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EPILOGUE aka Chapter 25

*****One Year Later*****

Heero got home late one evening - he'd been gone for almost three weeks on a mission and he wanted nothing more than to wrap his arms around his kois and never let them go again. Three weeks was far too long to be away from them. He slid the door open quietly and eased inside - even with such a long mission, he was back early, and he wanted to surprise them.

Hopefully being naughty.

He blushed - he was starting to think too much like Duo.

He stopped inside the door to shed his coat, shoes, and bag. As he toed his boots off he gazed down at the floor, where Duo's black hi-tops sat beside a pair of black Chinese slippers. One of the smaller shoes was upside down - he bent and picked it up. It was tiny - small enough to fit in his hand, toe at his fingertips and heel resting on the edge of his palm. He smiled a little. Wufei still hadn't grown much in the year they'd had him with him - he'd gained to the grand height of 5' 3" and seemed permanently stuck there. He didn't mind.

"My father was only 5' 2"," he told them proudly, as if that made it all perfect. They'd smiled and agreed with him - they liked their koi the size he was. Duo especially enjoyed calling him his 'Little Dragon', much to Wufei's disgust.

Heero smiled again, setting the tiny shoe back down neatly beside its mate. Three sets of shoes - the way it was meant to be. He hung up his jacket and stayed inside the closet for a moment, smiling again at the different sized coats hanging there. He was in the mood to appreciate little things, to ponder the happenings of the year past...

...to wonder where his lovers were?!

He could hear music playing somewhere inside the apartment - so Duo was home. It was definitely his music. The Chinese slippers being there didn't mean Wufei was there - Une wouldn't let him wear them on missions, saying they were no protection whatsoever. She was still very protective of their Dragon, keeping a careful eye over his mission log and his paychecks, even though he'd promised to never let someone take advantage of him like Hernbeck had again.

He heard laughter from one of the back rooms - Duo's carefree laughter and Wufei's husky echo - so they were both home. Good.

He enjoyed hearing them laugh - it was a reminder that their masks, put on by life and by war, were becoming things of the past - Duo's happy laughter was real, Wufei's nonexistent laugh - and his own - were heard more and more often.

He heard footsteps going down the hall to the kitchen, and could tell from their tone that his roommates were now having a friendly argument. Probably over what to eat - Wufei was still a health-food nut and Duo was addicted to junk food - Heero didn't care, as long as he ate and it wasn't constantly total trash. Wufie'd been good for them that way - he'd made sure they had balanced diets, even if he did have to disguise Duo's healthy food as something sinful.

He'd been good for them.

Heero hoped they'd been as good for him.

People at work seemed to think so - Sally often commented that she didn't recognize him, though Quatre and Trowa said that she was exaggerating, that Wufei had just mellowed like the rest of them. Heero would have preferred that the other Preventers, who also commented that Agent Chang was 'so different', would take a little less interest in their personal affairs. Something about a 'threesome' as most referred to what he only thought of as 'his loves' seemed to make them think they could comment all they wanted. Some of the comments were less than kind, although Une usually clamped down on those Agents, knowing picking on them meant they would pick on anyone. Others seemed to think that it meant they were loose enough and open enough to sleep with anyone - or at least discuss their relationship freely.

He scowled suddenly, remembering a certain Agent Walters and the trouble he'd caused with Wufei. It had taken them forever to figure out why, after they'd finally taken their relationship to the ultimate level, that Wufei wouldn't do... certain things. After they'd finally worn him down and convinced him that they really did want him to - for lack of a better word - top them, they'd demanded to know why he never would before. After learning about Walter's unsolicited advice and having a serious debate about height, he and Duo had hunted Agent Walters down and threatened him with severe bodily harm if he'd ever spoken to Wufei about such 'delicate' matters again.

Heero grinned. The man's reaction had been - amusing.

He left the closet and ghosted down the hall, waiting until he could tell that both his lovers were in the pantry before he slipped past the kitchen. He wanted to be changed and comfortable before he saw them - not to mention it would be that much more of a surprise, and he could tease them about their awareness slackening. A grin that would do Duo justice spread across his face - if he could get away with this, he could insist on being seme tonight.


His brain was still running in 'do-you-remember' mode as he went into the bathroom after changing. He was just going to splash water on his face, but found himself studying the two hairbrushes on the sink with amused eyes. Wufei and Duo refused to use each other's brushes - Wufei insisted Duo's had the bristles worn down too far to even begin to straighten out tangles, while Duo declared Wufei's was so sharp it scraped his scalp. So there were two hairy brushes on the sink.

