Sequel to Hardships in life.!* Life was going great for Bella and her daughters. It has for the past 13 years. But when something brings Bella and the twins to the hospital, who can stop the past from coming back. And what happened for them to be at the hospital. What happens when B and E decide to try again. Who can stop them. What will the girls think? How will they react? What has the Hales, Cullens, and McCartys been doing for the past 13 years.


Have you ever had your life turned upside down, ever gone to a place and everything in your life changed. Well this happens to me, and my daughters. Who knew one bad thing could lead to another.

I loved him, and he left.

I loved him, he came back, and I left.

Its my fault my daughters grew up with just me, but I gave them everything. Everything I had, I gave.

I was doing it for them, and they know this.

But now I have a chance to right the mistake I made in leaving him.

I can finally heal those wounds that were made more than a decade ago, and I might just decide to do that. This is my life, and I have to fix it.

I want him. I want Alice and Rose back. I need them.

Authors note: its up, and running. :)

The next chapter is going to be posted in like 5 miutes so hold tight. :) I hope its as good as everyone wanted it to be. Rated T, but it might be M. But i might need help writing those scenes, cause im 13 and im not very good at writing them. so if ya want to help just message me, and i dont know. but just know that its out there.