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"Eh, no *tock* sound?...Don't tell me…it hit him? Please ohmygoodness, don't let it hit him please!"

Okada shut his eyes tightly and hoped feverishly that he didn't hit the taller teen as he turn around.

After making the last round of prayers to whoever is up there to save him, Okada slowly opened his eyes and Shinjo's half-hearted glare came into view. The black stripped head rolled his eyes before stepping away from the window.

"Where are you going now?" "You better buy some supper back!"

Shinjo hardly spared his parents a look as he walked out of the door.

"What's up? Now it's your turn huh? I would admit I'm surprised," Shinjo asked casually as he walked towards Okada.

"Come on, follow after me." Okada smiled and broke into a run leaving a shocked Shinjo.

"You idiot! Don't pull that kind of stun on me!" Shinjo cursed as he ran after him.

"Damn it. *pants* I almost forgot about you and your crazy stamina *pants*"

After running nearly 4 rounds of Shinjo's neighbourhood, they finally slowed to a halt.

"Be glad! Only you know about my crazy stamina other than Yufune." Okada smirked at the signs of Shinjo's lack of stamina as they slowly walked back to Shinjo's house.

"Whatever, as long as you don't drag me unprepared into a run again," Shinjo half-heartedly brush away the other's comments and proceed to turn into his house.

"Then you better be ready to see me once every three days for a night run! Seeya! "Okada turned and run off before the other could reply, speeding away to a small figure in the background causing Shinjo to momentarily pause at the door and allowed himself a small smile before turning the door knob.

The next morning, a certain baseball player with long dreadlocks yawned loudly and drops back asleep on his arm.

Mikoshiba looked over to Yufune questioningly but the latter just shrugged in response to the silent question. Maybe the baseball players are just not the studious students who can stay awake through the boring history lessons. *shrugs*

"Nii-san(Brother)? Are you ok?" Rina looked at her brother suspiciously.

"Duh, why won't I be? Just a little sleepy still," Shinjo waved away her worries and hurried her to dress up for school. Sleepy is an understatement. The run had kept me fresh enough to study for a while last night but it's obviously just the work of adrenaline. Now I'm really losing all my energy.

After packing his sister's lunch with a note to drink the fruit juice after the meal on top of the box, Shinjo placed it beside her bag before returning to his room to rest a while more.
It's his only off day in the week after all. Usually the maximum time he can work is only 5days out of 7. But that has changed in view of the festive season; number of customers spiked and this little busy restaurant required more waiters to serve longer hours.

"I'm out of this rotten house!" screamed a middle-age woman, disturbing the fancy hair teen's sleep.

"Suit yourself woman!" a equally strong reply came from the living room.

'Again…' thought the teen rubbed his eyes and stretched after a mildly satisfying nap.
'Maybe I'll go down to school today.'

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:DD Hii my dear fabulous daily reviewer(;

Yea salamander! I had to re-watch the first episode and catch the phrases for it! (actually I always re-watch the show and plan the story plot to make sure my characters don't become too OOC. :X) And yesssh you're rrrright! Cause I just love crazy surprises so its OKADA! :DD

I would admit honestly that he's chosen partially because I like him. XD

OH! And to clarify, yes I know Sekikawa should be fastest runner in the team of course. But in my view, I would categorise him as a sprinter, not so much of a long distance runner like the Okada I portrayed with great stamina(: