SUMMARY: Hinata has been captured by AKATSUKI . For years she has been tortured as a sex slave and as a prisoner of war. It was only then one night, after hearing her sobs and cries, and wishes of death, a mysterious person offers her freedom at a….certain price. She accepts, as her will to live becomes renewed again. No longer did any Akatsuki members come to "bother her" but only him. So she holds onto his promise ,that he will free her until the time is right. She then has endured his treatment for so long, until he finally he comes to tell her, her patience's has come to be fulfill…..

A lone figure walked down a spiral of stairs heading towards a small room hidden in the back of what appeared to be an a abandoned hideout.




He opens a solid black door…..

In the pits of a dark caged room a young maiden turned her head to the loud groaning of her cell's door. She was held as a captive far too long. Her long dark hair scattered about on her lithe thin body. Hands chained tight above her, made red ring cuffs along her delicate skin. Her only clothing was a big loose kimono, covered in dirt and blood.

She hears footsteps enter her small accommodation. Hastily hearing her assailant come closer, she cringes in fear against the concrete wall, whimpering.

"Iiee no more, I can't take it anymore, when will…" she pleaded, sinking farther against the wall.

Eyes bound with a thick heavy garment that withheld a powerful jutsu, one which was meant to block out that special talent she carries with in her eyes. He noticed it began to become damp again.

It began to be soaked in tears….her tears…

tears of pain and sorrow…..

"TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT HYUUGA." he casually mentions.

She stays quiet….


She quivers in silence.

Eyeing the young female, huddled in the far corner of her prison, her captor takes four long strides until he pressed his body against hers. Never allowing her hands to touch anything or grab anything including herself. She shivers as if knowing what to expect.

Tonight he will set his plan into action… but first…..

"DON'T MOVE! " he ordered his hot breath cascaded over her ear.

She gasps as she feels his hands slip through her kimono, feeling her breast, her thighs, her rib cage, her stomach, he decides to tweak a nipple, feeling the heavyness of her breasts, as she mews. She knows he is watching her face smirking, feeling her body reactions to his touches, placing a keen ear to her quiet gasps.

He has done this so many times before……

She begins to plea for him to stop, her breath going ragged, a light flush across her pale skin but he ignores her and continues. She stifles her whimpers and lets him have his way, as if she could do anything about it. The garment across her eyes become even more saturated with tears.

He smirks, as a sweet liquid coats his fingers. Satisfied he lets her go and pulls off her Kimono. He looks at her naked body, bending slowly, as he brushes his lips across her stomach, caressing it, moving his hands up and down her. She shudders and tries to move away from him.

He growls and dugs his fingers on both sides of her thighs.

"Please, no." she begs.

Chuckling he decides to let her see the face of her tormentor and her body for the very first time in a long time.

Pearly-white big eyes blinked rapidly at deep dark onyx ones….

"Uchiha-san you…you were the one w-who did this to me." she cries, more tears leaking out of her clear eyes.

He sneers, "Remember the price….I did this for a cause…you promised me…"

She bites her lip, as more tears fall down hitting the floor. She bows her head looking down at her used, beaten body, her eyes glazing past it looking towards the floor.

Still chained, he lets her see herself after a long time before he decides to cover up her body with the kimono once more.

"How will I….?"

Mind yourself Hyuuga, do not go back on your word….you will be free in a matter of minutes…demo remember the price that's all I ask….after all…you do want to live to see your precious Naruto." the last word was said with much hate.

She bowed her head, as he unshackled her hands, she went straight into pulling the loose kimono closer to herself.

"Do not make me regret my choice…."


"Aa….promise me you will stay alive….no matter what….or I wasted my time all for nothing.""



Before she slid through the doors, he stopped her.

Worried he was changing his mind, she quickly squirmed from his hand.

He narrowed his eyes and tightened his grip, "Hyuuga, maybe in another lifetime, another time, another place, we wouldn't have come to these terms."

She nodded as he let her go, watching him as he turned around, facing the other direction, it seemed news of her escape reached the ears of others, as shinobi's enter the scene….heading towards them… at full speed.

"GO." he commanded unsheathing his katana….

As he heard her footsteps disappear and she was out of sight, he whispered to himself, "You will no longer be singing your choir of sorrow….nor pain…."

And in that night Sasuke Uchiha, freed the female captive known as Hinata Hyuuga.


I'm proud of them

Pleasure like fear

It's a night when the moon laughs at lover

The time has came for you

I will resurge and shouts and bites

Stay away!

Do you want to go with me?

