A step back in time. Kaname's parents take the stage. Takes place some years before the start of the story. Song: Little L by Jamiroquai

"I don't get it," Yuuki looked down at the counter. "Why didn't he accept their offer? I mean, he'd have a better life... wouldn't he?"

There on the stage the three of them stood. Their laughter filled the air, together with animated chatter of the good times and the bad. At the moment it was difficult to tell which they seemed to be discussing. The gentleman was consoling a tearful Kaien Cross as the young beauty laughed heartily.

Zero mumbled under his breath, "better pay maybe." The look he received made him reconsider continuing that train of thought. With a sigh, he sat down beside her.

"Because," Zero stared blankly across the room. Perhaps reminiscing about another time. "When you work hard to realize a dream, you can't just let it go so easily." Yuuki could only watch Zero in amazement as he spoke. "...even if a sweeter deal comes along." After a moment he glanced at her from the corner of his eyes. "But I know you wouldn't understand something like that," he said with a wink as he patted her head.

"uh... WHAT!?" She slapped his arm away. Chasing him around like a lunatic when he ran, "I work hard, too!"

Zero laughed and continued to taunt her. He knew he was adding fuel to the fire but sometimes the temptation was simply too great to ignore. "Like your singing is hard work!" Yuuki merely growled in response and hastened her pace. Neither took notice as a song started to play.

"Remember this one?" Kaien asked.

Juri smiled fondly, "Definitely." Her eyes followed Haruka as he took center stage and sang.

There you were freakin' out
Tryin' to get your head around the fact that me and you were lovers there
See how I'm trippin' out
'cause I can't decide what you really want from me

Why does it have to be like this
I can never tell
'cause you make me love you love you baby
With a little L

By this point, both Kaien and Juri had decided to join and sing along. Although Kaien took it a step further and tried to dazzle them both with his fancy footwork. The way he flew to and fro during each verse would have enchanted a full audience, had it been peak hours rather than the early lunch hour of now.

There you were shoutin' out
Crankin' up your altercations getting upset in your desperation
Screamin' and hollerin'
How can this love become so paper thin

You're playing so hard to get
You're making me sweat just to hold your attention
I can't give you nothin' more
If you hate give nothing to me

Don't you know that you make me love you love you baby
With a little L
Why does it have to be like this
I can never tell
Seems like you're steppin' on the pieces
Of my broken shell
'cause you make me love you love you
With a little L you know
That's the way you make me love you yeah

Yuuki had long since given up on continuing to chase Zero, becoming increasingly fascinated with the guests' performance. As the trio sang and dance around one another she made her way closer and closer to the stage. The music, the voices, the dancing... they were all so unique. So mesmerizing! She had to make sure to remember this song.

Their melody.

Notes: When I looked up the lyrics for this song, I noticed some slight differences from what I'm used to. Kinda changes the overall feeling for me. Decided to keep the lyrics the way I've always heard them...

Pretty stumped on how to improve this without making it more complicated than it needs to be. Hope you find some enjoyment from this, even if only slightly!