Heero smiled at them - he had long ago accepted that he had a hair fetish - if those brushes hadn't been there he would have panicked. He'd always loved Duo's thigh-length chestnut waves, and both of them had become addicted to running their fingers through Wufei's raven locks. They had even convinced him to let it grow longer - it was now a little over halfway down his back. They'd talked him into it after what Duo referred to as the 'bad hair week' - he loved to tell his friends the story, over and over and over. Quatre and Trowa, thankfully, loved to hear it, even requesting it. Sally's daughter thought it was hilarious, even though Sally insisted she wasn't old enough to understand what Duo was telling her. She laughed in all the right places, though. Wufei insisted his god-daughter was just smarter than most children. Heero was inclined to agree.

He liked the story, too, although he'd hated the week. It had started off with Duo nearly losing his braid - Heero had come back from a short mission just in time to help an exhausted Wufei untangle the last few strands from an odd metal device - their Dragon had cared enough to spend almost nine hours untangling Duo's long, thick hair so it wouldn't have to be cut. After that, Duo had never asked Wufei, in that uncertain way he sometimes had, if 'Fei loved him.

He'd known.

They still weren't sure that Wufei knew how much they loved him - but he'd found out how much they loved his hair when they'd arrived just minutes ahead of time to stop him from having it cut - then stalked another agent and threatened him with bodily harm. And Une had backed them up. Laughed about it, but backed them up.

Then, to top the week off, Heero had ended up with pink hair. Pink. And had to endure the teasing of the entire HQ until Duo and Wufei had done some threatening of their own. Duo's threats had been mostly ignored as just 'more of his teasing' - but nobody ignored Chang Wufei when he threatened them. The teasing had abruptly stopped.

Until he got home, then his kois had ganged up on him.

Not that he'd minded. They'd ganged up in more ways than just teasing.

He sighed and put down the hairbrush he hadn't realized he'd picked up. Enough of this - he wanted to see his lovers, not reminisce about them! He slid out of the bathroom and back down the hall, listening carefully as he went.

"Aw, c'mon, 'Fei! It's not like we have it every day!"

"We would if I let you have your way! You need more fiber in your diet."

"Old people eat fiber. Besides, there's vegetables on it! Tomato sauce, peppers, mushrooms..."

"Swimming in grease, along with sausage and pepperoni and..."

"You do realize you're just making me want it more?"

"Baka! You had some yesterday for lunch! Don't think I didn't see you!"

"The never-ending pizza debate continues." Heero said calmly, strolling into the kitchen.

His lovers froze in mid-sentence and stared at him. Then -

"Hee-chan!" Duo shouted, flinging himself at him. Wufei, as always, let Duo greet Heero first - something they'd given up on trying to coax out of him - and moved instead to run calm, efficient hands over him, checking for injuries while Duo was hanging around his neck, checking to make sure he still had his tonsils. After a moment he pulled back and grinned at Heero, who winked at him and whirled around to grab Wufei, who gave a startled "eep!" as he was yanked into the air and into a deep, warm kiss. When he was finally let up for air, he mock-glared at Heero.

"Put me down. I still have to make dinner."

"Oh, c'mon, 'Fei-fei! You don't wanna spend your time at the stove when Heero's home, do ya? Let's order out!"

Wufei looked at Heero, who shrugged and tightened his grip around Wufei's waist, still not putting him down.

"All right. But no pizza!" Their nutritionist caved.

"Deal! Hero sandwiches! With lots of lettuce and tomatoes, to make our Dragon happy! Happy Little Dragon..." Duo escaped down the hall while Wufei was struggling to get out of Heero's arms. Heero just smirked at him.

"C'mon, Little Dragon," he whispered, gently mocking Duo while he slid a hand up Wufei's spine to settle on the back of his neck. "Welcome me home."

And Wufei smiled, and did.

"Hey!" A voice laughed a moment later, and Wufei felt strong arms wrap around him again, pinning him between two tall bodies. "You guys really better learn to share."

"Put me down!" Wufei tried again, reminded of his less-than-dignified position. He kicked his dangling feet in an effort to get free - the way he was being held, they were nearly a foot off the floor.

"No." The word came in two-part harmony, then Heero and Duo pulled him into a three-way kiss, something they'd long ago perfected. Wufei sighed and subsided.

A few minutes later they were shocked out of their impromptu make out session when the doorbell rang. Duo jerked away from Wufei's delicious throat to glare down the hall.

