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A/N: I was inspired to write this little fic for Mother's Day after reading a poem dedicated to another one of my favorite fictional mothers. This is the first time I've posted anything in awhile, so please let me know what you think. Enjoy!


Mother Knows Best

By: ibelieveintruelove

Ode to Padmé Skywalker, the Mother


She has longed for you for years

Ever since she was a little girl

She always knew that after the politics and dresses

The debates and bills

What she really wanted was a child of her own

A family to raise

With her true love by her side


But childhood dreams get pushed aside

The needs of others take center stage

She always was a caring person

And her duty to her people

Becomes the reason she lives


Until the day an old friend comes back

And completely changes her life

She knows that what she feels is wrong

Yet she can't help but wonder if maybe it's right

The discovery of you only makes her more certain

That a family of Skywalkers was meant to be

And she waits for the day impatiently

When her family will be complete


But things begin to change

Dark shadows take form

The things she believed in

The people she trusted

Are no longer the people she thought they were

Her Republic is crumbling

Her husband is falling

And she does not know how to stop it

But through it all she promises you

That she will do everything in her power

To never let this harm you


She watches the Jedi Temple burn

And she cries as her husband leaves her

She wants only to save her childhood dream

She is ready to abandon all else

If only she can save her family

So she follows your father to a terrible place

Praying that what she has heard isn't true

Her heart breaks when she realizes she is too late

There is nothing she can do


She fears the anger in his eyes

And cries for love to enter his heart

She gasps as he takes her breath away

And her first thought is of you

That blonde little boy she might never see

Or her brown-haired beauty who might never come to be


When she wakes it is bright

Painfully so

And the man standing above her is not your father

Not her husband

She remembers why her chest is filled with pain

And all she can think of is you


She feels you pushing against her and cries out in pain

She wants to meet you so badly

But wishes she could keep you safe

This is not the world she wanted you to meet

Not the galaxy she tried so hard to give you

She no longer knows if she can keep you safe

She will not risk your lives for anyone


She hears another cry accompany her own

And lays her eyes on a beautiful baby boy

Luke – a bright light in a galaxy too dark

And her heart skips a beat as realizes there is more

Leia – a girl to love the galaxy as much as herself


She gazes on your faces

And her heart breaks again

Because now she knows what she must do

She must leave you behind

She has to let you go

Because she knows if she keeps you

He will find her, and he will find you


And so, the new mother makes the ultimate sacrifice

She gives up herself to save her children's lives

She sends you her love and has faith in you both

She knows you will accomplish

What was impossible for her to do


Before she allows the Force to take her

She gives each of you a gift

To Leia, an image of beauty and sadness

To remind her of the price you pay

When you lose something you love

To Luke, an everlasting well of hope

Because no matter how lost he seems

No matter how dark he has become

No matter how hopeless the task appears

The one thing she knows

Above all other things

Is that "there is still good in him…"


Because after all… Mother knows best