FEATURED: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni






He pictured her smiling, holding a tiny being that solely belonged to him, to her…to them. He entrust she understood his reasons for what he did for his cause…and to her…..he could only pray for forgiveness.

He was never a godly man, nor religious but….but…. He merely hoped his prayers were heard.


inori wa donna ni inotte mo todokazu

My prayers never reach, no matter how much I pray

tsubuyaku koe wa semi shigure ni kieru

And the murmurs fade into the cicadas' chorus


White light shooting stars flashed bright in the night sky, as tired blank onyx orbs blinked slowly, only to realize darkness surrounded him once more. The sound of the coming night insects singing their melody among the black blue painting. He coughed roughly, to weak to move his body, too cold to think of anything else, but the present moment. He inhaled the cool night air, as he continue to observe-in his eyes, a sense of victory and defeat.

His VICTORY- he earned his freedom.

His DEFEAT-death now clung him.

He was not afraid of death, but if it was his time, if karma finally caught up with him, then so be it. He was all alone now and will die alone.

The only irony was the only person to witness The Great Uchiha fall was a tiny green bird with plumage so bright, with a crown and upper back tinged with golden rufous. It's elongated feathers so radiant and beautiful, as it cast its wings in flight, twittering a beautiful melody, as if she sent it from the heavens above, for him to hear her song once more…one last time.

A deep pain set in his chest and he found himself coughing up more of his own body fluids. He reeked of blood and was beyond the point of feeling pain. The gashes and broken bones, were just a burden to him now.

Another shooting star graced his obscured sight, and he decided to make a wish upon it.

Stubborn as he was, his only wish was to see the Hyuuga girl once more, and to see his son.

He sighed...

His body was hurt….his mind was hurt…..his heart was damaged…..


mou nando hikisakare chigireta darou

How many times have I been ripped apart?

kibou ga zetsubou ni kawatta darou

Has all hope turned into despair?

kondo koso tsuyoku naru to yakusoku suru wa

I promise I'll become stronger this time

dakara ima wa kono te o nigitte'te

So now, please hold this hand


As he laid there on the dry-caked mud, he let his mind reeled back to the only comfort thoughts he managed to come up with as he gradually deteriorated, at least she escaped- the Hyuuga girl escaped, the Uchiha line would not be forgotten, and his last dying moments he would like to believe were to protect "what family" he could have had. He wondered if she thought of him as he thought of her?

He furrowed his eyes, as he tried to force memories to the surface-of moments he spent his time with her….but it was sad when nothing appeared but his last battle.

So now he laughed wryly at himself, awaiting for eternal slumber to befall him…only memories of past and his being were to linger. He didn't even have a proper burial. He wondered if anyone was going to remember him, cry for him, mourn for him. He coughed, dark red liquid slightly caught in his throat. "Damn," he cursed, if only he had a swift death, instead of being tortured like this. He turned his head to the harsh mud of the ground. I guess destiny wanted him to repay for all his sins.

It was then he heard the sound of squelching of the earth, footsteps gathering before him.

Voices shouting. Voices crying. Voices calling him.

Someone or somebody was calling out to him.

"Who…is calling me?" he whispered low.


mata kaimaku no aizu ga hibiku shikata naku kurikaeshi o odoru

The opening signal is given again and I dance the same dance without choice

kono sekai o tsudzuru monogatari shuumatsu wa anata dake no tame ni

The story that connects the world I'll pray again and again, quietly


He shifted his half lidded eyes, towards the noise that rang in his ears.

"Sasuke" a tired face called kneeling down on his side. Her glasses slipping slightly across the bridge of her nose. Her eyes full of water. "What were you thinking?"

"Karin." he muttered his chapped lips.

"Sasuke." an energetic but worrisome voice, broke the air, "What have you gotten your self into this time now. Geez.."

"Suigetsu" he slowly whispered, closing his eyes.

"Sasuke." the last deep voiced boomed low. "Karin, heal Sasuke."

"Jugo…NO…" he spoke, throat dry, eyes wanting to water, but nothing came out. "What are you guys doing here, get out of here ! Madara is…..?"

"Baka…Madara is dead..." the fiery red cried interrupted him, rolling up a sleeve, placing her arm out in front of him.

"Then leave," he growled turning away, "You are free of him ….free…of me."

"Iie, because you are our Leader." the thin man Suigetsu replied, placing an arm on Karin's shoulder, which annoyed her, making her shift her shoulder.

