Arashi Uzumaki

The Beginning

Cover: Hyuga Crest on a whirlpool representing the future of the village hidden in the leaves

Naruto waited as his wife Hinata give birth to their first born child.

Neji was waiting as well as Tenten was giving birth to their son.

The Hyuga Clan was there along with their friends and teammates.

Tsunade came out from Hinata's delivery room.

"Naruto would you like to meet your son?" Tsunade said.

Naruto nodded and left.

Neji would have his child soon, and after that will go see his cousin's son with Tenten.

Hinata was holding a bundle in her hands as Naruto entered.

"Naruto, someone wants to see you," Hinata said.

Naruto walked over and looked down on the baby.

Just born and the baby already have specks of blond hair.

The new born opened his eyes revealing he had a mixture of Naruto's eye color and the Byakugan, as it had pale blue eyes.

"Has Tenten had hers and Neji's child yet?" Hinata asked.

"Before I left Neji was still waiting," Naruto said.

"Well we better name ours," Hinata said.

Naruto thought about it then said, "How about Arashi? One of my dad's old nicknames and his middle name can be Hiashi after your father?"

"Arashi Hiashi Uzumaki," Hinata said, "I like the name."

12 years later…

"Get back here Uzumaki," Kanto Uchiha shouted running after Arashi.

"Try all you want Kanto but you're never going to catch me," Arashi said.

Arashi was wearing an orange jacket over his black t-shirt, indigo color pants.

On the back of his orange jacket was a Hyuga crest on top a whirlpool at the center.

Kanto was wearing a black shirt and pants with the Uchiha crest.

Arashi made a turn and ran into Tenji Hyuga.

Tenji was wearing a light brown shirt similar to what Neji use to wear with black pants with scrolls attaches to the side.

Tenji had his father's hair color even tied the same way, and his eyes were pale brown due to the mixture of Tenten's eye color and the Byakugan.

"Arashi what are you doing?" Tenji asked.

"Trying to out smart Kanto," Arashi said.

"Uzumaki get back here…" Kanto stopped seeing Tenji standing there.

"Running to your cousin I see, I guess you're as pathetic as I thought," Kanto said.

"What no," Arashi said, "I didn't even know he was here."

"Sure, looser," Kanto said leaving.

"He calls me a looser and yet I beat him in endurance," Arashi said.

"Arashi what did you do?" Tenji asked.

"Nothing," Arashi said.

Tenji sighed knowing Arashi probably teased how Kanto's father Sasuke was a rogue ninja.

Arashi headed to the Hokage office.

"Hey dad," Arashi shouted.

"Arashi I thought you're going to train for tomorrow's test," Naruto said sitting at the Hokages chair as he was 6th Hokage.

He was given the position week after Arashi's birth.

"I was but I thought I see you," Arashi said.

Naruto smirked at his 12 year old son.

Arashi had Naruto's Naruto's entire going attitude but had Hinata's kindness.

Unlike Naruto, Arashi wanted to make a name for him by restarting the Whirlpool village's Uzumaki clan where Naruto's mother came from, but in the leaf village, but still want to prove himself worthy by earning the crystal.

"Arashi I have a meeting with your first cousin, Neji, and you're Aunt Hanabi in a few minutes about putting you and Tenji on the same team," Naruto said.

"Cool can I stay?" Arashi asked.

"No Arashi. Neji is the head of the branch family and Tenji's father, and Hanabi is head of main family untill Hiashi steps down as Head of the Hyuga Clan. Only those two can be here. Not even Tenji will be here," Naruto said.

Arashi nodded in defeat and left.

Naruto remember when he set the two head of branches.


Arashi and Tenji was turning 1 year old, and Naruto decided to break the curse seal tradition as the boy's present, as Arashi might be given one.

Tenji however will get one no matter what.

"Lord Hokage, you can't be serious," the elder shouted, "We let you marry Hinata Hyuga, with out placing her as branch family, and this is what we get out of it."

"That maybe true, but how will I know Arashi won't be given one, after all he has the Byakugan, and was born outside the Hyuga Clan," Naruto said, "Not to mention I'm also doing this for Tenji who'll be given one. Neji and Tenten became my one of my close friends and I hate to see their son go through what Neji had to deal with cause of the seal."

"But stopping the curse seal is breaking tradition," an elder said, "And how do you know the branch family won't revolt the moment the seal been released?"

"Because I'm requesting a new tradition in the Hyuga Clan to take its place, one of which I think the branch family will agree with," Naruto explained.

Hiashi was looking at his son-in-law shocked.

Naruto now started reminding him of Minato when he became Hokage.

"We're listening," an elder said.

"Head of the Hyuga clan in my understandings, have power over both houses of the family. But the head of the families are chosen by the Hokage as Head of Clan still remain with you. I'm thinking of dividing those powers into 3, one for the head of the clan, Hiashi. And the other 2 is given to selected member of both houses. Decision the head makes about the Hyuga Clan can be put by the two the head of main family and branch family. However the leader of the clan will remain with the most power still," Naruto said, "I was thinking until Hiashi steps down as head of Clan Hanabi would be perfect to take head of main family, giving her the experience she'll need when she takes Hiashi's position, and Neji can take head of Branch family if he agrees, especially since he's the strongest of both the Branch and Main Family."

"I think lord Hokage might have an excellent idea," Hiashi said.

The elders talked about it then one spoke up.

"We agree with the causes Lord Hokage, we'll speak of this to the rest of the families and see if it works," the elder said, "As for Neji being head of the branch family, and Hanabi being head of main family, we'll leave it to their decision."

