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A few months later you can see Jasper and I on our honeymoon, we had decided to get remarried, as vampires, and this time, no one will break us apart. No one, not even Edward.

After his episode in the clearing, the Cullens did bring him back to their home, but not before Emmett ripped off all four limbs, and Rosalie screamed at him for a good hour and a half then personally ripped of a very special male part.

I had to convince Rosalie not to set his body parts on fire, and while I was doing so Jasper snuck off with his detached limbs and buried them until he saw fit to give them back to him. At that point in time, it seemed like Jasper would never see fit, but he eventually gave them back after our wedding. I had caught him in a weak moment and convinced him.

He had told Emmett where they are and left the family to reattach them while he, literally, carried me off into the sunset on a tour around the world. He's currently still sulking in Denali, according to the girls of that coven he's still upset after loosing his 'shiny little toy to some scarred freak', his words exactly.

Jasper and I eventually settled down in Texas, he was sick of playing house, and I never wanted to start. Though it's beyond sunny, neither of us have a problem with it. Both of us are fed up with school, and never wanted to go back again, and it's not like we have any neighbors on our 10-acre piece of land. The land had originally belonged to the Whitlocks, until the last of the line, what was Jasper's great niece, died.

As for Ryan, well, he's living in bliss with his mate, whom we found out was a hybrid, half shape shifter half vampire. Something in her genetics prevented the venom from killing her, the only female wolf in history, and both Ryan and his mate believe it's fate, that she was saved for him. They were married three months after Jasper and I, and Ryan took Esme up on her offer of her Island for their honeymoon. They visit often, sometimes staying weeks if not months at a time. That is, until Jasper gets fed up with their lusty emotions and kicks them out.

The Cullens and I got closer; I especially bonded with Rosalie, as I'm the only one in the family who can truly relate to her. Jasper and Emmett have gotten closer because of this as well.

Life is good; finally after all these years I've found my long lost husband.

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