"Because you are our friend." the quiet stoic man, Jugo ended. " If you were to perish you-Sasuke will make many mourn.."

Suigetsu averted his eyes. Karin grew quiet.

He did not reply, but closed his tired eyes. "BAKAS! If you stay, I will kill you all." he wrly laughed.

"If that is your will Sasuke." one spoke low.

He swallowed hard, a metallic taste invaded his mouth, nonetheless a sly smile formed at the corner of his mouth. "How did you find me anyways." he scoffed, ignoring the comment said.

He heard them softly talk among themselves, before answering.

"I sensed your chakra, Sasuke." red eyes stated seriously, her hair flailing.

"Yeah right! You panicked when you couldn't senses LEADER here, anyways you went into panic mode, throwing annoying fits." Tinted blue-purple eyes snorted.

"Shut up Liar!" she snarled.

"Quiet, both of you." the orange headed man quipped, startling the others, "Sasuke-sama, a bird…"

"OH YEAH! Jugo here said a green bird revealed your presence to him." Suigetsu added more in disbelief. "Yeah yeah Whatever!" the female commented interrupting him.

This did not stop the tall one of the group from talking, "Sasuke-sama it stated…you have he paused before continuing, "…family waiting for you." he finished his eyes looking soft.

The Green bird? Could it be? His thoughts shifted, at the meaning of Jugo's words. If he were to perish here, that would mean, His Taka group, his friends in Konoha, Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, everyone, Hinata…his son. … his family…would mourn for him. Was destiny giving him a second chance? Was this the way of karma repaying him….of everything that has happened to him? Was this a means for him to reach the means of an end, for him to finally gain a shred of happiness?. …But was this the right thing to do?


chiisaku inoritsudzukeru

To reach the end for you

tada tada "shiawase ni"

Just to be 'happy'


When the group, saw no motion or command from their former leader, the red head took it upon herself, eyeing the other two for approval. When they nodded she acknowledged.

He resisted for a bit, even glaring at them….at her.

Whether he chose not to bite or didn't have the strength to bite, Karin ended up gently shoving her wrist to his mouth, as long as his teeth scraped her he would be able to be healed.

He was taken back by surprised, but as he felt his strength came back, and his wounds heal, he pushed her wrist away softly after what seemed about an hour or so.

"Arigato," he nonchalantly muttered, pushing himself up, pausing for a moment to help her up as well, knowing she was at a weakened state. This caught her off guard, Sasuke usually wasn't this kind. Suigetsu then took Karin by the arm to steadied herself upon him, much to her disappointment. She immediately pulled away from the white haired man.

The three watched as their beloved Leader had regain movement and stamina. Quiet and unmoving, he had his back towards them. He stood tall, his raven locks cast about making him look wild, his clothes covered in mud and blood, looking battle weary. His skin, pale as the moon, yet illuminated a deep glow. He looked in deep thought, warring within himself until he turned to face them. His emotions once undecipherable, yet his expressions now were understandable.

Karin gazed in surprised, Suigetsu looked stunned. Jugo half smiled.

"Sasuke," each whispered, They were caught up in a stupor and amazement. Usually, their fearless, unreadable leader, who acted calm, cold, calculated, and occasional temperamental, selfish even, commanding, Sasuke, the once thought a prodigy of the last of the mighty Uchihas looked so much older….more mature….more wiser…more confident… Had a face of serene gracing itself upon his handsome features.

He looked upon each of his team's faces. A half smile adorn upon the corner of his lips. "Arigato everyone. I could never have asked for more better comrades…..or Friends." he ended, his eyes shifting to the sky, "Today…" he paused somehow unsure, "I had fought for my freedom and I wantyou all to know for so long I had fought many battles, external and within, taken lives, destroyed bonds, and shattered many hopes. I have sinned beyond salvation, but now… out there…. my future is changing, giving me a second chance, and this time around, I want to protect it, keep it, and never let it go. My destiny now…is calling me elsewhere, as do each of your own. " he eyed shifting his onyx gaze at them one by one.


nokosareta mirai ga mou sugu nakute mo

Even though there may not be many futures left

taisetsu na mono o mamoritooshitai

I want to protect the precious things

sono tame ni wa kami-sama ni sakaru koto mo

For that, I'll even defy the will of God

mayowazu itowazu ni tsumi o okasu

I won't wander or stay clear and I'll do anything


"What are you saying Sasuke?" Karin barked, walking towards him appalled, but Suigetsu held her back, shaking his head. "Idiot, let me go, can't you see Sasuke-sama is saying useless, pointless things."