"They really do mean five minute delivery - jeez, the one time you want the food to be late..." he stalked away to answer the door.

"You're the one who wanted takeout." Wufei called after him, his voice muffled against Heero's chest.

"Shut up, 'Fei!"

Wufei snickered and started wriggling. "Heero, put me down now."

"No." Heero said, short and efficient of speech as always. Wufei's squirming felt good! No way was he putting him down. He pulled him into another deep, searching kiss instead, sliding one hand down to cup a firm, round backside, and discovered that he very much enjoyed the sensation of Wufei's toes curling against his calves.

'Learning new things still!' he thought happily, deepening the kiss even further.

"Guys! Let's eat, or we won't have the energy to keep going." Duo teased them from the doorway, dumping several white takeout bags on the table.

"Did you order the whole restaurant?" Wufei teased back as Heero finally, reluctantly, set him down.

"Heero's hungry." Duo replied, and Wufei knew it was true from the way Heero was eyeing the bags. "Between us, 'Fei, you're going to be lucky to get one sandwich."

"Who said I was eating one of those things?" Wufei replied calmly, heading for the refrigerator and 'sensible' food.

Heero and Duo both snaked out long arms and grabbed him, pulling him back and sitting him down firmly in the chair between them like he was a naughty child.

"You're eating with us," Duo purred, setting a thick sandwich in front of him.

Wufei rolled his eyes and took a delicate bite.

Duo rolled his own eyes and took the biggest bite he could manage - long years of practice made that pretty big.

Heero laughed at them and devoured his food and half of Wufei's - most of the time they tried to talk him into eating more, but tonight Heero was hungry for other things - and they could always force a snack down him later. He polished off the last bite and lifted his eyes to gaze at Duo, who was already finished and had his chin leaning on his fist, gazing right back at him. Heero smiled softly at him and raised an eyebrow, slanting his eyes over to Wufei, who was currently oblivious as he folded sandwich papers and stuffed them down into one of the white paper bags. An evil grin spread across Duo's face, one Heero was well used to and very much enjoyed. They communicated a few things silently, then attacked.

One second Wufei was clearing the table - the next second and he was flat on his back on the living room rug, staring up at his lovers with total astonishment on his delicate face.

"Gotcha, 'Fei." Duo smiled at him. "So you're mine."

"And I got both of you. I was home ten minutes before you knew it," Heero growled in Duo's ear, "so you're both mine."

"Well," Wufei said sarcastically, "now that you two have worked out the positions, shall we get to it?"

"Such a sweet talker, 'Fei." Duo laughed, but he and Heero were pleased. It had taken a long time for Wufei to say anything remotely sexual without turning red as a tomato - although they loved his blushes, they were glad he was becoming more comfortable around them. He still wouldn't initiate things, but they could deal with that when he was in one of these moods.

"Hmpf," was Wufei's reply, as he reached for the buttons on Duo's shirt.

"And aggressive!" Duo crowed happily, pushing 'Fei's hands aside long enough to pull the other's t-shirt off, then letting them go back to their former occupation. Heero reached around Duo's shoulder to grasp Wufei's hair tie, breaking it instead of taking the time to undo it.

"Hey!" Wufei protested mildly, then shut up as he watched Heero unbraid Duo's long hair and spread it in glowing waves across his shoulders. Duo joined in the fun by running his fingers through Wufei's hair, fanning it out around him like a dark halo. Heero hummed with pleasure, looking down, then pulled Duo's shirt completely off and yanked off his own tank top. He slid appreciative hands up Duo's leanly muscled sides while his partner leaned down and buried his face back into that delicious honey-colored throat he'd been forced to give up earlier. He zeroed straight in on the sensitive spot Wufei often wished - or pretended to wish - that they'd never discovered. Right now he just sighed and enjoyed it, one hand drifting to Duo's hair while the other slid up Heero's arm to his shoulder, stroking the strong curve of his neck.

Heero had missed his kois for too long to be in the mood for extended foreplay - his left hand was searching in the coffee table drawer for a certain small tube even as his right hand pushed Duo's head further down Wufei's body until he was hovering over a caramel nipple.

"Really taking control, huh?" Duos asked, amused, swooping down on the target he'd been given and taking it in his mouth. Heero growled happily against his shoulder, sliding his hands around to find both of Duo's nubs, rolling them between his fingers. Duo gasped, causing Wufei to gasp, too, and arch his back under Duo's mouth.

