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Kian would never admit his fear, not even to himself.

Well, he would acknowledge that he did not like his fear, but that dealing with it was unavoidable at this point in time.


Yes, they had somehow gotten into Arcadia, and they had gained more power there than they did on any other planet… Not that Kian knew that last bit of information.

Now, a city about an hour away from the Azadi's city was run by clowns… And the Azadi had lost contact with the embassy they had in that city.

Kian brooded in his room, wondering why he was being sent on a mission to that city. Clowns made his skin crawl, gave him nightmares, and made him want to cry. The crying part he had problems hiding.

Knocking sounded and Kian sighed before standing and answering the door. "Yes?" He asked one of the guards.

The man did not look Kian in the eye. "They are wondering why you have not left yet," he mumbled.

Kian stiffened. How would he explain his reason for not leaving?

"Are you questioning my authority, boy?" Kian snapped, snatching up his gear before stalking out the door and slamming it behind him.

"No, no Sir." The man said, afraid. That's what that soldier's fear was; getting yelled at.

Growling, Kian continued on his way.

"Chosen One…" Something hissed from nearby, followed by the honking of a horn. Kian ignored it- Probably a new recruit was having some problems adjusting to his new life as a member of the Azadi. Currently, that recruit wasn't his problem… Or so he thought.

His job was to find out why they had lost contact with the embassy.

"Probably the clowns took over." He muttered to himself.

He would not be overjoyed to later find out the truth.

Hours later, Kian reached the city. It wasn't like he was willing to go into the city, though.

He still managed to force himself to go in, albeit it with lots of mental yelling at himself.

He silently left his horse outside of the city walls, the skittish animal thinking about bolting, as he entered the city through the front gates, which were covered in colorful balloons, streamers, and paint.

Kian wondered if the Azadi guards that had been stationed at the gate had done that. If so… He would feel much better knowing who had done that, and not…

He stopped, just inside the gates. "No," Kian whispered in terror.

THEY were everywhere. All of them scared him.

Why? He silently cried. Why me? Why couldn't I have become a farmer?

Kian forced himself to walk as the scary beings went about in their strange ways.

Children, cats, rose bushes even looked like clowns! He shuddered, trying not to make eye-contact with anyone.

Not like that was simple.

They greeted him with songs, balloons, balloon animals, confetti and anything else that can be associated with clowns. Even a few horns, the ones that clowns used, sounded.

They would reach out and touch his face, sounding like they were muttering, "The chosen one. He is here…"

Kian tried not to growl and shout as they cheered for him before attempting a mass group hug.

Somehow he escaped the hug before making a dash for the Azadi embassy.

"There he is!" Some traitor shouted and they began chasing after him.

"Come back, Chosen One!" They shouted in strange unison. "Don't leave us again."

No, he couldn't possibly understand why anyone would leave this charming society behind. He was being sarcastic.

"NO!" Kian screamed, the soldiers guarding the doors into the embassy startled by the sight of one of their soldiers being chased by a horde of clowns.

They turned around and began pounding on the doors, the doors swinging open as they ran inside, Kian right behind them, before the doors slammed shut.

A sound of about a thousand horns went off as the clowns crashed into the doors before they started knocking.

"Chosen One!" They cried. "You have left! Why?"

Kian stumbled to his feet as one soldier curled into a ball while the other screamed and ran away. He rubbed his face, feeling like it had been covered in mud, before dropping his hand and staring at the soldier curled up in a ball.

"Soldier Alvane?" Kian turned at his name and the leader of the embassy backed away from him.

"What?" Kian asked her, confused as to why she and her soldiers were afraid of him.

One of them started mumbling before screaming a prayer.

"GET HIM TO THE CLEANSING ROOM!" The leader of the embassy screamed, pointing at him.

Two men that were wearing black jumpsuits ran up to him, both grabbed one of his arms, and pulled him down the hall to a room that had a sunken floor filled with water.

They tossed him in the water before diving in themselves and scrubbing at his face.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" He roared as he fought his way away from them.

They all stared at him for a moment before the leader of the embassy spoke, well, whispered:

"He's one of them."

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