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Chapter One-Welcome Home

She stepped off the bus and looked into the bright Los Angeles sunshine. Sighing, she hitched her bag up on her shoulder and turned to help the little girl down as well.

"So, this is Wolfram and Hart." It was a statement, not a question. The building no longer stood. She smiled a wry smile and turned both middle fingers to the ashes.

"Burn in hell fuckers."

"Mommy, what are we doing here?" The little girl reached up and took her mother's hand and they both turned to walk down the busy street.

"We're going to see some old friends, baby." She looked back at the ruins of the law firm.

"From the looks of it, they need us bad"

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Lorne was not having a great day. It was hard dealing with the returning demons who had fled like little girls after the whole Wolfram and Hart fiasco. There were two types that appeared in the dank, dark, underground bar Lorne was desperately trying to renovate. The first were human compatible. These demons just wanted to get by on earth and not cause a fuss. They were the ones who ran screaming like little girls when the city began to crumble all around them. They were slowly returning to LA. The second bunch was the worst. They heard that the resident Big Bad had packed up and moved out and they were anxious to fill that seat in the demon boardroom. The Circle of the Black Thorn had been wiped out. The Wolf, the Ram, and the Hart had been driven back to hell by Angel and their crew but Lorne knew that their departure from this dimension was only temporary.

Sighing, he fixed himself another Sea Breeze. He didn't even have the heart to get up on his own stage.

Look at you. He said, glaring at his reflection in the broken mirror behind the bar. You are pathetic. Your horns are droopy. You need a haircut and by god where did you find that outfit? He closed his eyes, shaking his head at the inhumanity of it all. He needed his muse to help him decorate and the Three Sisters to bless the site but his muse was now in Cleveland and the Three Sisters fled to Bora Bora, never to return to LA.

Maybe I should have stayed in Jamaica instead of coming back here.

"Lorne? Oh my god, is that you?" He turned to the familiar voice and instantly knew that the sun was back in his life.

"Chandra!! I cannot believe that you're here! It has been too long!" Looking at the little girl clutching her hand, he realized out loud "Much too long!!"

"Lorne, this is Kira. My daughter." Kira grinned up into his bright green face and his heart instantly melted. He got down to her level.

"And how old are you pumpkin dumpling?" he asked.

"I'm seven. Look, I have another loose tooth." She opened her mouth wide to demonstrate that fact.

"Chandra she is just precious beyond words! Who's the lucky daddy?" He saw her mouth tighten. "Oh, sorry. Sore subject?"

"Lorne, is there someplace we could go talk? We have a lot of catching up to do and I desperately need your help."

Lorne glanced behind him.

"Clem! Your turn to tend bar snicker doodle." Clem came out of the back room with a fresh case of O positive….they had been getting a lot of vamp action lately.

"Sure thing boss!" Clem was all too eager to please. He loved his job, liked working for Lorne and was grateful as all get out to have gotten out of Sunnydale alive.

Chandra glanced into the red eyes of the kind hearted demon.

"How are you with kids in the non-eating capacity?"

Clem grinned his crooked smile at her. "For what it's worth, I used to baby-sit for a Slayer's little sister." It had been one time and Dawn had been older but hey, he loved kids…in the non-eating capacity that is.

Chandra nodded at Kira and she jumped over to the bar, smiling at Clem the whole time.

"Hey, Clem is it?" Clem nodded at Chandra. "Just make sure I get her back breathing and in one piece. Understand?"

"Oh totally. No worries." Chandra and Lorne left the room and Clem turned to Kira.

"You like Parcheesi?"


Lorne and Chandra walked into the storeroom and sat on the small loveseat he had found on trash day in Beverly Hills.

"Totally vintage, isn't it? It will go in the front when this place becomes worthy." He said sourly, finishing the last drop of his Sea Breeze. "Judging from the look in your eyes, I should have gotten a refill." He sighed and set the glass down. "So, what's up buttercup?"

