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Crossing paths chapter 2

After having to save the city again, it was decided that a bit of down time was needed.

So this is where we find Anita Blake, Jason, Jean-Claude and Asher, in the cirrus of the dammed, having a movie night.

Jason got up and walked towards the TV, and turned around so he was facing them, while leaning on the TV.

"Alright guys! I found a horror for use to watch but after everything in our lives, I find it more of a comedy!" joked Jason

They all laughed at what he said as he put the DVD into the DVD player (that Jean-Claude had finally gotten when he found out that he would be having non-human giant slumber parties) and walked back to his seat and settled down on the floor with his head in Jean-Claude's lap.

As time past and the movie came to the suspense part (yamiyugi23 says: you know the bit that all ways makes you jump?) they all cuddled close together, getting into the movie, it was just as the murderer was about to jump out of the shadow's and murder their first victim in the small group when….

RING RING RING RING RING goes the phone!

Its screeching cry makes everyone jump.

"Ouch, sorry Jean-Claude" apologies Jason, who jumped up off of Jean-Claude's lap and banged his head against his chin.

"Don't worry about it" answers Jean-Claude while getting up to answer the phone.

"Anita? Asher? What's so funny?" demanded Jason.

Anita and Asher had been laughing the whole time.

"I'm sorry Jason but after everything we've been though, yet were still able to be scared by this silly horror movie!" replies Anita.

They all start laughing at that again, but it stops when Jean-Claude re-enters the room with a serious look on his face.

"Harry Potter and his amis et famille are coming to our city." Said Jean-Claude seriously while looking at Asher.

Asher's just sits their, shocked, 'can it be!' thinks Asher 'after all this time is my Harry my pantera pequeña de emralde coming back to me? Has my pantera pequeña de emralde final been able to get away from those evil people?'

Asher and Jean-Claude's eyes meet and with a silent agreement, they will get back Asher's pantera pequeña de emralde and Dumbledore and his followers will pay for doing what they did to Harry.

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