A slightly-really-late birthday present for May! (Rainstorm Amaya Arianrhod). She requested an Evin/Kel ficlet, so here it is. Happy Birthday lovely!

When Evin is sober and not under duress, he is a tall, loveable goofball. When he's drunk, he is a tall, clumsy goofball, knocking bottles and tankards helter-skelter on the table.

"Kelllllll….." he slurs, as she gently removes the most recent, dented, tankard of rum from his grip. "You wanna see a triiiiick that I can do?"

(Once a Player, always a Player.)

"Of course, Evin," Kel says smiling indulgently at him. Neal, who has been nursing a glass of brandywine all night, snorts.

"You spend too much time with the Own, and by extension, the Riders." Kel scowls at him.

Later, after she's sobered him up enough by dumping a tankard of cold water all over his blond curls, they're kissing up against the wall dividing her rooms from the hallway, and she thinks that she ought to spend more time with the Riders and, by extension, the Own.