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April Ryan- Defender of Stark and Arcadia, warrior, just plain a cool woman, was terrified of one thing- Spiders.

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Was what awoke those at the Journey Man Inn early one morning as April stood pressed against a wall of her room, Na'Nae awaking from her deep sleep just as a ready-for-battle Chawan, and a half-asleep Brynn, stormed into the room.

"What is it April?" Chawan asked, looking around for any intruders in the small room.

April raised a shaking arm and pointed at her bed. "T- There. On the pillow." She said, her eyes wide.

Chawan and Brynn looked at each other before Chawan went over and looked at the pillow. On it was a rather large, spindly, lime green spider.

Chawan raised an eyebrow as he looked at April, who shivered, while Brynn scratched his head.

"I don't get-" he started to say as Benrime came through the open door.

"Goodness child," she said, seeing April, "you look like you've seen a ghost. What's wrong."

"A- a-" She swallowed. "There's a spider on my pillow. It was there when I woke up." She said in a small voice.

Benrime sighed. "Come here child." She said, going over to the spider.

"No!" She said, inching for the door as Na'Nae blinked the sleep from her eyes. "Y- You can't make me!"

Benrime gave her a stern look and April stopped and sighed before coming over, stopping about four feet away from the spider.

"That is a Glory Spider. If you awake to one, it means your day shall be good and full of joy." Benrime explained as Chawan watched the spider, who seemed to be knitting with some loose threads from the blanket nearby. "They are harmless and only bite when threatened. You weren't planning on killing it, were you child?" Benrime asked with a raised eyebrow.

April smiled sheepishly. "Uh… No?" She asked.

Benrime shook her head before lowering her hand to the spider, which climbed onto her hand. Benrime turned to April. "You see? The Glory Spider would never harm you, never."

"Yeah," April said as the spider pulled a sweater on, "and I did not just see that spider put a sweater on."

Benrime shook her head. "Child, sometimes your fears get the best of you."

The spider stuck its tongue out at April, who scoffed. "Yeah? Well sometimes your fears are just pains." She said before leaving the room, her chin held high.

Brynn looked at the group. "Do we tell her she's heading downstairs while in her pajamas while it's crowded down there?"

"HOLY-" April's shout answered their question.

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