A mother's day poem for our favorite mother...

Esme - The Eternal Mother (before Twilight)

Butterscotch eyes and caramel hair…

A natural mother with a heart full of compassion.

She'd love it if her children would play fair.

But even if they cheat, she'll defend them with passion.

She's a mother bear nurturing and a lioness on defense.

She's an understanding wife and a best friend as well.

Don't judge her by her demeanor or you'll be remiss.

This gentle lady is a warrior who can send you to hell.

She can calm the son who's wired and full of jokes.

She can sometimes stop him before he pokes

The brother that doesn't appreciate his teasing flair,

And help to keep his arms attached on his shoulders there.

He loves her as much as his human mother he hardly recalls.

And he appreciates her wicked fast curve balls.

She understands the daughter who lost so much

But refuses to let go of the anger and pain.

She can soothe this beautiful beast with a calm touch

But both know she will never be tame.

The daughter appreciates her mother and her affection,

Yet still wants to be rid of her vampire affliction.

Her first son is her pride, her joy, and her torment as well.

He is locked within himself, trapped in his own personal hell.

He cannot see the goodness and kindness inside of him.

Nor can he see the love and affection his family feels for him.

She prays for a day when his smile will outshine the sun.

She prays for love to swoop in and save her son.

And then there is the daughter with the happy laugh and spiky hair.

She tries to guide her and help her be wise with her gift.

Not everyone wants to know if their future is bleak or fair.

Her little peace keeper, her closer of every rift;

This child wants her family whole as much as this mother.

They both know they are lost without each other.

Her last son is not her last child; She knows he feels it too.

They will need one more before this family is through.

He can feel every emotion running through this household,

And he shares with his mother who needs a smile, a hand to hold.

He loves his mother, his father, and his siblings very much.

But the tiny girl with the huge smile sets him ablaze with her touch.

The tall one with the gorgeous smile has entranced her for years.

Her doctor, her lover, her husband, the one to rid her of her fears.

They are parents in every sense, bound by blood of a different brand.

Though not as flashy as their children's, their love is as epic and grand.

She was not alive before he took away the beat of her heart.

Now she can barely contain the love and joy that radiates through her silent heart.

Still she knows she's meant to love one more.

Another daughter will one day come through the door.

She will set this mother's first "born" free from his self-invoked prison,

And this family will be complete—their love shining as bright as a diamond's prism.