"Taka." one deep word commanded their attention.

It's time to move on." he whispered, his gaze for a moment flickered red.

"I understand." Jugo broke the silence. " And I agree." Suigetsu nodded.

"IDIOTS!" she screamed, red eyes flaring "BAKA," she yelled at onyx eyes.

Red hair flung in the air as she whirled to meet the other two male voters. "What are saying! If we don't stop him now or change his mind, he will leave us." she cried falling to the floor tears welling up once again.

One of the three young men that stood around her actually felt hurt hence he moved to her, the other two, in their own way stayed quiet to offer their condolences.

"Karin." she heard a light stoic voice. It was Sasuke. She turned her head away, letting her red hair cover her face. She will not allow him to see her tears. Yet she could feel him walk towards her gracefully, she flinched readying for a strike, she knew better not to question Sasuke's words or orders, but instead of feeling a blow, she felt a hand upon her head, surprising her.

"Karin," he it was said in the utmost gentle like, "Arigato for saving me. I know in our hearts…we are forever linked as group TAKA and I did at times thought of you all as family. In fact you are my only family."

He exhaled a short breath and continued, "Demo, after coming so far, after everything we have done, I was blindly leading myself and everyone into dangerous waters," he pulled away from her, dark bangs shifted in the wind, "I did things I'm not proud of and I lead you all to believe in my ambitions alone. Vengeance and obtaining great power was the only two things that fueled my mind, nothing else mattered. There were even times, I did not care about what happened to you or the others, only what I wanted, only what I achieved," His dark onyx orbs glanced at the other two men standing besides them. "I used each and every one of you for your gifted abilities. Using you for my benefit." He swallowed, before laughing shakily, "I even used a helpless captive girl's desperation, to fulfill my warped objective of making sure the Uchiha line never be forgotten," he remained quiet before deciding to continue, "but during that time after being with her…." he paused, his tone changing softly, "I lost sight of my ambition…my hatred. I felt the vengeance in me slowly being clouded, being buried by other thoughts….thoughts of life, dreams, a future….. a real family. And now I feel I have to take up that responsibility of what I have done. Group TAKA, I have a son out there…. and I want to try to find them and live a normal life, a life without battles. I know I may sound selfish and you don't have to, but please find forgiveness upon this stupid boy for reacting on the whim of his own emotions." he ended, bowing his head low to them.

Karin remained silent.

"Well said." Jugo smiled. "I knew one day you were going to awaken to your true self, your true feelings, but until then I was going to protect and follow you to the end, as long as it took, but now I guess this time it's really goodbye, ne?"

The Uchiha stood quiet.

"Hey you guys don't talk like that you are going to make me cry." Suigetsu smirked, "Hey Karin, doesn't that make you want to cry."

"No that just makes me want to puke." she laughed harshly.

"Karin." Jugo and Suigetsu gasped. Sasuke looked at her.

""Demo.." she continued, sniffling, "I was always selfish when it came to you….when it came down to Sasuke. But hearing you speak of us as family and being this kind person, instead of the cold cruel calculated leader we usually looked up. She must have been some girl to change you."

He nodded.

"So before you leave us and move on, I want you to hear my confession Uchiha. "Ahem, she cleared her throat "SAUSKE," she yelled, "I LOVE YOU., she felt herself turning red, her heart racing, "I will always love you until the day I die and … and in the future if our paths should cross, I will not hold back, you hear me." she cried, her red eyes glistening, knowing they probably wouldn't ever meet again. She nervously backed away to Jugo's side. For once she felt like she acted like a normal young girl in love, and not a subordinate. She was happy in the end that it was this Uchiha…her Sasuke that brought it out of her.

He stood quiet before her whispering one word, accepting her approval.


He looked at the other two men.

The white haired young man, cleared his throat, announcing his turn to talk, "Geez, Karin, you almost made me remembered that you are a girl." he sniggered. "Grrr" she growled at him, muttering "stupid water boy." Yet Suigetsu ignored her, "Hey, Uchiha, since you are departing, I might become the new LEADER of group TAKA. So you can't stop me from relinquishing my thirst for blood and I won't forgive you if you were to die in the hands of someone else either," he smiled walking to Karin's side, "So until then keep training and watch your back, because I still want to test my skills against you. So, Sasuke enjoy your break from the shinobi world for now." he ended knowing Sasuke would abandoned that life for good.