Chandra closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"So, it's been what Lorne, twelve years since I first sang at Caritas and you saw who I was?"

Lorne nodded, remembering. "You were my first one to knock me over with a crowbar. You were the first one up on that stage and the first to sing live for me. I had only been in this dimension for six months and had no idea. Let me tell you sweetheart, reading other people after you has been, quite frankly, anti climatic."

She smiled. "Good to know. I remember you walked up to me and said how pleased you were to finally meet the legendary great-grand-daughter of D'Hoffryn and said I was more the welcome to drink for free as long as I told you the full story. So, I told you how my great grandfather, the master of the vengeance demons, had fallen in love with a human woman and fathered a daughter. That daughter turned her back on her father and choose to live as a human. Her daughter, my mother, also refused a life with the vengeance demons, choosing instead to marry my father. D'Hoffryn had asked me to join him and I told him to give me a chance at a normal life first but that I was not turning him down completely. As a gift for not turning my back on my demon heritage, he granted me use of my demonic powers of telepathy and teleportation. He also gave me an amulet and told me to call on him anytime I was ready to join him. Do you remember that?"

Lorne was nodding furiously. "Yes, yes I remember all that. I take it you still haven't given up on the whole total demon lifestyle yet."

"Actually, that's kind of why I'm here but I'm jumping ahead. In 2001, you know that a Slayer sacrificed herself to save the world from being sucked into a hell dimension by Glorificus?"

"Something about that jogs a faint memory muscle but, go on."

"Well, I was there. I saw it happen." Lorne opened his mouth to question her and she pinched his lips shut. "If you keep interrupting me Lorney Toones, I'll never finish."

"Sorry" was all he could mumble. Chandra dropped her hand.

"I was watching a vampire that seemed oddly enthralled with the Slayer. He was blond, wore a long black leather coat, and kind of resembled…"

"Billy Idol" Lorne finished. "So you fell under the spell of Señor Spike too huh? Humph. Figures."

"Yes, I was fascinated by him. I had traveled through time to observe many events and was surprised to find that a vampire who had bested two slayers, who was sired by Drucilla and ran with Angelus and Darla, was actually helping a Slayer. Was in love with her.

Following that scene, I traveled back to learn everything I could about William the Bloody. I met him as a human in London. He was a grown man looking after his sick mother. He idolized her. From what I learned, she was a sweet woman who clung her little William close to her after the tragic death of his father when William was a baby. He became the man in her life and that made him soft, gentle and completely unappealing to the women of that time.

I learned that he had a crush, an obsession really, with the daughter of an aristocrat, Cecily. He worshipped the ground she walked on. I pitied him as he wrote one horrific poem after another in her honor but dared not let anyone see. He was terrified that she would discover his intentions." She grinned at Lorne and raised her eyebrow at him. "That's where I came into the picture."

Lorne looked at her and shook his head in shock. "You didn't."

"That I did."

"You little jezebel!"

"I know." She smiled at the memory.

Lorne put his hands over his ears. "I think I can live without details, thank you very much."

"Anyway," Chandra continued, ignoring Lorne's interruption. "I posed as an American visiting her sick aunt and bumped into him on the street. A little flirtation, a little smile here, a brief touch of a hand there….it was really fairly easy to seduce him.

"Sparing you the blissful details and getting right back to the facts of the matter, after our tryst, William felt bold enough to declare his love to Cecily. After her rejection, it broke him. He ran heartbroken into the street and bumped into three vampires…."

"And the rest is history." Lorne really needed another drink. "So that means that you are..."

"Inadvertently responsible for William the Bloody becoming who he is today, yes."

"My goodness girlfriend, when you mess with the past, you really mess with the past."

"There's more Lorne. When I came back to the present day, I discovered I was pregnant. Nine months after visiting with William briefly in 1880, I delivered his daughter." Lorne's mouth dropped.

"You mean Kira is…."

"Yes Lorne. Kira is Spike's daughter."