My Silver Eyed Cowboy

Hope you all like this story. If my summary didn't mention enough, this is a story with Edward and Alice, Rosalie and Emmett, and most importantly, Bella and Jasper. This is all human, and they're all in their early twenties. The Girls all just graduated their final year in college, and they have all chosen different career paths. However, they grew a bond as roommates in college, so they decide to pool their money and fix up an old house of Bella's to live in together. The Catch? It's in Texas. And where exactly do the boys fit in? I don't know, I just started to write it!

And, I'd like to just announce, although I created a sugary and lemon-filled environment, Stephanie Meyer Made the Iced Tea, so to speak. Translation, I own nothing except the girl who lives next door to them. She's mine. Love my Piper!

"Mom, I know the complications- Yes, I realize it's not my- Mom, seriously- Mom! I'm not that kind of- It's not charity, we're all going to- Ugh, listen to me damnit!" I was trying to say, until I finally had enough of my mothers rant.

All this fuss because she hated Texas.

And what, exactly, was wrong with Texas? I personally loved the idea of being down Deep South, sunny, warm, nice and dry. One reason I hated Forks was because it was far too wet. I hated everything that had to do with the climate there. I loved my Phoenix, hot and dry, and could only imagine Texas.

Hm, Texas… I slipped into my movie fantasy, though not the Broke Back Mountain one, and saw these perfect cowboys, in the sun, on their horses… Hm… I'd love to giddy-up with that…

"Bella? How'd she take it?" Alice asked, shoving a mouthful of Chinese takeout into her delicate mouth. It kinda creeped me out how much food she ate. She burned it all up in her bounciness. It was freaky.

And, seeing her again, I wondered what was wrong. We- Rosalie, Alice and I- were going to live together down south and find ourselves. We would be safer together than we would be alone, seeing as we were young women. And beautiful in Alice's and Rosalie's case…

Alice was a redecorating queen, and Rosalie knew a few uncles that lived in that general area who worked for a construction company. We could get that house running and make something of it. And, I knew she knew it, too.

I would win this fight with Renee sooner or later, of that I was sure.

"Hm, cozy." Rose snorted, grabbing the bags from the back of her convertible. No, she didn't buy it. She restored it from a piece of junk all by herself.

Alice said nothing, already adjusting her plans in her head. She was staring at the old house, whispering to herself new plans to glorify herself amongst home designers. Okay, maybe that went too far for you, but not for her. She probably was thinking about becoming the worlds best designer everything.

"Alice, it's a hell of a lot worse inside! And, someone left a huge… Oh My Fucking God, it's a rat!" Rose screamed from within the house.

Ten minutes later, Rose was covered in dust from beating the crap out of what used to be a rat, and was now a big old dust bunny with teeth. Oh, and did I mention it was dead now? Poor thing.

"Jeez, Rosie, don't use the nukes on the poor thing." Alice called, from somewhere… above us?

We both looked up, and found the vent being knocked out by our little pixie. She was covered in dust, and wearing some broken down clothes for painting. She looked really dirty. Like, so dirty, I was astounded she didn't die and try to say her own name backwards.

"We have work to do, people!" she squealed with excitement, and I could barely hear Rose curse every bad word she knew.

We worked on everything, it seemed. We trashed all the appliances, all of which were beyond saving. We ripped off the wallpaper, took down the fake chandelier, knocked out the stuff on the stairs… the list was endless.

We were taking a break on the third day of demolition, outside drinking iced tea. As I was adding a lemon to mine, I saw something out of the corner of my eye.

Well, Texas was getting interesting, now.

We saw three interesting specimens of Texas, all wearing cowboy hats, tight jeans, cowboy boots, and tight fitting shirts to show off their muscles. I felt my own turn to jelly as I watched them come closer.

There was a rather large one, with a smile that stretched all over his face, almost as large as his body. Dimples surprised me at the corners of the grin. His muscles were frickin' huge! His eyes were glowing a bright blue, complimenting his dark hair.

The next one had nice, messy looking bronze hair, and amazing emerald eyes, with fewer muscles of the three, but damn did that boy look fast. He was lean and tall, with a boyish charm to him.

The last one demanded my attention, however, with his bright laughter. He was also tall, but he had more muscle than the bronze haired boy. And I say the other was a boy, because compared to him, he was. This was a man. He had light, sandy blonde hair, and amazing silver eyes. His smile had a lazy, hometown hick thing going on, and boy did he play it on thick. I loved it.