Heero loved chain reactions.

He kissed his way along Duo's broad shoulder as his hands slid lower, encountering the fly of his jeans and making short work of that obstacle of clothing. He flung them across the room and reached for Wufei's belt. He still preferred the traditional silk pants he'd always worn, but his lovers didn't mind a bit.

They were easily removable.

As evidenced by the fact that they were shortly joining Duo's jeans, followed closely by Heero's own sweat pants.

Heero and Duo paused, as always, to admire the tiny creature beneath them. Wufei's body was pure poetry, and he didn't often allow them to see him like this, nude in a room with plenty of bright light. Even now he was beginning to flush and squirm under their rapt gazes, wanting nothing more than to cover himself.

So Duo took pity on him, and covered him with his own body.

Wufei gasped.

Duo smirked.

Heero growled, and pressed himself against Duo's backside, showing him just how much he'd missed them.

"H-Heero!" Duo gasped, "You really missed us, huh?" echoing exactly what Heero had been thinking.

He just growled an affirmative, zooming in to latch onto Duo's neck, humming with enjoyment while he rubbed himself against Duo's firm bottom, reaching between them to take both their erections in his hand - a hand that had mysteriously become coated with lubricant.

"Heero! Gods, when you say we're yours, you mean it, huh?" Duo gasped.

Wufei wondered how on earth he was managing to keep enough brain cells to talk - he felt like his own mind was melting and about to leak out of his ears.

'Then again,' he thought with a totally irrelevant flash of humor, 'whoever said Duo used his brain to talk?'

"What are you smiling at?" Duo grumbled, and decided to get Wufei's mind back on important things. He dove down and took Wufei's neglected nipple into his mouth, laving it with teeth and tongue, while his hand snaked up to play with the other one. Wufei abruptly forgot what words meant and moaned, losing himself in the pleasure of his lovers hands. Heero and Duo both smirked, smug. It sometimes took awhile before 'Fei would forget himself far enough to start making noises beyond small gasps and sighs - a moan was a good sign that he was well on his way to screams.

They enjoyed Wufei's screams.

Duo felt Heero's hand leave the nipple it had returned to - a second later and a familiar tube was shoved into his own free hand, even as he felt slick fingers slide along his cleft.

"Impatient." He muttered, popping the cap one-handed and squeezing out far too much lube. Wufei snickered beneath him, his own hands drifting over the two strong bodies above him, loving the play of muscles and silky skin beneath his fingertips. Duo couldn't help but grin down at him - pleased as he'd been the first time 'Fei had topped him, this was still his favorite position. Heero, strong and dominant behind him, with strong-willed Wufei laying submissive beneath him, trapped and held captive. Fine-boned and delicate as a bird - he let one hand wander over the beautiful little body while the other parted strong thighs and slid between them, brushing gently over Wufei's plump balls and wandering on to explore the soft skin behind them. Wufei squirmed deliciously and moaned again.

Duo felt the first gelled finger slide into him and copied the action with Wufei, knowing that was what Heero wanted, enjoying the tightness of 'Fei's muscles around his finger, envisioning how they would feel around his cock. Even after a year of lovemaking, Wufei was still so tight... He moaned with anticipatory bliss. Wufei scowled and pushed down on his exploring finger, wanting him to hurry. Duo grinned and waited until Heero added a finger to him before he added another to Wufei, scissoring them gently. 'Fei was small, after all, no matter how tough he thought he was - it was too easy to think he was fully prepared only to find out otherwise. He and Heero had only needed that lesson once. They still shuddered when they thought about it, though Wufei had shrugged it off as an accident and never worried about it again. They'd also learned not to let him in any position where he could force things to hurry along. That lesson had been almost as bad, although 'Fei had convinced them he was to blame - "too impatient" he kept telling them.

Yes, their Little Dragon was always a learning experience.

Duo was so wrapped up in being careful with 'Fei that he nearly missed the slight sting as Heero added a third finger. He moaned for a second, enjoying the sensation, then carefully did the same for their smaller lover. He got nothing but a soft sound of pleasure. Heero kissed his ear, his cheek, then pulled his chin around to kiss his lips. Then he leaned past him to kiss Wufei soundly. He was moving his fingers slowly, and Duo felt a rush of love when he realized Heero was being just as careful with him. Duo had never bled like Wufei had, but Heero wasn't one to take chances with his kois.

