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Closing Doors

Chapter Two

"You're awfully quiet tonight."

To be honest that simple statement didn't quite cover Rory's behavior since she had walked in the front door dressed in her pajamas, her hair thrown back in an untidy asymmetrical bun. Her bangs were curling at the ends, a sure sign to her mother that she had taken no time in straightening or even drying her hair before leaving the house, something usual for Rory who was usually very concerned about her appearance even when coming to Stars Hollow.

She hadn't opened her mouth at all, save for her initial greeting and occasional mumblings about being hungry and having to use the bathroom. Perhaps it was due to the constant state of disquiet her mind was in. Excess noise in the air would have made cause for sensory overload.

The images on the television flashed before her eyes in quick bursts of light. It was dark in the room and for a moment she wondered if people passing by the house would look in the window to see flashes of blue tinted light that to her always looked like an alien ship had landed in the middle of a living room. Casting a glace at the television once more she could see that the movie had already almost reached the end. Katie and Hubbell were having their heartbreaking conversation in the movie theater.

"Rory, child, love of my life, you are scaring the mommy."

"Hmm?" Rory asked, turning her head slowly toward her mother who was looking at her through a thick veil of concern. "Oh, sorry, Mom… I just….I have something on my mind."

"Would it happen to be the ice cream pizza we just invented?" Lorelai said excitedly, running a piece of dough covered with ice cream, chocolate chips, gum drops, m&ms, and candy sauces of every kind under her daughter's face. Rory scrunched up her nose in disgust.

"Sadly no," she said, pushing the food away from her. Lorelai set the plate down on the coffee table with a loud clank, no longer in the mood for jokes. It was exceedingly obvious that something was deeply disturbing her only daughter.

"Alright what is wrong with you? Out with it. Spill the beans. Tell me everythi-"

"I slept with Logan last night."

Suddenly the television was off, leaving the two of them alone in the dark living room. Even without a single light on in the room Rory could see the look of sheer astonishment and bewilderment marring her mother's face. She was blinking rapidly and her mouth was opening and closing like a fish, trying to stumble upon a single word that would be even mildly appropriate for the situation she found herself in. Luckily at that moment she heard a door click and a slight scuffle of feet across the kitchen tiles and her tongue finally found some words to form.

"William Danes if that room isn't on fire you'd better scurry your little butt back into bed now!"

"But I'm not tired! Rory doesn't have to go to sleep!"

Lorelai's eyes closed tightly and her brows furrowed in a flash of anger. "Now!" she yelled, and the young boy complied instantly. She brought her hands to her forehead and shook her head back and forth rapidly.

"You mean….Logan Brown right? A guy named Logan Brown who you casually ran into at a bar when you were a little tipsy and decided that you needed to do so you brought him back to your apartment. That Logan. The Logan that I have never met or heard of that has no history with you whatsoever?"

"Mm…no the other one." Rory answered.

"Oh my God, Rory! What were you thinking?"

"I don't know," Rory answered, picking up a pillow and running her fingers through the fringe.

"Wait." Lorelai said suddenly, slashing through the air with her hands. "How did this even happen? Doesn't he live in California? Did he move back here? Did he call you?"

"Yes he still lives in California. He was in town on business. I ran into him in a bar."

"You ran into him in a bar?" Lorelai asked incredulously. "Rory, there are millions of people in New York City and you expect me to believe that you just happened to randomly run into him?"

"Yes I do!" Rory defended. "Because that's what happened. Do you really think that I am that much of a masochist that I would agree to booty call because he was in town? I'm glad to know you have such a high opinion of me."

"That wasn't what I was insinuating."

"Then what were you insinuating?"

"That he called you. That he told you he was in town and he wanted to meet up with you for dinner to talk and you agreed - something that you would never admit to me because you know that I would tell you that you're insane for even considering that you two would be able to be friends after what happened."

"He didn't call me! And you're friends with Dad! And you were married to him!"

"That's different, Rory. We have a child together. We have to be friends. Do you really think he wants to be? Do you think he wants to see me happily married to Luke with another kid that isn't his? It kills him Rory. He does it for you. Being friends with Logan will kill you. He'll get married someday to some other girl and have babies with her and you will end up in bed for days all over again. Because you can't be friends with him. He's your Christopher. He's your Hubbell."

"For your information he has gotten married and he has a daughter. And I didn't break down in sobs when he told me that."

Lorelai closed her eyes in shock again "Wait. You mean to tell me that you slept with another married man. Because really, Rory, that's fantastic."

"He's divorced!"

