Ok, so for this story to make sense, there is only one diversion from the actual storyline of new moon, and that is that Bella and Jacob never become friends, which changes a lot, I know, but still…

So, what does happen is: Edward leaves, Bella gets all zombie-like, the whole conference with Laurent happens (including Jacob and the pack saving her, but hey, they save humans, it's their thing…) revealing that Victoria is after her, Bella graduates high-school, and finally, she decided that she can't stay with her father anymore because her presence is putting him right in Victoria's path. She takes the money she has from what would have been her collage fund, and moves to Europe (AKA: overseas; luring Victoria far, far away from Forks and the people she loves)

So, not that the preamble is out of the way, let the story commence!

Bella POV

I was walking through what I knew to be the slums of the great city of Rome that for the last few moths I'd called home. Somewhere, deep down, I knew I should be afraid for my safety. It was probably because I could hear the murmur of Edward's voice, faded with time, whispering its concerns in my mind. It was nice, having the feeling that he was with me, whispering so low, it sounded like nothings in my ear. The moon shone bright above me, and it both lessened and brought pain as I realize that somewhere, Edward was seeing the same moon that I was. I walked past a man who was leaning nonchalantly against a dirty brick wall next to the mouth of an alley. I was just about to be past him, when I felt him grab my arm and pull me into the alley push me against the wall, where he held me with a knife at my stomach.

"dammi il tuo denaro!" he demanded in a rough voice. I didn't exactly understand what he'd said, but I'd been here long enough to know he wanted my money. I turned my empty purse over and let the inconsequential contents fall out, showing him without speaking that I had no money. He scowled at me, then plunged the knife into my abdomen. The pain felt alike a pinprick at first, and I wasn't sure if he'd actually stabbed me, but the real pain came soon enough. He pulled the knife out, escalating the pain. I fell to the floor with no more sound than a muffled thud. I was vaguely aware of him stalking away as I grabbed my wound in pain.

Though this hole in my middle was much more physically real than the pain I felt when I thought of my lost love, I found myself acknowledging that the delusional pain was much, much worse. I could both feel my heart weakening and feel my blood draining out of me as I lay in the alley, waiting silently for death.

For a second, I thought I had closed my eyes, but I realized that before me was another man in a dark grey cloak.

"Quale uno spreco." He said in an utterly beautiful, melancholy voice. He crouched down and took a deep breath in through his nose. "Ah, deliziosi!" I had already figured out what he was, even before I caught a glance of his blood-red eyes.

"Vampire." I muttered as my conclusion was confirmed.

He laughed, rather amused by my comment. "And how, my dear, might you know that?" Before I could answer, he reached out his hand and touched my face. His fingers felt like cold shale as the lingered on my skin. A second later, they hastily moved to my shoulder, my arms, my hands, any bit of bare skin. "Why can't I see?" he asked himself.

I felt my consciousness fading, but I mouthed the first conclusion my mind jumped to. "You can't read my mind." And I was gone.


Rome, my favorite city in Italy next to my own Voterra. I always thought that throughout my 3000 odd years, I had never spent enough time in Rome. Perhaps Supicia and I would take a short vacation here in the future; only a year or two. The nights here were beautiful, not to mention that there were always a few unluckily potent humans wandering alone in the dark. I knew I could dispose of any bodies better than the newborn I had just come here to dispose of. It was almost disappointing, how easy he was to take down. The wind changed direction, ever so slightly, and I was hit with amazingly delicious smelling blood, fresh from the body. I followed the scent back to a girl bleeding in an alleyway. She was pretty, for a human, and I looked down at her for a moment. What delicious blood she had! "Quale uno spreco." I murmured. Blood like this should not spill onto the floor. I bent down and took in a deep breath through my nose. Her redolence was intoxicating. "Ah, deliziosi!" I leaned my head closer to taste her ruby blood, when she whispered something I hadn't expected.

"Vampire," she said almost as if she hadn't meant to say it aloud. I couldn't help but wonder how she'd come to such a conclusion. I laughed at her unexplained knowledge.

"And how, my dear, might you know that?" I reached out and placed my hand on her face, waiting for her stream of thoughts and memories.

They didn't come.

I moved my hands over other parts of her bare skin, looking for a place through which I could see her thoughts.

"You can't read my mind." She said groggily. How did she know that!? She closed her eyes, slipping into unconsciousness, I presumed. But I couldn't loose her now! I needed answers! I pulled her wrist up to my mouth and bit. I did the same with her other wrist, ankles, and throat. She gasped for air, suddenly wide-awake and in pain, but to my great surprise, she did not scream. I recalled quickly that there was a sewer just around the corner from here that I could hide her in. I picked up her body, scrunched into the fetal position in pain, and brought her to the familiar manhole. I waited three days below the surface before I heard her heartbeat speed, then stop. She sat up slowly and looked down at her now snow white arms. I put a hand on her face, hoping to see her mind.


"How did you know what I was?" I asked her without thinking. "No, first, how do you keep me out of your mind?" I edited, deciding to ask first what I wanted to know most.

"I don't know." She admitted. She was looking around herself, taking in her surroundings. "Where are we?" she asked.

"In a sewer," I answered in a rushed voice. "How did you know?" I asked, re-voicing my first question.

She sighed. A look of pain crossed her face. "That's a long story," she said dismissively. "Who are you?" she asked, though I wasn't sure if she was intent on changing the subject, or if it was just the mind flood that being a newborn brought.

"I am Aro, of the Volturi." I stated proudly, waiting for her to ask what the Volturi was.

"Aro, Caius, and Marcus," she agreed, recalling it like it was a memory from a very long time ago. I almost asked her how she knew us, but realized it would come when she finally explained her peculiar knowledge.


It was already night when relief from the burning started to spread through me. Aro warned me to hold my breath until we were out of the city, which didn't take long, moving at the speed we did. It only took us half an hour to run to the much smaller city Aro wanted to bring me to. We stopped a few miles from the gate, and I could see the beautiful, castle-like township of Voterra.

"I must warn you," he started, "you can never hunt in the city. I know control isn't a trait of newborns, but if you break our rules, we will be forced to destroy you."

I nodded. "I'll try my hardest."


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