The command center was a wreck, it tended to stay a wreck through most of the day, as the two generals in the army dispensed orders, and set the researchers to work finding any and all information they could on the enemy, and sent the soldiers out into the field. And there were always returning soldiers, either with new survivors or news, they always hoped for both. However, at night, the encampment was quiet, disturbingly so. And Dean Winchester spent his time searching for the demon's leader, the man who he used to take care of, the man who used to love him, the man that used to be his brother.

When the camp went quiet and the howling wind over head was the only thing to be heard, Dean sat down in the war room and looked over the map of the country, he looked at the reports given by the combatants, and for the millionth time tried to figure out where the enemy's headquarters were located. Dean's eye was trained to look for patters, trained to look for anomalies, trained to be a soldier, a general, trained to be the best damn hunter in the world, and he was dong his best, to find the command center for the freaks of nature that took over his world, destroyed all of the children, destroyed the beauty that had been humanity, all of the innocence and reduced his world to strategies, weapons, survivors, death, soldiers, and rations.

"You seein' anything?" Bobby asked softly from the doorway. Dean's shoulders hunched and he shook his head.

"No. Sammy's smart. He'll know I'm looking for it. I wouldn't be surprised if he has it mobile." Bobby nodded and stood next to the boy and peered over the map along side of him.

"Looks like there is less activity in Iowa than the rest of the country." Bobby said pointing to the state.

"Yeah, but there is also less activity in Montana and New York. And of course each area has significant battles all around it, indicating that there must be some kind of supply or some kind of base for the demons to go to and regroup."

"Maybe there are three different command centers." Bobby said.

"I thought of that as well, but then again, Sammy knows I'll think that and he's doing it on purpose." Dean sighed and ran a hand over his face and then crossed his arms. "Did Dawson find anything when he scouted out in Indiana?"

"He radioed in not too long ago, said that something was going on, that it looked like the demons were up to something, but that they caught his scent and he booked it out."

"Evasive maneuvers?" Dean asked.

"Set two."

"So he got away?"

"Yeah, he's fine. Said he'll be back here in a day or so."

"Any sign of Ruby?"

"No. No sign of her. Odds are Sam is keeping her close."

"Probably doesn't let her off the leash very often. Marks was the last one to see her?"


"And that was a month ago?"

"Yeah." Dean took a deep breath. "How is the weaponry coming? We getting closer?"

"I think so. Not sure. The holy water guns are doing the trick, they are keeping the demons at bay while the soldiers get them taken care of. Sampson came back today with two people who he had managed to save and exorcise."

"They take them to the testing room?"

"Yeah. They survived and they aren't demons. They are being branded right now. No more demon possession for them."

"We are recovering fewer and fewer humans every day Bobby. Remember when our people could go out and save several people a day. We are running out of resources."

"Emily mentioned that the women ware willing to start having children to replace the fallen."

"Children don't need to be brought into this mess. We don't need children to grow up in a world without sunshine, in a world where hell swirls around them day and night. No. I don't' think we should."

"But…we are running out of people. You said so yourself. Ruby and Sam are killing more of them then sparing."

"We aren't animals. We can't be making children just to put guns in their hands when they are twelve."

"Dean, we have to. We need to. We can't survive this, we can't last much longer without another generation of people to take over the fight."

"Then maybe we aren't meant to win this."

"What is with you today Dean? This isn't like you."

"Nothing Bobby."

"I think the women have the right idea."


"Dean. It needs to be done. We need to order the women to start making children. We have to lift the celibacy order."

"You can really want to create life and put them in this? What if they aren't born like we are? What if they are born soulless. It isn't like there are angels, or hell even God anymore. All there is, is destruction, misery and despair."

"Every human being has a soul, and I for one believe that God is still out there."

Dean turned to Bobby sharply. "How can you believe that? He's the one who started this mess. He ordered Castiel to let Sam out of the chains, he ordered Sam to be freed. How can you say God exists?"

"Because you are standing right in front of me arguing that children shouldn't be raised in a world like this. Because every day we have people out there fighting on the field to be able to go back to their lives, to be able to save the world from the evil. I believe that God is out here fighting with us every single day, he is just fighting through us Dean. And if having children will help us in the long run, then I think we should do it. We need more people Dean. It won't be too much longer before we won't be able to save anyone out there anymore. The demons are really wearing the hell out of their meat suits, and they are enjoying it. It won't be too much longer." Dean looked down and sighed.

Dean saw the logic in the older man's argument and it frustrated him. "Okay. Fine. But we have to come up with a reasonable and smart way of doing this. We have to avoid inbreeding. We have to keep track of who is sleeping with who and which child is born. Let the women come up with a schedule." Dean gave a sad chuckle and his big green eyes came face to face with Bobby's. "I can't believe that my life has come to this. It used to be so simple. Find the monster, kill it, move on, have a beer with Sammy. Now I'm deciding when and if people should have children to repopulate the Earth. My God. I'm not cut out for this Bobby."

"You were." Dean rolled his eyes.

"Whatever." He shifted is feet a little and sighed. "Tell them in the morning. We'll see what's what then." Bobby put a hand on Dean's shoulder.

"You're doing good boy. All of these people are alive and safe because of you. You're doing good boy." Bobby left Dean to the map and his thoughts.

"Doing good now. But if I hadn't been a weak little baby, the world would be fine, and there wouldn't need to be a discussion about making children. If I had just saved Sam. If I had just killed Sam." He mumbled and putting his hands on the table and peering at the map.

"Come out, come out wherever you are Sammy."