Chapter One

Edward POV

I couldn't trust myself to go back there. Not ever. Carlisle had told me to reconsider, to hunt and try to endure her presence once more. But I couldn't risk something so dangerous. Not when a complete stranger was involved.
The arrival of Chief Swan's daughter, Isabella, into town had been the hot topic of gossip for weeks. In conversations and minds alike. Though I didn't know back then that she would cause my life such upheaval and disruption.
Now I had to leave town... and it was all because of her. I wanted to hate this Isabella, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. There was something about her that I couldn't put my finger on. Aside from the obvious, that I simply could not read her mind. Not even a little.
This factor alone was enough to make me want to return. Coupled with the attraction I felt, my decision was almost unbearable. But, if I could feel this way about someone... surely it was worth leaving just to know that she would be safe. Especially from me.
It was late now, I had been running for a few hours. Alice had seen my destination, and I knew that it was the only place I could go. The one place I would be welcomed with open arms. It might be uncomfortable at times around the Coven Leader, but Denali was my only option. And Tanya wasn't all bad.
Carlisle must have called them to let them know I was coming, because by the time I reached their mansion they were all outside waiting. Dressed hardly appropriately for the cold Canadian weather. It was lucky that they lived in such seclusion, I realised as I noted my own apparel. A grey t-shirt and black jeans. We weren't very inconspicuous.
"Come in, Edward. We have much to talk about." Tanya held her arms wide and waited for me to embrace her. I did so courteously, not wanting to give her false hope. Letting my hold drop after a few seconds. Hopefully, it was long enough that I didn't seem ungrateful for her hospitality.
"Do you have any idea how long you will be staying with us?" Irnia interrupted Tanya's concentrated gaze that was fixed in my direction.
"To tell you the truth, ladies," I addressed them all as polietly as I could manage. "This is a spur of the moment visit. I was hoping I could stay just as long as I needed it."
"You know that you are always welcome here, Edward. We love having you. You're almost family." Tanya beamed, a little too friendly. It was just another mannerism I would have to ignore.
Forcing a smile in return, I followed Tanya's clan into the mansion. I was led to the Cullen wing, and was about to head to my bedroom when Tanya placed a hand on my shoulder.
"You know," she whispered, "you can come and talk to me any time you need."
"Thank you, Tanya. I think, for now, I would rather have some time alone. To gather my thoughts. I will see you in the morning." I dismissed her, once again, as polietly as I could manage. Her persistence was starting to get on my nerves and I had barely been there ten minutes.
Usually, I would play with Tanya. Flirt with her when she made her advances. There was little else I could do, as she refused to be spurned. This time, though, her comments only angered me. My mind kept returning to that Isabella, the one who had caused me to leave home. I couldn't seem to get her out of my mind. Praying for a distraction from her face in my memory, I slammed the door closed to my room and pulled out the closest CD of the loudest music I could find. System of a Down... that might work. I smiled to myself as I plugged in my headphones and got ready for another sleepless night.

Bella POV

That Cullen boy from Biology had been so rude! I had planned to confront him the next day, but he was a no show. He didn't turn up for a week. I was starting to loose the anger that had fueled my desire. Though I never stopped wondering what the mysterious stranger was doing, whether he was thinking about me... His utter disdain for me in class had disgusted me, I didn't even know what I had done wrong! But that didn't stop him being the most attractive guy I had ever met.
I silently cursed myself as I walked across the parking lot to school. Carefully keeping my eyes on the blacktop, to avoid any patches of ice, I continued to think about the stranger. Edward Cullen. What had been his problem?
I was about to turn the music in my headphones up when I saw it. Tyler's van screeching toward me. There wasn't enough time for me to do anything as it came, as fast as ever, careering in my direction.
I heard screams, shouts, I heard people telling me to get out of the way. But I was frozen. Terrified. The car may have been moving ridiculously fast, but everything was happening in slow motion.
"Bella, get out of the way!" It was Mike, bellowing from across the parking lot. But I couldn't move. And he couldn't do anything to save me. No one could.
It was too late.
As the side of the van came closer and closer, I prayed to whatever higher being there might be that I would survive. I didn't want to die. I couldn't stand the thought of Charlie being alone... of Renee crying at my bedside. I couldn't let that happen.
"Please..." I didn't even know that I had said it out loud. Maybe I was hoping that whoever was listening would take my plea into account if it was verbal.
When the side of the van crashed into my head, I knew that no one had been listening to me. No one was coming to save me. This was it. The end.
None of my life flashed in front of my eyes, only pictures of the people I had loved. As I drifted, the last face I saw was that of Edward Cullen. And I hoped that, where ever he was, he would be sorry that I was dead.



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