In that cold night she ran leaving all her memories, of the hateful place she was held captive for what appeared to be several lost years…finally leaving him behind….

The young Hyuuga with the long ebony-indigo satin hair ran as fast as she could in the moonlight dark night fleeing from a nightmare that will replay in her mind forever.…

In that same night the sky began to mourn….

Dressed only in a white blood stained loose kimono, her cries harmonized with the heavy rain that began to fall in the thousands, like a choir. Choking back sobs, she ran barefooted in a wooded forest, enduring the pain, the scratches, the digging of rocks and dirt in her soft white skin, adrenaline taking over.

"Doushite….Doushite…" she cried, closing her eyes, tears streaming down her face, holding her abdomen in pain. Tripping, she feel on all fours, squelching in the mud wrapping her hands in time around her stomach in pain.

"KAMI-SAMA….please help me….." she whispered to the night around her, as if her plea would be heard. The rain pounding her back hard, unrelenting. Fear overcoming her…

She motioned to move, but slipped falling back into the arms of the earth soaked mud.

She cried an anguish cry…….

They called it...

"The red carpet day"

The floor covered by delicious looking roses

The time has came for me

I will resurge

No control!

Poured crimson admiration into...


"So be it...I will not hold back….I do not regret nothing.."


"HAI!" multiple shouts were heard.

Onyx eyes flickered into scarlet, watching in fascination as the beginnings of droplets of blood showered the floor, like deep dark rose petals withering in a dying dream. His sword dancing by in the midnight air like brush strokes…..

Tonight… he will paint the night sky a beautiful shade of CRIMSOM.……

He smiles…..knowing he will have the satisfaction of killing once again…..

Our clan's blood will not stop forever

If you wish, I would become a rose

Our clan's blood is a lifetime lover

Stay, choir of sorrow and pains





My dearest descendant, please stab my belly

Oh so again

Please stab my heart

The time has came for me

I will resurge

No control!

Poured crimson admiration into Holy Grail

She staggered making a hard effort to stand, forcing herself up as she heard there nearing voices, gasping in pain, she resumed her pace once more. Cradling her swollen belly. Her kimono clinging on to her.

Looking down upon her heavy belly, determination set in her mind, "I will not die tonight, we will not die tonight…"

"I will fulfill my promise…."

Soaked in water and dirt she bites her thumb letting the blood soak her hand as she swiftly released a hand jutsu summon…..white light surrounds her.

Taking both shaking hands she once again continued with a hand seal.


Our clan's blood will not stop forever

If you wish, I would become a rose

Our clan's blood is a lifetime lover

Stay, choir of sorrow and pains




As she turned, three shinobis assaulted her from all directions…. The shield she cast on herself held for so long, before it ruptured in front of her eyes, like glass shattering, one of the nin's kunai managed to dig it's way into her shoulder…..

She let out a piercing scream…..

Kioku no naka no akai chi wo bara ni kaete ita

(I changed the red blood in my memory into a rose)

The Uchiha finished his grand master piece, admiring his work, dedicating it to the cold darkness of the night….

He heard her scream from a distance, through the rain, and decided that the need to present an encore was needed….

he that was soaked in red…..

Hibiku her shout and choir

(Her ringing shout and choir)

Hinata managed to doge the second shinobi's attack. Landing a gentle fist to his abdomen. He fell to the floor twitching, coughing up body fluids…before she stole his kunai and stabbed his heart.

She grunted falling back, byukugan weakening.

She was now beginning to wonder was all this for nothing?

It seemed she will perish here after all…herself and her unborn child.

Searching her surroundings ,the first and third shinobi took to hiding, time for her was running out….

She steamed her bleeding…for the meantime.

Our clan's blood will not stop forever

If you wish, I would become a rose

Our clan's blood is a lifetime lover

Stay, choir of sorrow and pains

He breathed in her blood in the passing of the wet wind, a heavy scent of his own mixed in with hers. The smell intoxicating him.

" Stay alive…Hyuuga," he gritted, as he made his way towards her direction.

Kioku no naka no akai chi wo bara ni kaete ita

Hibiku her shout and choir

The first ninja came out from a bush. Standing a few feet away. His mask hiding his features. At then, she was breathing hard….

"You know I do feel sorry for you, using you as a tool to carry his seed….nothing more." eyeing her abdomen, with semi-pity, as she embraced it.

She ignored his comment and began a defensive stance.

"Aren't you MAD at him, for doing this to you??"


"Wow, to think he was used you to revive his CLAN."