A few more moments and Heero removed his fingers, leaving Duo feeling stretched and empty. He eased his own fingers out of Wufei, to the Dragon's great disgust, and waited to see if Heero wanted to check - to tell if 'Fei was fully prepared. He knew Heero trusted him to take care of their Dragon, but he didn't mind a second check. It was good for his own peace of mind as well as Mr. Control Freak's.

When Heero moved to lube Duo's erection instead, Duo caught his hand and guided it to 'Fei's entrance. Thinking about those other times had left him suddenly worried. Heero knew what he wanted, and slid careful fingers inside the Chinese boy's body.

Wufei's dark eyes snapped open.

"Oh, for Nataku's sake..." he grumbled, wiggling away from the fingers and reaching to finish Heero's job on Duo. "I'm fine, I'm ready, I'm dying here, please!"

Heero turned his head to look at Duo and they shared a smirk - then a heated kiss, while Heero's long fingers searched out and found Wufei's' sweet spot, earning them a soft cry.

Too soft.

Heero felt Duo smile that wicked smile against his lips and he stroked that spot inside Wufei again, getting a slightly louder cry.

"W-what... are you...?" Their koi tried to gasp out the question.

They separated from the kiss and beamed down at him with matching grins.

"Oh, no. No, no, no!" Wufei moaned. He knew those smiles.

They meant torture.

"I thought... y-you were... in a hurry!" He cried out the last word as Heero's fingers stroked him yet again.

"Mmm..." was his only reply.

He saw Heero's other hand drift back behind Duo, knew from the blissful look on the American's face that Heero's fingers were making sure he stayed stretched - and a delighted yelp told him he wasn't the only one getting his prostate stroked.

Unfortunately for him, Duo kept the presence of mind to go onto the next step of their unspoken plan. He leaned over and began kissing his way down 'Fei's flat stomach.

'Oh gods...!' Wufei thought, unable to vocalize the words while Heero's fingers were still about their sweet torture. He knew where Duo was headed. It wasn't that he didn't like that - Nataku above, Duo had a talented mouth! - but he knew they were after screams. They'd bring him to the edge, again and again, without letting him fall over. Not until they got what they were after.

At least he'd enjoy the trip.

Duo traced butterfly kisses down the silken skin of Wufei's inner thigh, across Heero's wrist, and back up the other thigh. He kissed a slow circle around 'Fei's weeping erection, making his Dragon growl, then finally slid his lips delicately up the shaft and fitted them over the head.

Wufei bit his lip.

'Huh!' Duo thought, gazing at the white teeth set into that plump red lip, 'He won't be able to do that twice!' He knew Wufei was expecting his usual teasing tongue, slow gentle suction and taking him little by little into the warm depths of his mouth. He knew he could get 'Fei to scream with those techniques after only a few moments... but he didn't have moments. Heero was driving him insane!

So he deepthroated him instead.

And Wufei, who had been braced for that slow torture, gave a surprised scream of ecstasy.

Duo pulled back quickly, wrapping his thumb and forefinger around the base of Wufei's erection to make sure he didn't come - that got him a howl of dismay. He smirked again, but Wufei was beyond caring.


"Please..." Heero echoed the word in his ear, his voice breathless with desire.

Duo grinned - Heero might like chain reactions, but he loved a two-for-one - 'Fei's scream had pushed Heero to his limits. 'Two points for me!' he thought gleefully, even as he nodded to Heero and lifted Wufei's hips onto his lap. Not the easiest position, but Heero was strong and it was his party.

Heero braced himself on muscular legs and pulled Duo back on his own lap, nearly sobbing with pleasure as his slid his throbbing arousal inside his lover. Duo threw his head back and shouted Heero's name in delight, even as Wufei snapped out of his daze and maneuvered his hips quickly, more than ready to impale himself on Duo.

"No, you don't." Heero's voice was a throaty murmur as four hands grasped his waist and held him still. He gave a wordless cry of impatient displeasure - easy for them to make him wait when they were already...! His thoughts cut off as Heero guided Duo's shaft into position and Duo, still panting rapidly from adjusting to Heero, eased 'Fei gently down.

"I am not this fragile." Wufei gasped, unable to growl the words like he wanted as Duo's generous cock filled him to almost-painful fullness. Almost painful, totally pleasurable...