"Thank God," Lorelai with a gigantic sigh. A silence settled between them. Rory continued looking down absently running her fingers through the pillow fringe. Lorelai took a deep breath and turned the television back on, mostly to give them some light. The two women started back at each other and slowly the look of anger and disapproval melted off her face.

"Well…" Lorelai said. "Was it good?"

Rory nodded and suddenly her face contorted in to a devastated frown. Tears soon followed, pouring out of her eyes and she hugged the pillow to her chest. Lorelai took a deep breath and pulled her crying daughter into her lap. She bit her tongue, deciding to keep her comments about this being the exact reason any contact with Logan was a bad idea. She would be nursing her daughter back to normal for weeks all over again.

"It's really really over." Rory sobbed burying her face in her mothers lap. Lorelai run her fingers through her hair. Her heart was splitting with the knowledge that Rory had been holding on to some hope that they would get back together for all these years.

"Shh," Lorelai cooed. She gritted her teeth together when she heard the door click yet again. Her vision to the television was suddenly blocked by five-year-old.

"Why is Rory crying?" William asked. Lorelai didn't have the heart to yell at him to go back to sleep.

"Rory is really sad, kiddo," She whispered. "Why don't you come up here and give her a hug."

Will climbed up to the couch and Rory moved back, giving her little brother room to cuddle up to her. It wasn't long before his breath evened out and he was lost in the land of dreams. She wished she could say the same for Rory. Lorelai turned the volume up on the movie and spent the rest of the night running her fingers through both of her childrens' hair. She popped a piece of popcorn in her mouth and sat back, trying not to think too hard about how she was going to get Rory out of this. That was something she would have to think about tomorrow. For now she was just content to sit back and watch television.

"You're girl is beautiful, Hubbell."

"You look beautiful," Logan said, sliding up behind his ex-wife and wrapping his arms around her waist. Jennifer continued scrubbing the dishes in the sink, not giving him the time of day – or night as it were. He thrust his hips even closer to her and placed a sensual kiss on her neck, letting her know exactly what he was thinking about. The next thing he knew there was an elbow in his stomach.

"Get off of me," she sneered.

"Ow!" Logan said, as he rubbed the spot that would most likely have a bruise on it by tomorrow. "Jesus Christ, woman."

"I'm not interested in being the dumping ground for your overactive sperm. You'll have to find someone else for that since the bimbo you were banging in New York didn't seem to do the trick."

"How are you so sure I hooked up with someone in New York? I'll have you know I was quite busy."

"Please," Jen said with a roll of the eyes. "Every time you hook up with someone on one of your business trips you come back here, put Molly to bed, and then hit on me because you've been thinking about sex the entire flight home."

"Well I would stop if you weren't so quick to oblige," Logan said, pulling her toward him once again. He popped the button on her jeans and slid his hand underneath her panties until they came in contact with her clit. As he began rubbing her in circles she sighed, dropped the dishes and the brush in the sink, and threw her head back to rest on his shoulder. He started sucking on her neck and she let out a long sigh.

"You're the devil," she whispered.

"I thought you weren't interested."

"Shut up and fuck me."

And that was exactly what occurred. Logan tore both of their pants down to their ankles and hoisted her onto the kitchen counter where for the next three minutes and thirty-seven seconds he thrust inside her and rubbed her clitoris in circles until they both found a release. And so was the essence of their post-marriage relationship, quick clandestine affairs in the kitchen, coatrooms, bathrooms, cars, anywhere they could get their hands on each other for a matter of minutes – where their daughter wouldn't hear them and there was little room for post-coital snuggling.

"Tell me why we got divorced again?" Logan asked as he pulled up his pants and started fastening his belt. Jennifer shook her head as she did the same.

"The sex was never the problem in our relationship, Logan," she reminded. "It was the actual love part that was the issue."

"Hey," he said seriously, grabbing her hand and waiting for her to look him in the eyes. "I love you."

"Yeah, you love Honor too," she whispered. She looked down, smoothing out her clothes and started walking out of the kitchen. "I'm going to go check on Molly. You can let yourself out. I'll have to figure out what to do with that giant fucking bear," she mumbled as she passed the large stuffed animal in the living room.

Taking the not so subtle hint, Logan grabbed the car keys from his pocket and slipped out of the kitchen. He peeked around the hall and watched his ex-wife slip into his daughter's bedroom. He smiled for a moment as he thought of his little girl. But the smile was soon turned into a frown as he turned around, catching a glimpse out of the living room window unto a lonely avocado tree in the backyard. He hated this window. It was his opinion that this window was one of the main reasons behind his failed marriage. It always seemed to remind him that Jennifer wasn't the woman who was supposed to be in this house with him.