"Well, misses, I do believe you have your work cut out for you, don'tcha?" The Silver-eyed one said, laying over a thick, southern accent. Oh my god, I do believe I died and went straight to southern heaven.

"Yeah, well, this baby'ill fix up just fine if you do her up right." The bronze one commented. I saw Alice's eyes attach to him, and I counted him off. Rose likewise claimed the huge one. Well, I guess that left me with Mister Manly….

"Well, it's definitely gonna take a bit of work, you know?" Alice said softly, turning her eyes on the bronze haired one. He gulped in response, looking away and glancing back nervously. A blush tinted his tan skin.

"Well, how would you handsome young men like to help us poor ladies out?" Rose asked towards the big one, giving him a flirty wink. He, like the other, gulped and looked down, then smirked and winked right back. That got Rosalie's attention even more focused.

"Well, why not? If you just give us 'bout an hour, we'll be quite happy to help ya, miss." The one with the silver eyes said. Or, more accurately, he drawled. I had to say, it was too sexy for his own good.

"Wait, you'll help us, gentlemen?" Alice asked, surprise lifting her face. She looked directly at the bronze one, who happened to still be looking at her.

"Well, we got nothin' better to do, and it's not exactly up to our standards to just let some young ladies go to hard labor without help." He said, throwing a crooked smile at Alice. She blushed, breathing in deeply, trying to calm herself.

"Well, first it might be better to know your names. Mine is Bella," I said, and turned around to point at the girls, when they suddenly flanked me, Alice on my right, and Rose on my left.

"I'm Alice!" Alice sang; her eyes were still on that bronze one.

"And I am Rosalie. You can call me Rose." Rose said smoothly, still looking at the big one.

"I'm Edward, and it is a pleasure to meet you." The bronze one said, but he looked like he was only talking to Alice.

"And I'm the big brother, Emmett." The big one said, straight to Rose. She smiled widely, something I rarely saw from her.

"And I am Jasper. We're all Cullen's here, ma'am. And I must say, it's good to meet your acquaintance, Miss Bella." The silver-eyed one said. Okay, I'm just going to say drawled, because that man never seemed to do anything but that.

I glanced back at the girls, and noticed that they had moved onto playing games with the guys. Alice played shy and innocent with Edward, making him blush from all the distant attention, and Rose, well… Rose was subtly rearranging her shirt, accidently making one of the buttons unbutton by itself. Emmett looked at her face and her girls, and she liked it.

Jasper was staring straight at me, and I swear he made me feel good, like I really did deserve being stared at like that. He had taken off his hat, and he bowed to me. Okay, one more point for southern cutie, because being a gentlemen was a big thing in my book.

"Well, if we're gonna help ya'll, we need to get the horses back to the stables. And mommas gonna want to get to meet the new neighbors, too." Edward said with not as much of a twang as Jaspers, but enough to make us think total western movie.

"Wait, you're… our neighbors?" Rose said, confused and looking around. We weren't exactly close to any houses out here.

"Yeah, uh, we live that-a-way." Emmett said, pointing to a small smudge in the horizon. That was their house? It looked so small from here…

"Wow. Wait, if you live there, who lives there?" I pointed over to the house that seemed closer than theirs. It looked like it had done some work, too. It was a faded yellow color, and everything screamed 'new'.

"That's Madame Ruby and her daughter, Piper. I'm actually surprised, she seemed so eager to meet the new neighbors, too. Say, where are your folks?" Jasper drawled, looking around.

"We're not really related, and we just got out of college. This used to be Bella's mom's old house, so we decided to come down here and fix her up. We always wanted to get a place of our own." Alice explained, probably still looking at Edward. Check? Yep, still staring at cutie number two.

"Well, if we're gonna help ya, we need to get the horses up. C'mon, darlin', lets get ya home." Edward whispered soothingly to his horse, getting back on. The others followed.

"Just give us one hour!" Emmett boomed over his shoulder.

The moment they were far enough away, it turned to chaos.

"I call Edward." Alice bubbled, bouncing around like an idiot.

"You can have that skinny boy, I want the teddy bear." Rose scoffed. Then, however, they looked at me.

"I want the Mister Southern Gentleman, so you guys are on the all clear." That got a round of giggles from all of us.

A/N okay, yeah, that was kind of strange, but it get's better. As you can see, I made the most of Alice's and Rosalie's attitude, and tried to get the guy's right. I like the pairing, so there. Please review, and give suggestions fro the next couple of chapters!

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