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"I can't believe it's been two years." Tony commented, throwing a ball of scrunched up paper at Ziva's head. She caught it and dropped it in the bin.

"For what?" Ziva asked absentmindedly, concentrating on writing up a report.

"Since we started dating." Tony reminded her. Ziva stopped typing and glanced up.

"May 19th 2009. It's May 19th 2011. It has been two years!" Ziva agreed.

"It's the Season Three Finale tonight." Tony grinned, and Ziva laughed. "I would ask you if you wanted to come over and watch it. I would say that I'd make dinner. That we'd make an occasion of it. But since you moved in, I guess you have to anyway."

McGee watched the couple with interest, wishing that it was him and Abby who was the happy couple. But Ziva and Tony deserved it, of all they'd been through.

"I guess I do." Ziva smiled, just as Gibbs walked into the bullpen.

"Tony, Ziva follow me." He said and headed back to the stairs. Ziva glanced at Tony, who shrugged. They hurried after Gibbs leaving McGee staring after them, alone.

Gibbs pushed open the door to Vance's office and walked in. Ziva and Tony followed.

"Agent DiNozzo. Officer David." Vance tilted his head in 'respect', still chewing a toothpick.

"You summoned us?" Tony asked, hinting at the fact that Vance should just get on with it.

"Yes, I did. I have an undercover assignment for you two." Ziva and glanced at Tony, who met her eyes. "You will be posing as Señor and Señora García."

Vance handed them each a folder containing the assignment details.

"You will have to speak Spanish to each other at all times. You can obviously speak English to others. Ziva, you are Eliana García, a housewife. Tony you are Carlos García, a teacher at the local school.

"You will begin the assignment in the morning." Vance finished. Ziva turned and headed for the door.

Tony caught up with her just as she was getting to her desk.

"Zee, what's the matter?" He asked, catching her arm, and she turned to face him.

"Nothing." She replied. "But honestly. A housewife!"

"Zee." Tony kissed her gently on the lips. "It's going to be hard, but I'm sure you'll manage it."


Tony lay back on the bed, and Ziva moved in closer to him.

"I love you, Zee." He whispered, and kissed her forehead. Ziva smiled and lifted her head so that she could kiss him back.

"I love you too." She thought back to two years previous. They had watched the Season 3 Finale, Abby had informed Ziva that she and McGee were watching it tonight too.

"I still think Grace and Rigsby would be the best couple." Tony broke the silence. Ziva rolled her eyes and laughed.

"Jane and Lisbon!" She retorted.

"Grace and Rigsby." Tony returned, rolling on top of her.

"No! Jane and Lisbon!" Ziva shot back, moving so that she was now on top of him. She kissed him on the lips and whispered: "You know I'm right."


The next morning Ziva and Tony arrived at work at 6AM as instructed, each with a bag of clothes.

"I can't believe we get out of here for a whole week!" Tony exclaimed and they walked out of the lift.

"At least you get to do something." Ziva answered grumpily, the fact that she was going to have to be a 'housewife' still stinging.

"Yes. Teach kids Spanish! How enjoyable," Tony said sarcastically, as they headed up the stairs to Vance's office.

"I would teach if I could. Then you could be the one staying at home." Ziva sighed.

They were trying to catch a couple, Yvonne and Ronan Jackson, who were suspected of raping and killing young women who had ever rejected any of their sons. NCIS was pretty sure that the sons, Kyle, Freddie, Don and Iain, knew nothing about what their parents did.

Ziva was sickened by the thought that Yvonne knew about Ronan raping the girls. The fact that she knew was bad enough, and then the fact that she assisted in murdering them after made it a disgusting thought.

Tony pushed open the door to Vance's office to find Gibbs lounging on a couch at the side of the room.

And no sign of Vance.

"Where is the Director?" Ziva asked, and Gibbs replied.

"He went out to get a coffee." He replied simply.

"I thought he had little minion people to do that for him." Tony said, sitting on the edge of Vance's desk.

"Don't bother getting comfy. I'm taking you to your new home." Gibbs waved the keys and walked out of the office. Ziva and Tony shared a look, and then hurried after him.

Thirty minutes later, Tony and Ziva were unpacking their clothing in the house they would be living in for the next week.

It was a large house, with white columns accentuating the entrance which had marble steps leading up to it. It faced the house of the Jacksons.

"Welcome home, sweetcheeks." Tony grinned as pulled the clothes out from his bag. Ziva was hanging all the clothes up as Tony was just leaving them on the bed.

"How did you keep your home tidy before I came?" Ziva asked him, smiling. "Oh yes, you had a maid to do it for you."

"Hey!" Tony protested. "I did the cooking!"

"Only occasionally. You had so many takeouts I'm surprised you are not morbidly obese." Ziva commented, and deftly caught the item of clothing Tony had just thrown at the back of her head.

"How do you do that?" Tony complained. He could never seem to throw something at her without her catching it, even if she was facing the other way.

"I had eyes in the back of my hat." Ziva reminded him.

"Head, Ziva. It's head." Tony corrected.

"Whatever." Ziva rolled her eyes. Suddenly there was the sound of their doorbell ringing. Tony walked over to the window and pulled open the curtain.

"It's Yvonne." He said, and Ziva headed downstairs. Tony followed her and reached the hallway just as she was opening the door.

"Hola?" Ziva asked, and Yvonne raised her eyebrows.

"I thought I would bring some cakes to welcome you into the neighborhood." Yvonne said slowly, thinking Ziva didn't understand.

"Thank you! That is very kind of you!" Ziva replied in a Spanish accent, smiling. "I am Eliana and this is my husband, Carlos."

Ziva gestured to Tony, who walked over and put his arm around Ziva's waist.

"We are just married!" He exclaimed happily, and Yvonne's smile was obviously a fake at hearing this news. She pushed the plate of cakes at Ziva and turned to go.

"Wait!" Ziva called and Yvonne halted. "I did not get your name!"

"Yvonne." Yvonne said. "Yvonne Jackson."

Ziva shut the door behind the serial killer and turned to Tony.

"She obviously does not like hearing other people are married." She stated the obvious, and Tony nodded. He glanced at one of the lights.

"Gibbs? Did you get all that?" There was a small camera in a selection of the lights.

"Loud and clear, DiNozzo." A voice replied in his ear. "When Ziva returns the plate, get her to plant a bug."

"He says to plant a bug when you return the plate." Tony informed Ziva, who rolled her eyes and tapped her ear,

"I can hear him too, Tony."

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