Although, being with Rory last night probably didn't help endear the sight of that tree to him either. It seemed now the wound was a fresh as it had been when he first moved in here. He lived here alone for two years before Jen moved in and try as he might have to convince her to move, she refused. She loved this house. She loved that tree. She loved everything about it. So when the divorce settlement was being made it only made sense that she kept it. He wanted out anyway, and it was a perfect little house for her to raise his daughter in. He much preferred his masculine loft in the city (save for the one extremely pink and frilly room). It was close to his office, and his job had become his life.

It was ironic. An amazing career had never been his goal in life. A family was the only thing he ever really wanted, and he failed. Twice.

As he drove away from his old house he began to rummage through his pocket until he came across his phone. Dialing a number, he waited until a voice on the other line let out an aggravated mumble of a greeting.

"Hello," the voice whispered as if in pain.

"Do you think that I loved Jennifer the same way I love you?"

His sister groaned. "Logan," she began. "It's one o'clock in the morning here. Remember? Time zones?"

"I'm serious."

"So am I," she said with a sigh. "Why are you angsting about this now?"

"It's just something she said tonight. It got me thinking about what I did wrong."

"You didn't do anything wrong, Logan. Jen is a bitch."

"No she's not," Logan defended. Jennifer could be a little rough around the edges but she was a good person. She was a good wife. She wasn't the problem."

"Well she's not..." Honor paused, wondering if she dared complete her thought. "She's not as sweet as other girlfriends that you've had."

"You mean Rory?"

"I didn't say that."

"Then who else are you talking about? Because Alyssa Milano was never really my girlfriend. That was just the wishful thinking of a twelve year old. And Jen is sweet. You just never got to know her. She's shy. She doesn't say much."

"She's not your wife anymore, Logan. You don't have to defend her."

"She's the mother of my child."

"You slept with her again didn't you?" Logan's silence was answer enough. "You need to stop. You're torturing yourself. And what happens if she gets pregnant again? How are you going to explain that to Molly? 'Oh Mommy and Daddy aren't married anymore, but they are having another baby anyway."

"She's not going to get pregnant again so don't worry about it,"

"How can you be so sure of that?"

"Because she can't."

Honor scoffed. "Oh she just can't. That's a great outlook on birth control Logan, really."

"No, I mean, she can't."

"Oh?" Honor teased again before the line went silent for a moment. "Oh."


"You….You never told me. You never told anyone! Is that why you two-"

"I don't really want to talk about it."

There was a long and awkward silence between then before Logan heard Honor take a deep breath on the other side of the line. "Well either way….it needs to stop. For Molly's sake,"

"Yeah…" Logan said. "For Molly's sake. Listen, I think I'm gonna go. Tell Josh and the kids I said hi."

"I will."

Logan made his final goodbye to his sister before hanging up the phone and turning up his radio, letting the sound of The Pixies drown out the jumbled mess of thoughts in his head.

The chitchat had yet to cease. Although, to be quite honest Rory didn't seem to mind. It was one of the rare nights in her life when she was grateful for her grandmother's superhuman ability to engage in one-sided conversations for hours on end. Her mother didn't seem to be chiming in, only listening and occasionally throwing Rory looked of sheer pain across the dinner table every few minutes. Rory usually shook her head in response.

"It's so lovely to have just the girls here for dinner. Isn't it Richard?"

"Hm?" Richard asked, looking up from his pork roast for the briefest of moments. "Oh. Yes. Lovely."

"Not that I don't love when William and Luke join us. It's just such a rarity for the four of us anymore. It's just like old times when Rory was in school. Isn't it just like old times, Rory?"

"Hm?" Rory asked, bearing s striking resemblance to her grandfather as she looked up from her plate somewhat startled at being addressed. "Oh. Yeah, it's very nice, Grandma."

Emily sighed. "Rory where is your head this evening? Anyway, I've been meaning to tell you this for weeks. I heard through the grape vine that Constance Bedderton is considering running for president of the DAR again. Can you believe the nerve of that woman? You would think that it wouldn't take a decade for reality to sink into her-"

"Grandma, did you know that Logan was married a few years ago?"

An uneasy silence settled uncomfortably around the family and the sound of Richard's fork hitting his plate sounded throughout the room as if hundreds of plates had been sent careening to the floor.

"Logan?" Emily asked. "You mean Logan McGregor? I wasn't aware that he was married, He seems awfully young-"

"Logan Huntzberger, Grandma."

