Melody got the information passed back to her and her eyes narrowed. That was a bull shit answer, one designed for them just in case they noticed that Dean went missing.

"No." She said softly. Then a little more loudly and forcefully "No! I will not go forward and hide while he is out there fighting for us." She said as she stopped dead in her tracks. The line stopped behind her and slowly people in front of her stopped and turned.

"Melody now isn't the time for this." Bobby said as he approached her.

"No. Our leader is out there, going to get himself killed as a distraction. He knows he had no chance in hell of winning a confrontation with him. He knows it, we know it. Sam is too strong, the demons are on their own playing field. He's just buying us time. I don't accept that. If he goes down, we all go down. I say we go find him and fight. I want a piece of the bastard that did this to us."

"That "bastard" is his brother. This is family business."

"Oh no it isn't. This quit being family business when that man became what he is. That is when this became a world issue. And we're all that's left Singer, it makes it our business." Bobby couldn't argue with that logic. "Now I'm going back there and I'm going to help him. I don't care whose with me and who's not. I'm going." Melody turned on her heel and started in the other direction, and slowly, one by one people turned to join her. Bobby shook his head, didn't seem to matter what was going on in the world, people still followed Dean Winchester. It was just a shame that when it counted, Sam hadn't followed as well.


"Let's get this fight done with." Dean said. "I'm tired of it hanging over my head."

"Wishing that you had killed me when you had the chance?"

"No. Just wishing that I had been able to save you."

"I was saved. Just not in the way you wanted me to be."

"Whatever. Stop talking just fight." Sam shrugged.

"If that's what you want dear brother." And that commenced the battle. Dean didn't have a fighting chance. Sam threw him against a tree with a flick of a finger, and the wind was completely knocked out of him. And before Dean knew what hit him, Sam was hitting him, pounding his face with his fist, blow after blow. He felt teeth shatter, and blood flow freely from his face. He heard his nose break and just before the last life ending blow landed on his face, he saw his brother's eyes glisten with unnatural joy and he heard Melody and several others shout, his flock had come, they had come to help, and they had just ran into the slaughter house, the end was near for all and his end was especially close, and then Sam's fist landed the death blow to Dean's face.


"You have to stop it." Castiel said when Dean startled awake. Dean turned and saw no one other than his little brother sitting up and reaching for the light.

"You okay Dean?" Sam asked, eyes normal concerned hazel.

"Horrible dream Sammy. I'm okay. Go back to bed."

"I haven't slept yet." Sam left the words "the demon blood is making me jittery" off. It tended to enrage Dean and cause awkward silences that took hours to break. And Dean realized for the first time what the words "you have to stop it" meant. It didn't mean that he had to stop something mystical or magical. He had to stop distrusting his brother, had to stop keeping him at arms length, because if he did the world from his dreams would certainly become a reality.

"Come on Sammy, let's go to that all night diner down the road and get some pancakes, that should put us to sleep." He said as a peace offering. They had to start somewhere, no he had to start somewhere. Sam looked at him confused and it made Dean's chest ach. His brother didn't trust him any more than he trusted Sam.


"Come on Sammy. Just like old times." He said and with no room for argument, he got up and headed to the bathroom, they would start the healing today. If for no one else, than those people he was responsible for. Melody and others like her didn't deserve to die, because he held a grudge. Baby steps. Baby steps. He told himself and grabbed a towel.