"For the good of both houses, I'll accept the offer," Neji said.

"For my brother-in-law, along with my nephew and 2nd cousin Tenji, I'll accept the offer as well," Hanabi said.

Naruto nodded knowing from experience that he and Hinata had with them, that he could put his trust in those two.

The next day both houses agreed and the curse seal was no more.

...End of Flashback…

Ever since then any advice about any ninjas from the Hyuga Clan passed through both Hanabi and Neji before going to Hiashi.

"Hiashi will be stepping down soon, that means Hanabi will be head of Hyuga clan. I better fine the best qualify for head of the main family then," Naruto sighed looking at the main family profiles.

Hanabi had already foretold him about her step into head Hyuga.

Of course Hinata was invited being her sister, Naruto was invited being 6th Hokage, and Arashi being invited being Hanabi's nephew and the Hokage's son.

Shizune entered with more paperwork.

"Lord Hokage, Neji and Hanabi Hyuga are here, and these are paperwork that needs signing after words," Shizune said.

"Shizune you don't have to call me Lord Hokage here in office," Naruto said.

"I know, I just can't believe you made it to be Hokage after given Lady Tsunade's necklace," Shizune said.

"I had a theory about that," Naruto said, "I think when the first Hokage gave it to Lady Tsunade, it meant she was destined to be Hokage and it can't be given to a new owner until she face her destiny and become Hokage."

"And this is coming from the guy who thought destiny can be changed," Neji said entering with Hanabi.

"Thanks for coming," Naruto said, "So what did Hiashi think?"

"He agreed with Tenji and Arashi being on the same team," Hanabi said, "Good way for both boys to work on their skills."

"Now all is left for both of them to graduated," Neji said.

"Oh I'm not worry about that, I did teach Arashi the shadow clone jutsu," Naruto said.

The next day Arashi waited for his turn.

"Tenji Hyuga," someone shouted.

Tenji entered the room for the final test which was clone jutsu.

Tenji came out wearing his headband proudly on his forehead.

Kanto went next and came out wearing his headband.

"15 clones and I heard you cousin made 15 as well, so beat that Uzumaki," Kanto said.

Arashi smirked at Kanto's remark.

Out of all his classmates Tenji Kanto and he were number 1 at something.

Tenji was number 1 in endurance and weapons.

Both Arashi and Tenji was number one in Taijutsu.

And Arashi tied with Kanto in ninjutsu.

"Arashi Uzumaki," the prompter shouted.

Arashi entered the room with Iruka sitting there.

"Sir, Can it be any clones?" Arashi asked.

Iruka smirked knowing what Arashi had in mind and answered, "As long as they're a form of clones then yes."

Arashi made the cross handsign and shouted, "Multi-Shadow Clone jutsu."

15 shadow clones appeared.

Arashi could make more but he was holding back.

"Congratulations Arashi, you pass," Iruka said.

Arashi picked up his headband and tied it proudly on his forehead.

Outside the parents and family was congratulating the students.

Neji Tenten and Hinata were there to congratulate Arashi and Tenji.

"Hey mom where's dad?" Arashi asked.

"He's trying to gather Jonins that are qualified to become instructors for the new Genins," Hinata said, "But trust me Arashi; your father probably knows you passed. Knowing him he uses a shadow clone to investigate the results while he's stuck in the office."

At the office Naruto smiled as he received memory of his shadow clone.

"Naruto, Konohamaru is here," Shizune said.

"Let him in," Naruto ordered.

Konohamaru entered wearing a Jonin vest and custom Jonin clothes with his headband tied on his forehead.

"You want to see me Lord Hokage?" Konohamaru asked.

"I'm giving you a team," Naruto said handing over three profiles.

"Arashi Uzumaki, Tenji Hyuga, and Sora Lee," Konohamaru read, "Why these three?"

"I figure you being the honorable grandson of the 3rd Hokage, you can help Arashi out when people sees him as son of the 6th Hokage, and grandson of 4th Hokage and head of the Hyuga clan," Naruto explained, "Tenji and Arashi can work together to improve their skills in the Gentle fist techniques, as well as help Arashi combine it with my Taijutsu. Sora, being Lee and Sakura's daughter, has the combination of Sakura's strength added to the Taijutsu training Lee puts on her."

"Good team, but this seems more of Gai's ability to train," Konohamaru said.

"True but Neji and Tenten both would literally kill me if Tenji had to go through what they had to with Gai because I made Gai their sensei," Naruto said.

"The 6th Hokage, who out shine even the 5th Hokage and my grandfather afraid of what two Jonins, would do?" Konohamaru laughed.

"Konohamaru, you'll be surprise what parents can do, for the good of their kids," Naruto said, "Especially when the parents is a Hyuga Prodigy and a weapon mistress."

Konohamaru stopped laughing and took the advice.

"Well that's everyone, and I don't have anymore paperwork. I'm going to congratulate my son for passing the exam," Naruto said then disappeared in a yellow flash.

"When did he take out a three prong Kunai?" Konohamaru thought, "Shame Naruto only found away to teach Arashi who'll teach his generations."

Naruto arrived at the crowd in a yellow flash.

"Showing off much?" Neji asked.

"Eventually someone will figure out that I have perfected the flying thunder god technique with out those Kunais," Naruto whispered.

Some of the parents look at the 6th Hokage, wandering who threw the Kunai.

"Dad, are you going to teach me how?" Arashi asked.

"When you master the other jutsu for Jonins then I'll teach you," Naruto said.

Naruto had taught Arashi everything Arashi had shown he was ready to master; even let Arashi signed the toad contract.

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