"Move!" he half-ordered, half-begged, but his traitorous kois waited a full minute before obeying. Finally, Heero thrust up, forcing Duo to thrust into 'Fei, causing all three of them to moan. Heero held still a single second before pulling back and thrusting again. He was rewarded with more soft moans. He kept up the torturously slow rhythm for long, sweet moments, until he began to get frustrated. He wanted it faster, and from the pleading he was getting, so did his lovers. Besides, this position was one of the hardest to maintain. His loves weren't heavy but both of them in his lap added up to sore thigh muscles if he didn't switch to some other arrangement. He kept up the slow thrusts while he tried to decide exactly what he wanted to do.

"Heero..." Duo wailed the word in a strangled voice, taking the decision away from him by wrapping his arms around Wufei and tilting forward, taking them slowly to the floor without pulling apart. As soon as 'Fei's back was against the feather-soft rug - bought after Duo had gotten a serious case of rug burn that they still teased him over - Heero threw aside the last traces of restraint and started pounding into Duo.

"Yes!" Duo shouted, and Wufei gave a strangled cry of his own. All three of them had only one word running through their heads...

Harder, harder, harder!

The new position was making Duo give wordless shouts of delight - it had moved the angle until Heero was hitting his sweet spot with every firm thrust. After a small amount of wriggling - that action made Heero give some shouts of his own - he managed to start hitting 'Fei's as well.

Wufei was beyond even screams, now. He just opened and closed his mouth wordlessly, soft panting breaths all he could manage. His face was flushed a soft pink and tears were beginning to leak from those velvet eyes. Duo thought he was beautiful - Heero did too, but he wanted to see him become even more beautiful.

Wanted him to climax.

Anyway, he was almost at the end of his endurance, he'd been away from his partners for too long to keep going for a huge length of time. They could do that later. Right now, Duo was too warm, too tight, too gorgeous with the thick wavy hair sliding beneath Heero's chest... Right now, 'Fei was too exquisite to look at without coming... Right now... His hand slid between the warm, sweat-slicked bodies of his lovers and grasped Wufei's neglected erection, stroking him heavily. He wanted Wufei to come first, to make Duo come next.

Wanted his chain reaction.

Tension was dancing along Wufei's muscles, his thighs, coiling in his stomach... the sudden hand on his arousal made him feel like a dam was breaking inside him, like the pleasure was ripping through him with sudden bone-liquefying force. His eyes opened wide and his back arched, a scream tried to rip out of his throat but he couldn't breathe...

Duo groaned as Wufei's sheath clamped down tightly around his erection, the small body rippling with the force of his climax. That, combined with the beauty of that silent scream, sent him tumbling over the edge into his own climax, howling out his delight and triumph as the pleasure ripped through him, spilling into his petite lover. Behind him Heero gave a growl that increased into a roar and he felt warmth spreading through him as his other lover reached his peak in his own body.

The two taller boys collapsed slowly, getting a muffled protest from Wufei as they squashed him. Just as slowly they rolled apart, until one was lying on either side of their Dragon. Duo just lay there, one arm flung out beside him and the back of his other hand resting on 'Fei's chest. Wufei was still getting his breath under control. Heero was following his usual after-sex ritual of running his hands slowly over his lovers' sleek bodies, as if trying to memorize the feeling of soft smooth skin and the curve of muscles. His fingers lingered for a moment on favorite spots, the delicate curve of Duo's ribs, the line of the dragon's back tattooed on 'Fei's hip.

They lay in silence for several moments, just enjoying each others company as the aftershocks of their lovemaking settled.

Finally Duo stirred and stretched. "Well, that was fun! What do you guys want to do now?"

Blue eyes and black stared at him, and he laughed. "You guys look as surprised as Relena did when she found out Heero had two male lovers! I'll never forget the look on her face."

Heero winced at the mention of the girl who still occasionally stalked him. "Duo - don't ruin the moment..."

Duo snickered, and subsided.

At the same time, Wufei floated up out of his daze. "How can you have any energy left after that?"

"I eat lots of sugar."

"I knew it..." Wufei snorted and turned his head until his cheek was resting against Duo's broad shoulder. Heero snuggled closer on the other side and gazed at Duo with bright blue eyes.

"When Wufei and I get our energy back, baka, what exactly do you want to do?"

Duo's eyes sparkled, and the other two started feeling wary.

"Well, we ate hero sandwiches - we could make a Heero sandwich - you know, just to make things match up."

"Duo..." Heero frowned teasingly even as his eyes gleamed at the thought.

"Or, we could do something I've been wanting to do again for years."

His lovers looked at his suspiciously innocent amethyst eyes, then shot uneasy looks at each other.

"And that would be what, exactly?" Wufei asked cautiously.

"We could play Twister!"

~and that really is The End~