"Logan Huntzberger?" Emily asked. "Oh well, now that you mention it I guess I heard some talk floating about him and that Fallon girl...oh what was her name? Ginny?"


"Jenny, yes of course. Why do you ask?"

"You said...her last name was Fallon?"

"Yes. Karl and Michelle's daughter," Emily explained, turning to her daughter. "You remember Michelle Stewart, Lorelai? She used to babysit you between nannies."

"No," Lorelai said.

"Oh, yes you do. You loved her. She took you to the zoo once."

"I've been to the zoo a lot of times, Mom,"

Emily decided to go back to ignoring her daughter. "Well she married Karl Fallon and they had Jennifer. I guess she would be around Logan and Rory's age. Shira had been trying to push them together since infancy. I guess she eventually succeeded. I heard it ended in a sloppy divorce though. After those... well..."

"Those what?" Rory asked, her interest extremely peeked. Emily leaned over the table toward her granddaughter and lowered her voice as if she was afraid that Jennifer, although she was all the way in California, would somehow hear her.

"Miscarriages," she whispered. "Apparently they had a daughter soon after they were married and a year or so afterward she had a series of them. The next thing I knew Logan was back over here staying with his parents for few months acting very cold and distant. People said he was horribly irritable. I'm sorry, Rory I would have told you all of this before but I ... well I didn't think you would want to know."

Rory shrugged and began to push her peas around her plate. She had yet to find her appetite after her run in with Logan. She hadn't felt this miserable since they broke up eight years ago.

"Anyway, if Constance Bedderton running for president of the D.A.R. wasn't enough, Rosa Dewitt has somehow gotten it into her head that she is capable of planning the annual fundraiser for - "

"Do you know how long they dated before they got married?" Rory asked, interrupting her grandmother. Emily stared at Rory as if she had grown a third head. It wasn't like her grand-daughter to interrupt this way and she had done it twice in less than five minutes.

"I'd say about a year, Rory. Why do you ask?" Emily asked suspiciously, raising an eyebrow.

"No reason. I just… I was just curious."

A somewhat awkward silence followed as Rory suddenly began to pay rapt attention to her plate while her grandparents and her mother stared at and sent looks between each other. Lorelai tried to dodge eye contact as she was the only person who knew what was going on. But for the first time in Lorelai's life she truly wished she didn't.

"Are you okay?" Rory looked up from her laptop and saw her mom standing in the doorway to the living room holding a mug of coffee. "I made you some coffee…" she said. Rory smiled sadly and reached out for the cup. Lorelai walked it over to her and sat down next to her on the couch.

"Thanks," Rory said, accepting the cup and bringing it to her lips. "And I'm fine, by the way. I'm just….working on an assignment for Hugo."

Lorelai peeked over the computer screen to catch a glimpse of what her daughter was doing. "Ah…" she said. "I didn't realize the public was so interested in pictures of Steve and Kwan Van Gerbig."

Rory sighed. "Okay…" she admitted. "I got a little distracted by Facebook. Sue me."

"Listen…" Lorelai said. "I'm sorry I was so hard on you earlier. I just…I hate to see you do these things to yourself."

"It's okay," Rory said. "I deserved it. And I'm fine really. I got over Logan a long time ago. I think I'm just…pmsing or something. I'll be fine."

Lorelai smiled. "Okay…if you're sure…" she said.

"I'm sure," Rory answered.

"Okay…" Lorelai said while standing up. "I'm going to head up to bed. I'll see you in the morning."

"Goodnight," Rory answered. Lorelai headed up the stairs and Rory turned her attention back to her Facebook page. She smiled at the pictures of Steve and Kwan Lane had just posted before biting her lip and typing 'Finnegan Morgan into her search engine.

She was friends with Finn, along with 1,500 other people. She often wondered if Finn was even aware that they were friends on Facebook. Neither Colin, Rosemary, nor Juliet had reached out to her once the Facebook craze hit. Logan had certainly never reached out, and she never expected him to. Yet, she had reached out to Finn. Finn for some reason was the one person in that group that she wasn't afraid of. So they were Facebook friends. They had never interacted with each other. But Rory checked his page on occasion….to see if Logan ever posted anything.

Today there was nothing. In fact there was rarely anything from Logan. Rory had a feeling that the only reason he had ever gotten on Facebook was peer pressure. Logan wasn't the type to use something like that very often.

Biting her lip she opened a new tab. She went to a website and typed a name in the search engine before clicking on the video result. As she clicked it the sound of applause filled her ears.

"My guest tonight…a young entrepreneur who is launching a new website that will change the way we get our news. Please welcome to the show Logan Huntzberger…"


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