"THIS IS THE PRICE I PAY." she whispered standing her ground, "for my FREEDOM."

He laughs, "Do you really think you can take me on in your condition or be free ever?." cocking his head.

"You know, maybe it is best to end the Uchiha bloodline once and for all, so it can be nothing more, but a memory in the minds of people for generations to come." the first shinobi stated picking up his own short sword heading towards at her.

"Or us for that matter." the third appeared. from behind her.

She gasped as she realized the first distracted her with petty talk as the third shinobi came around in back of her, ambushing her.

"YAMATE, ONEGAI!!!" she screamed as his hand made it's way to her abdomen. She franticly moving about, in his arms trying to aim anywhere.


She closed her eyes, sobbing, knowing she was trapped….This was the end….

Before he had the chance to touch Hinata's belly, a dark chakra managed to burn him, causing him to reel back. The third shinobi pulled back quick, but not quick enough as a sphere of electricity landed on the side of his head, causing the air to smell of burning flesh. He landed on the floor….simmering in his own body juices.

The first shinobi grunted, "UCHIHA!!"

Hinata opened her eyes, to catch the dark young raven nin, standing in front of her, eyeing her with dark red eyes.

Didn't I tell you to stay alive Hyuuga…. no matter what."

She stood in shock her bottom lip quivering, her pearly-white eyes blinking, his whole body was covered in a crimson liquid from head to toe, the rain washing him along the way.

He smirked at her, as he captured her mouth, staining her pale cold lips with red, pulling away from her to face the last threat, that stood between his revival of his dream.


With that the last Shinobi came at full speed knowing, nothing good would come out of it but death…..he would at least die honorable fighting against an Uchiha…..

Hinata ducked in fear sheltering the unborn baby, nested in her womb…

The shinobi closed his eyes letting fate take it's place………

The time has came for us

Long time sleep passed

The world turns in hand of descendant of the rose

Our clan's blood will not stop forever

stay,choir of sorrow and pains

Our clan's blood is a lifetime lover

Without you, would be gone far away...

As the only two survivors who witnessed tonight. Hinata carefully waltz her way beside the Uchiha gently touching his arm. The rain was now becoming nothing more then mist.

He glanced at her and she witnessed, eyes flickering from red to dark onyx.

A flashback of the promise they made to each other..

She was crying hard as one of the Akastuki members, "finished his business with her." leaving her on the cold cement floor naked, chained, blind, bound by a jutsu.

It was then, when she cried out for death…she didn't noticed the lighter steps that entered her cell.

A deep voice answered her, "Is that what you really want, because I can grant it?"

She cringed at his indifferent tone and scrambled for her only Kimono.

"Who's there?"

"Is that what you crave, death because I can grant it?"

"Is there any other way, I will rather die then become nothing more than a sex toy to you AKASTUKI BASTARDS!" she shouted.

He smirked at her boldness.

"There is…I can set you free, but it return it comes at a price."

She turned her head towards his voice.

"What…What is the price…."

"I will set you free, when the time comes, but you will bear my child, after all my goal is to revive my clan, and mixing it with Hyuuga blood is not a bad option."

She gasped…

"Think about it or one day you might end up bearing one of theirs and still be a sex slave."

"No, wait come back, she stood not realizing he was standing next to her,"

"Yes." he drawled.

"I will do it, just promise me I will be free."

"GOOD." he stated leaving her side.

"ANO, Who are you?" she blurted before he truly left her side.

"Do not be concern about that, the time will come when you will know." And then she was alone again in the cold room.

She bowed her head low at the far too long memory.

She intertwined her hands with his and brought it down to her swollen womb.

"It's a boy, just so you know," she whispered closing her eyes, letting go of his hands, yet they still rested on her stomach.

"Aa" he mentioned finally pulling away from her.

"I..I…will fulfill my promise, I'll bear this little one and raise him well.'

His eyes seemed to soften as he eyed her and began to depart back to where he came from, "Follow the road up ahead you will run into a village that can help you get to KONOHA."

"ANO, you are not coming…you're not coming with me.." she voiced, her throat sounding dry

"I have unfinished business to attend to?" he stopped, never turning around.

"How then will you see your offspring grow?" she mentioned feeling flush.

He ignored her question, " I trust you Hyuuga, raise him with love."

"Hai." she whispered, eyes fleeting, watching his back as he resumed walking away.

She then turned around feeling water slide down her cheek, was it still raining?

No it wasn't….

Though, she knew now their clan's blood was now intertwined forever…..

It was going to be a long walk.....



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