"Understood." he nodded, gaining the white hair young man's consent.

The last of the team of Taka, the tall orange haired spiky headed man faced his wordlessly leader. He stood tall and unfazed, nothing new to the Uchiha.


natsu no semi no you ni hakanakute mou sugu watashi wa shinu to shite mo

Short-lived like the summer cicadas even though I will die soon

anata ni soba de waratte hoshii shiawase o kudasai

Please stay by me and smile, give me happiness


"I remember agreeing to go with you because I believed you were the only person capable of stopping me from killing people while I was enraged. That your Sharigan could kill me in a blink of an eye." he eyed the dark haired young man, smiling softly. "Before you, Kimimaro, was the one to keep me in check but after hearing he sacrificed his life to deliver you to Orochimaru, I believed that Kimimaro's spirit continues to be within you Uchiha. You opened my eyes, to a different world, where I was just not used for experiments, but for the first time you made me feel needed, For that I am grateful." The tall man eyed each of his teammates, "meeting up with you, Suigetsu and Karin, others," he motioned with his hands towards them, "These type of people that do not get along well together, were brought mutually by you Sasuke. You made me see, that even oil and water can mix, by force of course." he laughed, causing the Uchiha to smirk and the others to laugh as well. When all was quiet again, Jugo continued, "And to see someone like you Sasuke-of your caliber, of your strength , of your status, fall for even the tiny ideal of gifted picture for a real family, a girl, a son…. it makes me happy. It makes me see even a person like you is still human as well as ourselves, if we try hard enough. After everything you did or done to us, you don't have to feel like you are abandoning us, because we are happy just to have met you, fought along side you, get to know you, we team Taka forgive you. So Sasuke, you are now free of us, but all I ask of you is do not forget your Taka family, as we won't forget you.." Jugo smiled, knowing this was the last time they would see him.

"I won't" he smiled, looking at each one, thanking them for their support. He felt his heart almost whole.

After everything he put them through, after everything they had over come, they were allowing him to chase his true dreams. And for that, he would never forget them. He couldn't resist the urge to hug each one. Something that was un-Uchiha like.

As he forwardly walked to each individual one hugging them, he catch them once more off guard. He couldn't fight the urge to thank them one again fro everything so, he started with the tallest.

"Find them." Jugo muttered in his ear, as he pulled away, embracing the oldest TAKA member.

"Sasuke you're creeping me out." Suigetsu jokingly laughed, as he made his way to the white headed boy, embracing him. As he pulled away, he heard the master of water muttered "it was fun, until then." He once again nodded.

He stopped in front of the red head, fully well knowing her feelings, "Arigato once again Karin for saving me, helping me obtain my wish." and he gently hugged her.

She shook her head, knowing deep down inside she hated this, yet she placed a brave front. "Go…go chase your dreams Sasuke, go find your son." Karin whispered, knowing Sasuke would never return the same kind of feelings she harbored.

"I will." he agreed. Once again looking at the faces of his former team.

"Arigato…. everyone." he muttered feeling a flutter in his chest, a pain in his heart.

"Arigato." he whispered again nodding in each of one of their direction, before, taking off into the night. His new life changing upon the whims of the wind.

"Will he be okay?" Suigetsu, spoke watching Sasuke disappear into the darkness.

"Of Course! Without a doubt Baka! He is an UCHIHA!" Karin retorted, hitting the back of the white headed man.

"Bitch." he retorted quietly to himself. The others did not hear him.

Karin waved goodbye, feeling a bit better. "He is strong."

"He will manage." Jugo added as an after effect.

"Yeah, yeah," Suigetsu replied, kicking a rock.

That night, the former team Taka saw their leader off.

"He finally found peace." Jugo nodded, "Hai," Suigestu and Karin agreed.

It was the last time they saw Sasuke Uchiha.


mou ichido hajimemashou

Let us start again once more

kondo wa kitto shiawase na ketsumatsu o kitai shite

This time we can wish for a happy ending

semete saigo no sono toki made

At least, right until the final moment

zutto yasashiku hohoende irareru you ni

We can stay smiling gently


That was one year ago….







Fin to part five.



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