

Aro nodded and the rest left; apart from Edward and Alice.

"Come on Felix your up."

Felix rolled his eyes at Demetri and I was sure they had made a bet, but I don't think it was for money.

Demetri threw the ball at Felix and Felix sighed; not even bothering to try and hit the ball. "Come on D, don't be such a wuss." Felix laughed as he grabbed his baseball stick. Demetri threw the ball with all his power towards Felix and Felix batted it away; hurting our ears as the thunder tried to cover its power.

"Come on Cullen, your next." I turned towards Edward and saw he was next to bat. Demetri showed no mercy and did the same to him as he did to Felix. I swear Felix and Edward were at war together; seeing which one could get more home runs than the other. I shook my head and Felix came to stand beside me; wrapping his arm around my shoulder. That's when it happened, so fast I didn't even register it. Felix ran into the woods about 1 mile away and that's when I saw why.


I looked to Edward and Alice

"Go get help! Demetri and Jane will go with you, GO!"

I ran after my husband trying to stop him from tackling Victoria by himself. I saw his blue shirt going side to side as the wind picked up. I didn't see any sign of Victoria and that worried me more than anything else in the world. Felix came to a halt. I was at his side in an instant and I knew then why Felix had stopped. I looked forward and saw three huge wolves. Victoria snarled as did Felix and me; getting ready to attack at any minute.



"It was fun killing your dad." She teased. "Most humans beg for their lives. He didn't even whimper; just kept on going on about his precious daughter whispering how much he loved you."

I pounced on her and tried to bite her. I heard the wolves make their move and I felt a sharp pain around my torso. I was thrown across the forest and then held down by a black wolf whose teeth were in my face. I tried to use my powers to get him off, but nothing was working. I hadn't fed recently and I was kicking myself for it.

"Awe, poor Bella." She mocked. She looked over to Felix who had two wolves on top of him. "Now Bella, you'll know the true meaning of suffering."

She walked up to Felix. He was trying his hardest to get up; his teeth tried to snap the wolves' legs or to get any available part of the wolf, but it didn't work. Victoria's feet were at Felix's and head she looked at me with a smile as she bent down, still keeping eye contact with me. She looked down at Felix and both of her hands cradled his face. To my horror in one motion she snapped Felix's head off.

"NO!" I tired to get loose of the wolves, but the wolf only pressed down more. The wolves ripped the other parts of Felix and made sure they were separated. "FELIX! STOP IT! STOP IT! LEAVE HIM! PLEASE DON'T KILL HIM! STOP IT! VICTORIA! STOP IT ALL OF YOU!"

Victoria built a fire and set Felix's head in it. She picked up the other pieces up and placed them in a fire then she instructed the wolves to make sure no pieces escaped. With one last look she smirked and said.

"Bye Bella."

Edward's POV

Me, Alice, Demetri and Jane raced to get helped and all of us swore we heard a scream, but we just kept on running.

Bella's POV

In a pure rage, when the wolves grip loosened I snapped it's legs and tore of its head. My rage was unstoppable and the two wolves attacked me, but I punched one and killed the other one by gathering what strength I had left in my weak body. I burnt him. I looked to the fire to try and somehow save my beloved husband, but when I looked there lay Felix's ashes. I cried and walked up to my husband. His shredded clothes lay in the ashes along with his wedding band. I looked down and my rage grew. I heard the rumbling of the soon to be storm. I knew my eyes would now be pitch black. I gathered his ashes up and set them all in a pile. I created an urn with metal I had found and set his ashes in that urn. His wedding ban was now on my single cold chain and today was the day I would seek revenge for my husband's death.

I screamed, so high pitched, it frightened away all living animals by 300 miles. The storm grew and so did my hatred for the world now that my husband was no longer in it. She had taken away my love, she had taken away the father of my son and now by what ever means possible she will die by my hand.

To be continued ….

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