Okay, I have good news and I have bad news. Bad ones first:

No, this is unfortunately not another chapter although an update is gigantically overdue. I don't know exactly when I decided I needed a break. I suffered from writers block and didn't know how I wanted to continue the story. Furthermore I have been deployed abroad (which absolutely sucked) and then got several different assignments over time (which sucked even more) and only returned recently.

On the other hand, the good news.

I received messages from 452max, sammyboyaldaway and alliekiwi who asked me to finish the story, THANKS guys! These messages and Feedbacks also got me to remember the good old times when I updated almost on a daily basis and I seriously started to dearly miss the X5-crew around Max. Furthermore my girlfriend verbally kicked my ass when she found out about two months ago I had not updated the story for so long (and yes, she can be damned scary, where do you think I got all those ideas about angry and dangerous female X5s?).

So yes, I've decided to continue and finish this story.

The next update is planned to be uploaded in June. After many weeks of thinking about it I don't lack ideas for the future but I won't make any promises about where will be going now already. You can, however, be sure that "The Fallen Ones" will be finished.

I apologize for the long wait and I hope some of you are still out there.

Thanks a lot